I sighed and ran a hand through my hair. It was almost the same as the last time my dad saw me, but longer and lighter, and had white tips. I looked around and saw no one I knew. I turned back and searched for my suitcase.I was coming to live with my dad, Charlie, for my senior year with my twin sister,Isabella. I heard quiet footsteps that I knew well sneak up behind me. When they were right behind me, I spun around, scaring my twin in the process. "Boo!" I said.

Bella pouted."No fair, that's not how it works." I laughed. She smiled and gave me a hug. Her plane must have landed Minutes before mine. She let go and turned toward baggage claim. She already had a duffel bag and a backpack, like I had, but we both also had a suitcase.

She grabbed her suitcase as well as mine and handed mine to me."Thanks." I told her. She started to look around for Charlie. I scanned the area around us and smiled when I spotted him. Bella took a running start and hugged Charlie hugged her back and then let go.

"Hey bells, you look nice." Charlie said. Bella beamed. His eyes slid over to me taking in my new hair and wardrobe. Today I was wearing a spaghetti strap tank top that stopped 7 inches above my belly button and was a dark blood red, Black ripped jeans, my black leather jacket, my all black converse. My hair was in two braids, my makeup was just some eyeliner, light gray eyeshadow, not a lot of mascara and lipstick the color of my tank top. I had my small diamond nose stud in as well.

I smiled and gave my dad a big hug. "Hey dad." I told him. I let go and saw him smiling.

"You look….different. Not a bad different," He added quickly. I smiled.

"Thanks Char...dad." He grabbed my duffel bag and Bella's and started toward the exit. Me and Bella grabbed our suitcases and backpacks and followed.

Once we got to Charlie's police cruiser and were on our way to our old home, I finally relaxed. I would be lying if I told you that I wasn't running, but in truth, I from Renee or her new boyfriend Phil. But from my past, a dark road that I want to lock up and never look back. I don't think that can happen though;the saying 'you can run but you can't hide' came through my thoughts. I shuddered and Bella looked over from the spot next to me in the backseat. She had her headphones in and was gazing out the window. She knew what I was thinking about so she put a hand on my shoulder and squeezed. I tried to smile but failed. I told her, "I'm fine." I knew that she didn't believe me.

When we got to our dad's house, we got our things and hauled the to our old room that me and Bella the room was two tall dressers on the wall that the door is on. There was two twin beds sitting horizontally as you walk in, next to each other with two nightstands next to each of the beds. The nightstands were white, and the headboard and footboard was black. The comforter was a dark,deep purple with black swirls on it. The pillow cases were black and the sheets were too.

"The sales lady thought purple was a nice color, I hope that's okay." Dad said. I nodded. Bella said-before I could-"Purple's cool" Charlie nodded and walked away saying he'll be down stairs if we need anything.

I set my suitcase on my bed as well and started unpacking. I only brought with me the essentials and my phone and computer. I unpack everything and afterwards I was really tired. I flopped down,face first, onto my bed. By the time I sat up, Bella was already done. We heard talking coming from the driveway and we ran to the window. Outside was Charlie and two other people, Bella said that it was Billy and Jacob Black.

She ran downstairs to greet them while I slowly followed her. I took off my leather jacket and let down my hair so it was wavy down my back. I went downstairs and out the front door. In the street were Charlie and Billy play fighting. Billy was in a wheelchair.

I went and stood next to Bella, who was standing next to Jacob. Jacob turned toward me.

"Your Bella's older twin right? I'm Jacob" He smiled and held his hand out to shake. I shook his hand and said "Yeah, I'm Teagan." He let go of my hand. "Teagan" He said testing out my name. Charlie and Billy came back from the street laughing. Billy looked me up and down then said, "You must be Bella's older twin, I haven't seen you since you were 7?" I shook his hand. "Yup, that's me. Teagan. I see your still dancing." Billy laughed. "Yup, these legs have never been better." I laughed.

"How do you guys like your welcome home present?" Charlie asked. Me and Bella looked toward the red truck parked in the driveway and-at the same time-said"You got us a truck?" Charlie Chuckled."Yup."

It was a red Chevy StepSide C-10. Well more like faded red, it looked to be a few years old, but I didn't mind. Bella hugged charlie and ran into the drivers seat. Jacob started telling Bella how to work it and I listened and when he finished I nodded and went around the car, checking it out. I went to stand next to Charlie and turned to him. I smiled. "Thanks dad, This is really great." Dad smiled and nodded.

That night I was super exhausted. Bella made me get in the car with her and she drove me around town. I told her that we didn't need to do that, but she insisted. I gave her a look before getting in the car.

I took a shower then changed into my sleep wear, which consisted of gray sweatpants, a grey crop top with USA printed in red on the front and dark grey socks. My hair was in a messy bun, my Caramel colored hair mingling with the white of my white tipped hair. I was wearing my glasses, black on the top and clear on the bottom half. I sat on my bed and turned on my computer and pulled up Netflix. I layed back and got comfortable. Bella came in with her hair in a towel and in her pajamas.

"Want to join me? I'm watching Netflix." I asked Bella.

"Uh, What will we be watching?" She asked coming over.

"We can watch anything, Maybe your favorite movie?" I added.

Bella smiled and nodded. I scooted over so she could lay down with me. Bella sat back like me and got herself comfortable. She picked her favorite movie, as I expected. We had already seen this movie a million times since it can out and could quote it word for word. Even though we we totally different, this was the one thing we had in common. The movie was Harry Potter, the first one. We loved all of the movies but the first was Bella's favorite, My favorite, on the other hand, was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2.

Bella slowly started to fall asleep and I woke her and she went to her own bed and was instantly asleep. I shut down my computer and tried to sleep. But that was the problem. I had major sleeping problems because of past trauma. I sat awake for hours before my eyes lids started to droop and I turned on my side and fell asleep.