The Accuser Corps. The strongest corps in the Kree Empire, with over 1000 War Ships under it's command. Of those 1000, more than 100 were the Aster Class ships, given to the strongest of the Accusers.

Dinar, the Supreme Accuser, currently held the mantle of the strongest Accuser, and hence, he was given the best War ship they had, command.

The Aster.

He had prepared well for this upcoming attack on a backwater planet, even if he didn't think they needed it. He knew, that the Metal woman might be dead, or she might be replaced by someone else, who can do the same as her. But it didn't change the fact that 900 War ships was overkill, even if they had 100 of those metal women.

Every Accuser was strong enough to battle her, on their own, even if they might not be strong enough to kill her. But, can she handle two such Accusers at once? And what about 900?

Dinar knew, that the battle was already won, even before they get there. Not even Xandar would survive the might of the entire Accuser Corps at once. This Induk is just a primitive planet.

So, he was very much surprised, when his Aster exited the Jump gate at the correct co-ordinates, but found itself at another location, just like all the other 899 ships. They were in front of a planet near a giant star, burning blue. But the planet wasn't green, it wasn't Induk. The planet was red, almost half the size of Induk.

"Where are we?"

"This isn't M23, is it Lord Dinar?"

"Shall we start our attack? This is obviously an illusion meant to save them from our fury!"

Dinar frowns, his ears already hurting from the repeated questions from the rest of the Accusers, and yells, "SILENCE!"

At once, the Accusers stop talking into the comms, giving Dinar time to think. He turns to one of his fanatics, and orders, "Find out where we are. And contact Hala, we need to know if someone's sending us the wrong co-ordinates. We need to know if we were betrayed, or if we are infiltrated."

The fanatic bows low, and gives orders to his sycophants, while he gets to contacting the Kree Capital, Hala. Just 5 seconds in, he looks up and says, "Sire? I am unable to reach Hala. It seems something is blocking us."

As soon as he finishes the sentence, a couple of soft beeps sound, and the sycophant says, "We're in sector C-17, Lord Dinar. And.. you might want to look at this."

Dinar frowns, not recognising the Sector from any if his recent flights, but turns his head towards the screen, and blinks, confused and angry at everything happening.

He was supposed to destroy a planet, and return to Hala a hero! Everyone was supposed to finally bow down to the might of the Accusers! But no, someone had to divert their flight path, which was supposed to be impossible, but it happened.

And now, he's stuck here, staring at the barren planet in front of him. He asks, "What is it? All I see is the planet which we will destroy before we leave here."

The sycophant bows his head, accepting his mistake, and moves his hand over the photon orb hovering on the top of his table. The screen starts zooming in towards the planet, and then Dinar sees it. Or them.

There were 13 people, floating in space in a straight line. They were wearing skin tight armour of varying colours, with it's material unknown, and all of them had some weapon or the other on their back.

The middle one was the tallest, and he was wearing green and grey skin tight armour. He had long black hair, moving around even in space, and was fair skinned. He had a single spear in his hand, and he was staring right at Dinar.

The rest had bows and arrows, a hammer, a few swords, and shield, and even an axe. They were all primitive weapons, but the way they just stood in space told Dinar, that they weren't ordinary men. They weren't mortals.

"Who are they? Asgardians?" Dinar asks, getting off his throne to walk towards the screen. Seeing the screen zoom in once more, he frowns, and says, "No. Asgardians wear too much gold, much more than these.. specimen."

The fanatic from before steps in and says, "Our database has no information on them, sire. But, if our doubt is correct, then these are the ones that brought us here."

Dinar turns away from the screen, and says, "Destroy them. Order everyone to fire at them, and the planet behind them. Take the Sun too, for all I care. And then, find out where this Induk is."

Every single one of the 900 War Vessels charges their weapons, and fires them within a single second. Torpedoes, energy bombs, necroblasts. Tens of thousands of all those fly towards the planet, and the 13 beings standing right in front of it, and there's a big explosion as the blasts collide, and explode, taking a nearby moon with it.

The Accuser corps start turning around, but a voice stops them in place. "Wait." Dinar says, with his years of experience, seeing something that no one else does.

The energy blasts, Torpedoes, and the necroblasts, hadn't hit the planet. It hadn't even hit the men and women standing in space. It had just hit an invisible shield in front of the beings, which had protected those behind it from any damage.


I slowly drop my hand, as the explosion abates, and grin at my lovely Queen. I ask, "Shall we begin, my dear?"

Chhaya smiles, holding her sword and shield in her hands, as a Dargonite helmet forms over her head, and says, "Send them down, and we'll take care of the rest."

Nodding, I turn to Loptr, the son of Vali and Manasi, and say, "Send all the men aboard to the surface. Jormungandr and I will take care of the ships. I don't think they need the ships anymore."

And then, I nod at the others. Save for me, Loptr, and Jormungandr, all 10 Gods of Induk, enter through the portals I created for them, and drop down on the surface of the planet. The only one not here, was Bali, the God of Beauty. One of us had to stay in Andalok, and Bali, the only one remotely pacifist amongst us, vokunteered.

Loptr, the God of Magic immediately slaps the palms of his hands together, as the others starr leaving, and then after a bit of focus, points them both at the 900 ships floating a few miles away from us.

Almost simultaneously, each and every person that was on each one of those 900 War ships, and the smaller Necroships, are magically transported to the planet underneath us, chosen specifically to be a battlefield for this day.

All of them are obviously in one place, with the leader separated by a significant distance, but still near them. He can bring them to attention, while Jormungandr and I put on a show.

I send Loptr back to the planet, and turn towards Jormungandr. I say, "Ready for our competition?"

Jormungandr smirks, and immediately bends within himself. At first, he starts shrinking, his hands and legs blending into his body, the body itself turning into a snake's. This snake isn't normal looking by any point of view. It had spikes around its head, and a line of spikes running down its spine.

This.. was Jormungandr's Serpent form. But this isn't all.

The snake then starts growing, from a relatively large snake of two meters long, he keeps getting longer, and wider, until finally, he is big enough to swallow entire warships in one gulp. And then, he stops, barely a tenth of his full size, but still big enough for this task.

Smirking, I too start growing, until I'm just as big as Jormungandr, but still stay in my Divine form. I am not going to waste my Celestial Powers on these Kree, they're not worth it. My Divine powers are enough to destroy these ships.

Now a dozen miles tall, I start flying towards the horde of ships, Jormungandr at my side, both of us getting attacked in return. I hadn't disabled the Defence systems, or the Artificial intelligence overboard, so that I can show the Kree that I didn't need to do it.

Let this attack begin.


On the nameless barren planet in the C17 system, Dinar and his Accusers look up, seeing the image of two gigantic beings flying towards their unmanned ships.

"They're mocking us!" Dinar exclaims, holding his Universal Weapon tightly.

He knew, that the ships were too far away for them to see normally, let alone through these clouds. These Beings were projecting it to the Kree, for their own amusement, or for the Kree to see. To make them afraid.

And it was working.

The giant snakes bites into the Warship closest to it, the ship's weapons doing nothing to harm it. It barely blinked at hundreds of necroblasts getting fired on the snakes skin, as it tore through the ship's hull as if it was eggshell.

The giant man, meanwhile, had taken hold of two of the Aster class warships, and used them as balls, throwing them at other ships, destroying everything in his path. Every once in a while, he would magically summon a giant spear of golden colour, and fire some sort of energy out of it, that destroyed dozens of ships in a single wave.

And they were enjoying it, destroying the strongest ships the Kree had. These beings.. these.. Gods, were toying with the strongest weapons of the Kree.

"Is.. is this the strongest power in the Universe?" One of the Accusers behind him whispers, looking above with a lot of reverence and fear.

Dinar snaps towards him, and with the wave of the Universal Weapon, breaks the Accusers neck. He glares at the other Accusers, daring them to say anything, and says, "We are the Accuser corps! We're the strongest force in the entire Universe, and these giant heretics won't change that! They may destroy our ships, but we are Accusers, we're stronger than our ships!"

The crowd listens, completely focused on their leader, as he says, "We're the Accusers, and these people.. are accused of desecrating our Culture!"

"Bravo! What a wonderful speach! Wasn't this wonderful, mother?" A female voice says, as she starts clapping alone, an axe hanging off her hip.

Dinar snaps his head towards the voice, and finds not Kree, but the rest of the Heretics from before. Looking at the 11 people standing in front of 100,000 of his Kree, he snarls, "You! You're the ones who brought us here. Tell me, who helped you. Who dared defy the almighty Kree Empire?"

This time, a different woman walks forward, a single straight sword and a shield in her hands, and says, "Almighty? Kree? We've seen bigger empires fall, Accuser. And besides, no one helped us. We brought you here, because you offended us. Simple as that."

Dinar scowls, and points the Universal Weapon at the daring, but stupid woman. He says, "You! I will keep you alive, until you tell me what I want to know. And then, you will become one of mine, to serve me till my death, and then my sons after me."

And then, he fires a blast from the tip of his hammer like Universal Weapon, which speeds towards the woman's head, aiming to knock her out before the battle begins.

The blast appraches her head, but before it can hit, the woman raises her shield, which absorbs the blast with a mighty gong. Smirking, the woman says, "I'm going to enjoy killing you."

As if that was a declaration enough, the 100,000 Kree Soldiers run towards the 11 beings standing in front of them.


As the two gigantic Gods destroy the Kree Accuser ships, the 11 Gods cut through the relatively weak Kree Soldiers.

Chhaya uses her sword to cut into the Kree Soldiers one at a time, using her circular shield to stop any sneak attacks, her Cosmic senses allowing her to keep an eye on everything. Kali uses her twin swords with extreme precision, taking many Kree down before they even know it.

Vali, the God of Speed, runs through the Kree with his daggers down, his speed doing most of the work for him, while Narfi, the Winter God uses his Staff as a blunt weapon to prolong the suffering of the Kree. In between, he summons ice around him, to work as defence, and to freeze his enemies.

Manasi uses her bow and arrow to take care of the farthest enemies, staying behind while the Close combat specialists do their jobs.

Lila and Atharva, the children of Theos, take use their axes to hack into anyone that comes close, while sending the axes flying to attack anyone trying to attack from afar.

Yamini, the Goddess of Death and the wife of Lila, waves between the Kree, stabbing them with conjured Dark Magical daggers, that rot their skins with just one hit, turning them into her own soldiers. These Soldiers then attack their own former compatriots, corrupting them too.

Siddhi, the Goddess of War, and the wife of Jormungandr, uses her double bladed axe, and her superior strength, to kill Accusers and Kree alike, leaving no space to defend themselves.

Gauri, her daughter, and Atharva's wife, had taken control over the mind of hundreds of Kree, a few Accusers included, and used them to attack her share of enemies, not moving from her spot at all. Anyone that tried to attack her turned on their friends, suddenly in love with the Goddess of Love.

She did not like Death, and would have preferred to stay at home like Bali, but alas, these people were going to attack their planet. She Loved her planet, and her Love for the Life on her own planet, trumped her Love for Life in general.

The Accusers try and use their Cosmi Rods, or the Universal Weapon in Dinar's case, but no matter what they do, the weapons in the hands of these 11 beings were too superior to anything they had ever seen. Every attack was either absorbed by those weapons, or reflected back towards them.

Most of the Accusers, 800 of them in fact, had stayed behind, thinking the rabble enough to deal with the Heretics, but within 10 minutes, they find themselves frozen in shock, the remaining Kree either dead, or dying. But that wasn't all, the two Gigantic beings from before had also come to the planet, the ships all destroyed.

Dinar looks at them with anger, and says, "You will pay for that!"

One of the Accusers, taking this proclamation of anger as a signal to attack runs towards the leader of these Beings, and swings his Cosmi Rod at his head. The Being lets it hit, and Dinar sees the head of the being snap to his side.

Alas, that was all the weapon did.

"Huh." The being says, turning to look up again, not a single drop of blood in sight. Twitching his mouth a few times, he says, "I actually felt that. Good on you, Kree."

And before the Accuser can flee, a hand punches through the Accuser armour, and through the body of the Accuser, coming out the back, with his heart in it. Smirking, the Demon, and what else could he be, says, "But it isn't enough to harm me, Kree."


The death of one of their own, and that too so easily, must've been quite shocking, since the Accusers stay silent. Taking my cue, I hug Chhaya to my side, and both of us walk a few steps forward.

Looking over the Accusers, I ask, "Is this the Strength of the Accusers? Is that it? Pity. I expected more from the Corps that manages to keep the Grandmaster at bay. But I think he must have been amusing himself that day. Why else would he surrender his slaves to someone as.. weak, as you."

I don't just plan on killing the Accusers, I plan on breaking their morale. Everything that's happening here is being sent to the Kree Capital, for the Supreme Intelligence, and the Kree Emperor to see. No one else will, but those two will be enough for now.

They will know, that their Accuser Corps lost to 13 people of extraordinary strength.

I turn away from the now angry Kree, look at Lila, and the other Gods of Andalok, and say, "All yours, dear friends. Teach them a lesson they won't forget."

Lila grins wide, and jumps up into the air, her lightning surrounding her axe and her body, as she lands right in the middle of the horde. In the first jump alone, she kills dozens of Kree Accusers, all of whom are just a little bit weaker than her.

They could give the current Cycle's Loki a run for his money, one on one, if we just compare their strengths. Lila, however, was as strong as the current Cycle's Thor, holding a weapon vastly superior to the current Cycle's Mjolnir.

The other Gods, save for Chhaya and Gauri hang back, letting the other Gods take care of the Kree Accusers.

Laying a kiss on Chhaya's forehead, I look up, where I know Sonny is transmitting from, and say, "You might be wondering why I did all this, Supreme Intelligence, Emperor Zonik, and advisors. This.. is an answer to your call of our Planet's destruction. Yes, Induk is our planet. We're all Protectors of the planet, alongside the Metal Woman, as you know her, and we are watching. The next time you try to attack Induk, we won't just destroy the attacking force. We will come to Hala, and destroy each and every planet under Kree rule. This is not a threat. It's a Promise. The Promise of Theos. Stay away from Induk, and you wilk survive."

And then, just as Lila breaks the neck of Dinar, the leader of the Accuser Corps, the transmission ends, our lesson ending with it. We aren't all unharmed, however, and I see a lot of wounds healing.

Lila herself has a big scar running down her chest, which I immediately heal by sending Cosmic Energy through it. She has a few broken bones too, and a crack in her skull, which I heal along with it.

Hugging my daughter close, I hand her to her wife, Yamini, and go to heal Atharva. Patting his shoulder, once he's healed enough, I say, "You did good, son. I'm proud of you."

Atharva smiles, and joins Gauri as she starts fussing over him. I smile, thankful that he's happy with his life. Sometimes, I know, that he feels as if I don't love him, as if I love Lila more, just because she's the daughter of the woman I love.

But it isn't the truth. I love Lila and Atharva equally, and am equally proud of them. Which is why I was yet to give the reigns to a single one of them. When I retire, I will give rule over different duties to the both of them, with a schedule change every few centuries or something.

Feeling someone hug me from behind, I turn to Chhaya, and ask, "Enjoyed yourself?"

Chhaya hums, and says, "Not as much as I enjoyed killing the Dark Elves, no, let alone those Black Berserkers. That.. was satisfactory."

I chuckle, remembering the short war we had with the Dark Elves. That was almost 10,000 years ago, when the Dark Elves were just beginning their crusade against the Light of the Universe.

The 9 Realms were still new then, Asgard just developing after the birth of Bor 5000 years ago. He had born out of the planet Asgard itself, which had formed as flat as it previously was. And then, he built Asgard by his own hand over thousands of years, each drop of his fallen sweat giving rise to a new Asgardian.

And when he was crowned King, he used his self learned Sorcery to turn the Asgardians into stable beings, gave them proper life, souls.

The Dark Elves began with the 9 Realms, their higher numbers giving them enough space to attack all of them simultaneously, and still send a force 200,000 strong to attack us, a planet full of Gods, as they'd found out.

Many Andal lives were lost that day, just by virtue of being there, and that is what inspired me to hold the Kree battle elsewhere.

Kissing her on the lips, I say, "I might need to go to Terra soon. Wanna come with?"

Chhaya frowns, and asks, "Are you sure? You do know that the Gods still hate you? Even if they might not remember you."

I wave my hand, dismissing the worry, and say, "The Gods can't do anything to harm me. And besides, it'll be fun. The Kree will no doubt be looking for more power thanks to my threat, and Terra is home to not one, but two Infinity Stones, and it has a dormant portal to the third Stone. If they do what I'm sure they will, then Earth will be one of their Targets soon."

"And the Gods of Earth are too afraid of the Sky Gods to do anything to help the Humans." Chhaya says, finishing my thoughts on the matter.

I nod, and looking at the rest of my Gods, regaling each other with their tales, I say, "Besides, as this battle just proves, Induk is in good hands."

Chhaya smiles at that, knowing it to be true. Our Gods have gotten stronger, far stronger than what I would have expected. Jormungandr, Lila, Atharva, Siddhi, were all strong enough to take on Thor, Loptr was a match for the current Sorcerer Supreme in terms of Magic, and Yamini, while not a match for the Strength of Hela, was definitely superior in terms of using Necromancy. And the rest weren't pushovers either. They were all strong in their own way, some more obvious than others.

Nodding, she says, "Will you be telling mother?"

I smile, and say, "No.. let's give her a surprise, why don't we? She should be at Camp, no? We'll visit her there."

I'm going to Earth again, and it's not just because I'm afraid the Kree will go after the Infinity Stones. It is about time, the Plot starts, isn't it?

Yes, it's all for the plot.


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What will the consequences of this battle be? Will the Kree learn their lessons? Or will they try to mount another attack on Induk?

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