Chapter 6

Have Confidence, Cure Dash!

The clock alarm went off, causing a young teen girl to wake up. It was 15 minutes before 6 am JST as the clock displayed.

She got out of the bed and gave herself a stretch. She looked to the window and smiled. "Another good day to do some early run."

The girl's bedroom has a white bed with a normal pillow and a lot of different weightlifting equipment. There was even a treadmill near the corner of the room, and there were posters on the wall, all related to running sport.

She brushed up her yellow hair and put on her running clothes. It was a standard yellow running outfit. She put on her sneakers and stepped out of the door.

She put herself in a position like what runners would start at the starting line in the running sports games.

"Gotta dash!" She dashed away. She ran fast, passing through the neighboring houses and apartments.

As she ran past through the market street, one business owner was sweeping the floor as he was getting ready to open his store.

"Hmm? Good morning, Hayato-Kun!" The elderly store owner called her. The man worked at his fish market store.

"Good morning, Tanaka-san! See ya later!" Hayato replied as she ran past the man.

"Always on the run as usual," Mr. Tanaka chuckled.

After passing through the market street, she ran along the walkway next to the river. The river sparkled like a diamond when the early sunlight shined over it. After half an hour passed, she arrived back home. At this time, her parents were awake, including her young baby brother.

"Good morning, Moms!" She greeted as she entered the kitchen.

"Good morning, Hayato." Two ladies greeted her.

The first lady was a middle-aged woman in a business suit with the same hair color and hairstyle as Hayato. This person was her birth mother. The second lady was a younger-looking woman with long, mid-cut brown hair in a green shirt and white apron.

"Good morning, Takao," Hayato said, giving a kiss on the baby boy's cheek. The baby boy giggled and waved his little hands up in the air.

"How's the weather today, sweetie?" The second lady asked.

"Another sunny day," she answered as she grabbed the already made toast, and ate it.

"I see," her first mother said as she finished drinking a mug of coffee. "Well, I must get going now. I will be a bit late tonight."

"Alright. I will cook something delicious," the second mother stated.

"You always cook something delicious." The first mother said, giving a kiss. "Goodbye, Hayato. Goodbye Takao."

"See ya later, mom," Hayato replied.

"Mwa, mwah, bwa!" Takao said, which they all think was his way of saying goodbye.

"Well, I better get going now. Don't want to be late," Hayato said as she dashed up to her room and then quickly came back down, already in her school uniform.

"Wait, Hayato! Don't forget your lunch!" Her second mother yelled.

"Oh yeah! I almost forgot! Thanks, Mom, and see ya!" Hayato dashed off.

"OK." The second mother said as she grinned. "Well then, let's eat together and enjoy ourselves, right, Takao?"

"Biyeah!" Takao said happily.

The students of Megatroplis Middle Academy were heading to the school in their leisure time, but Hayato was always on the run.

"Excuse me! Pardon me! Coming through!" She zigzagged through the other students and people.

That was when she noticed two familiar people walking in front of him.

"Hi, Naomi! Hi Yuki!" She greeted as she ran past the girls.

"Hey, Hayato!" Yuki greeted her back but saw her going ahead. "Wait up!"

"Uh! Hey!" Yuki chased after Naomi, who was also chasing after Hayato, but neither girl could catch up with Hayato, who was faster than them.

By the time they arrived at the school gate, Hayato was the first who made it and the other girls were out of breath.

"Phew! I love a good early morning run, and morning run to the school, whether I am early or barely make it," Hayato said cheerfully.

"You… sure…. Run…. Fast," Naomi said, catching her breath.

"My chest…" Yuki moaned in pain.

"Are you guys alright?" Hayato asked.

The school began. Hayato went to a different class than Naomi and Yuki, but they're all in the same year. They hang out together mostly during lunchtime.

"Yo, what's up," Hayato joined with Naomi and Yuki for a lunch.

"Hi, Hayato," Naomi said.

"Hello," Yuki greeted.

Hayato sat next to Naomi, who was sitting next to Yuki. "I wonder what's my lunch today." She opened up and it was revealed to be quite delicious.

"Wow! Those look so super cute!" Naomi commented.

Inside Hayato's lunchbox was sausages shaped like octopuses, rice with pieces of seaweeds that skillfully placed to make it look like a face of a rabbit, and yellow pickles shaped of a star.

"That's quite an artistic lunch," Yuki said.

Hayato grinned. "Thanks! My mom made it. She makes the best lunch for me and my mom."

"Wait? Your mom makes lunch for… your mom?" Naomi repeated in confusion.

"Oh! Well, you see, I have two moms. My birth mom works as a businesswoman while my second mom is a housewife, so she stays at home and taking care of my little brother," she explained.

"Really? That's neat! To have two moms sound pretty cool," Naomi commented.

"One who can support the family financially and another who can support the physical well-being of the family. You have a pretty balanced family structure, Hayato," Yuki analyzed.

"Eh? Well, I guess you can say that." Hayato scratched the back of her head.

"Say? The weekend is coming soon, so let's hang out together," Naomi suggested.

"Hangout? What do you mean?" Yuki asked.

"You know! Hangout!" Naomi stood up. "Let's do something together this weekend, like go to the shopping mall, to the zoo, and something like that. Let's have fun together!"

"That sounds like a good idea. I'm game," Hayato agreed.

"I'm…. not quite sure if I can hang out this weekend." Yuki looked hesitant.

"Come on, Yuki-chan! It will be fun!" Naomi persuaded. "Pretty please!"

Naomi gave her a puppy eye. Yuki sighed. "I will see if I can make a schedule."

"Then, that's settled! Let's see each other this weekend!" Naomi shouted, but also accidentally throw her rice ball up in the air and then fell to hit her head. "Ouch!"

"Why do I have a feeling this weekend won't be calm and relaxing?" Yuki mumbled to herself.

The weekend had come. Naomi left the apartment and headed off to meet Yuki and Hayato. She was wearing blue Jeans, a white T-Shirt with a superhero face that looked like Spider-Man, a pink shoulder bag with many pins related to superheroes and comic characters attached to it, and pink sneakers.

She walked to the central park, where they will meet together. "Naomi, over here!"

Naomi looked up and noticed Yuki and Hayato together at the fountain.

"Hey, guys!" Naomi ran over them, joining them.

Yuki was wearing a light blue one-piece with a pair of white and pink shoes. She had her purse, which was also a light blue like her clothes. On the other hand, Hayato was wearing what a lot of guys would wear. She was wearing normal dark pants, a yellow sports jacket, and a white buttoned shirt underneath the jacket. She also wore a pair of yellow sneakers and long black socks.

"Yuki-chan, Hayato!" Naomi greeted. "You two look great!"

Hayato smiled. "Thanks!"

"Um, yes. Thank you," Yuki said with a tint of redness.

"So, what do we do first?" Hayato wondered.

"Well, as this is our first-weekend hang out together, I think we should do whatever we want to do… At least legally and appropriately that is," Naomi noted. "And I know one place we can go to!"

"Really?" Yuki said.

"Yup! Follow me." The two girls followed Naomi.

They stopped at a local manga and hobby store. It was located in the downtown area, which was the oldest part of the city. Most places in the city were more modern, advanced, or even high-tech. This store was located in a small alley street near Market Street.

"What is this place?" Yuki asked, looking around the figurine and other kinds of stuff in the store.

"I found this place when I was surfing on the web and found out that this place sells comic books, just like where I used to live in Manhattan!" Naomi explained passionately. "They have all kinds of things, from anime figurines to toys!"

"Wow. I lived in this city when I was a little girl and I've never heard of this place," Hayato said.

"Well, it's not something that everyone knows, but only the ones who in the know knows, you know." A voice said from the counter.

The voice belonged to a man in big size. He wore a black T-Shirt with what appeared to be a band name and normal gray sweatpants. He wore black eyeglasses, had long black hair, and a bit of tan-colored skin.

"Koda-san here is the owner of this store. I loved coming here since this is the only place, I can buy the same comics I read when I lived in the USA!" Naomi explained.

"Well, that explains why you bring your comics to school every day," Yuki said.

"And I appreciate Naomi-chan's enthusiasm and support for my establishment. I've never met anyone more passionate than Naomi-chan here," Koda grinned.

"Oh, stop it! You make me blush!" Naomi felt embarrassed.

"So, are you two interested in anything here? Since you're Naomi-chan's friends, I have a good discount," Koda suggested persuasively.

"Eh, no thank you," Yuki declined.

"What about you, young man?" Koda asked.

"Huh? Me? Oh, I am a girl," Hayato admitted.

"NANI?!" Koda gasped overdramatically.

Naomi laughed. "Ha, ha, ha! That's the same face I made when I found out!"

After visiting the store, Hayato and Yuki didn't buy anything, but Naomi was carrying two bags of comic books with her.

"Well, that was sure an interesting place. Thank you for showing the place, Naomi," Hayato said.

"Glad to hear you like it, Hayato! What did you think, Yuki-chan?" Naomi asked.

"It was…. Interesting to say the least," Yuki doubted.

The trio walked happily before they stopped at a crosswalk. They waited until the light turns green for them and red for the car. Once it did, they walked across the crosswalk. There were other people, including an old lady carrying a big bag of stuff.

Naomi and Yuki didn't notice the old lady was struggling a bit with carrying the heavy bag over her back, but Hayato did.

"Where should we go next?" Naomi asked.

"Well, it is almost noon, so maybe we can go somewhere to eat," Yuki stated.

"Good idea! What do you think Hayato? Hayato?" She turned around and saw Hayato helping the old lady to get to the other side before the light turned red.

"Thank you for helping me, young man," the old lady said happily.

"It's no problem, Miss," Hayato assured.

"Here. Let me repay you for your kindness." The old lady took out her wallet.

"Ah! Oh, maim! You don't have to do that. It's nothing, that's all," Hayato said.

"No, no. Please accept my kindness in return for yours," the old lady persuaded.

However, that was when a random man ran past them and swiping the wallet from the old lady's hand. That caused her to be a push, making her lose balance, but Hayato quickly grabbed her.

"Maim, are you alright?" Hayato asked.

"Hayato!" Naomi and Yuki ran over to Hayato's side. "What had happened?"

Hayato gripped her hand and anger loomed over her face.

"Take care of this old lady for me!" She dashed off, leaving the two girls with the old lady.

"Where are you going?" Yuki asked, but Hayato didn't hear what she said.

The wallet thief was running as fast as he could until he stopped and hid in an alley. He opened the wallet and checked how much money was inside.

The thief snickered. "Hey." The man gasped.

"That wallet belongs to the old lady. Give it back!" Hayato punched the thief and struggled with him.

"Get off of me!" The thief demanded.

"Not until you give the wallet back to me!" Hayato countered as they struggled.

However, the thief was not giving up. He managed to get loose and ran off again.

"Damn it!" Hayato cursed. Then, she realized that she had her PreCure Changer with her.

"With this, I can…" She thought and then decided. She put on the two rings.

"It's Hero Time, Pretty Cure!" She shouted as she placed the two rings close together to cause a spark in-between them, and then yellow light enveloped her.

Her body was shimmery as a bolt of lightning coursed through her body. A uniform formed with a yellow lightning bolt design over her body. A pair of white gloves with yellow highlight appeared over her hands and the front half of her arm that reached to her elbow each. Yellow earrings shaped of a lightning bolt formed and pierced her ears as her eyes flashed with lightning, turning into a yellow color. Her hair turned blond and spikier with a white lighting stripe of hair through her swept bang. Her shoes were replaced with yellow go-go boots with orange lightning bolts for emphasis.

"Hero of speed who can move with ease and no villain can catch up! Never letting injustice getaway, I've arrived! Cure Dash!"

The thief ran from the scene as far as he could. Suddenly, Cure Dash ran past him and stopped in front of him.

"Doh!" He bumped into her, but she didn't move.

"Who the heck are you?!" He gasped.

"Your worst nightmare. Now, return that wallet to the old lady you stole from, or else I will make you!" Cure Dash demanded.

"No way!" The thief threw a punch at her, but Cure Dash blocked and grabbed the man's fist so fast. She then punched him back, giving him a black eye. The man tried to fight back, but Cure Dash was too fast and strong. Little did she notice that she was attracting crowds around her.

The man gasped to see his punch stopped so quickly. Cure Dash sneered at the thief as she slowly gripped strongly on the man's hand with her bare hand. The man began screaming as the grip became tighter and tighter.

"Cure Dash!" Cure Dash turned around to see Cure Power and Cure Freeze arriving at the scene.

"What are you doing? Let go of that man!" Cure Freeze exclaimed.

Cure Dash realized how hard she was gripping the man's hand. She let go of him, and the male thief cried in pain as he kneeled.

"Here you can have it back!" The thief cried. "I don't need it anymore!"

The thief man ran away but wobbled as he held his injured hand.

The crowds saw and whispered to each other.

"Those are the Pretty Cure girls, right?"

"That yellow one was really angry at that man!"

"She's scary."

"I don't want to be on her bad side."

Cure Dash looked around and realized what she had done. They hid privately under the bridge, where they think they won't be seen.

"Come on, Dash. Let's get out of here," Cure Power said.

The Pretty Cure trio left the scene, getting away from the eyes of the crowds. "Are you OK, Cure Dash? Hayato?"

"Yeah… I am fine." Her voice didn't sound like she was as she didn't look straight at Cure Power.

Cure Freeze looked seriously at Cure Dash. "Hayato…"

That was when Naomi's phone vibrated. She checked it and she noticed she received a message. "Hey, guys. Doctor wants to see us right now."

A little bit later, the trio came to the secret hideout and met with Doctor. They arrived in their normal clothes. When they did, Doctor didn't look too glad to see them.

"Hey, Doc. What's up?" Naomi said.

"I am doing well, but actually I asked you here because I want you all to hear this, especially to Hayato," Doctor said.

"Me? Why me?" Hayato asked in confusion. Naomi and Yuki wondered, too.

"First, explain this." Doctor pressed a button on his keyboard, which started a web video on his monitor. It showed footage taken by someone with a Smartphone and it showed Cure Dash hurting the thief's hand, the same guy who she did just about half an hour ago.

"Oh my god. We are on the web!" Naomi gasped.

"Yes, Naomi, but I don't think that's the real point," Yuki stated.

"Correct. The real point is you, Hayato, just purposedly used the Pretty Cure power to hurt someone on purpose," Doctor said.

"Well… I… Why not?" Hayato defended. "That thief stole an old lady's wallet by pushing her! He had to pay!"

"It doesn't matter. What's matters is you can't just use your power like that. That's abuse," Doctor argued.

"That doesn't give you the right to hurt him. The PreCure Changers are created for good, not for personal gain or ulterior motive. Now, due to this being on the web, people will think the Pretty Cure is bad, a threat to them."

"But I did help the old lady! I swear!" Hayato argued.

"Oh? You did it on your impulse, and not thinking that your action would affect not just you, but everyone else," Doctor stated in a serious tone.

Naomi saw this wasn't going well. "Hey, Doctor! Um, Hayato only did it to get the old lady's wallet back! It was only just the thief's hand that got hurt, not entirely his body!"

"That may be, but I agree on Doctor on this one," Yuki admitted, which surprised Naomi and Hayato. "While it was wrong for that thief to steal the wallet and push the elderly lady, it was still wrong for Hayato to use her power and hurt the man the way she did. It was too much, and there was no need to be so violent on him. If she used her power more responsibly, she could've swiped the wallet from the thief, report him to the authority, and then give the wallet back to the lady."

"Violent? But I…. I…. What do you want from me? To apologize?! I did what I thought was right!" Hayato shouted.

"Enough!" Doctor stopped. "If you don't take this serious, Hayato, then I will ask you to give me back the PreCure Changers."

"Well, you know what?" Hayato took off the two rings and slammed them on the desk. "You can have it back."

"Hayato!" Hayato left herself out.

"Naomi." Yuki padded on her shoulder. "Just leave her alone for now."

"… Yeah, but this doesn't feel right," Naomi said as Doctor looked indifferent, and sighed as he rubbed his temple.

It was afternoon now. Hayato was alone, staring at the river alone. She thought about what Doctor said. She knew that she did it to help the old lady, but she wondered if she did it a bit too hard. What the thief did was wrong, but did he deserve to get hurt for just stealing a wallet from an elderly woman?

"Hey, Hayato-Kun!" She looked down and noticed Mr. Tanaka at the river.

"Mr. Tanaka?" She said.

She walked down from the bridge to the river. Mr. Tanaka was doing a little fishing.

"What are you doing here, Mr. Tanaka?" She asked.

"Fishing, of course. My son and his family are handling the store right now, so I am taking a break," he explained as he reels in and changed the bait. "So, what are you doing?"

"I… Just nothing," she guessed.

"So, you fought with your friends? You don't look like your usual self today," Mr. Tanaka said.

"Well…. Mr. Tanaka." She spoke. "What do you do if you did something that's… abusive? I mean, like when it comes to… power."

Mr. Tanaka hummed to himself. "Well, that's a pretty deep question. From, what I can think, it is like responsibility."

"What's that mean?" She asked.

"Well, everyone has responsibility, right? I have a store to run for the customers, and family to take care of. You, Hayato-Kun, are responsible to go to school, help your parents, and go to your running practice, right?" he said.

"Um, yeah," she answered. "But the thing is I did something I thought I was right, but I also hurt someone to do things I thought it was right."

"As I said, we all have responsibility. What matters the most is how we do our responsibility. And don't worry if you don't get it. This takes time to understand, and believe me, it took me a long time to realize it, too," Mr. Tanaka said cheerfully.

Hayato grinned at that thought. "Thank you, Mr. Tanaka. I think I get it."

"Hee, hee. Now, the question is where is the fish?" He joked before he laughed.

- Pretty Cure –

Somewhere in the alley street, the same thief held his hand in pain.

"Damn that girl! I want to get back to her for doing this to me!" The man growled.

"You want to get revenge? I will give you the power to do so." The thief jumped when a shadowy figure spoke from the shadow.

"Who the hell are you?!" The thief demanded.

"Don't move. Everything is going to be alright." The shadowy figure approached the man until he was nowhere to go.

"Uh. Uwaaaaaah!" He screamed.

- Pretty Cure –

Meanwhile, Hayato was walking alone, thinking about what Mr. Tanaka said to her. "… You know what? Mr. Tanaka's right. I got to take responsibility for what I did, and what I will do. I am going to see Naomi and Yuki."

That was when her phone vibrated. "Hmm?" She checked that it was a message from Naomi, with just a simple "SOS" on it. Her expression changed to more serious, and she quickly ran off to find her.

"Naomi! Yuki!" She thought as he ran as fast as she could.

Not too far away, another monster appeared and was attacking the area. The people were screaming and running to get away from it. Cure Power and Cure Freeze were at the scene. The monster was a muscular dark-colored humanoid with glowing red eyes and glowing red veins all over his body.

"Brraawwwww!" The monster roared.

"Cure Punch!" Cure Power punched at the monster. It blocked her punch with its left arm and waved it off.

"Icy Breath!" Cure Freeze summoned a wind of ice from her palms. The humanoid monster froze partially, but ice couldn't freeze him completely as he broke out of it very easily. The monster then slammed hard on the ground that it caused the ground to shake. Cure Power and Cure Freeze shook away.

"Kyah!" Cure Power cried. "This one is too strong!"

"We have to stop it! If this thing continues in rampaging like it is now, it will destroy the whole city!" Cure Freeze warned.

"You guys!" They turned around to see Hayato arrived.

"Hayato!" Cure Power exclaimed. "You came!"

"I'm here to help you, girls!" Hayato said, but then she remembered that she didn't have her Precure Changer, her rings.

"Don't worry! Catch!" Cure Freeze threw the two rings at her. Hayato quickly ran to catch it.

The humanoid monster noticed her and roared at her before it started running towards her.

"Oh no! We had to stop it before he gets to Hayato!" Cure Power and Cure Freeze jumped in front of the monster and stopped it, or rather slowed it down.

It was just enough time for Hayato to catch the rings. "Yes!" She put on the rings quickly. "It's Hero Time, Pretty Cure!"

She placed her two rings close together to create electrical current in-between them, and then a bright yellow light consumed her. Her body was shimmering as a bolt of lightning coursed through her body. Her uniform formed with a yellow lightning bolt design on her body. A pair of white gloves with yellow highlight appeared over her hands and the front half of her arm that reached to her elbow each. Yellow earrings shaped of a lightning bolt formed and pierced her ears as her eyes flashed with lightning, turning into a yellow color. Her hair turned blond and spikier with a white lighting stripe of hair through her swept bang. Her shoes were replaced with yellow go-go boots with orange lightning bolts for emphasis.

She dashed around as she chanted. "Hero of speed who can move with ease and no villain can catch up! Never letting injustice escape, I've arrived! Cure Dash!" She posed with her back showing and giving a hand sign.

The humanoid monster pushed away Cure Power and Cure Freeze.

"Power! Freeze!" Cure Dash shouted before she turned her attention to the monster. "You will pay for that!"

The monster roared and ran towards her before it jumped up and had its first hit her. Cure Dash ran fast before the punch hit the ground where she was standing at. She kicked behind the monster, which it cried in response. The monster waved and wobbled everywhere as it tried to catch Cure Dash.

"Can you keep it up?" She teased as she continued punching and kicking the monster all over its body.

The monster then got an idea to slam hard enough on the ground to shake it and stop her. It did, which caused Cure Dash to trip.

"Woah!" Cure Dash crashed to the ground.

The monster grabbed Cure Dash. "Brraaww! I… Finally… Got… You!"

"What? You can talk?!" She gasped.

The monster laughed menacingly as it began squeezing her, causing her to scream. Cure Power and Cure Freeze regained consciousness and saw what was happening.

"Dash!" Cure Power cried. "What are we going to do?"

Cure Freeze thought and then noticed a fire hydrant nearby. "Cure Power, could you open that fire hydrant over there?"

"Huh?" She looked at the hydrant and realized what Cure Freeze wanted to do. "I got it!"

Cure Power flew over to the hydrant and opened it, releasing the water, which splashed over the monster.

The monster retaliated, which caused it to let go of Cure Dash, but this was Freeze's chance. "Icy Breath!"

She blew another ice breath attack, but this on the released water from the fire hydrant, which instantly froze him. Cure Power helped Cure Dash and moved her to a safer place.

"Thanks, girls. Saving my butt," Cure Dash said.

"I'm just glad you're here, Cure Dash," Cure Power assured

"Don't thank us yet. We are not done," Freeze stated as she looked back at the monster.

The ice began to crack until it cracked completely as the monster roared at them.

"Let's do it, girls!" Cure Power declared. They all stood together and got into position. Cure Freeze on the right and Cure Dash on the left. They held on to Power's shoulders as Power raised her arms out at the monster. Energy gathered in her hand.

"Pretty Cure Energy Blast!" They shouted as they fired their monster powerful attack. A beam of red, yellow, and blue-colored energy shot at the monster, overwhelming it.

"NNnoooooooooooo!" It roared as the physical body broke apart and turning it back into the normal human it was before.

"Yeah! We did it!" Cure Power cheered. "And it all thanks to Cure Dash!"

"Me? Well, I just only came to help that's all," Cure Dash stated.

"To be honest, I thought you won't come back, but we are glad that you did," Cure Freeze noted.

"Thank you, you guys." Cure Dash gave the girls a big hug. Cure Power and Freeze glanced at each other and smiled. They joined in the hug, too.

"Sorry to interrupt your moment." The girls broke out of the hug and jumped to the voice. "But, this was just round one."

The dark-skinned figure revealed himself.

"Who are you?" Cure Power asked as the trio looked serious at the arrived figure.

"The name's Lodestone, and I am here to defeat you all, Pretty Cure!"

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