This story is loosely based on Charlie's Angels but it has the CCS characters in it. Basically Meiling, Tomoyo and Sakura are Syaoran's Angels, a trio of spies/bodyguards/detective, since this is a CCS, there may be hints of magic or the supernatural.

I'm not sure if it is going to be a S/S or E/T fic yet, so don't ask! But please R/R, this is a bit short but the chapters will become longer!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything only the storyline and the characters of my invention.


"Okay, Sakura. Wait a sec," a lavender-haired beauty muttered into the headphone she wore.

She typed hurriedly into her computer and smirked as a blizzard of numbers and words flashed across the screen.

"Bingo," she tapped the enter button, "The security system is down. I repeat it is down."

Sakura Kinomoto stared one more time into her compact mirror and smiled seeing a totally unrecognisable girl. Her auburn hair was now hidden by a blonde wig and her emerald eyes were covered by a pair of blue contact lenses. She snapped her mirror shut and smiled brightly as she walked past a security guard.

Men she thought disdainfully as the man's eyes went immediately to her chest.

"What are you doing here little lady?" he asked grabbing her arm.

Sakura whirled around and flashed him her most cheerful, clueless smile.

"Hi! I'm like Mr. Smith's secretary. And I'm like so like late," she saw suspicion flash in the guard's eyes and immediately acted.

"Oh no!" she wailed, "Is that dirt on my shoe?"

She knelt down allowing the guard a good look down the neckline of her shirt. She smirked as the guard's breathing quickened.

"Can I go now?" she asked standing up as she batted her eyes at him.

"Yeah... so are you busy tonight."

"Tonight... umm... no. Do you want to like go out for a drink afterwards?"

The guard smiled.


"I'll come back later," Sakura smiled at him, "It was nice meeting you..."

She looked at his tag.


The guard opened the door and Sakura smiled up at him.


She walked into the building careful to swing her hip seductively as she walked.

'Flirt,' she could hear Tomoyo through the hidden hearing device in her ear.

"It got me in didn't it?"

'Yeah it did,' Tomoyo laughed. She turned serious again, 'Okay. You know the plan? Grab the disk and get the hell out. Meiling will act as backup outside. Got it?'

"Clear as crystal," Sakura smiled at one of the building's employees walked past, "Give me twenty minutes."

Meiling pulled up in front of the Spinnel Corporation building and waited impatiently.

"Come on, Sakura. Come on."


"We are planning to drill for oil in Australia, Japan and Antarctica," the dashing businessmen smiled at the assembly acquired, "Before I go into deeper detail is there anything questions?"

"How are we going to get permission to drill in those places? We all know even Antarctica is protected by thousands of laws."

"Easy," the businessmen smirked, "In my hand here is a special disk. This disk contains certain information that certain powerful government officials would rather keep quiet about. Any other questions?"

"So we're blackmailing them?" a man asked.


The whole assembly sniggered as the man put the disk down.

"Okay continuing on. I will now pass around documents outlining..."

Sakura had heard enough. That was the disk she needed to retrieve. But how? She needed a distraction...

"Tomoyo. Can you trigger the fire alarm?"


"You heard me."

'Fine... wait a minute.'

"BRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGGG!!" everybody in the room jumped as the fire alarm burst into life.

Outside the emergency sprinklers were activated. Water gushed down from the pipes causing chaos.

"What the?" everybody jumped up, looking around in confusion.

"Don't worry," the key businessmen began, "It's only..."

Sakura decided to add to the confusion.

"It's a fire! GET OUT! GET OUT!" she screamed jumping up.

Instant chaos. Everybody panicked and ran out of the room leaving Sakura and the key businessmen.

"What the hell? Why did you do that for bitch?" he growled.

"This," Sakura reached into her purse and grabbed something from it.

She ripped the cap off and fired. The man screamed in pain as the most powerful capsicum money could buy find flew into his eyes. He fell to the ground clutching his eyes.


"That's got to sting," she smirked, "HIYA!"

She leapt into the air and put all her strength into one single kick. The man's head snapped back as her foot connected with his chin. He crumpled to the ground, unconscious.

"I'll take this," Sakura smirked picking up the disk.

With one final check of the room, she left sprinting down the hall.


"You made it," Meiling told her friend and colleague.

"Sorry. It took a while to get out of the building. There were people panicking everywhere," Sakura ripped off her soaked wig, "I swear if it was a real fire they would have all been dead."

"Don't got the seat wet," Meiling said scowling at her friend's wet clothes, "Too late for that. Did you get it?"

"Of course!" Sakura held up the disk, "What do we do with it?"

"We give it back to Tomoyo."


Tomoyo sighed seeing the disk.

"You know you could have kept it dry."

"Sorry," Sakura shot back, "Next time I'll bring a zip-lock bag."

Tomoyo briskly wiped the disk clean with her handkerchief and shoved the thing into her computer.

"Well, surprise, surprise. It's encrypted."

"Can you decrypt it?" Meiling asked.

"Gonna take a while," Tomoyo began typing away, "You better report back."

"Hello, Angels," a male voice came through the voice box placed on top of the desk.

"Hello, Syaoran!" Meiling and Sakura chorused.

"So Angels how did you go?" Syaoran cut straight to the point.

Sakura and Meiling grinned at each other.

"We got it!"

"No problems?"

"Nope but the disk is encrypted."

"At least you got the disk," there a pause, "My sources tell me there is more to that disk than meets the eye."

"Tomoyo is decrypting it as we speak," Meiling said immediately getting down to business, "We'll figure it out."

"Lets hope so, Angels."