Maleficent rose, green smoke rising with her, as she turned into a huge scary dragon. She chased after Jay, who was caught by Rainbow Dash. I gritted my teeth. I didn't want to do this again. But I had to. My cyan eyes flashed red, briefly, as red smoke rose from me, my old form, my she demon. My hands, turned to claws, my teeth turned to great long fangs. I beat my blood-red bat like wings, rising into the air, against my step-mother, Mal's mother, my enemy. I had to do this. For my sister, for my friends, and for Auradon. The advantage of being a she-demon, an empousai, is that I had magic.

Once upon a time, i used this magic to kill Princess Twilight. Now, i'm using this magic for good. To help my friends.

Maleficent breathed fire at me, but I shot powerful magic straight back at her. I loved it, the thrill, just to have a bit of power. I always fought back, always stood up for my friends, and now, my family.

I was weakening. Mal ran forward with the wand. "Sunset, go!" she cried. "This is a mother-daughter talk."

Mal looked at her mother with determination. "Sunset, just keep fighting!" she cried. "Try to hold her off."

I beat strong gusts of wind with my wings, sending Maleficent back. "Mom." said Mal."I don't want to be ruthless or cruel like you. I choose good!"

I hit a magical ball of golden light at Maleficent, then at the royals. Maleficent turned into this minute lizard, trapped under the top of the glass case that held the wand. The royals unfroze, as I landed, red smoke rising, as I turned back into a human girl.

"That. Was. AWESOME!" shouted Rainbow Dash, giving me hug.

"I didn't know you could do that," said Twilight.

"Neither did I," I admitted. "Mom told me I had special powers, but she didn't know what. I think she meant I could turn into an empousai and Daydream Shimmer at will."

"Now," said Ben. "What about a party?"