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"I overlay the Link monster Galatea the Orcust Automaton to Xyz summon Dingirsu, the Orcust of Evening Star", I began saying as I did my plays. "I then activiate Dingirsu's effect; when it's special summoned, I get to send your Divine Arsenal AA-Zeus to the grave, and since it has only 1 overlay left, it can't use its effects anymore. Now, my Topologic Bomber Dragon attacks your Zoodiac Drident, in which you receive damage equal to your monster's ATK after it's destroyed by battle. Also, you can't destroy my Topologic, since it has I:P Masquerena as Link material."

I said, prepared for the attack. I'll definitely win, my opponent didn't have any resources left to use.

"...I surrender. You win."

My opponent raised his hands on the air as he gave up. His Zoodiac Drident didn't have any overlay units left, and his Spell/trap zones only had a Zoodiac Barrage face-down. Nothing on his board could stop my attack.

I won. I won the final match.

I had reached 1st place in the OCG tournament in my country, all while using a deck that was heavily hit by Konami.

Well, at least my Orcust deck was still alive, as long as Harp Horror wasn't banned, at least. That card was so broken, even if it was limited.

I shuddered when I remembered when Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon wasn't banned, back when Harp Horror and Girsu Mekk-Knight weren't limited yet. I still remembered my impotence when I couldn't do anything against Orcust's quick and graveyard effects.

I still wished I could have used my Orcust deck at full power, back when some of the cards hadn't been hit yet, back when I couldn't afford to buy them. That was my only regret.

But oh well.

I received the trophy and went home.

The award was quite good, actually. Besides money and a trophy, a Salamangreat set that contained all cards of the Salamangreat archetype was awarded to me. It was just a matter of adding some more staple cards and it could become a great deck to use. For me, it was a dream come true.

Soulburner was my most favourite character in YuGiOh, possibly ever. He had the best character development in Vrains, in my opinion. The flame duelist was also the luckiest guy, too. He had the best waifu in Vrains, after all, which was his childhood friend named Kiku. If I was a girl, I would totally be heads over heels for him. He was the character I could relate the most in real life, to be honest.

I couldn't afford to buy 2 decks at the same time. Saving for Orcust took me a lot of work, after all, but it was still the best investment I've ever made. Thanks to it, I was in possession of a powerful Salamangreat deck, and I didn't even need to pay a single coin for it.

But I wanted to possess a deck that wasn't used by any of the YuGiOh characters.

That's why I decided to sell the Salamangreat set right away. It was quite easy when many duelists were interested in the pack. All cards there had the highest rarity possible, hence the reason why I earned a lot of money.

But I was a damm simp, I used all my savings to buy an Invoked Dogmatika deck with Shaddoll archetype and some engines for my deck. But whatever, I was still happy.

With all the awards in my backpack, I went to home with a smile in my face.

I was so happy, in fact, that I didn't even realize I was going to be hit by a speeding car.

"Oh, sh-"



Well, that fucking hurt.

So this was what my cat felt when she was hit before my eyes. Man, I felt sorry for her.

Well, luckily for me, it was just less than half of a second. All the light before my eyes suddenly disappeared, just as soon as it arrived.


"...Where am I ?"

Something didn't feel right.

Why was my hair long?

And was I shorter?

I found myself on a bed, located on a strange room. Well, the room didn't feel strange at first. It was quite average, actually.

For a girl, at least. That's what was strange.

There was a girl uniform on the hanger. The walls were painted with a navy blue color, a dark ceiling hanging above to match. There was a desk and a chair in the corner of the room, a tablet sitting above the wooden furniture. Beside it were many make-up accessories inside a box.

I stood up to get the tablet.

The first thing I saw in tablet's reflection was a confused girl.

...Wait, what?

I picked up the mirror on the table.

Reflected in the mirror was a beautiful girl with long, dark blue hair and olive-colored eyes.

Shit, why did my head suddenly hurt so much?

Countless flashing images, new information, and memories were pouring in my mind like a relentless downpour. I had to hold my head to try and bear the intense pain.

Eventually, it stopped. I let go of my head while I recollected myself.

Thanks to the pain that lasted like a century, I finally knew who I was and where I was.

My new name was Kamishirakawa Kiku.

Yes, Kiku, that childhood friend and Homura Takeru's, aka Soulburner's, love interest. According to the memories I had just received, Takeru told me goodbye yesterday and went to Den City. He also asked me to take care of his grandparents in the meantime.

Well, this was interesting. I was in a YuGiOh world, more precisely VRAINS world. This was the dream of many YuGiOh hardcore fans, including me. Maybe I ended up being a girl in the process, but I didn't care too much about that. Girl or boy, I was still a human; that was all that mattered to me. Besides, after spending 19 years of my life as a boy, maybe living as a girl for a change wouldn't be a bad thing.

I took the tablet and returned to my bed, tripping onto something on the way and falling. Luckily, I ended up slamming my face into the bed's soft pillow.

But my tablet wasn't that lucky. It slammed into the ground and made a crack sound. When I picked it up, there was a crack visible on the screen.

Well... shit.

Kiku's- my 4 months of part-time work were wasted, all because of my clumsiness.

The tablet was still usable, but the crack made me feel quite... disturbed. I wanted to fix it as soon as possible.

I decided to put away the thing that made me trip. However, I was shocked when I saw what it was.

It was my backpack, my old backpack.

It was heavy, it had something in it. I opened the bag to see what it was.

Yes, fucking yes. My card case deck box, and all the cards, were inside. All my Invoked Dogmatika, Shaddoll and Orcust deck were here.

Heheh boy. Konami's banlist wasn't applied here. That meant that I could use the full potential of both my Invoked Dogmatika and Orcust deck. Both were now at their full power.

But so were Altergeist, Salamangreat and Trickstar decks, especially Trickstar. Besides, I remembered the other decks that weren't released in the OCG yet, such as the Armatos Legio and Hydradrive archetype, which were used by the villains. Those were both powerful and unpredictable.

I should avoid dueling against those decks' owners. Losing in this world costed you very much.

I decided to fix my cracked tablet and buy a duel disk to access VRAINS, this world's VR network. I could afford to buy it; duel disks weren't very expensive in this world.

Fuck it, I was so thrilled. If anything ended up happening to me, Playmaker would definitely save me with the power of friendship and the heart of the cards. He was the main character, after all.

Man, I was so excited.


Eventually, I was sitting in my room again, both my fixed tablet and a new duel disk at hand.


According to the user manual, using the device was quite simple. I just had to set the Deck into the Duel disk, after it had its notifications activated, and access Link VRAINS by using its voice sensor. The avatar was made based on your imagination, but your distinct features were still the same, such as your voice, body size, and gender. But all those restrictions could be removed if you hack into the network to change your appearance.

Or if you have a brother that was in a high position in the VRAINS' VR company.

As expected from YuGiOh technology.

I decided to set my Orcust deck first, especially since I was more familiar with it. It was my favorite deck for not only its power, but also because of the lore of the World Legacy/Orcust archetype. It was the best YuGiOh lore I had ever read.

No Dark Warrior or Lunalight Orcust yet.

"Into the VRAINS", I muttered.

Right after that, I was in a new place filled with people of various shapes and appearances.

My created avatar was based on the idea of Maiden with Eyes of Blue, all complete with white, long braided hair, aquamarine blue eyes, and a silky white dress. Kisara was my most biased waifu in YuGiOh, back when I was still alive. I even had 7 copies of her card form.

And so I wandered through the vast, populated network. Maybe during this time Takeru was trying to find Playmaker in the network. I may even stumble onto him.

Well, the Link VRAINS network was bigger than I previously thought, so maybe not.

I was wandering through the street while was still awe at the details of VR world. I never experienced VR in my old life. But I thought it was nothing compared to this.

Takeru went to Den City yesterday, so I didn't know if he had already created his avatar and logged in yet.

I hoped I could stumble into him inside this VR world.

Dammit Kiku, just how much did you crush on him?

"You sure are lost, aren't you dear?", spoke up a concerned voice, bringing me out of my thoughts. "Do you need some help navigating through here, beautiful maiden?"

A tall, skinned man with gray hair and blue eyes with a white suit and yellow outline approached me. He seemed like a kind man, sporting a gentle, worried expression on his face.

But I knew his true personality.

Spectre's true personality, to be exact.

Why he was here, though? I didn't think I would run into him this early.

"Thank you very much, mister", I bowed. I then continued while looking at him, "I want to find an avatar of a man named Ryoken. I need to find to him and discuss important matters, more specifically about somebody called Ai."

I was straight to the point.

My first priority when coming here was to find a way to contact Revolver, Ryoken's VRAINS avatar.

Why? Because he had the most resources and was the most intelligent person I knew here besides Ai. I needed him to save Takeru from being defeated by Bohman, and also persuade him into not destroying the Ignis besides Lightning and Windy (if he couldn't be saved). I didn't want Takeru to be sad anymore because of Flame's possible death.

Wait, why did I feel like I wanted to protect Takeru and his Ai partner?

Dammit, stupid teenage hormones; Kiku had a huge crush on Takeru. All her feelings and memories were transfered to me, so everything she felt, I would end up feeling too.

But oh well, if I couldn't have a waifu, then I'll just end up becoming a waifu myself. That was normal, right?


After my blunt remark, Spectre's face changed slightly, but he quickly reverted to his jovial mask and responded, "I'm sorry, young girl. I don't really know what you're sayi-"

"Cut the crap, Spectre. The rule of Link VRAINS is that the winner takes everything, right? If I were to challenge you a duel, would you accept it? Or would you back down because of your cowardice?"

I taunted the white-haired man, to which he laughed in response.

"You sure are interesting", Spectre remarked as he recomposed himself. "However, your taunts don't work on me, dear. You don't have anything you can offer me, after all."

As expected from Revolver's right-hand man, he knew how to handle this situation.

"If I say that I know the real indentity of the other person besides Playmaker that possess an Ignis, would you accept my challenge? I swear on my soul that I'm not bluffing."

Take the bet, Spectre. Sorry Takeru, sorry Flame, but I need you guys as my betting chip.

Fortunately, it seemed Spectre was interested in the new information.

"...Ok, I accept", spoke up the tall man. "But if you are bluffing, then you will regret it, trust me."

Hook, line, and sinker.

I raised my left hand to prepare to duel.

"But this place is quite crowded, you see", Spectre continued. "I suggest going to another place to resolve this, somewhere more... quiet."

He was right. Everywhere we turned had at least one person in every corner.

"...Alright", I accepted.

Spectre waved his hand, to which a portal appeared behind him. He then walked inside, me following him afterwards.


The place we ended up entering had many abandoned buildings and a desolate atmosphere to match. VRAINS technology was something else for sure; somehow I felt cold despite being in a virtual network.

I bet 5 dollars that this place was the place where Spectre defeated Blue Angel.

"I defeated Blue Angel right at this place, and soon enough I'll do the same for you."

The easiest 5 dollars of my life.

"I was only perusing through the network for a quick stroll, but I didn't expect to find someone as interesting as you. I want to know your name, dear. If you entertain me enough, then maybe I'll remember it."

Spectre then raised his hand, and so did I.

"My name is Kisara. Remember the name of the person who will defeat you."

Somehow this world had the Master Rule 5 format, which seemed odd to me. I thought this world still used the Master Rule 4 format.

"We will decide the first turn by a coin toss", offered the white-haired man as he materialized a quarter into his hand. "Do you accept that?"

"I accept. I choose heads."

"Then I chose tails."

The coin flipped in the air and then...


Shit. Spectre's deck was stronger if he went first.



We both shouted as we drew 5 cards in our hands, signifying the start of our duel.

Kisara: 4000 LP

Spectre: 4000 LP

"I will go first", began Spectre as he looked at his hand. "First, I activate the spell card Unexpected Dai. It lets me special summon 1 level 4 or lower Normal Monster from my Deck if I control no monsters on my field."

He was going to summon his Sunseed Genius Loci.

"I won't allow it. I discard Ash Blossom and Joyous Spring. It negates an effect of special summoning from the Deck once per turn."

A cute kemonomini appeared above me and smiled smugly at Spectre. The spell card he activated was then negated and destroyed.

"You had a good card. Maybe you're more entertaining than I previously thought. But alas, you can't stop me. I activate the quick-play spell card, Seed of Deception. It allows me to special summon 1 level 2 or lower Plant-type monster from my hand. I special summon Evil Thorn (100 ATK - 300 DEF)."

Well, 300 points of damage were coming.

"I now activate Evil Thorn's effect", continued Spectre. "I can tribute this card to inflict 300 points of damage to you. Then, I get to special summon up to 2 copies of Evil Thorn my Deck in attack position. Of course, I can only activiate their damage effect once per turn."

This wasn't good. He had 2 monsters for a Link summon. He was a great duelist, and my disruption wasn't good enough to stop him. If he had a good starting board, then it would be extremly difficult to defeat him.

Kisara's LP: 4000-3700

I needed to disrupt him some more.

"And I still haven't normal summoned yet. I summon Lonefire Blossom (500 ATK - 1400 DEF)."

I won't allow him to summon his Sunseed Genius Loci. That was the key card of his deck.

"I activate a trap card from my hand, Infinite Impermanence", I spoke up. "I can activiate it from my hand if I don't have a monster on my field. This card can target and negate the effect of 1 face-up monster on the field until the end of the turn. I choose to negate your Lonefire Blossom's effects."

White smoke appeared and covered Lonefire Blossom, desaturating the plant from its effects.

"You're trying to disrupt my strageties again", noted the tall man. "It seems that you know about my deck. You are definitely better than I thought. I set one card and end my turn."

Spectre's hand size: 0 cards

I prevented him from summoning Sunseed Genius Loci, good. That was my first advantage in this duel.

"My turn, I draw."

Turn 2, Kisara's Turn

The 4 cards in my hand were quite good. This world's format only assigned 4000 LP to each duelist. I think I can OTK him this turn. He didn't have any cards in his hand, after all.

But his set card was quite disturbing.

"I activate the spell card, Reinforcement of the Army. It lets me add 1 Level 4 or lower Warrior monster from deck to my hand. I add Armageddon Knight with this effect."

He didn't have any disruption strategies; I forgot this was Vrains world, and not real life when I always waited for the opponent to disrupt my combo. Nibiru the Primal Being, Ash Blossom Joyous Spring, Effect Veiler, Infinite Impermanence, Droll Lock Bird,... your choice.

"I then activate the spell card, Orcustrated Return. By sending 1 Orcust or World Legacy from my hand or face-up field to the graveyard, I can draw 2 cards. I send Orcust Cymbal Sketeton to the graveyard and draw."

Kisara's hand size: 4 cards

"I then normal summon Armageddon Knight (1400 ATK - 1200 DEF) and activate its effect. Once per turn, I can send 1 DARK monster from my Deck to the graveyard. I send Destiny HERO - Malicious from my Deck to the graveyard with this effect."

"That's quite a weird Deck you're using", noted Spectre.

I will finish you right here, and wipe away that smug face of yours.

"Now I'll finish you right here, Spectre. I'll make you pay for your arrogance."

"Looks like you are too overconfident, little girl", the man taunted. "So try it, attack me."

His set card was a dangerous card, 100%.

I must get rid of it.

"I special summon Destiny HERO - Malicious (800 ATK - 800 DEF) by banishing a copy from the grave. Appear, circuit from another dimension. Arrowheads confirmed. The summoning conditions are 2 monsters with different names. I set both Destiny HERO - Malicious and Armageddon Knight in the Link portal. Link summon, appear, Knightmare Phoenix (1900 ATK - Link 2)."

Honestly, I didn't like chanting, it took away too much time for me. During chanting time, I just wanted to prepare my board and end Spectre quickly. But if I didn't chant properly, the circuit for Link summoning wouldn't appear.

So incovenient.

A red phoenix then appeared on my side of the field, spreading its fiery crimson wings while letting out a proud cry. This was one the most popular Link monsters in my old world, and I could understand why.

The monster did look beautiful thanks to the VRAINS system, though. Man, was the real world missing out on this.

"I now activate Knightmare Phoenix's effect", I continued while pointing at Spectre's face-down card. "By discarding a card, I get to destroy 1 spell/trap you control. I discard Glow-Up Bulb from my hand, so say bye bye to your set card."

The set card was Sunavalon Glorious Growth. What a dangerous trap card.

"You cannot win me in this turn, even if my trap card was destroyed", spoke up the white-haired man confidently. "I still have three monsters on my field even if they're in attack position. Your monster can't end me immediately. By the time you've assembled a semi-decent board to defeat me, I would've already won. You have no chances of winning."

"...Are you sure about that?"

"Excuse me?"

Man, it felt good saying that.

"I use Glow-Up Bulb's effect", I continued. "By sending the top card of my Deck to the grave, I'm allowed to special summon it to the field (100 ATK and DEF)."

I chuckled a little before studying my side of the field. Maybe I overestimated him, or maybe I was lucky that he was bricked and I had good starting hand. It didn't matter much at this point.

It was his fault he didn't have Called by the Grave or Crossout Designator, after all.

"You are naiver than I think, Spectre. I've only used 40% of my cards up to now. You don't realize how many cards I mill to the grave all the time. Besides, today is a lucky day for me. You have no chances to win at all."

It was true, the card that was dumped into the graveyard by Glow-up Bulb's effect was Gizmek Orochi, the Serpentron Sky Slasher.

"So show me, I want to see your abilities", Spectre said, his eyes very focused on me. Maybe he figured out that my deck was mainly using graveyard effects.

But then again, almost anyone can tell that.

Well, I'll just show him a little taste of the monster that belongs to his boss.

"I special summon Gizmek Orochi, the Serpentron Sky Slasher (2450 ATK - 2450 DEF) to my field from the Graveyard by banishing 8 cards face down from the top of my deck."

Spectre's facial appearance has now changed noticeably. Wow, I didn't know his face was that scary when... you know.

"Yes, yes. Show me more, this is much more interesting than I've previously imagined. Why haven't I discovered such a strong duelist as you earlier? I must report this to Revolver immediately."

Maybe I broke him too much. Wow, he was one of the most powerful duelists in network and he was already going to lose on the second turn. Luckily he wasn't Go Onizuka or anyone like that.

"...Do you want to surrender?", I asked. "Looking at you like this makes me not want to deal the final blow to you."

"I haven't seen the whole thing yet", he wailed. "I know that you have a powerful Link 4 monster waiting to come out. I want to see it before my defeat. Please accept my desires."

Well, then I will grant your wish, Spectre. He was totally a masochist. What kind of duelist was willing to receive that much battle damage even if their opponent had a lot of monsters on the field?

But oh well. You asked, so you'll receive.

"As you wish, then. Circuit from the different dimension, appear. Arrowheads confirmed, the summoning condition is at least 2 effect monsters. I set Knightmare Phoenix, Glow-Up Bulb, and Gizmek Orochi, the Serpentron Skyslasher into the Link portal. Link summon. Appear before me, Link 4, Topologic Zeroboros (Link 4 - 3000 ATK)."

Spectre jaw then dropped as his expression changed again, and I couldn't blame him. The monster I summoned was a Cyberse type. The most important thing was that this card was supposed to be in his boss' possession.

"H-How?", the man stuttered. "Who really are you...?"

Spectre couldn't believe it. How did this girl know so much and have a powerful deck? And especially this card, how did this girl obtain it?

"If you want to know, then you must defeat me", I stated. "Of course, you don't have any chances to do that anymore. Topologic Zeroboros's effect: it gains 200 ATK for each banished card. There's a total of 9 banished cards, so it gains 1800 ATK."

Spectre could only watch as the opposing monster slowly grew in size, staring him down with oppressive intent.

Topologic Zeroboros' ATK: 3000 - 4800

The white haired man subconsciously stepped back as I continued:

"Topologic Zeroboros attacks Evil Thorn. Final Disorder Code."

Topologic Zeroboros spread out it's orange wings, unleashing a shower of pure energy towards the tall man and his plant. A wide explosion then ensued throughout the field, Spectre blasting away from the impact of the attack. I won.

Spectre's LP: 4000-0

Winner: Kisara

...I actually won. Wow. My first victory in this world was against a strong opponent. Even though he was bricked and I had Atem-level luck on my side. But it was still a victory nonetheless.


Stardust Road

Inside the room with a beautiful view to the sea, there sat a boy with white hair and light-blue eyes, sipping his coffee away while looking at the computer screen in front of him.

That was the leader of the infamous Knights of Hanoi, Revolver.

Spectre was on the ground, almost in an unconscious state, and opposite to him was a girl with long, white-braided hair wearing a white dress. On her field, there was a monster with 5800 ATK.

Topologic Zeroboros, more specifically.

It intrigued him that Spectre's opponent summoned a high-ATK monster. Not many duelists were that powerful. But what surprised him even more was that only he was supposed to have that monster. And yet there stood (or floated) Topologic Zeroboros, being used by another mysterious person.

Of course, Revolver hadn't used the monster yet, not even against Playmaker in their final duel atop the Hanoi Tower. Topologic Zeroboros was supposed to be his final trump card, when there was no backing down anymore. He still couldn't believe he lost that duel.

And yet, a strange girl had his card in her first day in the network. He was sure she hadn't logged in the Link VRAINS network ever before.

Or did she hide her traces like Playmaker? No, this was the first time he saw someone like her.

"You exceeded my expectations, Spectre", Revolver or Ryoken mused to himself. "Your mission was gathering information, after all, not actually winning the duel. Even if you had won, I would have definitely come to find her."

He sipped his coffee again before taking out his deck and looking at it.

Ryoken looked at every card in his Deck, and stopped when he saw his Topologic Zeroboros card. He then frowned as he recalled what he just saw.

"...Kisara, huh. I want to know how you've obtained that card, and what your strange Deck is all about."

He couldn't pinpoint her strategy with accuracy, Spectre was defeated too quickly. But he could guess that her Deck was heavily reliant on milling cards to the graveyard to use their effects.

Ryoken then opened a new tab. On it was a picture of a girl with dark-blue hair and olive-colored eyes. Next to her was a boy with white and red hair gelled backwards.

"A girl who's is the childhood friend of a Lost incident victim, and someone who uses a Topologic card. Interesting."

The blue-eyes man then spoke to himself, "Maybe I need you guys again. Baira, Faust, Genome."

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