Prologue (1/4):

The Princess – Ten years ago…

The King couldn't sleep. As long as his daughter, his heir and sweetheart daughter, would be in a hospital bed, he wouldn't rest. He couldn't even remember the number of nights he had spent by her side. All he knew was that it had been years since she started to feel unwell, and he and his wife hadn't done anything about it. He feared it was too late.

Too late to do anything about it. Too late to make sure she would live to give her his crown. Too late to tell her he loved her so, so much.

The princess slept all the time. Her body was too weak to stay awake more than a few minutes at a time, and all she did was sleep. During the day, the King was working at the Palace, behind his desk or in conference rooms with his advisors. He was glad to have his right-hand man because he could keep a cool head while the King's mind wandered back to his daughter. What had he and his wife done wrong?

Right now, he was sitting on an uncomfortable hospital chair, with an untouched hospital meal – one would think a King would be better served in the Private Los Angeles Clinic, but no – on the table. Like always, he had brought a fresh bouquet of red roses.

Red roses.

The roses that had been his during his Selection. The roses that he had continued to give to his wife. And to his daughters, as they grew up. The roses that meant "I love you". The roses that meant everything to the King. Even though he knew these were not the Princess's favorite flowers, but they were his, and they meant what they meant.

He took his daughter's frail and thin hand in his and he gently squeezed it, running his thumb on the back of her hand. He took a deep breath and tried to say something, but nothing came. He was always alone when spending time with his daughter. His wife couldn't see her like this, she always said she'd been a bad mother and she blamed herself for everything. And with three other teenagers to look after, she stayed home. No one else, not even her best friend, was allowed in the room.

Ever since he was a boy himself, the King was always better with written words. Finding the right words to say on the spot was hard for him. But he'd been carrying a heartfelt letter in his pocket, one that he would read to his daughter at some point. When he had the courage to do so. Once he knew she would find her strength again.

With his free hand, he took it out of his pocket and opened it. The paper was used and fragile, now, and he read it without reading it, knowing it by heart by now.

My dear, sweet daughter.

When your mother found out she was pregnant, I loved you. When we found out you were a girl, I loved you. When you were born, I loved you. When you smiled your first smile, I loved you. When you said 'daddy' the first time, I loved you. When you wobbled on your two little legs, I loved you. When you wrapped your little arms around my neck, I loved you.

I've loved you every single step of your life. I loved you even when you did mistakes. I loved you when you decided you were beautiful. I loved you when you laughed and when you cried. I've loved every time you came to disturb me in my office. I loved every single conversation we shared over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

My sweet daughter, I love you now, even though you are miles away, between life and death. Please come back to me. Come back to your mother. She loves you as much as I do, trust me, even though she doesn't come here often. Come back to your brothers. Come back to your sister. They need you and–


The King looked at his son in the doorway; he was carrying a thick book under his arm. His fourteen-year-old boy was just a year younger than his sick sister. He offered him a smile and folded the letter back into his pocket before he opened his arm for the boy and invited him to join him by his sister's bed.

The boy came over, pushing his glasses up his nose, a gesture way too familiar to the King. He leaned against his father and looked at his sleeping sister with so many tubes going into her arms and nose and stomach.

"Is she ever going to wake up?" he asked, speaking softly even though he knew she wouldn't hear him.

"I'm sure she will," the King replied. Both were silent for a moment, and then the King looked at his son's book. "What have you got here?" he asked him, pointing at the big volume.

The boy held the book at arm's length and read the title out loud: "Rise to Globalism: Illéan Foreign Policy since 2059."

The King took a double-take on that title. "Why on earth are you reading that?" he asked him, slightly amused. Though he knew his son was curious about everything, this was quite the book to be interested in at fourteen years old.

The prince put the book on his sister's bed. "She's been like this for almost six months, dad." He paused. "What if she never comes back to us? I want to be ready in case that happens."

"Ready for what?"

"To be King."

The King didn't know what to say to that. His daughter was the Heir. Not his son. He loved his son as much as his daughter, but he was not to be Illéa's ruling monarch. How long had he been thinking about this? How long had he been reading books like that? How long ago had he lost hope for his sister?

"I can do it, you know?" the boy said, feeling his father's reservations. "I'd be as good as her. Maybe even better."

Again, the King didn't know what to say. He didn't doubt it one second, but if he admitted it to his son, it might mean he had lost all hope for his daughter, too. And everything would be lost. His heart would be broken.

"Come on, let's go home," he said instead, standing up from that uncomfortable chair. "Your mom and the others will be waiting for us."

The prince nodded and walked out of the room without a second glance for his sister. When he was gone from the room, the King bent in two and planted a soft kiss on his daughter's forehead, brushing some of her dark brown hair away. He looked at her and smiled: she looked so much like her mother, even in her sleep. Then he slipped his hands in his pockets, found the letter there, and walked out of the room. He knew his wife and his two other children would want some update on the crown Princess. But it would be the same as always: no change, for now. But not worse, which was good news. Right?

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