Author's Note: Lol, I've finally gotten the hang of ZULU and now I'm obsessed with it. All times will be in ZULU hehehe, unless otherwise mentioned! Read on, my fellow JAG fans!

1800 ZULU


"Congratulations, Mac", Harm said, walking up behind her.

"Thanks. Just let me grab my stuff and lock my office, then we can get out of here."

"Sure, I have to get stuff together too."

"Want me to grab lunch and come over?"

"Sounds good to me. I think I need to go shopping." Mac replied, walking to her office.

Harm paused before continuing to his own office. "I'll see you at 1900, then."

Mac nodded her response. "Don't be late with my food!" she yelled across the bullpen, earning glances from the other staff.

The commander turned ad shot his flyboy grin at her before going into his office shaking his head.

*Next Day

Dulles Int'l Airport

(AN-sorry, skipped ahead on you. Just keepin' y'all on your toes! Actually, I really didn't want to come up with what they did during lunch...hehe)

Harm and Mac sat in their seats on the plane and an older gentleman occupied the third seat.

"Mac, you're looking green already. It's not a Tomcat and I'm not the one flying, don't worry." Harm's observation was not false, the Colonel did indeed have a green tinge to her face and her expression was worried.

"Right now I think I'd rather be on a Tomcat, flyboy, than on this thing." Mac replied, looking sicker by the moment.

"What was that Marine? Did I just hear what I think I heard? Why the sudden change of opinion regarding them? I want this on tape!" Harm sounded shocked.

"You are not going to get this on tape. I'd rather be in a Tomcat because I know who the pilot is, and it would be someone I trusted."

The man next to Harm listened to the pair with wonderment(AN-is that a word? It is now!)

"Thankyou, Jarhead. Relax, please. We are flying to California, over land. Not out to the Seahawk over water. You are starting to make *me* nervous." Harm tried to calm her down a bit.

Mac smiled, which satisfied Harm. "Gotcha."

"You know me too well, Harm." she said.

The older man smiled at her. "If you don't mind me saying, miss, I don't have to know you at all to tell you that you look about to be sick."

The pair turned to him and smiled back.

Harm made introductions. "I'm Commander Harm Rabb, and this is Lt. Colonel Sarah Mackenzie."

"Peter Klein. So, you both are in the military?"

Mac answered. "Yes, we are lawyers at the Navy JAG Corps."

"Interesting. I take it you don't enjoy planes, ma'am?"

"Call me Mac, please. Everyone does. I'm not too fond of it, but I'm getting used to it."

"She has too", Harm added and recieved a look.

Mac got up. "If you'll excuse me", she said, heading to the back of the plane. Harm watched her go.

"Thanks for keeping her occupied. Take off really bothers her. It was nothing compared to what she is used to with Tomcats, but she still gets a little nervous."

"You work together, she said?"

"Yeah, six years now." Harm answered.

"That's nice. Any competition between you two since she is a Marine and you are in the Navy?" Klein asked.

Harm laughed. "Yeah, but I have an edge because our CO is a Navy SEAL, and she is the only one with rank in our office that's not in the Navy." (AN-I dunno if this is true, but for purposes of this story it is!)

The conversation stopped as Mac returned and sat down.

"I'm hungry", she announced. Harm rolled his eyes and smiled.

"Why aren't I surprised?"

"I'm not sure", Mac returned. "Can I use my laptop now or what?"

"Yeah, go ahead. I see others using theirs." Harm answered, looking around.

Mac pulled her computer out of her bag and turned it on. The black screen came to life, revealing Mac's desktop. Her screen flickered as Webshots(AN-I don't own that either. I don't own many things in this story, sadly.) changed her picture, like she had programmed it to do each time she booted up. The image changed to one of her two horses(AN-Mac now has horses. I do own something in this story!!), Dangerous Charmer and Semper Fidelis who bore striking contrast to each other color-wise. Harm smiled, seeing that picture. He pointed to the bottom of her screen on the taskbar, where 'Lt. Col. Sarah Mackenzie' was typed.

"How did you do that?" He questioned.

"Chloe did it for me. She figured out how to do it on her own, and decided she would do it to mine."

"That's cool."

Mac clicked on a folder and opened something up. She also clicked on a program and pressed a few keys.

"Let's check these out," she said, hitting 'enter' on her keyboard. A slide show started running across her screen. "Thses are from Webb, he sent them to the Admiral who then forwarded them to me."

The first picture was of her, Harriet, Bobbi Latham, Meredith, and Clayton Webb's date standing infront of the staircase leading up to the ballroom. Next came a picture of the guys-Bud, Sturgis, Harm, and the Admiral in dress whites and Webb in a black suit and tie.

"The NATO Summer Ball" Harm observed.

"Good conclusion, counselor." Mac responded.

The screen changed to one of her and Harm together, him standing behind her with his arms around her.

"That's a very nice picture," Mr. Klein commented.

"Thankyou." Harm responded. "Add that to the photo album when we get home." He said to Mac.

*End for now! Wanna know what photo album they are talkin about? Lol, I own that too. hehehe.*

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