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ANBU=Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai

Special Assassination and Tactical Squad Black Ops

(MOD)= Master Of Death

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Putting The Pieces Back Together

Chapter nine: Hadrian's breakdown

Hadrian woke up and saw his father looking at him. He got out of his father's bed.

"I will go to my room and get cleaned up." Said Hadrian.

He walked out of his father's room. Turned back to face his father. Emerald green met crystal blue orbs and then Hadrian spoke.

"Thanks for the moral support."

" I am sorry for bringing you here when you should be back with your wife and son. Yet again I must convey my sincerest apologies."

" Yondaime Sama."

"For up setting you. I wanted to leave without telling you. You have your wife and son safe and you should be happy. Not have to deal with your wayward second son."

"I wanted to get in and out without telling you anything. So I could leave you and your family in peace."

He bit his bottom lip.

"I did not know that the seal that you put on me all those years ago would still be active."

" I came to save you first before going to save my biological parents. My mother is in the early stage of her pregnancy with me. She doesn't know."

"I was going to negate the prophecy and defeat The Maniacs who are terrorizing the people in England."

He bit his top lip hard and Hadrian turned and walked. Down the light Sunshine yellow hallway to his own bedroom. He was about to open the door when is father came up from behind him and pulled Hadrian back into an embrace.

" You are going to tell me everything that is wrong. What happened to you after the war." Asked Minato.

He took a deep breath and said.

"I have tried and kept my distance until the night of Naruto's birth. I did not want to interfere until I had to. I did not expect you to reinstate me back into the ANBU."

"I." tears fell. Then he said.

"Don't want you to know I am to bloodied. I am sorry.. if I start to tell you I will not be able to stop. I don't want you to look at me in a way.. that hurts you.. I have already disappointed you in many ways."

"I decided to come back and protect you, Naruto and the rest of our family. I'm sorry I don't see Kushina as family. I have known that you have loved her a long time."

He looked away and stared at the sunshine yellow walls.

He spoke in a dead tone.

" I don't know if I could tell you the whole and utter raw truth about the moment's after you died."

"What I have done! What I will do! Is what I was trained to do in the ANBU and I am Commander in their ranks of unspeakable."

He Tried to get out of Minato arms But Minato held onto him.

"I Naruto's ANBU General at one point in time. He was the Nanadaime Hokage."

"On top of that all this my hands are Beyond bloodied."

"I am the master of death immortal I cannot die believe me I've tried."

Tears fell harder and faster.

"Please just leave me alone."

"No!" Minato said.

"Why can't you I don't."

Minato pulled him closer to give him as much comfort as he needs.

"The last words you ever spoke to me."

you said. "you loved me. You were happy that I was your son."

Hadrian said "I love you so much dad."

"You're the only one I have ever seen as my father."

Hadrian begin to shake in Minato arms. Minato close his eyes breathing in slowly to claim his heart down.

"You're the only parent that I had and in memories you were the only one that took care of me and loved me after my parents were murdered."

Minato held onto him.

Minato said "Hadrian please tell me."

Hadrian looked up into is father's eyes and new right then and there he had to tell him some of it then he nods his head.

"The word's I just spoken to you I love you Dad you did not get to hear me say."

"I sealed your body away so the enemy could not reanimate you to use against us."

"I went on a killing spree I cut the enemy down faster then any of Allied Shinobi forces could."

"Naruto felt through are brother bond that you had died."

"Kakashi and Naruto they joined me on the killing spree. Together we cut the enemy forces in half."

"Deep breaths." Minato said.

Minato started running his fingers through Hadrian's hair.

"You classified my bloodline an S class Secret I was to tell no one. My abilities except you new the ins and outs of them you we're there with me when Lord Death himself came and told us about."

Minato kept running his fingers though Hadrian's hair for comforting him while he talked.

"you made me promise not use my gifts of my bloodline. You created a unique Fuinjutsu seal you inked into my skin."

"That's' how you knew that I was apart of your clan because of the seal you inked into me."

Hadrian closed his eyes to center himself.

"I do not want to lose you again I am afraid of what would happen to me."

Hadrian dropped to his knees and started begging Minato for forgiveness.

Minato's heart broke seeing his son like this. Then Minato went to his knees and pulled his son into his chest and held on for dear life.

Death felt his Grandson Hadrian in tremendous emotional pain. He reached out and saw his master and friend be held by his adopted father. Death understood and finished up what he was doing. He went on his way to see his grandsons. Death enter Haven the dimensional pocket world. He walked up to the house and enter. Old man found Minato and Hadrian on floor. Old man waved his hand and Hadrian went limp in Minato's arms. Minato looked up. Death spoke in a soft voice and said.

"Please release him from your arms I am going to levitate him into his bed so he can sleep. Then we can talk."

Minato nod in understanding. Hadrian was levitate into his bed.

"Tippy!" Death call out softly.

Tippy pop in an said "yes."

"Can you please have Tootsie look after him for a while."

"Minato and I are going to have a conversation."

"Please a can you bring some food and drinks I know that Minato has not eat yet."

"will do sir." Tippy said.

"Thank you Tippy for everything."

"Please follow me to the sitting room thank you."

They walked in silence. Minato's thoughts are racing. They reached the sitting room. Minato found a fluffy armchair that he sat in. It was instantly comfortable he could fall asleep in.

Death observed his grandson for a little while. A table popped into the space between them. The food and drinks were next. They Both said.

"Thanks for the food."

They at eat in silence for a while. Death broke the silence and said.

"I tend not to interact on Mortal plane. No longer then necessary but long-term not so much any more."

"here in haven is different because we created it."

"When you die in the 4th great Shinobi War he was devastated as was I."

" Hadrian couldn't resurrect you properly in the middle of the War because they we're using Edo Tensai."

"that technique is forbidden for a reason."

The death rubbed his face with his hands. He locked his gaze with Minato.

Took a deep breath and said.

" there would have been a lot of questions and we couldn't have that. I am sorry." He said.

"Because you had recently agreed to become immortal."

"You told me Hadrian had to reached a certain age he gained his immortality."

You told me that you want him to have a family."

Minato was astonished and flabbergasted and still frozen to his seat. With his mouth agape. Minato snapped his mouth closed.

"what he did on the Battlefield of the war triggered his immortality."

Death looked down at the table and started to trace the intricate line pattern.

Minato asked "what exactly did my sons do." While squeezing The Fluffy armchair"

"Hadrian was just 16th years old and Naruto had just turn 17th years old on the battlefield."

Death waved his hand and projected the scene of the battlefield. Minato watched the blood and gore in the scene of his sons and Kakashi go through the ranks of the enemy cutting them down.

Minato help sick to his stomach watching his sons. Repeatedly kill. He flashed to his room and ran into hit the bathroom and vomited in the toilet. Death came in and help him.

"sorry I should not have showed you that right after eating."

Tilley snapped her fingers and cleared the air and handed Minato a stomach Soother.

"Drink this it will help." Said Tilley.

Minato drink down the stomach soother he stared to feel better. They moved back into Minato's room. And sat in the sitting area. Minato hand the letter from is future self to Death and said.

"read it please."

Death began to read.

Dear Me or Namikaze Minato The Yellow Flash of Konohagakure No Sato The Yondaime Hokage,

You did not think you be reading a letter from your future self now did you. I have a lot to say before I begin there is a stone with a Rune engraved on the bottom once your done reading all the way through this letter place your dominant writing palm of your hand on the runic Stone and you'll receive memories that you will need before anything else happens after you read this.

I know you're overwhelmed and your emotional stability is out of control right now. But the one thing you and I both know is that we are possessive man. And Hadrian is our son regardless of anything anyone else tells you. I wrote this letter and just in case something happened to me on the battlefield of the 4th Shinobi War. Kushina died the night of our son Naruto's birth. I sealed half of the nine tails into him. Hopefully Hadrian came back and stop the madman from doing such to Kushina preventing her death and are midwives death. When the Shinigami Reaper offered me the deal I took it without second-guessing anything. I would never go back and renege on that deal because Hadrian is one of the best things that ever happened to me after our son Naruto. Naruto and Hadrian are my bundles of sunshine happiness laughter and crazy pranks. Hadrian's father biologically speaking is a prankster at heart just like Kushina is. Hadrian got his parents intelligence. As Naruto got ours and Kushina intelligence. Please do not let Kushina feed him Ramen all the time he needs vegetables and around healthy menu to grow strong. I love both of my sons and I know you will love both of our sons. As we are a possessive man we love our son right now in this moment and in this time that love extends through time and space.

I made Hadrian promise that he would not travel back until he was 30 years old or more. The fact is I wanted him to learn and grow as a person and I know he did not cope with my loss he is afraid of losing you. He probably told you something along the lines of I am no longer part of your family.. and I did not intend to stay and Konohagakure No Sato. And he probably did not want to have children either. But luckily I made sure that he could have children if you wanted him to later on… the vials are sealed and then stasis both in his trunk and in mine. Naruto has a trunk. And if something happened to Naruto the trunk would automatically use the Homing teleport device to bring him home and if that's not possible and if Naruto is dead then the trunk would make sure his body would go into Hadrian trunk and be put in stasis runic array

Now your confused why I would agree to become immortal. Its is so Hadrian is not alone. Also you able to become immortal do to our lineage or heritage are descendants I was chosen just like Hadrian was take up the mantle of MOD. And well yes death is he great-grandfather several times removed but.. It combined in our DNA. I've also come to terms with the fact that if I do not make it out of the war you will probably want a mantle so Hadrian wouldn't be alone.

Family is everything to us Its important for you to know. I may still love are wife but when it came down to it all I was wanted was children of my own and a family. Damn I may be cynical bastard but hell I'd rather be a father and not have to deal with women trying to tell me how to raise my children. I don't take that bull crap from anyone when I was raising both of our sons in England. You better not either. Also there's a way around that if you want to have more children you can use a surrogate. Instead of impregnating Kushina again. You can simply take her eggs… and you can put them in stasis as well she will never know… again a sadistic bastard. Family means everything to me and it will mean everything to you.

Now then Death gave you this letter because your in the dimensional Pocket World it's called Haven. Hadrian Death and I set this up.

We are related two James we are cousins several times removed but still cousins. Also we are an ancient a noble family from Japan. Now I do not know about you receiving little Hadrian after he is 15 months old or if he's going to be raised by Lily and James. Be aware there's a traitor in the midst of James's friends named Peter Allen Pettigrew he betrayed them to the bastard of a Maniac because of the prophecy and because he wanted to get revenge on James.

My suggestion is that you take up your mantle of being an unspeakable And in-state yourself by simply stating there was an accident in the future and you were brought back into your past self. With all your memories intact of being an unspeakable which will happen once you open the trunk and let the memory me play it out for you received the tattoos and memories. Please help heal are son. I have pleased Fuinjutsu seals that will only react to are chakra and Magic. Hadrian can help Heal.

Thus when you and Hadrian go to Gringotts you can have the Director/ King Ragnok send out letters to Lord and Lady Potter, Lord Arcturus Black heir Sirius Black and Lord and Lady Longbottom

There's more but yet again the rest is in my trunk around Hadrian's neck.

With my unconditional love to you and our sons

Our son will be named Namikaze Uzumaki Peverell Minato Naruto. It's important are name

Sincerely yours,

Lord Minato Peverell Namikaze

Namikaze Minato The Yellow Flash of Konohagakure No Sato The Yondaime Hokage

Lord of the ancient and Noble House of Namikaze Minato

Death finished reading the letter and handed back to Minato. Minato took it and placed it back into his desk. He turned and faced his grandson father gave him an icy stare. Then he started to talk.

"am I a (MOD) to now? Will I lose my son Naruto because of this decision." He started to pace in a semicircle. Running his hands through his hair. He started to Yell loudly.

Death got up and pulled Minato into his arms and started running circles on his back to soothe him.

"I got you let it all out."

Minato lost it and broke down in death arms. Death calmed him down and teleported them into Hadrian room and lay him in bed with his other grandchild. "

Tootsie please switch with someone in a little while to watch it both of them please and thank you."

Tootsie "will do sir death." She said.

"Thanks you all for watching over and taking care of them. I will be going for a while. When they wake up please send me a message they usually way thank you."

Tootsie not at her head. Death left haven.