"You must understand that you are not dreaming. This is real. This is the time you have prepared for."

-Receiver Primer Tape

Lawrence took in the sight before him. Forty-nine people of varying age sat in a makeshift assembly hall, with him on a large crate turned stage. Everyone had a small badge on their clothing: a stylized eye enclosed by an inverted triangle. It was the insignia of the Receivers.

"Everyone, I hope you're getting settled into this new world. Now, I'll be going over the things we got to do in a few days. First things first, I've met with…" Lawrence turned to a man with a shock of white hair and full-side-burned beard. "This is, ah, Professor Rowan. You haven't met him, I'm sure, so I'll let him introduce himself. He's provided us with this lab."

Rowan stepped forward confidently. "Pleasure to meet all of you. I study Pokemon, mainly. For the ones who have heard of me helping starting Trainers, I do that only when I have parental permission. You can still come to me for help or questions regarding Pokemon, if you want." He stepped aside as Lawrence took the stage again.

Luis raised his hand. "You said your lives revolve around Pokemon. Are there any good human-only jobs suitable for everyone here?"

Rowan frowned. "I'd say there are almost none. If you really wanted, I could look into it for you… but it's not worth the effort. Thank you for your time, Lawrence." He turned and walked out the door.

"So, first order of business: we need ID to mark us as citizens here. Then we'll look into getting jobs after, so we can support ourselves and get the funds to set up a base of operations." Lawrence glanced around the room. "Is that clear?"

"Sir, yes, sir!" Lawrence couldn't help but smile. For a bunch of 20-something year olds, they were sure enthusiastic.

"Alright. Well, we'll be setting up here. This is the Professor's old lab, by the way." He turned to a window showing a large, two story building with a sign out front, with "Professor Rowan's Lab" bolted on in large metal letters. "I suggest that everyone move their supplies into the basement. For our weapon storage…" He touched the pistol strapped to his hip. "I'll try to find a good, secure location here. For now, we'll get out our roll-mats and sleeping bags to at least make it livable. Follow me."

Down in the basement, Lawrence watched as everyone set down their bags and began to unpack. He did the same, ordering everyone to leave a clear path down the center.

"That's all for now. I'd also advise everyone to make use of the small kitchen unit upstairs. We'd be better off if we put the food and drink there." Everyone hurried off. "Meet me back at the assembly hall at 5pm sharp!"

By 5pm, everyone was exhausted from the flurry of activity and the moving of furniture. Meals were 24-hour food packs containing ready-to-eat fare, scavenged from a long-abandoned Reality B camping shop in the wake of the mind-kill. They weren't tasty, but it would have to do, seeing as how they only had three weeks at most to get everything ready.

The plan for the next few days was to ask Rowan for any possible leads on applying for whatever passed for citizenship. Then, everyone would have to start getting into accounts and money matters.

In the back of his mind, Lawrence thought that getting adjusted wouldn't be as easy as that. He pushed the thought to the back of his mind after dinner was called. By lights-out, the only thing on his mind was, "We'll think of something."

Luis poured hot water into the resealable retort pouch, shaking it. The dehydrated muesli and powdered milk was still bubbling – he'd leave it for now.

Beside him, Cecily, his wife, and Aubrey, his daughter, sat, eating.

"Daddy, will we be able to get better stuff than this?" she asked.

Luis shook his head. "Not until we get new jobs here, honey. Finish your meal. Rowan will come around soon."

Twenty minutes later, Luis and Aubrey washed the last of the dishes and put them away. Cecily had taken some time off to complete a booklet of math puzzles included in her meal pack. The three of them turned to see Rowan come through the door, smiling.

"The three of you, come with me." He gestured to two others. "That goes for both of you, too. We're doing fieldwork – that is, observing Pokemon."

One of the two Rowan had called approached. The man had a short haircut of black hair, somewhat crudely trimmed even after arriving on another world. "Greetings. Nigel," he added, pointing to himself.

Lawrence came up. "I'll be going with them. Just wanted to make sure they won't get into any trouble."

Rowan nodded, handing everyone small notebooks. "If you want to get accustomed to this world, it'll be better you get some practical experience."

The fieldwork was basic, but it kept their minds occupied. Nigel introduced himself partway through – he was a National Guardsman, once, and had brought his deployment bag with him before arriving. When asked about MREs by the rest of the group, he had replied, "They'll keep you going. The best parts are the matchbook and water purification tablets, because you can use them to prepare the drinks." Rowan noticed Lawrence speaking into a tape recorder. He made a mental note to ask about it later. A break was called for lunch and the group made their way back. Rowan found himself checking their notebooks. Nigel's and Luis' notes were few, while Cecily, Aubrey and Lawrence had more substantial notes on hand.

He watched the group be welcomed by a makeshift cafeteria full of Receivers, with open meal bags beside them. Politely refusing a meal offer by way of having more at his house, he left them to their own devices, and promised to be back in a few days to bring out another group. Behind him, excitable chattering could be heard. From his observations, the Receivers took to this world well.

This is the first Chapter!

So, I've been binge-playing Receiver 2 recently and the audio logs make explicit mention of Receivers sent to other worlds and parallel realities to prepare and teach people how to defend against an inter-dimensional Threat. In fact, the game makes it very clear that the player themselves is one of the first entities from their reality to receive the messages the Receivers have composed. This is how I got to thinking: how would the Receivers handle being sent through to other worlds, with a clear purpose in mind? How would they get set up, with whatever info the scouts from the Receivers have made about their world?

Yes, most of the Receivers are adults, except for the children, which there are 10 or so, from 8 to 12 years of age. Reality B, this group's home-world, was hit by the Threat with a psychic super-weapon, the "MindKill", which obliterated the minds of anyone not prepared to survive. There are also hints of people with naturally strong minds (high willpower, excellent memories) being able to survive even without specially trained psychic defenses.

Rowan here plans to send the Receivers out on field work to keep them busy and able to cope with the new world when they start recruiting. In my eyes, I don't see that many Receivers becoming Trainers, not even the children if at all. They're meant to set up a forward-operating base and start recruiting, and also get themselves registered as citizens so they can set up an account for funds at the bank.