17 Years Ago….

A terrible accident happened at the famous research facility.

A fire broke out at the facility. The building was collapsing, leaving nothing, but molten metals and destroyed concrete walls. It burned the entire facility down. The fire started with an explosion of unknown cause. It made national news due to it was used by a famous company.

Nobody survived the fire…. Except for one.

As the said facility was in flames, a single person managed to escape from the danger on a car, driving away from the scene. The said person had long black hair with two spiky bangs that went upward from her head a little. She wore a black coat over a white lab coat and pants.

The person looked at the front mirror in the car, seeing the flames. A lot of things were going through her mind, but there was one thing that kept her focused; run, run, and run.

She quickly glanced from the mirror to the suitcase laid on the chair next to her as she was driving.

"No matter what happens, I won't let these fall into the wrong hands, father!"

Chapter 1

Heroic Beginning! My name is Naomi Lee!

A red car was driving through the long tunnel. It was droved by a woman with brown hair tied in a short ponytail. The car was packed with some boxes, a backpack, and suitcases.

Next to her was a young girl with dirty blond hair also tied in a short ponytail, like the woman who is her mother. Her eyes were like chocolate brown color, and her skin was fair and white. She was wearing a blue shirt with a big letter "S" in the stylized font on the center, like an emblem on some superhero's costume. She wore blue Jeans for pants, a pair of pink sneakers, and a red jewel bracelet on her right wrist.

Her eyes were focused on the comic book she was reading, which was about a superhero who wore a black costume and cat helmet mask while listening to music with a headphone with a black bat symbol on each side.

"We're almost there, Naomi dear." Her mother said.

The car got through the tunnel as the sunlight showed up when they exit out of the tunnel.

Naomi noticed the brightness and looked up. Her eyes widened as interest sparked in them and wonder consumed her mind.

As they were driving on the cliffside, they saw a shining city of skyscrapers and buildings. There were many tall buildings, but at the center of the city was the largest tower that rivaled the One World Trade Tower, and had a giant "ST" emblem at the top.

Her mother turned right to exit the highway and entered the main entrance way to the city.

"Welcome to Megatropolis, Naomi," her mother said.

"So this is where we're going to live?" Naomi asked excitedly.

"Of course! I said it a week ago, didn't I?" She chortled in joy.

They turned to enter the local street while Naomi watched the streets. Just like her hometown, there were a lot of people, but she never saw so many Japanese people, but she also noticed some other people of other color and races. However, what's most interesting was that there were even robots roaming around the street.

She noticed a robot picking up trashes on the ground, robots cleaning the windows, and robots working on billboards.

"Wow, mom! There are robots here!" Naomi exclaimed.

"Megatropolis is the only place in the world where robots are used for all kinds of things. It is all thanks to your mom's employer," she explained.

"Oh yeah! The new place you'll work for! Ah, it was called…um, what was it called?" She tried to remember.

Mother giggled. "SuperTech Co, dear."

"Right!" She remembered.

They arrived at their destination. It was a 10-story apartment. They parked near a moving truck, which could be theirs. A man in uniform noticed them.

"Good morning, madams," the moving man greeted.

"Good morning, sir," the mother greeted back. "How is moving?"

"It is going well, maim. We're almost done. Is there something you need help with?" He asked.

"Oh! Well, we do have some more boxes in the car, but we can handle it, right Naomi?" Mother asked.

"No need for you to work hard, maim. We can handle it!" The moving man suggested.

That was when he took a tablet and pressed something on it. Suddenly, a short robot with wheels appeared and started moving boxes for them. It had a round dome for the head with a single camera lens for the eye, and its body shaped of a thick cylinder. Its shiny metallic body was coated in blue and white.

"Wow! That's cool!" Naomi impressed.

"They are the Mobile Operating Vehicle Electronic Rover, or MOVER for short," the moving man explained. "These little bots help us move boxes for our clients during the move."

The moving man showed Naomi and her mother to their new apartment space, following behind the MOVERs.

"And here is your apartment number, ladies. Number 616." The moving man said as he opened the door with doorplate that says the apartment number for them.

Naomi went in first, and her eyes widened.

Their tables, TV, and the rest of the packing were completed. The MOVERs were doing terrific jobs.

"Wow, so this is where we're going to live!" Naomi exclaimed excitedly.

"Check out your room, dear," mom suggested.

Naomi went to see her bedroom. All of the boxes delivered from her old home to her new home were all piled at one corner of the room, including her work desk. She even had a balcony of her own.

She looked around and checked out the balcony. She let the nice breeze in and checked outside. She could see the same tower from her apartment. It was a beautiful view. After looking at the view, she started unpacking the boxes.

All her stuffs were inside. Her clothes, her plushie dolls, her comic book collections, and most importantly….

"There we go." She put a photo of an older gentleman with white hair and glasses, sitting at a desk that a comic book writer uses.

"I am at my new home now, Grandpa Lee." Naomi talked to the photo as she looks comforting at him.

Then, she heard a knock on the door. She turned to see her mother.

"Hey dear. If you would like to, why not explore the neighborhood?" She suggested.

"Sure thing, mom. I would love that," Naomi agreed as she got her pocket purse ready. It had a little chain with a lightning bolt attached to it.

"Here is some money, dear. Just come back before it gets dark, OK?" The mother said.

"Yes, mom. I will," Naomi said as waved goodbye for now and explored the outside world.

She went down to the street by using the elevator and began her exploration of the neighborhood.

"Wow! It feels kind of different here in Japan. The air feels cleaner here than Queen," she wondered.

As she walked around the street, she noticed a gate around the corner. It was an opened arch gate for shops and markets.

"Oh! This place looks fun!" She looked excited as she checked around.

There were different shops for clothes, goods, and food, too. There was also a barbershop, cosmetics shop, and all kinds of needs. Naomi enjoyed all the small shops lined up on the street like this.

Suddenly, someone screamed when she saw a man in a black mask ran out of a nearby store with a bag.

"Help! That man just stole our priceless jewels!" The store owner yelled.

"Oh no!" Random bystanders stated.

Naomi started running after the burglar. "Don't worry, sir! I will catch him!"

"Wait, young lady! What are you doing?!" The store owner shouted, but it was too late.

"I am so sorry, sir!" The store owner turned his attention to his employee. "It was my fault!"

"Don't worry! I will call the police and you take care of things here, OK?" The store owner stated as he went back inside.

His employee looked saddened and saw the mess he thinks was caused by him.

"This is terrific! Why do I always mess things up?! This is the worst day of my life!" The employee cried.

Suddenly, a mysterious hooded figure appeared before him, which surprised the man.

"Wah! Wh… Who are you?!" He sputtered.

"Your view of yourself, looking down as a failure. Such negativity. I shall grant you the power to make you feel better!" The hooded figure approached the man, and then staved right through him as a dark aura enveloped the man.

"Wha…..Aaaaah!" He yelped.

Meanwhile, Naomi was still chasing after the burglar.

"Come back here, you thief!" She yelled.

"Tch! What does she think she will do?" The burglar stated.

That was when a random bystander was walking by until he was hit by the thief.

"Doh!" The thief yelped as he dropped the bag of jewels while the bystander dropped a silver suitcase.

"Stop it right there, thief!" Naomi said as she stopped.

"Gah, ha, ha, ha!" They turned their attention elsewhere. Suddenly, they heard an explosion and people screaming.

Just then, a being appeared as people screamed and ran away from it. The being was a rocky humanoid being with a body made of rocky material and some crystals.

"What is that thing?!" The thief exclaimed. Naomi thought the same thing.

"I will smash everything in sight!" The rocky being shot an array of sharp stones.

"Watch out!" Naomi, the thief, and bystanders dodged away, causing a rumble to fall over them.

Fortunately, Naomi and the random bystander were OK, safely dodged away from the fallen rubble. However….

"Help!" The thief yelled in pain. "I'm stuck here!"

Naomi got up to her feet with minor bruises.

"Oh no! Are you OK, sir?" Naomi attended to the thief, who had his bottom half of the body stuck under the big concrete.

"I can't get out!" The thief cried.

"Don't worry, sir! I will get you out!" Naomi started getting the rumble off from him, even though it was too heavy for her to do it alone.

The bystander, who was a young man in a brown coat, hat, and black sunglasses looked at Naomi trying her best to help the thief stuck in the rumble.

"Hey, what are you think you're doing?" The bystander asked, which made Naomi stopped for a moment. "You know that man is a criminal, right? He's a thief who just robbed some priceless jewels."

Naomi looked at the bystander for a moment, and then said, "I don't care about that! If someone is in trouble or needs help, I will do whatever I can to help that person, no matter who they are or what they did!"

"Help…me!" The thief fainted.

"Hang on, sir! I will get you out as soon as possible!" Naomi stated.

"What can you do?" The bystander furtherly asked. "You're just an only person. Besides, that rumble is too strong even for both of us to lift."

"As I said, I don't care about that, sir! I will do whatever I can to help someone who needs saving! Just like the superheroes in the comic books, I will help anyone who's in trouble!"

Suddenly, the suitcase that the bystander dropped glowed a pink light from the inside. The bystander noticed and entered a combination code to open it. The source of the glowing light was a white and pink bracelet with a heart in the center.

"It can't be!" The bystander gasped before he turned to the girl. "You! Put this on!"

"Huh? What?" Naomi looked confused.

"Just put this on and you can help that thei… I mean him out of that rumble! Hurry!" The bystander demanded.

Naomi didn't know what to say, but she complied and put on her the bracelet like the bystander said her to do.

Suddenly, the bracelet glowed even brighter and started even blinking.

"Now you must say 'It's hero time, Pretty Cure!"

"Say what?" She asked.

"Just do it!" He yelled.

"Um, it's hero time, Pretty Cure!" She shouted, and then the bracelet reacted to it, causing the light to bright up.

The pink light immersed Naomi into it. Her body was shimmery, spinning around and all of a sudden, a pink and white uniform appeared in place of her clothes. Her blue Jeans was replaced by a short pink skirt. Next, a pair of white gloves and pink high heels with yellow hearts appeared on her hands and feet as she tapped against the ground. A pair of silver wrist armor appeared around her wrists. She then put her hands over her chest and a pink bow with a purple button and pink heart in the center appeared. Her ponytail extended and grew down to her thighs, and it turned pink. Over her forehead, a pink tiara with a red star in the center appeared. The front portion of her hair split into two bangs to make it look like an upside-down V shape. Her eyes opened, revealing them to be pink now.

She punches in the air, did some kicks, and then announced, "The hero of strength who protects and fights for justice and love! I am here, Cure Power!" She posed with her right arm up and gripped her hand to a fist.

"Oh my…GOD! What happened to me? What is this getup?!" Naomi was surprised, though also looked excited.

"You are now Cure Power and you should be able to lift that rumble with ease," said the mysterious bystander.

"OK!" Cure Power grabbed on the rumble and lifted the concrete like a feather.

She threw the concrete away to the side.

"I did it! I lifted that concrete without a sweat!" Cure Power exclaimed.

"I will get this guy safely and get him help. You take care of that villain."

"Got it!" She nodded.

Just then, the rocky figure continued causing mayhem in the street, destroying shops.

"I will destroy everything here and set things right!" The rocky figure roared.

"Hold it right there, you villain!" The rocky figure turned around to see Cure Power standing tall and brave at the top of the roof in front of the sun, which covered her.

"Who the heck are you?!" He yelled.

"My name is Cure Power, and I am here to stop you!" Cure Power jumped off from the rooftop and landed on the ground, creating a crack on the ground.

"You think you can stop me? Bah! Then I will just destroy you, too!" The villain started shooting sharp crystalized rocks at her.

Cure Power then used her armored bracelets as a shield to block every rock that shot at her.

'Woah! How did I do that?' She thought. She was surprised to see herself to able to predict and blocked every shooting rock, which reminded her of one famous female superhero from one of the comics she read.

After the being stopped shooting, Cure Power then ran towards it and gave a punch.

"Doh!" The rocky villain yelped as part of his face cracked.

"Holy crap! I just punched him!" Cure Power exclaimed.

"And you will pay for that!" The rocky figure punched back at her, but she quickly jumped away to dodge it.

She then drops kicked at him, but he blocked it with both of his arms, but the impact caused the ground that he stood on crack.

"Grrrrr!" The villain grumbled as he pushed Cure Power. She landed safely back on the ground.

She yelled as she ran towards him. The villain did the same thing. Their fist crashed, causing a shockwave that broke all the glass windows.

They punched each other with each of their punch countered against each other until they rapidly began punching each other.

"No matter what, I will not lose! For what you did to this place, and for hurting that robber, I will defeat you!" One of her fists glowed in pink energy and she punched straight in the villain's gut, causing his eyes to pop out.

"Goh!" The villain was punched away up in the air until his whole body cracked and exploded.

"Gaaaaaaaaaarrrrrhh!" He screamed in pain until out of that rocky body, the same man from the store falling.

Cure Power noticed and jumped high to grab him.

"Got you!" She caught him and landed safely back to the ground.

A little bit later, the same man, the employee from the jewelry store opened his eyes.

"Are you OK?" Naomi asked, who was now back to her normal self.

"Wh… What had happened?" He asked.

"Oh, thank heaven you are OK!" The man looked to see his boss. "You had me worried there!"

"Sir… Where am I?"

"This young lady helped you when that strange being appeared and attacked the street," he explained.

"Really? I… I can't remember anything," the man said.

Naomi thought that was weird. This man was the one who attacked the street, but he couldn't remember what had happened or what he did, but she was glad about what she did.

Later that day, she and her mom ate their first dinner at the store.

"I heard what had happened at the market street nearby. Are you sure you're OK?" She asked.

"Yeah, mom! I am fine! It was really surprising!" That was an understatement coming from her, due to what had happened.

"Well, at least I am glad that everything is OK. I just hope nothing like this happens again," she said.

"Yeah…. right," Naomi said, thinking about everything that happened today.

So apparently, she can now transform into a superhero, a Pretty Cure that mysterious man called it. Who was that man exactly? And why did that employee from the jewelry store turned into a villain and attacked the stores? Just what's exactly going on in this city that's now her new home?

Well, whatever going on, one thing she knew is that she has the power to help people, and like a certain quote she heard long time ago said, "With great power comes with great responsibility."

Hello, my name is NewComer1 and this is my first new fanfic for Pretty Cure!

A little background about me with Pretty Cure is that I remember watching the original Pretty Cure (in English dub) long time ago when it was first aired in the USA. I don't remember which channel it premiered on, but at that time, I wasn't too interested in it because I thought it was too girly. However, as I got older and develop more opinions on stuff, Pretty Cure is actually quite enjoyable to watch for general anime watchers. Some of the Pretty Cure seasons have mature storytelling even for older people can watch to enjoy.

I got interested when I watch the latest Pretty Cure season, "Healing Good Pretty Cure", which is available with English Subtitle on Crunchyroll and VRV. I also heard the next show, Tropical Rouge Pretty Cure will also be coming on those anime streaming services, too. Plus, they also have Kirakira Pretty Cure Ala Mode and the original Futwari Wa Pretty Cure, too, so check it out if you want to, but I digress.

So that is my little background, and sorry if I talked too long. Anyway, onto the story itself! The direction of the story will be more mature storytelling covering some serious and dark topics as a sub-plot for each chapter (hence the reason why this story is Rated-T for reasons). I won't say exactly what it is, but you will see as I upload more chapters and chapters. Unlike other Pretty Cure stories, there will be some different changes that not all Pretty Cure shows have done before, and the following changes are:

1. No fairies characters

2. Darker sub-themes as I mentioned before

3. Main theme of the Pretty Cure is superheroes and doing the right things

With all that said, I hope you enjoy reading my story and post some reviews, and give support. I hope to see you all again soon in the next chapter!

Though, before I leave, here is a little challenge; how many Marvel and DC comics references can you find in this chapter? Please leave an answer in your review, if you want to and I will give you credits in the next chapter. See you guys later :)