It is difficult to accept the fact that over time everything changes and sometimes you cannot keep up with what you see. Once life was seething and beckoning with its attractiveness, but this life remains only in fairy tales. In reality, everything is different, life is cruel, violence, pain, bullying have always prevailed in it. It is difficult to let a ray of joy into your heart when you see only that which brings pain all your life. Growing up does not come with a certain number, it is achieved differently.

Eliana had a difficult time, and she did not know how long she could stay afloat, all this pain that she had to endure. It kills. Eliana died in her own way, she did not have this passion for life, everything seemed gray, but she endured, held on to this life. She was not afraid of death. Eliana could commit an unforgivable sin before God. But something held her, some kind of desire in her soul, from which she could not end her life with a blade in her hand. She knew she had to live. But why?

This life was not easy for young Eliana, she had a family in Forks, for which a separate place in hell was clearly prepared. Each of them pressed on her, humiliated her, beat her. They mocked her while enjoying it. And it was not only fists and kicks with feet, no, various objects entered here, her father always presented her with a belt so that it was not, he got a special pleasure when he beat her with it. And mother, she was a special tyrant, iron bars, she whipped them so much that this whistle was constantly in her ears. And the brother, the eternal instigator, almost immediately, with malice, gave an extra reason for the parents to satisfy their sadistic inclinations.

Eliana asked herself, at what point did it all go wrong? Why did they hurt her so much from childhood? For everyone, they were the best parents, the youngest son was the captain of the football team, and the eldest daughter, a gray, scared mouse. Everyone looked and did not understand that she could have anything in common with such a family, as if she was not their own. But it seemed that Eliana was different, everyone in her family was dark-haired with brown eyes, but not she. Her hair, long as snow, fell down the lower back. And eyes, such bright blue eyes, as if looking at the sky. Her plump cherry-colored lips looked so harmonious on the pale skin of her face.

Eliana always wore closed clothes so that no one could see the terrible scars that they leave on her. Closed clothing was like a taboo. It was difficult to live, but she endured, always endured everything. She did not have a single close person so that she could just talk. She didn't want to discuss family violence, no. She just wanted a person with whom she could not talk about anything. Maybe discussing what the weather was like yesterday, what jeans to wear, or what lip gloss to wear. Just a person to speak and not sit in oppressive silence.

She had one person with whom she could say hello, the one with whom she sat on the story. A strange pale guy who looked sickly, but surprisingly he was a very nice young man. Strangely, Eliana felt comfortable with him, as if by magic all her problems had no power over her. She was free from negative emotions, experiences, a soft smile appeared on her face when Jasper told her funny stories. But all this did not last forever. This guy suddenly disappeared, as the girl realized, his family moved out of the city.

Eliana knew that at some point it would stop and she was sorry, she missed the emotions that she received from communicating with him. And she continued to live, endured every day the pain of beating, cursing. She had nowhere to run, she was in a cage that had no exit. Only a small gap and then, she lost this light, everything plunged into darkness.

- Oh ... I'm sorry I didn't mean to. Eliana whispered as she ran into Bella in the school hallway. They did not know each other, but she heard a lot about her, because the brunette met the main handsome man of the school.

- Nothing, I didn't look where I was going. - she said helping the blonde girl to collect her sheets of pictures. - You have beautiful drawings ...

-Thank you. - Eliana whispered, blushing, only Jasper once told her that she draws beautifully and she should not lose this talent. She needs to escape from this city and explore the world.

-It's my pleasure. Bella said with a slight smile. Very rarely, she was in a terrible state due to the move of Edward, Jasper's brother. Eliana never loved, let alone meet anyone. Her heart knew only that she had to survive, so that one day she could just escape from the monsters.

One day, when she returned home from school, she pulled letters out of the drawer and saw a letter addressed to her. And it traveled many miles to be in her hands. Something happened to her that she had never thought about. This is an invitation to an art school in Italy, which she could not even dream of, but it happened to her. This was her chance to escape from this abused city. Eliana didn't think she could study at this school, she just decided to try, knowing that she wouldn't. But fate was merciful to her, giving her such a chance. A chance to escape this hell.

The young girl, without thinking twice, sold the jewelry of her grandmother, who secretly left her to an elderly woman. Her grandmother was the only joy in her life, and before her death, the woman took care of her granddaughter, who endured pain for so long. Eliana was about to escape from this hell, and she escaped from there, she did it in secret. Taking all the essentials, what was so dear to her. And she knew that she would never return to this terrible city again. She left not knowing what was ahead of her, but who knew that Walter was such a small town that you can meet familiar people in it ...

Today was a holiday. Saint Mark's Day, Italians loved this holiday, wrapped themselves in red robes. And Eliana was no exception, she walked around the city enjoying the holiday atmosphere. She lived in an art school dormitory, and after school worked part-time in a small bookstore, which was owned by an elderly woman. And she was very grateful that they did not work today and that she could walk and celebrate this holiday with the locals.

Eliana sat in a red sundress that covered her neck and arms, without showing the naked participants of the skin, since she did not want the scars on her body to attract attention, she already fled from hell, did not want to feel the horrors on herself again. In her hands was a sketchbook and a pencil.

She drew a small sketch of the clock tower that caught her attention. She liked the architecture in Italy, it was so picturesque compared to her old town, here she felt like she was breathing. Her wings were free from all fetters.

Eliana smiled softly as she watched the girl call her mother, but she did not answer her, and the blond girl looked away and her surprise knew no bounds.

She never thought she would be able to meet Bella and her boyfriend, who glittered like he was covered in precious stones. This caused Eliana to stare at him mesmerized, while drawing their attention and several people in black robes. She sharply turned away from them, hoping that they did not see her curious look, but apparently it was not her destiny to leave here. Two men in black raincoats approached her.

-Good day my lady, I beg your pardon, but you should come with us. - said the one below. At the sight of these men, Eliana wanted to run away, but her legs seemed to be chained to the ground, she involuntarily pressed her album to her chest, while it was possible to notice white knuckles from her strength.

-Unfortunately, you cannot refuse us. - said the one that was taller, his height was clearly more than two meters, which caused fear to the girl with her one and a half meter height.

-Please, we would be glad if you went by yourself. - said the man who was shorter, his hair looked like a mess. She wanted to take it and run, but she understood that no one would help her and these two men were physically stronger than her.

- Don't be afraid, Eliana. - suddenly she heard a familiar voice, turning she saw Alice, Jasper's girlfriend.

-What's going on, Alice? The girl asked with fear in her eyes. She was scared for her future, because they all did not inspire confidence, especially she was uncomfortable with their red eyes.

-Everything will be fine, just come along. - said the girl, smiling at her. - Trust.

In general, it was strange, but she went after them, Eliana did not know what was wrong with her. But she followed them, Alice gently held her hand, which made her feel cold. Her touch was akin to ice, but on this hot day, it alerted Eliana, making her look at Alice nervously.

- Your hands, so cold ... - whispered Eliana with fear.

-This is my nature. - Alice said with a friendly smile, trying to somehow calm Eliana's soul, although she saw what would happen in the future and she was sorry.

Young Eliana never thought that she would find herself in such a situation, as if she was plunged from one hellish flame into another. But, which was strange for a girl, she did not understand why Bella was so calm, seeing people with red eyes, it was strange for a blonde girl, but she silently followed them. For the first second, she thought to run away, but she understood that these people, although she doubted it, would let her go.

They all went down the dark stairs, she really wanted to run away, she was very scared, which is why she held the sketchbook closer to her, as if he could protect her. Eliana walked next to Alice, she gently hugged the blond girl by the shoulders, which partially made her feel better.

- Come on in. - said a young girl in a black dress, she looked like she could be given fifteen years, stepping aside, she waited for the guests of the castle to descend the stairs.

-Are you afraid? - suddenly Eliana heard the voice of Edward, who was holding Bella to him.

-And you? - the brunette asked her boyfriend, by her voice, Eliana understood that she was scared and she squeezed Edward's hand tighter.

-No. She said dully, from which Eliana heard the blonde chuckle.

Entering the elevator, Eliana was attracted by the music and it seemed to her a little strange, she saw this only in films. She stood next to Alice, but she could feel the eyes of the men behind her.

-I don't understand what's going on, but it seems your views will erase a hole in me and this is unethical of you. - said Eliana, continuing to look at the elevator doors, expecting that now someone will pounce on them.

- We beg your pardon, my lady. - said the one who had wheat-colored hair.

Elina didn't hear which of those in the elevator did it, but there were several people who grinned at her remark, which made her uneasy. When the doors opened, they were greeted by a girl who rose from the table.

- Is she human? Bella asked Edward with a frown, which made Eliana wonder why she was asking Edward that question at all. Naturally, she was a person, about what kind of creatures could still be discussed.

-Yes. - answered Edward, looking at Eliana with an unreadable look.

-And does she know? - asked Bella, they all continued on their way nothing had happened.

-Yes. - said Edward looking ahead.

-But why? She wants to be the same. Bella asked, genuine surprise in her voice.

-And she will. - said the man below, he walked behind them.

-Or dessert. - said the blonde with a grin on her face.

Eliana was confused, she did not understand what it was about, how it was possible to treat a person like a dessert, they are like vampires, Eliana thought.

The blonde girl was trembling, her heart was about to jump out of her chest. She wanted to leave here as soon as possible, not understanding at all what moved her, what followed them. She was already beginning to think that they were all connected with the Italian mafia.

- What's going on Alice? - asked Eliana, addressing the girl.

- I can't say, Eliana, you yourself will find out, I shouldn't tell you about it. She said, looking guiltyly at the blonde girl.

Now she was really scared, it seemed better to get hit with iron rods and belts than to go into the unknown. Then at least she knew that after they would leave her behind and she could be in silence, being alone with pain. And now it seemed she was being taken to death, where she clearly had to play a significant role. The blonde opened for them the door to a huge hall, from which eliana appeared in delight, not understanding how it was possible at such a moment.

She walked, looking around all that was in front of her, but her gaze fell on the three men who were seated on their thrones. At that moment, it seemed to her that she had nothing to breathe, as if strong hands were holding her neck. Alice held Eliana's elbow tightly as she watched her react. The brown-haired woman covered her from the three men with her body, but the blonde girl knew that it would be impossible to hide her for so long. It seemed as if her heart was about to burst into pieces, there was such pain, but at the same second she felt that she was enveloped in warmth. Eliana wondered who the three men were that made her feel all this.

-Dear Jane, you brought another guest to us! It's fine! - said the man that he was sitting on the throne between two others, he immediately got up from his place, and Eliana did not even understand how he was so quickly next to her. His smile frightened her, she had not seen such falsehood for a long time, because of which the girl took a step back from them. Alice silently walked away to the side where Edward and Bella were standing because of the man's gaze. Eliana hugged the sketchbook closer to her, as if he could protect her.

Suddenly the others got up from their place and in a second were near her, and she did not even have time to blink. Eliana was shaking harder, it seemed to her that she was about to lose consciousness, it felt like all these three men would kill her without even batting an eye. She saw their looks, for the first time seconds, it seemed they would tear everyone in this room apart. But when they looked at her, it was completely different, as if she were someone dear, the most precious person or thing in this world.

-Hi ... - Eliana whispered in her low voice, staying in place. Three men towered over her with their imposing stature. Different emotions boiled in her, which she could not understand. It seemed they were about to take her life, but they drew her to themselves, seeing them something trembled in her. Eliana did not know which of them to look at, all three men evoked these emotions in her. And their eyes, red in color, did not cause the former shiver. She kept on catching their admirable look on herself, everyone in this room observed silence, as if they were expecting something, the whole situation confused her.

Eliana glanced at the Cullens as they stood silently watching the scene. When Eliana's gaze returned to these men, it seemed to her that they came closer to her than they stood from which Eliana instinctively made back. Her footsteps left the sound of quiet bells, because of the sandalwood that was on her, the small petals touched causing this sound. But their gaze remained the same, they looked at her the same way as a jewel.

- Is she a soul mate? - asked the blond, without taking his eyes off Eliana, she wanted to burst into tears right there, because she did not understand what was happening, what was generally discussed.

-Yes. - said the brunette with a smile on his face, it was no longer cute and fake, everything was different in her, as if he was really happy. "She is our soul mate, she belongs to all of us.

Eliana blinked quickly several times, not understanding what they were talking about, what kind of soul mate, what did they mean? How in general one person can belong to several, she could not even speak, as if all the air had been knocked out of her. The chest burned with a continuous flame, as if something had been thrust into it several times. Eliana tried to stay upright, the pain was intense, which made her grimace. She heard them speak to her again in Italian, but there was a noise in her ears, as if she were plunging into water. Her legs no longer held her, and her grip on the album loosened due to which Eliana began to sink to the floor without feeling, dropping the album and the bag that was hanging on her shoulder.

-Amore ... - said the blond, holding her in his arms, looking at her with concern, he saw how Eliana was breathing often, while her hand was on her chest, as if she could draw this pain out of her.

"It hurts..." Eliana whispered, looking hopefully into her red eyes, as if this man could ease her pain, he pressed closer to him in a protective form. -What happened with me?

But she did not hear the answer to her question, for she was plunging into darkness, consciousness slipped away from her, because of which she fell asleep, losing the feeling of pain in her chest.