Author's notes: This is chapter 1 of my adult fan fiction story Cheer Fight Fantasy. It mostly involves Kim Possible and Bonnie. With some minor parts including Ron and Brick.

*** This is MOSTLY about a girl named Sara who wants to "be" Kim Possible and gets that chance via a new virtual game that is similar to the Oasis in the movie Ready Player One. So technically it's not really "about" Kim Possible but Sara will get the chance to BE Kim Possible. You'll see... ***

I do not own the rights to Kim Possible nor do I make any money from this story. It is purely for entertainment.

** WARNING: This story will some sexual content. This chapter contains a a girl masturbating to a sexual story. The sexual story will be in very graphic detail.**

Cheer Fight Fantasy

A Kim Possible Story

By Chris Palmer X

Chapter 1 - Sara's Fantasy

Sara Cromwell was a 25 year old girl living in a modest home in a small mid-west town of Scraton, PA. The town had a Wal-Mart, a few restraints, lots of bars and churches and a small concert hall that only attracted cover bands to older acts like Grand Funk Railroad, ELO and Bad Company. Yes, Scraton was a small town but it was nice. Especially since Sara lived in a somewhat new home. A 2001 – 1,800 Square foot house surrounded by 2 corn fields.

Her house was just about in the middle of nowhere and she liked it that way.

How could Sara, a young 25 year old girl, own such a large house? She won 12 million dollars in the state lottery 4 years ago when she was just 21. One of the states youngest winners ever. A $220,000 house was a nice investment. Nothing too extravagant. She didn't work (because she didn't have to...MONEY!) but she was smart with her winnings. She put most of the money in the bank and lived off the interest.

Sara met her boyfriend Mike Baker a few years ago. He was a laid back kind of guy who liked the simple things in life. Fishing, fixing the house, mowing the lawn, and going on dates with his girlfriend. He worked at the Hover vacuum factory in town and he worked long hours too. 10 hour days, 5 sometimes 6 days a week. He liked his over time! Even though his girlfriend was rich he wasn't about to take advantage of her money. He was, what some people might think of as, boring. He was a very nice guy and she was lucky to have a man like him to do the manly work around the house.

Sara felt that she wasn't deeply in love with Mike but she liked him a lot and trusted him. After a year of dating him she felt she could trust him enough so she told him about her winning the lottery and she aloud Mike to move in her house too. They've been living together for a little over 6 months now.

Even though Mike was a very nice guy and treated her well, Sara felt like he was never around. She felt lonely because he worked all the time. Once he moved in with her they got to spend more time together but it still wasn't enough for her. She was starved for attention.

On this spring night, while Mike was away, Sara lied on her bed and looked at her iPad tablet. She was sipping some tea and reading a Kim Possible adult comic called – Cheer Fight. She had read this comic before and it had always turned her on and made her very wet.

As she looked at the pages of Kim Possible oil wrestling Bonnie she bit her lower lip and whispered to herself, "That is so hot." Sara shook as Bonnie won the fight and handcuffed Kim's hands behind her back. Her body quivered as she saw Bonnie PULL Kim by her hair and yell to the crowd, "Who wants a blowjob?"

Is it normal for girls to like porn as much as her? She didn't care. She loved this story so much and ached for the feeling of being dominated like Kim was in this story.

She put her hands in her hair and pulled her OWN hair as she continued to read. She pretended she was Kim. She felt her hair was a little greasy and she knew she needed a shower but she didn't care. The burning desire of being pushed around and dominated was a huge turn on for her.

As she pulled her own hair with one hand she let go of her tablet for a moment and fingered her self with her other hand. Sara was making her bed sheets soaked with her pussy juices. She needed to cum, badly so she reached over to the side of her bed trying to get in the drawer of the night stand but she accidentally hit the Kim Possible collectable night stand light fixture on top. "Damn!" She yelled in frustration, "I need to pay closer attention. I don't want to break this."

After saving the light from falling she saw the time on her clock read 1:50am. She reached in the drawer of the night stand, pulled out her vibrator then closed the drawer back up.

Sara let out a sexual sigh as she inserted the vibrator inside her and then turned it on. She pushed it in and out of her wet vagina as she held her tablet in her other hand reading the comic.

She looked at the page of Kim RIDING the sybrin vibrator and Bonnie PUSHING Kim's head to the glory hole yelling, "Come on, that cock isn't going to suck itself."

Then…Sara closed her eyes! She wanted to feel the torment of being forced to cock a cock to be real.

As the vibrator inside her pulsated...Sara dreamed.

** Sara dreamed that she WAS Kim Possible in Cheer Fight. **

When Sara opened her eyes again she was ACTUALLY Kim Possible staring at a cock poking out of a glory hole. Bonnie yelled to her, "Break is over. Let's see how much you can deepthroat."

Bonnie SHOVED Bricks huge cock into Kim Possible's mouth and since her hands were handcuffed behind her back there was NOTHING she could do to stop Bonnie.

Bonnie turned up the vibrator a few more notches and pushed Kim's head up and down on Brick's cock, deep throating it in and out or her mouth faster and faster. "Damn girl you got some skills! Or is that me helping you?"

Spit and oil splashed out of Kim's mouth as Bonnie pushed her head up and down, faster and faster, on her boyfriends cock. Bonnie said to Kim, "I can hear him breathing heavy on the other side of the wall. He's almost ready to pop."

Kim mumbled with the cock in her mouth as Bonnie continued to push her head.

Bonnie told her, "He likes it slow and deep when he's about to cum. So let's give him that."

Bonnie pushed on Kim's head very slowly as the thick hard cock slid deep into Kim's mouth. Kim's chin touched Bricks balls as Bonnie made her go up and down on his cock deep - and - slow. She leaned in closer to Kim's ear, "Are you ready?"

Kim mumbled again.

Bonnie leaned back and continued to push on Kim's head, up and down, slow – and - deep. "I'm not sure if that was a yes or a no but it doesn't matter. That's one of the best things about a glory hole. You have no idea when…"

Without warning, Brick came.

Kim choked a little as the cum was being shot down her throat fast. She tried to back away because it was so much at one time but Bonnie stopped her, "Oh, no you don't. You're going to swallow every last drop my boyfriend's thick man juice. Now look up at the camera and give the boys in the other room a good show."

Bonnie then held Kim's head right on Brick's cock as it continued to spew cum. She pulled Kim's head back a little to aim her eyes right at the camera.

As Kim guzzled down crazy amounts of cum the vibrator went to full blast! Kim's eyes rolled in the back of her head because of the incredible sensation she felt on her pussy.

** Back into reality **

Sara's eyes were closed, she was deep in a sexual fantasy. She screamed as she turned up her vibrator to it's max speed. There was no cock in her mouth to suck on but she wished there was. She felt the sensation of a very strong orgasm about to take over her body. She wished she was being forced to suck a cock, just like Kim was, as she felt this amazing sensational orgasm flood her body.

She screamed with pleasure, "AAghhhhhhhh...ophhhhhhhh...yesssssss!"

When she finally came down from the very intense orgasm that she gave herself she finally…opened her eyes.

As she pulled the vibrator out of her pussy she said to herself, "MMmmm, that was amazing."

She put her toy on the night stand, right next to her Kim Possible light. She did that because she thought maybe Mike would see it and know she had some needs that need to be filled.

The clock read 2:09am as she turned off her light and pulled the covers over her body. When she closed her eyes again she mumbled to herself, "I wish I could do that for real."

And off to sleep she went.