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Chapter 7:

That was it. Rick had reached his end with this guy. Had it been anyone else, it might not have happened so quickly, but, that was just too bad. So, Rick pulled back his right arm, aimed straight for Robert's face and said calmly, "She's married!" before knocking him one right in the nose.

Evie heard the loud, unmistakable sound of a punch and an almost silent, but still audible, sickening crack.

Robert covered his nose with both his hands and winced in pain. His nose seemed to be bleeding nonstop as he held it.

"What the bloody Hell was that for you stupid—" Robert stopped abruptly when he saw the look on his attacker's face. He knew right away that that guy, who's name was apparently Rick, was not afraid to knock him a few times more.

He turned to Evie and asked her for an explanation. "Evie, what's going on?"

Evelyn sighed audibly and bit her lip. She looked over to her husband, then to her ex boyfriend, and then down to her hands, which she was fidgeting with nervously. "Oh, I'm so sorry, Robert. I didn't mean for it to turn out this way. Well, maybe I did but I guess I hadn't really realized that it. Oh," She explained everything to both Rick and Robert. Everything about the argument that had started it, how that whole thing had made her feel, and about the plans that she and Heather had thought up.

When she finally finished, Rick stared at her, not knowing what to say. Robert, on the other hand, had a lot to say.

"What? He's your husband? What insane impulse in your tiny brain made you do something like that?" He winced again in pain. It hurt to yell like that.

Evie understood his outburst. After all, if it hadn't been for this whole thing, he wouldn't be standing there with a badly bleeding and most likely broken nose.

"Hey," Rick said, grabbing onto Robert's shirt collar tightly, "do not talk to my wife that way. Do you understand?"

"I suggest you let go of me. I will sue you for everything you do!"

"Look, Roger,"

"Robert." He said, defiantly.

"Whatever. I have no problem paying for whatever damages that I might and very well could cause to you… I'm hoping I make myself clear enough."

Robert nodded, trying horribly to hide the fear that he had of being hit again.

"Good." He finally let go and Robert rubbed his neck slowly.

A waiter came over to the group and told them quietly that they were disturbing the customers and would have to leave.

Robert took down the napkin to see if his nose had stopped bleeding. It had somewhat, but not much. He put it down on the table, stained as it was, and picked up a new one.

"Come on, Evie. Let's go." Rick smiled at her slightly as he put his arm around her waist. She smiled back and they walked out together.

However, Robert followed them, insisting that they drive him to the hospital because he thought it would be impossible for him to drive with a broken nose.


The ride was silent for a while, except for the occasional grumbles from Robert.

Rick did feel just a tiny bit bad for punching him so hard, although he did deserve it.

"Hey, uh… sorry, about the er…punch, Roger."

Robert grunted at that. "It's Robert and I'm sure you are."

"Right." So what if he didn't remember his name? He was lucky Rick was close to his name at all.

"So, uh, no hard feelings, right?"

"Hardly. You are paying for my expenses, you know."

Rick sighed loudly and looked over to Evie who was in the middle of rolling her eyes irritably.

"Yes, Robert, yes…" She said.

He smiled at her and wished he hadn't acted the way he had those days ago. He was such a jerk sometimes.  

When they reached the hospital, Rick went to the front desk and asked that the bill for Robert's costs would be sent to he and Evie so that they could pay them.

After al of that was settled, Evelyn and Rick traveled to the parking lot.

"I'm sorry, Rick." Evie broke the silence on the way to the car. "You just made me really angry that day."

"No, Evie it's my fault." They had reached the car, but didn't get in. "I shouldn't have been such a jerk. I'm sorry."

It was silent again. "So," Evie said,  "truce?"

She held out her hand and smiled.

"Truce." Rick grinned back and shook her hand. He then pulled her in for a long kiss, which neither had had in what seemed like weeks.

A while later, they got in the car and headed for Heather's house where almost all of Evie's clothes were. (She had gotten so many to make it seem like Evie wouldn't be back in a long while…)

Evie knocked on the door few times before Heather finally answered.

"Evie!" She looked at her friend and then behind her to see if she saw Rick's car. She did and knew right away that either he had gotten completely jealous and demanded she go home with him or he had found her out…

"Come in." Heather said. "So, tell me, what happened?"

"Well…" Evie bit her lip, "Rick broke Robert's nose…"

Heather immediately burst out laughing. She was cracking up because of the image in her head of Robert's face after getting a punch like that.

"It really wasn't that funny… Actually, I feel sort of bad about it."

"What for? Robert's a jerk anyway. I'm sure he deserved it." She was still giggling every once in a while.

Evie smiled slightly and then started giggling herself. "Yes, I suppose you're right."

While Evie was getting all of her things, she told Heather the entire story and with it finally found the humor in it all.

When she went downstairs to the door, she dropped her suitcase and gave her friend a hug. "Thanks so much, Heather. For everything."

"Don't mention it! Hey, do you think I should open a business? Maybe I could do this for women all over Europe!"

"I don't know, Heather. There'd be an awful lot of men in hospitals with broken noses…" They both laughed at that. Then Evie picked her suitcase up again and opened the door to see Rick standing there.

"Hey! I thought I'd help you with your luggage…"

"Yeah, that'd be great…"

"Hello, Rick." Heather greeted him.

"Hi, Heather." He said exasperatedly and smiled slightly. He knew that the whole thing had actually been her idea. He liked Heather, of coarse, but she just caused too much trouble.

She smiled back, knowing exactly why he had said it that way.

"Well, goodbye now! Have fun!"

Evie rolled her eyes at that and then walked out after Rick.


When they got home, Evie was greeted happily by her son.

"Mummy!" He called as he jumped into her arms.

"Hello, Darling."

"You're home! I glad cuz now Daddy won't make my food no more."

"Right. I'm glad too." She said.

After everything was squared away and back to normal, Rick and Evie made up just like any other couple after such an argument…



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