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This mini series is an outtake from my bigger story "First Experience." Events in the story come from chapter 9 when Edward and Bella are babysitting my original character Caleb. Caleb asks Edward a series of questions which Edward answers with as much truth as he possibly can. One question has Edward reminiscing about a time long ago when he and Emmett we're out on a hunt and things got a bit crazy.

This is just fanfiction. If events are not logical regarding vampires, please don't read too much into it. It's meant to be comical and enjoyable. Happy readings. :)

As always, I portray the Cullen kids as teenagers. So they act immature and get into some silly messes.

There is some strong language and adult situations implied throughout the story.

Disclaimer: None of the "Twilight" characters belong to me. I'm just playing around with them and putting them in different situations.


My Brother's Brilliant Idea

Chapter 1: Competitions

June 1937


"Branch, tree trunk, boulder!" Emmett shouted, pointing to the objects of his choice. He then crouched down.

I stood in the forest watching my brother as he spring thirty feet in the air, caught the tree branch he had pointed to seconds ago. Without pausing he twirled around three times like a circus acrobat who was shirtless.

On his third twirl he pushed off, letting go of the branch. As he did a mid-air somersault something yellow-orangish fell from his pants pocket, splattering on the forest floor. He didn't let that stop him though. Coming in contact with another tree he kicked the tree trunk, knocking it down. Without skipping a beat or touching the grown (which is against the rules of our game). He jumped twenty feet through the air, whooping and hollering as he landed on the boulder, crushing it with the impact of his full weight.

"Bet you can't beat that, Edward!" Emmett probably called back to me.

I scoffed. "I could do that with my eyes closed."

"I'd like to see that." He laughed. "Your turn to call it. Remember no repeats." He warned out loud and thought the rest. 'And because you are so confident. You have to do this next round with your eyes shut.'

"My pleasure. My performance will be a LOT better than yours." I taunted.

'Then get to it, kid. We aren't getting any older.' He laughed out loud at his own joke.

I rolled my eyes. I didn't find his joke funny.

I took a quick look around the night black forest. The sun had set an hour ago though both of us could see just fine. We could also see and hear each other perfectly though we stood a couple acres apart.

"Tree trunk, boulder, tree top, fallen tree. All with my eyes closed." I announce smugly.

Closing my eyes I swiftly ran in the direction of my chosen tree, sensing that I was close I jumped up and kicked off. I heard the tree snap and fall, crashing to the ground as I spun in mid-air, gracefully landing on a boulder. I pounced off, jumping in the direction of my next tree, scaling up. Once up at the very top with nowhere left to go I plummet down to the fallen tree that laid on the forest floor.

"There you go." I said, opening my eyes to look at my brother and taking a bow.

"That was terrible!" Emmett doubled over with laughter while he replayed my actions in his mind.

From my mind's eye I saw his memory that was embarrassing to me. His mental replay of the events made me look like a clumsy baby giraffe that was trying to fly. I'm sure he was over exaggerating.

I jumped off the log and bolted to my laughing brother's side.

"Haha! Laugh all you want, Em." I said sarcastically. "You looked like a drunk gorilla swinging through the forest. I just didn't say anything."

My words made Emmett laugh even harder. He fell to the ground laughing uncontrollably as he kept replaying his memory of me leaping through the forest. He rolled around on the ground shaking with laughter.

His laughter was contagious. I soon joined in.

"Something that was yellowish-orange fell out of your pocket back there." I said, pointing my thumb over my shoulder as our laughter died out and I caught my breath.

Emmett's laughter fizzled out and his eyebrows shot up in a questioning way. Then finally realization set in as he patted his pants pockets.

"Well, that was a waste of a perfectly good mango." Emmett spoke sadly, with disappointment on his face.

I raised one eyebrow. "Should I concern myself with why you had a mango in your pocket?" I mean, it wasn't like he was able to eat it later for a snack.

"Bears like mangoes." He simply said. 'Makes the attack more worth the while.'

I stared at him deadpan.

It's been two years since he lost his human life to a bear. How much longer was this grudge of his against the beastly animal going to carry on?

A half hour before we began our made up contest I had gracefully caught and drained two coyotes. While, he cornered and fought a black bear to its death. He always has to play with his food and because of that, more than not he loses an article of clothing. Like he lost his shirt tonight. Our mother and Rosalie are always getting after him about losing his clothes when he comes home from a hunt. Our father doesn't say much, just shrugs his shoulders and says that boys will be boys.

"Wanna race?" Emmett challenged.

I smirked, accepting that challenge. "Race home?" I questioned.

He shook his head.

"Where are we racing to then?" I couldn't tell what he had in mind since he was guarding his thoughts by thinking of Rosalie.

By no means am I a religious man. But I began silently praying that Emmett's thoughts would not become vulgar. Unfortunately, due to my talent I've seen more of my sister then I ever thought possible from his mind these past two years. Emmett never edits his thoughts and is always unashamed. Sadly, Rosalie is no better in that department.

"Down East. To the end of Mr. Anderson's Farm." Emmett explained our destination.

"What's there?" I questioned, sensing there was more behind his words.

'Just feel like going over there.' He thought, shrugging his shoulders.

Before I could question him further he assaulted my mind with an image of Rosalie in nothing but her under clothes!

"Emmett! For all the love that's holy! She's my sister! I do not wish to 'see' that."I shook my head furiously, like that would help dislodge the image.

"Don't be such a kid, kid." He chuckled. "Can I help it if I love picturing Rose in sexy lingerie?"

"Around me? YES!" I answered curtly.

He shrugged.

I frowned. Being a mind-reader around siblings such as Emmett and Rosalie is often not pleasant. Both of them have sex on their minds 24/7. It's horrible! Since I have never experienced the physical act for myself, I can't imagine why they like it so much.

No guy wants to see his sister in compromising situations. Unfortunately, he always manages to project those kinds of images to me. Not on purpose of course, that's just what he thinks about all the time. Like I said before, Rosalie is no better. Because of her I've seen more of Emmett than I ever wanted to through her mind. It's nauseating.

Emmett's thoughts quickly changed. He went from picturing Rosalie in her under clothes to picturing her and himself completely naked in an unusual position that even the most flexible humans on this planet would not be able to achieve.

"Control your thoughts! That's disgusting!" I shuttered.

Unashamed Emmett chuckled. "You do that quite often." He noticed as he stopped thinking of my sister.

"Do what?" I wondered.

"Act all squeamish when the topic is of sex." He explained matter-of-factly.

I Shrugged. "That's because you and Rose make it look so gruesome."

Really the word "gruesome" didn't even begin to describe it. I don't even think the English language or French, Spanish, Italian or even Romanian, or any other language I know has a word that can describe how horrible Emmett and Rosaile make sex look. Besides them always thinking about it, they can't seem to keep their hands off of each other when in close proximity to one another. It's so weird.

With a smirk he loudly snorted as a coyote howled in the distance. He believed my statement to be childish.

"Once you get your corn grounded you'll have a different outlook." Emmett mused. 'I still can't believe you've never even kissed a girl, brother mine.'

I sighed. Must this be an ongoing conversation with us?

"Well, I was seventeen when Carlisle created me." I reminded him. "I was still at an age when most relationships with females are platonic."

Emmett's golden eyes got big and his eyebrows shot up. 'Hmmm. Guess I missed that memo.'

I rolled my eyes at his thoughts. I knew from my extra hearing that Emmett hasn't had a platonic relationship since he turned thirteen.

"What type of girls do you like?" Emmett wondered. His thoughts were on finding the perfect girl for me so I can get my "corner grounded" and finally become a man.

I was quiet. I wasn't quite sure how to answer his question. I knew girls were easy on the eyes, though I didn't gawk at females - humans or my knid. I never lusted over a girl. I wasn't even sure if I had a type.

I shrugged my response.

Emmett was surprised by my lack of answer. "Don't you get lonely?" He wondered, thinking of where he could find me a female that would show me a good time for one night. He assumes I feel lonesome because I have no girl to make me happy. I swear, his thoughts are always on sex.

"Well, love and lust keep the same company for me." I began to explain, so he would get the thought out of his mind of finding me a female for a night. Which I would not go along with. "Besides, I don't have those desires. It doesn't bother me. I'm content being alone." I said truthfully, and then seeing his next question I added. "Nope. I'm not the least bit curious."

"Aren't you though?" He questioned.

I shook my head.

Truthfully, like any seventeen-year-old boy, I had been a little curious. That is, up until Emmett and Rosalie became a perfectly matched pair. Then their horrific home movies played in my head almost non-stop and all curiosity was lost.

"Yeah well, you didn't seem to complain when I gave you that issue of "Caper." You eagerly took that magazine into your room." Emmett gave me a knowing look.

I answered with a sudden wide grin.

'Thought you'd like to look at the apple dumpling shop while you clean your rifle.'

I rolled my eyes and playfully nudged him with my shoulder, he shoved me back in the same playful manner, then gave me a brotherly punch on the arm. I can't imagine a better brother than mine.

"Ready to get your ass beat?" I asked in a teasing tone, referring to our race.

"You're on!" He shouted.

Ready to race, we took our positions next to each other. On the count of three Emmett imitated a sound of a bullet and we were off. At first I slowed my pace, giving him a fair chance. He's not slow, I'm just extremely fast. When he passed me, keeping a steady pace of a mile ahead of me, I ran at full speed passing him in seconds.

I made no attempt not to gloat when I reached our imaginary Finish Line.

A minute later Emmett crossed the imaginary Finish Line. He stood next to me.

"Nobody beats me!" I said smugly.

"I get it. You won." Emmett said a bit sourly. 'No one likes a show-off.'

I howled with laughter. It's not like when he wins our competition that he doesn't rub it in my face.

I saw his intent in time to jump out of the way. He tried to grab me and put me in a headlock to mess up my already disheveled hair.

"Cheater." He mumbled.

"I can't help that you're so slow." I joked.

My words gave Emmett a new idea for another contest. We would run at a slow human pace out of the forest to the pasture of cows on Farmer Anderson's property. Slowest one wins. At a pace that's even slow for humans we jogged out of the forest. We were shoulder-to-shoulder when our feet hit the dirt road. Both of us were determined not to go slower than the other.

While we jogged up the windy dirt path that led to the farm I noticed a green truck leaving the property. The driver who was thinking of his wife and a late night dinner waved to Emmett and I. Both of us waved back as he drove off toward town.

Not once did Emmett or I break our agonizing slow trot. It was a tie as we came to the end of the fence. Suddenly Emmett turned, facing the wooden fence and the herd of sleeping cows. There were about thirty of the nasty smelling creatures.

With no humans insight and the farmer's house that appeared to be empty for the night, forty acres away from where we stood. There was no need to pretend to be human. Within seconds Emmett rapidly jumped up, gracefully landing and sitting on the wooden fence. I followed his lead.

He was surprisingly quiet as we sat there on the fence looking out at the foul-smelling critters. Even his mind was silent as the summer breeze drifted through our hair

I turned to look at Emmett. "Out of ideas already?" I challenged him. I had a few of my own but I knew it was his turn to pick.

Emmett and I can get really competitive with our made up challenges. We also used to have a difficult time deciding who would be in charge of choosing the ideas for our made up competitions. Now we trade off when we're out hunting. He's in charge tonight, next time we go hunting it'll be my turn to make up our tournaments. This was all Esme's idea. She came up with us rotating on being in charge when she had to separate us for the upteenth time because we couldn't come to an agreement. This arrangement has proven to be effective.

He shook his head but didn't say a word.


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