Life is perfect when you have lots of friends. Your once upon a time has come true. Not for me.
My name is Sunset Shimmer, I am 13. I am the rhythm guitarist for the Rainbooms, along with Trixie and Flash. Sometimes, things go so wrong, just when everything is perfect, right?
Yeah. I get it. I am the Queen of Mean. Always have been. Until very recently, when the mane 5 saved my life. Since then, my friends and I have had many adventures together, our most recent being getting our memories back.

"Sunset! I told you not to talk about that!"

That's Wallflower Blush. She erased everyone's memories, but we gave her a chance. Trixie saved me, well, helped to save me. Twilight saved me, with Flash's help. I remember a lot of things. And we were happy, until today.

I walked into the Cafeteria with Flash, Twilight and Applejack. We just had physics together . Soarin, Rainbow and Pinkie ran in, from PE. "Hey, Sunset. Hi, Flash!" cried Soarin'. "Hey, why is everyone glaring at us?"

As we stood in line for our lunch, I was in front of Gilda. Gilda tapped me. I turned. "She demon." she said to me.

I gasped, taking my tray over to our usual table. "Gilda." I said. "Called me She-demon."
That's when I knew students had abandoned me.
"Guys. I have a contact." said Rainbow, looking up. "Soarin' has a friend over at the Isle of the Lost. Jay. Jafar's son, remember, him?"

"Jafar." I said pensively. "Heard of him."

"Yeah. Jay's a great lad," said Soarin'. "He's my half-brother. I share his mom. I visit him every year with my mom. I used to, until she died. I now live on my own."

"Like me," I said. "I live on my own."

"And me," said Flash. "My parents died when I was a baby."

"So, we could live there?" asked Rainbow Dash, looking into Soarin's eyes.

"Yeah." he said. "We'd fend for ourselves."

"I might have contact with Evie," said Rarity. "We met at a fashion competition. Oops, there goes a message!"

We haven't spoken in a while, but Carlos got a message to you.
Listen. I'm hosting a party, Carlos, Mal, Jay and I are hosting a party at my house. Just ask for Hell Hall and Carlos will direct you to where I live. We'd love to meet your friends, maybe catch up?
Mal asks how is Sunset? She wants to get to know her.
Yours, Evie

Rarity grinned. "Evie invited us to a party. Mal wants to get to know you. Shall I reply?

Yes, We'd love to. Soarin' knows where to go, so he'll take us there.
Miss you lots, Rare.

Great! See you all in a week!
Yours, Evie

I sighed. "Well, we should get packing. Soarin', how long does it take to get there?"

"4 days," said Soarin'.

" 4 days?!" screamed Rainbow Dash. "Hell, is that fucking place that far away?!"

"Yeah," said Soarin'

"Language." hissed Rarity.

"So sorry." said Rainbow Dash.

The bell rang. We stood up, putting our trays away, getting ready for our next semester, for me, Maths.

"Meet in the music room after school," hissed Rainbow Dash. "We talk about this later."

We nodded, as Twilight, Trixie, Flash, Fluttershy, Wallflower, Applejack and I headed to advanced maths.

The unfortunate thing is that I have to sit next to that bitch Gilda. The great thing is that I also sit next to Twilight.

The worst thing is that now almost everyone hates me and my once upon a time is ruined.