Chapter 8

Ice Clash

"Ms. Korri…. Ms. Korri!" Yuki snapped out of her thought as if she was thinking about something.

"Oh, my apology, Mr. Jones," Yuki apologized.

"Are you OK, my dear?" Mr. Jones asked kindly. "Are you not feeling well?"

Mr. Jones is the English Teacher for the first-year students at the Megatropolis Middle Academy. He wore white pants with a black belt, pair of brown shoes, and a purple dress shirt with a bit of exposed chest. His hair was purple with a bang swayed to the right.

"Oh, no, sir! I am fine," Yuki assured.

"I see. Well, nonetheless, to make you feel better, you get another perfect score on your last test, Ms. Korri! Congratulations, as always," Mr. Jones chirped.

"That's Yuki-chan for you!" Naomi spoke up. "She is like the smartest in our class!"

"I agree with that, Ms. Lee. However, your test score doesn't agree with you, though," Mr. Jones stated as he handed her test score, which showed a 30 out of 100.

"Gah!" Naomi gasped horrifically. The rest of the class laughed at Naomi's disappointment. On the other hand, her friend, Yuki, looked the other way as she worried about her face.

After the classes were over, it was time to go home, and a lot of the students were excited because today was Friday.

"Oh, man… I got another bad grade," Yuki moaned as she walked disappointedly.

"Cheer up, Naomi," Hayato said, trying to cheer her friend up. "You just have to do better next time. Look at the bright side. At least the weekend is tomorrow."

Naomi looked up and smiled. "You're right, Hayato! At least that's a good thing. Say, let's hang out tomorrow?"

"I am cool with that," Hayato said. "What do you think we should do?"

"Hmmm… Hey, Yuki-chan, do you have any ideas?" Naomi asked though she noticed her friend was not listening as she was daydreaming again.

"Yuki-chan?" She padded her shoulder, snapping her of thought from whatever she was thinking.

"Oh, sorry. I wasn't listening. Did you say something?" Yuki asked in return.

"What's wrong, Yuki-chan? You were daydreaming just now, like in our English class," Naomi pointed out.

"Oh, that! I apologize. I was just thinking," Yuki answered calmly, but hiding something.

Naomi and Hayato wondered what she thought as they looked a bit concern. Then, an idea came to Hayato.

"Hey, I have an idea! I heard about this new ice cream shop that opened recently. Why not check it out tomorrow?" Hayato suggested.

Naomi liked the sound of that. "That sounds great! It is getting hot lately, and I've been craving ice cream right now. Let's check it out tomorrow!"

"Wait. Do you mean that new shop near Market Street?" Yuki asked. "Icy Paradise? That shop?!"

Yuki looked very serious, scaring Hayato and Naomi a bit since she was too close that it made the other two girls stood back away from her.

"Um, yeah, the one and only," Hayato answered, feeling very uncomfortable.

"I see," Yuki said as she rubbed her chin and already backed away from them. "Very well. We will see and visit this store."

"Well, I guess that's the plan," Naomi decided. "We will have ourselves for some treats!"

Naomi, Hayato, and Yuki visited the new ice cream shop near Market Street the next day. They were wearing a more casual look suited better for the summer season.

Naomi wore a white T-shirt with a familiar S symbol on the chest, short blue jeans, white socks, and pink sneakers. She also tied her ponytail with a pink ribbon.

Hayato wore a light-yellow crop-top (the kind that doesn't expose her chest), long pants, and yellow sneakers. She also wore a yellow cap.

Yuki Korri wore a short-sleeve light-blue dress shirt with a blue skirt, light-blue shoes, white socks, and a small blue hand purse.

When they visit the new shop, they were surprised by how long the line was.

"Oh, My God!" Naomi gasped to see the long line. "This line is long!"

Hayato whistled. "I heard it's the most popular shop right now since it opened, and it was opened like a few days ago, but this is ridiculous! It sure shows how successful the business is."

Yuki didn't say any words but looked a bit displeased.

"Come on! Let's get in the line!" Naomi declared as the girls did just that. They joined the line as more people united behind them.

As they waited, the time passed, and the sun rose, as did the temperature.

"So hot…" Naomi moaned.

"Hang in there, Naomi. We are almost there," Hayato pointed as they were just ten people away before the store's entrance.

Yuki didn't say any words.

Naomi and her friends reached the entrance as one of the female employees came out of the store.

"Greeting! Welcome to Icy Paradise, and lucky for you three, you guys are our last customers," she announced.

Naomi and Hayato were relieved and glad to hear that. Yuki didn't say anything as the people behind her moaned and looked disappointed.

"Sorry for everyone who was standing behind, but we are at full capacity. We are open tomorrow, so please come back, and I recommend coming early next time," the employee stated.

The trio went inside as they felt the cool breeze inside. They felt refreshed. Inside the store, it was big and had a couple of tables and chairs for people to eat. The employees wore colorful uniforms, and the walls were pink, brown, and white, resembling the three primary flavors of ice creams; strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. Even a robot carried and served drinks and ice cream to each table, where customers sat and relaxed.

Naomi and Hayato looked impressed, while Yuki looked more curious as she looked carefully around the store.

"Wow! This place looks awesome!" Naomi commented.

"It is," Hayato said. "Let's check out the menu."

"Right! I am starving for ice cream from waiting in the line under the sun since morning," Naomi said.

Hayato chuckled. "Yeah, I agree."

"Indeed," Yuki nodded as the girls went to the menu.

"Greeting, young mademoiselles. What would you three like to have today?" asked the man. This man was a bit different from the other employees.

He had short, spiky blond hair just partially hidden by his hat with pink, brown, and white stripes. Like everyone else, he wore the same white uniform except he had five gold stars on the chest pocket. His eyes were blue like a sapphire.

"Hello, sir! My name is Naomi Lee, a first-year from Megatropis Middle Academy! My friends and I are here to taste your ice cream for the first time," Naomi introduced excitedly.

"Wi, wi! I am very honored that you all come to my store to taste my finest ice cream," the manager said proudly. "My name is Favio Francisco, and I am from France."

"Oh, that's cool! Actually, I am from the USA, but moved here almost a month ago," Naomi admitted.

"I see! Well then, I feel even more wonderful! For this wonderful encounter and that, you lovely trio of mademoiselle came here as the last three customers for the day, and I will serve you my greatest creation! Super-Duper Deluxe Ice Cream Sundae at 25% discount!"

He presented the giant glass bowl of ice cream. It had many kinds of flavors, and it wasn't just the primary three flavors. There were scoops of blue for blueberry, yellow for lemon, and green for Japanese green tea flavor. The sundae stool tall like a tower, and it looked almost like the Eiffel Tower in France. It was sprinkled with rainbow sprinkles and chocolate chips, and top it off, a pair of cherries on the top.

"What da! My greatest creation!" Favio presented the sundae at the girls' table and three smaller glass bowls of ice creams.

"Wow! This ice cream is so huge!" Naomi exclaimed.

"This is crazy… Are we seriously going to eat this?" Hayato asked, looking a bit nervous and shocked.

Yuki sweat-dropped at the enormous tower of an ice cream sundae.

"Enjoy, young mademoiselles! You all earn it and take it as my gratitude to you all," Favio stated.

"Come on, guys. Let's dig in!" Naomi declared as she had a spoon ready. They used the ice cream scooper to scoop some of the ice creams into their bowl respectively.

They said their thanks for the meal and began eating it.

"Mm?! This. Is. Delicious!" Naomi chirped. "This is like the best ice cream I've ever tasted!"

"So many flavors in just one bite! I can taste the vanilla and chocolate mixed with a tint of blueberry, and it works!" Hayato commented as she padded on her cheek with a tint of blush.

"What do you think, Yuki-chan? Isn't this delicious?" Naomi asked as she looked over to Yuki. She noticed that her friend just dropped a spoon, stood up suddenly, and ran off.

"Yuki-chan?!" Naomi gasped.

"Where is she going?" Hayato asked.

"Come on, Hayato-chan! Let's follow her!" Naomi declared as she quickly ran off, too.

"Hey, wait up!" Hayato said as she took one last bite before she ran off too.

"Ladies, where are you going?" Favio asked, shouting at them, but it was too late. "Hmm-hm! I guess my sundae was too great that it caused them to run off. I must be a genius!"

Naomi and Hayato followed after Yuki, which led them to Market Street.

They stopped for a second to catch their breath, but they also lost sight of Yuki.

"Where did she go?" Naomi asked, trying to catch her breath.

"I think she went this way and turned to the right," Hayato pointed.

They decided to move a little slower not to get tired out. When they turned to the right, they saw another store. It had a banner sign that says "Korri Sorbettiere."

"Is this Yuki-chan's house?" Naomi asked.

"By looking at the sign, it looks like so, but it's also a store of some kind," Hayato said. "Let's check inside."

Naomi and Hayato opened the door. "Excuse us!" Naomi exclaimed.

"You tasted what?!" They heard a loud male voice from the back of the store.

"Did it taste that good?" Then, they heard another voice, but this one sounded more feminine.

"Yes, indeed." Naomi and Hayato went to see the back of the counter when they encountered Yuki talking with her mom and dad.

The Korri family noticed them and turned their attention to them.

"Yuki-chan, what was that all about back at the Icy Paradise?" Naomi asked.

"You just like a storm out of there suddenly," Hayato said. "Tell us what's going on."

"I…" Yuki spoke but then interrupted.

"Yuki, are these your friends you talk about?" A man asked.

"Yes, father. They are my friends from the same school we go to," Yuki answered.

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you both. My name is Kyoto Korri, and I am Yuki's mother," Kyoto introduced.

"And I am Kota Korri, her father," Kota greeted.

"Oh, well, it's nice to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Korri!" Naomi stepped back and bowed to them rashly. "My name is Naomi Lee!

"I'm Hayato Hayai. I am from a different class, but I am in the same grade with your daughter and Naomi here," Hayato greeted. "So, back to my question, just what is going on here?"

Korri parents looked a bit displeased when Hayato asked such a question, but Yuki stepped in. "Sorry, Naomi and Hayato. I wasn't honest with you two. You see, when we heard about the new shop, Icy Paradise, opened, we knew that we would lose our customers, and it affected my family's business very badly."

Naomi and Hayato almost gasped.

"I've been daydreaming at school lately because I was so worried about my family business and thinking of a way to save this store, to save our business," Yuki said as she looked the other way. "You see, my family ran this little ice cream store for almost three generations. A long time ago, we used to be popular ice cream store in all of Megatropolis."

"Now that I think about it," Hayato spoke up. "I remember that after my mom was on the date with my other mom, they used to say and had an ice cream somewhere in the city, and it was the most popular place. It must have been this store, then."

"I see, but if your parents' store was popular, then why doesn't have any customers?" Naomi asked.

"Well, it was popular because … because of my brother," Yuki admitted.

"Yuki…" Her parents sighed.

"Your brother?" Naomi repeated.

"My brother was a great ice cream maker. He was considered to be a genius and even won a national ice cream tournament," Yuki said as she looked over to the photo of her brother and his team winning the tournament with a trophy. "His dream was to make our store to be known to the world, so he went to France to improve more in his skill."

"Wow. That's pretty cool, Yuki-chan. Is he in France doing that still?" Naomi asked curiously as interest sparked in her eyes.

"No, he is at home now, but he came back as a changed man. He no longer talked to me or any of us and locked himself in the room upstairs ever since!" Yuki said sadly.

Hayato and Naomi's faces darkened, feeling sad for Yuki and her parents.

"We are sorry to hear you both about our predicament," Kota said.

"I know you girls wanted to have a fun weekend, but when our daughter heard that you all were going to the new store and had a taste of their ice cream, Yuki here could've learned about how they make their ice cream and all…." Kyoko explained.

"So that explains everything. You wanted to taste Icy Paraidse's ice cream, not for enjoyment, but to see what makes their ice cream tastes better and try to make something much better than theirs," Hayato summarized.

"I am sorry to do this to you both, but I just… I just wanted to save this store so much!" Yuki's hands shook but stopped when Naomi held them. "Naomi?"

"Don't worry, Yuki-chan! We will help you!" Naomi exclaimed.

Yuki and her parents gasped to hear.

"Wh-What do you mean?" Yuki asked, looking confused.

"After knowing you since I moved here and joined the same class with you, I've never realized how much stuff you were going through, but don't worry! Everything is going to be fine now because I am here, and Hayato-chan, too! We will help you and your parents to get back into the business and save this store!" Naomi explained.

"I was going to say the same thing, but Naomi is right," Hayato agreed. "We are here for you, Yuki. Ask us whatever we can to help."

"Naomi, Hayato… Thank you," Yuki replied as she looked brighter.

"Then, let's do it! Let's show Icy Paradise what we are made of! I admit that their ice cream tastes delicious, but we can't simply lose to that!" Naomi exclaimed.

"Do you even know how to make an ice cream?" Hayato asked.

"Not a clue!" Naomi answered honestly.

Yuki's parents laughed at that. They immediately got to work and had a meeting to think about a new flavor of ice cream.

"OK. So after tasting that special ice cream sundae we had at Icy Paradise, let's think how we can counter it," Yuki said as she had a whiteboard presented with her.

"How about let's make our sundae?" Naomi suggested.

"That doesn't sound like a bad idea, but if we do that, then wouldn't it just be a copy? I don't a lot of people would accuse of this store to copy what Icy Paradise makes, which would make this store unpopular," Hayato stated.

"Gah! You are right…" Naomi realized the flaw.

"Maybe we should think something original," Hayato said.

"Our son made most of the original ice cream we created," Kota admitted sadly.

"If only he can come out and explain how he makes it," Kyoko moaned.

"Wait? What do you mean by making it? Do you not know the recipe?" Naomi asked.

"We do know the recipe, but it's just that my brother is the only one who knew how to make it with the recipe. We did exactly how he does it, but no matter how we did it, we never got it right or tasted the way he made it for some reasons," Yuki explained.

"That's kind of weird," Hayato commented. "If you all know how to make it, like him, then you should know."

"Maybe we can ask your brother to help us," Naomi suggested.

"We tried that before, but no matter what…." Yuki looked up to the ceiling. "He never comes out of the room, ever since what happened to him in France."

"What exactly happened when he was in France?" Naomi asked.

"Well, that I don't know exactly. He was there for almost five years and one day, came back home out of the blue, looking depressed and never speak about it," Yuki stated.

"Oh…" Naomi looked sad to hear that.

"Well, OK. I guess that's out of the picture," Hayato said, feeling disappointed.

"So, I think that we should think of something more original," Yuki announced.

"Something original?" Hayato repeated.

"Original… Oh! I got an idea!" Naomi raised her hand.

"You don't have to raise your hand as if we are in the class, Naomi," Hayato stated as Naomi grinned cheekily.

"What is your idea, Naomi?" Yuki asked.

"Well, I don't know how original this idea is, but it is…."

- Pretty Cure –

The next day, the sun rose as another day for Icy Paradise began. The manager and owner of Icy Paradise were walking to his store, expecting another long line of people waiting.

"A new day and new beginning for making more money," Favio resounded as he walked to his store.

When he arrived, he was a bit surprised. There was no long line of people or any line of people at all in front of his store usually.

"Quoi?! Where are my customers?!" Favio gasped.

Just in time, some of his employees arrived at the store.

"You three! Where are my customers?!" He asked them abruptly as he almost scared them.

"Oh! Sir, haven't you heard? There is this local ice cream store not far away from here, and it's trendy right now," one of the employees said.

Favio was shocked to hear this. "What do you mean?" He furtherly asked.

Soon after, Favio stepped away from his store and checked on the other store that his employees explained to him about. He entered Market Street and then turned right to see the store. When he did, he was shocked to see a long, long line of people.

"Good morning, everyone!" Naomi shouted with a megaphone. "Please keep things in orderly. While waiting, check out the menu to decide which of the Pretty Cure Popsicle you would like."

"Quoi?! Popsicle?!" Favio gasped as he was watching from a corner, hiding from other people.

"Wow. Look at all these. They all look delicious," one lady commented as she was looking at the menu flyer.

On the flyer, there were three different kinds of popsicles. The first one was a pink and white color with a strawberry flavor called "Cure Strawberry Power." The second one was a blueberry and tropical punch flavor called "Cure Blue Punch Freeze." The third and last one was a yellow one with a fantastic zigzag line resembling lightning in the center, and it was called "Cure Lemonade Dash."

"Hello. Welcome to Korri Sorbettiere. How may I help you?" Hayato asked as she was working at the cashier.

"Oh wow!" A young woman said, looking a bit blushed when seeing Hayato. "My friends and I would like one of each flavor."

"Sure thing," she accepted. "One of each flavor for the popsicle. Would you like anything else?"

Yuki and her parents were working as hard as they can in the kitchen, making the popsicles.

"Here you go. One of each flavor for the Pretty Cure Popsicle!" Yuki handed in the three popsicles to Hayato.

"Thank you," Hayato accepted it and then handed them to the customers. "Here you go. Enjoy!"

The noise of the line of customers at Yuki's family ice cream store caught the attention of her brother, who locked himself in the room. He opened the door slightly, just enough to hear the commotion. He could even smell the delicious scent of the new popsicles.

"Popsicle? Popsicle?! They think they can ruin my business and taking away my customers with facile sucette glacee," Favio ranted. "I will show them when they mess me, Favio Francisco!"

"Ho? Do I sense some… jealousy?" Favio jumped when he heard a sinister voice. Just behind him, a dark portal appeared, and out of the portal came a black-armored being.

"Wh-Who are you, mousier?!" Favio demanded.

"I heard your prayer, Favio Francisco. I will give you the power to get rid of your competition," Lodestone said as he lashed out at Favio, staving his hand into his chest.

"Gah!" Favio gasped for air as a dark aura began emanating through his body.

"Now, become into my Tainted and serve for me!" Lodestone exclaimed.

"Wow! We are making business here," Hayato said as she sweated. "Your original idea is perfect, Naomi."

Naomi chuckled cheekily. "Nah! I just thought that popsicle sounds tasty and cute, and thought it to name after us, ah I mean, Pretty Cure! Since we, ah I mean, they are becoming popular around the city and all."

"To be quite honest, it is a brilliant choice you've ever made, Naomi," Yuki admitted, catching the girls' attention. "By creating a sweet after the Pretty Cure, who is becoming popular around the people, is quite an excellent marketing strategy and a great treat."

"Naomi," Naomi turned to Yuki's father and mother. "We just want to say that without you and Hayato, we would've never thought up such an awesome and delicious new sweet. Even in my long experience as an ice cream maker, I've never thought up of making and selling popsicles."

"I think they are splendid idea and so much successful. You have a talent, Naomi," the mother commented.

"Oh no! Please! I only thought something I thought would help. That's all," Naomi blushed as she rubbed the back of her head.

"Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!" They heard a roar coming outside, and then panic started consuming the crowd.

"What's going on?!" Yuki's father exclaimed as they all went outside and see.

They soon found out the reason why. A new monster, the Tainted, had appeared out of nowhere and attacking the customers. This one was a very strange Tainted. It was a humanoid made up of primarily icy material but also mixed with ice creams. It had three cones for spikes on its heads.

"Destroy! Destroy!" The Tainted roared as it blasted a mighty icy cold wind that instantly freezes anything it touches.

"Watch out!" Everyone jumped out of the way.

Naomi, Yuki, and Hayato jumped to the right while Yuki's parents jumped to the left. However, the Tainted's attack, unfortunately, touched them, freezing them instantly.

Yuki gasped and was horrified to see what had happened to her parents.

"Mom! Dad!" She cried.

Then, somebody came running out of their store. A young man with an unsaved black beard covered most of his mouth, unkempt black hair, and tired-looking eyes. He saw what had happened to their parents, but he quickly knew what to do as he tried to move them carefully to bring them back into the house.

"Brother?!" Yuki gasped.

"Yuki! Get out of here! It's too dangerous! I will deal with our parents!" Her brother shouted as he moved their frozen parents back into the store.

"Yuki-chan!" Yuki gripped and shook her hands in frustration but turned her attention to the Tainted one, glaring at it as she joined with her friends.

"Let's do this, girls!" Yuki declared.

"Right!" Naomi and Hayato nodded.

"It's Hero Time, Pretty Cure!" Trio shouted firmly as lights emanated from their Pretty Cure Changers.

Their body shimmered as uniform formed over their body. For Naomi, her shoes were replaced with a pair of pink high heels. For Yuki's, hers were turned to a couple of blue go-go boots. For Hayato, her shoes were turned into a pair of yellow go-go boots instead.

Each girl's hair turned into a different color and stylized differently as the transformation near its end.

Naomi punched in the air and did some forward and back kicks as she chanted. "The hero of strengths who protects and fights for justice and love! I am here, Cure Power."

Snow gathered in Yuki's white fingered gloves before she blew them away, showing off her cold breath. "The hero of ice who freezes the enemies of justice! Face my cold chivalry! Cure Freeze!"

Hayato dashed around in a circle as she created electrical energy around her as she moved at super speed. "The hero of speed who can move with ease and no villain can catch up with her! Never letting injustice get away, I've arrived! Cure Dash!"

"Together, we are!" The three girls stood together and posed. Cure Power stood in the center with a right hand in the front as a punch. Cure Freeze stood on her left with her arms up and one forward and one at the back near her chest. Cure Dash stood on her right with her back showing and turning over her shoulder.

"Pretty Cure Heroz!" They shouted.

The Tainted glared at the Pretty Cure Heroz as it knew that it wanted to fight and defeat them.

"Wait… Pretty Cure Heroz?" Cure Dash said.

"That's what we said," Cure Freeze stated. "It seems like we had the same name in our mind."

"Pretty Cure Heroz… I like the sound of it!" Cure Power exclaimed. "Alright, girls! Let's do what we do best and protect Yuki-chan's, no, Korri Sorbettiere!"

"Right!" They nodded as they began the fight.

The trio jumped in for the attack. The Tainted saw this coming, so it summoned a wall of ice around it.

"That won't stop us easily!" Power shouted as she punched through the ice and hit the Tainted, pushing it away.

"Gaaahh!" It winced when it got punch, but it only budged it, and it wasn't too damaged.

"You will pay for what you did to my parents!" Cure Freeze yelled. "Icy Wind!"

Tainted attacked with its version of icy wind at Cure Freeze's attack. Both currents countered each other, which canceled each other out. Then, it fired several ice cream cones like a rocket missile. The Pretty Cure did their best to dodge out of the way.

Cure Dash quickly ran and spun around the Tainted. Her moving around it caused it to float off from the ground and flew in midair.

"Kick this! Tornado Throw!" Hayato grabbed the Tainted's foot and threw it away, causing it to crash into piles of garbage.

The Tainted got up, glaring as it summoned an ice power which froze Cure Power and Cure Dash.

"Dash! Power!" Freeze exclaimed as she was the only one who dodged out of the way by jumping.

"I can't get out of this! My feet are stuck!" Power complained.

"Mine too!" Dash added.

Tainted laughed at the duo's struggle. "Destroy. Destroy! I will never let anyone take my customer away!

"What? Customer?" Cure Freeze thought. She began to think and realized who the Tainted's true identity is.

"Girls! I think this Tainted is Mr. Favio Francisco!" Freeze stated.

"What?! You mean the owner of the Icy Paradise?" Power asked shockingly.

"It must be him! I don't know exactly how, but it may be possible that he turned into this because of jealously. We need to free him!" Cure Freeze stated.

"Got it!" Cure Dash moved her hand so fast that it turned into a cutter, which allowed her to cut and break the ice on her feet, freezing herself. She did the same thing for Cure Power.

"Thank you, Dash," Cure Power said as she and the girls turned to face the Tainted.

"Let's finish this together!" Cure Power declared as the trio stood together, and energy radiated from them.

Cure Power aimed her palms at the Tainted as energy began charging in-between her palms.

"Kick this!" Cure Power shouted as the girls got it ready. "Cure Energy Blast!"

They fired a powerful blast made up of positive Precure Energy. The Tainted got into the explosion, crumpling its corrupted body and turning it back into the original human self.

"Waaaaahhhhhh!" It roared as it turned back into Favio Francisco. He collapsed and faintly shortly after his monstrous Tainted form was gone for good.

After defeating the Tainted, all people and things that it freezes turned back to normal, including Yuki's parents.

"Uuh, what happened?" Yuki's father groaned.

"Brrr! What is up with this brain freeze? Did I eat something cold?" Yuki's mother said.

A little bit later, Favio Francisco met with Yuki's parents and gave his apology to them.

"I am humbly sorry to you folks. My store was too great that it caused so much pain and trouble. I just wanted my new business to grow, but I didn't mean it to cause another store to go out of business," Favio explained apologetically.

"No need to apologize to us, Mr. Francisco. We admit that your store sells more delicious ice cream than our little store can provide to the customers. It is just business, after all," Yuki's father said kindly.

"Please don't feel bad and have some of our popsicles to cheer up," Yuki's mother suggested.

"Quoi? Really? A mousier like me can have a taste?" He asked.

"Wi, Mr. Francisco. Please have a taste," Yuki offered as Naomi and Hayato just watched silently.

Favio looked a bit concerned and then took one bite on the popsicle. Then, his eyes suddenly widened.

"Merveilleux! This is the most delicious ice jolly candy I've had! I've never tasted such popsicle before!" Favio exaggerated. "I am impressed! Tasting this just made me realize that I still have a lot to learn! Thank you so much for allowing me to have a taste."

Yuki felt glad and grinned. So did her parents and her friends, Naomi and Hayato.

Lodestone watched from a safe distance as he disgruntled but smirked.

"Oh well, a bittersweet ending, I guess," he said as he disappeared.

- Pretty Cure –

Later that day, the girls hang out at the secret hideout where Doctor lives. They were eating the popsicle they made for Yuki's family ice cream store. Even Doctor tasted it.

"This Popsicle tastes very good. Though, I've never expected to name it after Pretty Cure," Doctor commented.

"It's all Naomi's idea," Yuki admitted. "And also, I just want to say… thank you, Naomi. Not only for saving my family business, but also literally helping me to save my parents' lives."

Naomi smiled. "No problem! It's what a friend for."

"But you know. Your brother, he came out the room and helped your parents to safety when they were frozen," Hayato pointed out.

"Yes, he did, but…." Yuki looked sad. "Unfortunately, after the Tainted was gone, he went back inside his room."

The mood suddenly became quiet when hearing that, but Naomi looked happy. "Well, don't worry, Yuki-chan. He needs time. I am sure that someday, he will be back to his old self."

Yuki grinned. "Thank you, Naomi. Thank you for your kind words."

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