This fic contains spoilers for Big Wolf On Campus, (it's a fanfiction, duh) and strong language (translation: people swear) and violence, as well as SLASH!!!

            This is also a Alternate Universe piece, I'm afraid. So really, you have to search for those spoilers like crazy. In general, this is a piece where being a werewolf means very different things, and Pleasantville doesn't exist, and Merton comes from a Sunny California background. No really, I'm not lying to you.

            Also, I am using the town of Hawthorne, Nevada to base my little story in. Everything I know about it comes from one sparse website. Any inaccuracies within are truly my fault.

            Once again, I'll repeat, my coauthor Jag wasn't a part of this piece. The slash within is the product of my dementia alone.

            If this is not your cup of tea, or if you are offended by the idea of two young persons of the same sex involved in a caring relationship, well, move on then, click the little button pointing to the left and read no further.

            If you are not scared away, and you want to keep on reading. . . Well, go on, nothing's stopping you.