WW84 fix it (Steve/Diana)

WW84 could have been so much better, and we all know it. Steve and Diana weren't given any justice— dammit. So here is me fixing that.

Starting with the scene in Diana's apartment where Steve tries to confront her about letting him go. Canon, with my own add-ons in between.


The door slams shut, and Steve winces internally. He could feel the tension between them, the unspoken words, the way Diana refused to look into his eyes on the way back, and he hated it. But he knew what needed to be done.

"I'll be right back," Diana says without facing him, before disappearing into her room.

Of course the watch catches his attention first. It was his watch, or his Father's watch, that he had pressed into Diana's hand back in 1918. The memory was still clear as day. Steve doubts that he would ever forget it.

"I wish we had more time," he had struggled to keep his voice from wavering. He gazed deeply into her eyes. "I love you."

Picking it up gently, Steve could hear the watch ticking, as if it had never stopped, as if he had never left her. Behind the watch, he spots the picture of Diana taken at Trevor Ranch. He smiles fondly— she still looks the same: beautiful as ever. He picks it up, but blinks and shakes his head, placing it back down.

Footsteps behind alerts him of Diana's presence. He had to do it. He had to, even if his entire being is begging him not to. Willing himself, he takes a deep breath.

"Diana, I know it's been hard," he starts off, eyes downcast, afraid to meet her eyes.

"You don't know." Diana retorts back immediately. "You don't."

Steve struggles to keep going. "We—" His voice catches. "We can't go on like this."

Diana turns, facing him, her face adamant. But Steve knows better; it was a facade to prevent her emotions from betraying herself. "I can't talk about this—"

"We have to talk about this—"

"Steve, I can't talk about this!" Diana had raised her voice, and turned around, unable to face him anymore. She had closed her eyes, or she knew tears would have fallen from them.

"I give everything I have. Everyday. And I'm happy to," her voice is close to cracking. "But this one thing—" She pauses. "You're all that I've wanted, for so long. You're the only joy I've had or even asked for."

Steve stares into those hypnotising eyes, his heart aching, his heart in so much pain, because as if this wasn't what he felt exactly. But he had to do the right thing. "I am so sorry. But that's crazy— it's he uh," he stutters. "There's a world out there full of so many better guys, for one. I mean, what about this guy? What about him?" He gestures to his body, the body he was currently 'using', his host body.

"I don't want him, I want you!" Diana's eyes brimmed with tears. "How can you even say that? How can you even say that knowing you're the first man I've loved— That I still love?" She draws a shaky breath. "Why, for once, can't I just have this one thing, Steve? This one thing." Her voice is hoarse now, and she knows if this continues any longer the tears will threaten to fall even more.

Steve shakes his head, hurting just as much. "I'm not sure we have a choice."

Diana's lips waver, and she looks away. "Well, I do have a choice. And I can't give you up. I can't. So I won't. So— so we need to stop him so we can figure that out." She trembles, but she's not sure if it's from anger or something else. "There has to be another way." She says before walking away, then added, loud enough for only herself to hear, "has to." Diana was assuring herself at this point, she was not about to lose Steve again.

Steve stares at the ground again, his feelings for Diana are still raw, fresh as ever. It doesn't matter how much time has passed. He blinks back tears, because dammit, he yearns desperately, for another way too. But he knows deep in his heart that their time may be limited, and his heart breaks again.

I would never lose you again. Never again. Steve looks into the direction Diana had walked off to, and made a silent vow: he would do anything, anything to stay at her side.

Diana's muffled sobs took all his willpower to stop himself from running to her and embracing her.


That's it for now. May write more, or won't, depends. Any love shown is appreciated! Hope y'all enjoy it.

Sigh, my babies Diana and Steve.