Goosebumps: The Blob That Ate Everyone: My Version

Ch2: Emmy, Annie, Ryan & Jackson





At the RL Stine Elementary School Zack who is wearing wearing a Brown short Sleeved Shirt under a Dark Blue Denim Vest opened, Grey Pants & Black Shoes with a red backpack and he is waiting outside for Alex and Adam to come.

"Where are they?" asked Zack impatiently. "They should've been here by now."

However from behind him someone tapped his shoulder and Zack sighed.

"Yeah what..." Zack asked and he turned around and saw a Gorilla in a Blue short sleeved shirt under a light blue denim jacket opened, blue pants, a wrist watch & blue shoes with a blue back pack. "WHAT THE!" He shouted in shock.

"ROAR!" The gorilla shouted.

Zack became shocked and pushed the gorilla hard sending him falling to the ground.

"WHOA!" The gorilla shouted in a familiar voice and fell to the grass.

Zack however recognized the voice and he then groaned. "ADAM!" shouted Zack in an annoyed voice.

The gorilla took the mask off and it's revealed to be Adam. "Hey Zack." said Adam and laughed. "Got ya good didn't I?"

Zack rolled his eyes and went to his best friend and crossed his arms. "Jerk!" He said.

Adam just laughed. "Ok I guess I deserved that but I wanted to get back at ya for pushing me in the water and for having my character be killed off in the beginning." spoke Adam.

Zack sighed and he held his hand out and Adam grabbed it and Zack helped his best male friend up.

"Yeah I guess that's kinda true and I may need to work on my story a little bit more." said Zack.

Adam smiled and brushed some dirt off his clothes and jacket. "Come on Zack, I know your a great writer, but it just wasn't that scary yet." said Adam.

Zack nodded. "I guess but hey at least we weren't near water this time." said Zack.

Adam nodded and the two best friends hugged.

"Get a room you two." a Female Voice said.

Zack blushed and he turned and saw Alex coming and she's wearing a Green short sleeved shirt under a pink denim jacket opened, pink pants & brown shoes.

Adam saw this and smirked. "Hey Zack here's your girlfriend." joked Adam.

Zack shook his head and playfully shoved Adam causing Adam to move back a little laughing.

"Alex, Hey!" He said and blushed.

Alex blushed as well and was playing with her hair. "So any of you ready for that assembly today?" asked Alex.

Adam nodded. "Oh yeah, I forgot there was an assembly today!" said Adam.

"I wonder what it will be about?" asked Zack and shook his head. "I hope it's nothing boring like last time."

Adam nodded. "Your right Zack, Last time there was a assembly it was so boring that everyone even the teachers and principal and Superintendent fell asleep and didn't wake up the next day." said Adam.

Alex shook her head. "Yeah, they should never have invited that guy who only talked about dirt and mud." remarked Alex.

Adam walked in front of the stairs of the school. "Well I hope this one is exciting." He said and turned to his friends but unknown to him two girls were behind him giggling, one girl was white skinned and she has long brown hair and blue eyes and is wearing a pink shirt sleeved shirt under a light blue denim jacket opened, blue pants and green shoes and the other girl was African American with brown hair and blue eyes and wearing a green shirt sleeved shirt under a light blue denim jacket opened, blue pants and pink shoes and the two girls laughed quietly. "Because come we how cool would this assembly be anyway?" He asked and waved his arms out as his denim jacket flew open and sees Zack & Alex's laughing faces and he became confused. "What?" asked Adam.

However before he got an answer the two girls both jumped and gave Adam a tackle hug causing the trio to fall to the ground.

"WHOA!" shouted Adam as he and the two girls who hugged tackle him to the ground.

Zack and Alex laughed and Adam groaned and turned his head to see the two girls and he grinned. "Hi Emmy, hi Annie!" spoke Adam.

The two girls now named Emmy and Annie smiled and got off Adam. "Hi Adam." The two girls said together.

These two are Emmy and Annie Bell twin sisters who are Adam's other friends. They also have a huge crush on Adam and they also help out with Adam's pranks from time to time, plus they are also Zack & Alex's friends.

Adam got up and brushed some dirt off his jacket. "Did you two have to jump hug me?" He asked groaning.

Emmy(the white twin) nodded. "Yeah sorry about that Adam." said Emmy.

Annie(Black) then smiled. "Come on Adam you know we just love ya that's all." explained Annie.

Adam sighed and Zack went to his best friend and nudged him. "You are a lucky guy to have two girls fall in love with you." remarked Zack.

Adam glared at Zack and the twins looked at Zack.

"So Zack we heard you made a new Story, with you, Alex & Adam as characters in it." said Annie.

Zack nodded. "I did." He said. "I call it Adventures Of The Blob Monster."

"Yeah and we also heard you had Adam get eaten in the beginning of the story!" spoke Emmy.

Zack is shocked and wondered how they knew that.

"Adam Called us last night and told us." said Emmy without Zack having to ask how.

"Yeah and he also told us you pushed him in the pool yesterday." added Her twin sister.

Zack blushed hard on that as he remembered. "Well yeah but come on we were playing around and that's that best friends do." said Zack.

"Is it?" Another Voice asked.

Zack, Adam, Alex, Emmy & Annie turned and saw two boys coming.

The first boy is a was an African American boy with short brown hair and brown eyes. He's wearing a Blue & Green striped shirt under a Black Leather Jacket Opened, Blue Pants & White Shoes. This is Ryan one of Adam's other male friends and one of Zack's Friends.

The second boy is a white one and he has brown hair and brown eyes. He's wearing a Dark Green Short Sleeved Short under a Light Blue Denim Vest opened, Dark Blue Pants & Black Shoes. This'd Jackson one of Adam's other male friends and one of Zack's Friends.

(AN: Yes I'm having both the female & male friends of Adam from the Goosebumps Book(the twins) & The two unnamed boys be in here.)

Adam smiled. "Hey Ryan, Hey Jackson." said Adam.

Jackson grinned and went and playfully punched Adam. "Adam hey, heard you got pushed in the pool yesterday." He said.

Ryan laughed. "I bet you made fun of Zack & Alex being in love." added Ryan.

Adam groaned. "No I did not." He said and huffed.

"Well whatever reason it's gotta be a crazy reason to be pushed in the water." said Ryan.

"Plus we heard you got eaten in Zack's Story, that's a bit harsh." said Jackson.

Zack groaned. "Hey I'm working on it, besides have anyone seen horror movies? Sometimes someone dies in the beginning." said Zack.

Jackson, Ryan, Annie & Emmy all nodded at that.

"That's true." said Annie.

"Fair Point." said Emmy.

"I can live with that." said Ryan.

"It is a good reason." said Jackson.

Alex came to Zack. "That's seriously a good answer, besides I hope you make a better story." said Alex.

Just then the School Bell rang and everyone looked at the School.

Zack sighed. "Well let's go guys." He said. "Better get to class and soon the assembly."

Adam, Alex, Annie, Emmy, Ryan & Jackson nodded and they all went into the school.

Unknown to them a unknown person was watching this and she was hiding in the bushes across the street.