"I won, Spectre", I declared as I approached him. "Now, tell me how to contact your boss, and make sure he answers my call."

Spectre was struggling on his knees, trying to stand up and face me.

"To be honest, though", I continued, brushing my hair off to the side. "You're a great duelist, you were just unlucky that I drew 2 disrupting cards at the beginning of the duel."

I brought out my hand to help the tall man stand up.

But he didn't accept it.

"...Where did you get it?"

He muttered, so lowly that almost no one could hear.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?"

I was quite shocked. Spectre was usually very arrogant and almost never wavered, as far as I knew. But now he looked very vulnerable and couldn't believe what was happening.

It was weird seeing him like this.

"Where did you get it?", Spectre repeated as he stood up to face me. "That Link 4 monster card."

Oh, he only cared about that? I thought he couldn't accept his defeat.

"I told you, I would reveal my secrets if you won against me in our duel", I answered. "But you couldn't even play your second turn against me."

I told him the harsh truth that he was OTKed by me, right in the second turn of the duel. I didn't need to rub it in his face, but I decided to do so anyways.

Spectre then signed before responding, "Ok, I promise. Considering you know the real name of Revolver, I can't just let an event like this pass. Especially with that monster card of yours."

"Can I trust you?", I asked warily, "As far as I know, you used hostages during your duel against Playmaker."

I knew that Spectre wasn't as noble as Revolver.

"I can guarantee you about that, Kisara", A new voice suddenly spoke up behind us, both me and Spectre looking at the source of said voice.

There was an avatar of a man standing there behind us. He had grey hair and red highlights on the sides, sporting light-blue eyes and fair skin behind a mask visor. He also wore a white jumpsuit and earrings.

"Revolver", I said, noting that this was his second avatar. The day was suddenly much more interesting than I imagined. I never thought I could win a duel against an elite Knight of Hanoi and meet his leader right after that in the same day.

Well, I didn't imagine that I would end up in the VRAINS world as a girl either, but that wasn't the point.

"I need to discuss a few more things with Spectre", spoke the hacker. "Trust me, I'll definitely come back to find you. You're an oddball I need to solve, after all. Besides, I know your friend Takeru has an Ignis with him. I will retrieve that Ignis from him as well."

Revolver then turned his back to me as a portal opened in front of him. Spectre followed suit as they both started to leave afterwards.

"Wait, Revolver!", I shouted at the hacker, we haven't finished our business yet. I needed to persuade him to join me into hunting Lightning and Bohman. Besides, he was the only person who I knew who was capable of protecting Jin Kusanagi's conciousness from being stolen by Bohman's clutches.

But before I could even reach out to him, he and Spectre were already logged out.


I slammed my fist onto the ground angrily. Ah shit, that fucking hurt.

Maybe Bohman and Lightning had already begun to plan to steal Jin's consciousness. I didn't know whether Windy had already tried to kill his originator yet or not; The Ignises had just fled out from their Cyberse World after Lightning and Bohman destroyed it, after all.

Also, considering that Takeru just had met his 'ghost' (AKA Flame) and dueled a zombie duelist to save me, (or the original Kiku, more accurately), that meant that Windy only had little time to even begin planning to kill his originator at most.

I just hoped that was still the case.

I must try to contact Revolver as soon as possible, because if do, then not only one, but possibly two lives can be saved. And if Windy hasn't made a move yet, I could still save his originator.

"Do you see them, boss? Were those Revolver and Spectre?"

"Maybe there were just some impostors; Revolver was defeated by Playmaker, remember?"

"Yeah, maybe. The man that looked like Spectre was defeated very quickly, too. The real one easily defeated Blue Angel. He can't be as bad as this guy."

I turned my head to see the two voices. It was those two news reporters, one being a bird and the other a frog.

I knew what type of mishaps those two brought.

I should already log out to not draw any more attention from anyone.


After logging out, I was now laying flat on my bed. I took out my tablet to do some research.

According to the internet, the Yokai-girl handtraps were extremely rare in this world. Somehow Called by the Grave hadn't existed yet, as well as Crossout Designator.

Well, without Called by the Grave or Crossout Designator being an issue, I could use Yokai-girls without any worries.

But Evenly Matched still existed.

I couldn't find any data of neither Nibiru, the Primal Being, Triple Tactic Talents, Dark Ruler No More, Crackdown,nor Forbidden Droplet. All the cards that had been printed after 2019 by Konami hadn't existed in this world yet.

The banlist in this world was still the same as Konami's banlist, except for some distinct card archetypes missing and such.

Oh yeah, I have to go to the Homura Resident and check on Takeru's grandparents. Takeru's grandfather was a martial arts master, but he was still very old. To be honest, I wouldn't even be surprised if he or his wife suddenly passed away. Besides, I made a promise with Takeru to take care of his grandparents.

It was now 6 p.m. Maybe I could help them with cooking and doing the laundry, too.

I began brushing my hair as I continued thinking further:

The Homura resident was next to my house, so it was no wonder the original Kiku was so close with Takeru. She (or me) was the only friend he talked to after the Lost Incident.

I hoped I could erase Takeru's pain from his heart, he was very nice to me and deserved all the happiness he could find. He trained in martial arts with his grandfather, so maybe he had a good stamina. I could just imagine how much energy he would have in bed after he takes off my clothes...

...Wait, hold up.

What was I just thinking?

Why was I thinking about having sex with him? I was a boy before. Did this thought count me as a bisexual?

Dammit, stupid teenage hormones. I only knew Kiku based on the information I had from both the series and Takeru's perspective. I didn't know the original Kiku's crush was this extreme, though.

Gender bending was so confusing.

Speaking of the series, Ai stated that if he wasn't only survivor of the Ignis species, then he wouldn't have planned to bring the world to its destruction and cause Yusaku's death.

I must save at least one other Ignis except Lightning. I don't know if I can save all of them or not, but at least one Ignis must survive with Ai.

It's the least I could do right now.

"Mom, I'll go to Takeru's house", I said as I prepared to leave towards the door. "I'll help his grandparents with the cooking and household chores."

"Ok, then", My mom said from the living room. "Don't return too late, Kiku."

I then left the house as I took a few steps towards my friend's house. I didn't take long before I was in front of the Homura Resident's gate. I pressed the door bell and waited for a response.

Eventually, an old woman opened the gate as she began speaking, "Ah, Kiku-chan, you don't need to go here everyday. We can't pay you back after all the things you have done for us."

It was Takeru's grandma.

"No no, this is my own decision", I responded. "I love your family and enjoy being here. You two are the best people I have met, after all."

I wasn't lying, either. Takeru's grandparents were the best. Well, at least according to Kiku's memories.

"Ok then, if you say so", She motioned me to enter inside. "Come in, sweetheart."


After dinner, Takeru's grandmother came to help me with washing the dishes.

"It's ok, Obaa-san. You don't need to do this. You should go rest."

But she didn't accept my request. She instead let out a huge sigh.

"It's fine, sweetie."

"Well, okay..."

"Takeru was everything I had left, you know", Takeru's grandma changed topics. "On the exact day his parents were found dead, I felt like the whole world collapsed before me. Not only my grandson, but also my children left me too. But some miracles happened, and Takeru was rescued. All I knew was that some anonymous person contacted the police and rescued him. I just hoped I could express my gratitude to him or her before my time comes."

Considering the rescuer's father was the main reason of Lost Incident in the first place, how she received the information was beyond me.

"I didn't know how much pain you were in, Obaa-san", I responded. "I'm so sorry". It was the best answer I could think after she confided in me.

"No, it's ok. You're so young, after all. I just hope you won't have to endure the same pain as we did", granny responded. "Besides, my husband is waiting for you in the living room. He has something to discuss with you."

"But the dish... Obaa-san."

"Just go, dear", She said. "This is an important matter."

Well, maybe I should listen to her.

I left the kitchen to go to the living room, where Takeru's grandfather was drinking tea in a mat of some sort.

"Oh there you are, Kiku. Sit, I have something to say."

After I sat down comfortably, Takeru's grandpa began the conversation.

"Kiku, do you want to go study in the city?"

Wait what?

"Huh? What happened, Jii-san?", my eyes went wide as I asked.

"I can't blame you for being surprised, especially since I was very surprised at first, too", he responded. "30 minutes ago, your mother told me she that received this letter."

Jii-san then gave me a letter, to which I opened.

It was a scholarship application.

For Den City's High School.

Ok, what was happening? This wasn't supposed be in the original script.

Why the hell was I given a scholarship to enter Den City High School?

If I remembered correctly, Kiku had never participated in any type of scholarship application.

"That school is where Takeru's studying right now, isn't it?", Jii-san asked. "I'm so worried about him. After a long time absent from school, I don't know how he's doing."

Really, Jii-san? Did you really need to make me feel guilty? C'mon, you didn't need to do that.

"Yeah, he's in that school", I responded. "At least from what he has told me."

"Do you accept the scholarship?", Gramps asked me with so much hope in his eyes. How could I say no to those eyes? Please stop, I'm begging you.

"But you guys are old...", I said hesitantly.

Jii-san let out a big laugh in response.

"Let me guess. My grandson asked you to look after us, right?", gramps said amusingly. "I'll tell you what, contact him when you get to the city, and tell him to try to win me in judo. Then I will consider whether I am old or not. But we'll always appreciate you for everything you have done for us."

"Thank you, Jii-san. I will think about it."

Jii-san looked at the clock and sighed before saying, "It's late, you should go home or your parents will be worried. I must admit, I always wanted someone like you as my granddaughter."

Did he just say that he wanted me marry Takeru indirectly? Or was I just imagining things? I mean, I wasn't exactly against it, but-

Maybe it was only my imagination.

"Thank you very much, Jii-san", I stood up as I prepared to leave. "Maybe I should go home now. Good night."

"Good night, Kiku."

After that, I went back to my house.


"That school is where Takeru is studying, right? If that's so, then why don't you go to your boyfriend's school? You now have a chance to do so", asked Hana as she walked beside me.

She was just one of the side characters in the series. But she was also Kiku's best friend, so I couldn't just ignore her.

Plus that wouldn't feel right with me.

I sighed before answering, "First, he's not my boyfriend. Second, I don't know if he wants me there or not. I don't want to upset him by being there."

School classes were already finished, so me and Hana were riding the bicycle on the way home.

Going to school as someone else felt a bit weird, but since technically I'm not someone else but rather me, it was supposed to be normal. I mean, I had Kiku's mannerisms, memories, and even deep secrets. How could I prove I'm not Kiku?

Maybe it's better if I don't think about that.

"Yeah right", she scoffed. "After seeing that he didn't hesitate to save you at all, I would doubt that he wouldn't want to see you again."

"I guess so", I shrugged.

"Wait, why do you have a Duel Disk?", She suddenly asked me while pointing at the gadget in my arm. "I thought you didn't play Duel Monsters."

I couldn't just tell her that I was a YuGiOh duelist from another world. I should come up with another explanation, instead.

Good thing that I'm decent at coming up with things on the go.

"Oh, that", I began. "Takeru is dueling again, so I thought that I should give it a try. This game is very interesting, in fact."

"Ohh, I see", Hana noted.

See, I'm good at it.

But unfortunately, there were 3 deliquents standing on the road to stop us.

"Hey, isn't that the red and white haired-boy's girlfriend?", spoke up one of the guys. "I heard somewhere that your boyfriend has left you alone; it's so sad, really. Maybe he's tired of you, so why don't you come along with us?"

Oh come on, really?

I momentarily forgot that girls are ogled at frequently. Definitely weird since I haven't received that much attention back when I was a boy.

"Let's go, Kiku", Hana said as I looked at the stooges. "We don't have any reason to listen to them."

I glared at the 3 delinquents, whom all slightly backed down in fear.

Back when I was a boy, my glare scared a lot of people, even adults. Luckily, I still had this trait as a girl.

"Oh hey, is that a Duel Disk I see?", spoke up the main delinquent as he tried to ignore my glare. "Since when did you become a duelist?"

"Maybe that boyfriend of hers inspired something in the girl!", laughed off one of the other delinquents as he joined in.

"Then how about this?", asked the main delinquent as he spoke again. "I'm a generous person, so I'll give you guys a chance to escape. If you win, we'll let you two go. If you lose, you and your little friend will 'entertain' us for a little while. See, no harm in the offer."

The three delinquents then proceeded to laugh as Hana went behind me in fear.

...They wanted to duel me? Hahaha.

I let out a hard laugh in front of the delinquents.

"...Oi oi oi, is she okay?", asked one of the side delinquents. Even Hana was slightly concerned, although I couldn't see that.

Man, I haven't had a great laugh ever since I first came to this world.

But I couldn't guarantee the delinquent would keep his promise, either.

"How can I trust you?", I shot back as I recomposed myself. They had an advantage against us, yet they wanted to duel me?

"I'm a man of my word", the main delinquent proudly said as he puffed out his chest.

Oh well, their funeral.

"Ok, I accept. Hana, do you believe in me?"

"...Y-Yeah, I do", she accepted as she gave me space.


I raised my left hand l and prepared my Duel Disk, but before that:

"Believe me, if you guys don't keep your promise, I'll definitely make you regret not doing so", I threatened as I took out my two switchblades from my stockings.

Man, stockings were the best.

First lesson in martial arts: if the enemy has a dangerous weapon, flee immidiately.

The three stooges began backing down again.

"Do you want to duel or not?", I asked as I played with one of the switchblades. "I'm waiting for your answer. Oh yeah, I forgot to add. If you lose, I'll take a piece of your flesh. If you run, I'll first chase you and then take a piece of your flesh. If you win, though, I will let you guys go."

"You... you will be definitely imprisoned if you do that", stammered out the main delinquent. 1 of the side delinquents cowered in fear.

Fuck prison, I had Takeru and Flame.

If I kindly asked Takeru, Flame could cover my crime. He was an elite Ignis, after all. If he refused, then I still had Plan B from a certain white-haired boy. I had many pieces of information that he couldn't refuse.

"Oh, the two of you can go already, I just need your boss' flesh", I said while carefully licking my blades. "But if you two choose to stay, then don't complain when you end up with scars for the rest of your life."

Now I looked 100% like a yandere prepared to slaughter.

Fufu, this was getting much more interesting every second.

I wasn't even scared of these delinquents, actually. Kiku has trained with Takeru in martial arts, too. Back when Kiku was captured by the same delinquents to lure Takeru out, she let them capture her in order to make him become her shining knight in armor.

Kiku Kamishirakawa, you little devil.

So what have I learnt from experience? To not judge the book from its cover. When I first saw sweet Kiku in the series, I never thought that she was this kind of woman.

This was way better than I imagined. If I was still a boy and I knew Kiku's hidden personality, I would definitely rate her as my most favourite female YuGiOh character in the series.

After Kisara, of course.

"You can't win against me, though", The boss deliquent trembled. "You've just played few days ago, right? I'm a veteran in comparison."

"So prove it", I responded. "My blades want your blood very badly."

I was quite a sadist. Normally, I wouldn't let out these types of feelings except in certain kinds of situations. I always used to carry 2 switchblades for defense even in my old life, though I never used them for offensive purposes unless I was provoked.

"You guys aren't leaving?", I asked while seeing that the other two delinquents were still standing here. After my question, both fled immediately. The boss delinquent could only watch as his two 'friends' abandoned him.

"Choose", I demanded with a kind smile on my face. "Running to be cut or losing to be cut". The main delinquent sweated nervously, but he stood up and straighten his back.

"I-I won't lose", He bravely said.

I set my deck and activiated my duel disk. So did he.



Kiku: 4000 LP

Main Delinquent: 4000 LP

"I will let you go first", the main delinquent told me.

"Aw, how generous of you. I summon Scrap Recycler (900 ATK - 1200 DEF) in attack position. By activating its effect, I can send a machine type monster from my Deck to the graveyard. I send Jet Synchron with this effect."

Scrap Recycler's hologram then appeared before me, whirring with a mechanical noise. Wow, this world's technology never ceased to amaze me.

"I then activate Jet Synchron's effect from the graveyard. By discarding a card from my hand, I can special summon it to my field, but it's banished when it leaves."

Jet Synchron (500 ATK - 0 DEF)

"Appear, circuit from the different dimension. The summoning condition is 2 non-link monsters."

"What? You can Link summon?", The deliquent asked me in bewilderment.

Bruh, Link summoning was the easiest way of summoning. That's why Knightmare Link monsters and Firewall Dragon were heavily abused by duelists in my old world.

"Yes, I can Link summon. I set both Scrap Recycler and Jet Synchron in the Link markers. Appear, I:P Masquerena (Link 2 - 800 ATK)."

A beautiful idol then appeared on the field while throwing a peace sign. She was much more beautiful than the Trickstar archetype, in my opinion.

"I continue with Orcust Brass Bombard's effect from my graveyard. By banishing it, I can special summon an Orcust monster from my hand", I added. "But if I activate this effect, then I can't special summon monsters for the rest of this turn, except DARK monsters. I special summon Orcust Harp Horror (1700 ATK - 1400 DEF)."

Handtraps in this world were extremly rare, which was lucky for me. If I was in my old world, at least 1-2 handtraps would have been thrown at me to disrupt my combos.

"I then special summon Dark Grepher (1700 ATK - 1600 DEF) from my hand by send a level 5 or higher monster to the graveyard. I send Orcust Knightmare to the grave as a cost. Now appear before me, circuit from the different dimension."

The summoning circuit then appeared above me again, looking like the same Link Portal in the VRAINS Network.

"Arrowheads confirmed; The summoning condition includes 2 effect monsters, including 1 Orcust monster. I set both Orcust Harp Horror and Dark Grepher in the Link markers. Link summon, Galatea, The Orcust Automaton (Link 2 - 1800 ATK)."

A beautiful purple-haired android then appeared on the field.

"I now activate Galatea's effect, by targetting 1 of my banished machine monsters and shuffling it into the Deck, I can set 1 Orcust spell or trap directly from my Deck. I set and activate immediately my Field spell card Orcustrated Babel and return Jet Synchron to the Deck."

A giant tower then appeared behind me, standing proudly with an air of mystery.

"I end my turn. C'mon, draw your cards."

My opponent then... did he just let out a sigh of relief?

Really? Did you know how dangerous my board was?

"Maybe I overestimated you", He said smugly. "You're still an amateur, after all. Do you really think those two weak monsters can even scratch me?"

...Well, you'll see.

"I draw. I activate the continuous spell card Everliving Underworld Cannon. Then I activate another continuous spell card, Call of the Mummy. Once per turn, when I control no monsters, I can special summon a Zombie monster from my hand. Appear, Despair from the Dark! (2800 ATK - 3000 DEF)."

A giant, foggy monster with blurry eyes appeared behind him while roaring at me.

"Everliving Underworld Cannon's effect activates! Once per turn, when a Zombie monster is special summoned to my side of field, I can inflict you 800 points of damage!"

Kiku's LP: 4000-3200

Why did I always end up taking effect damage at the beginning of the duel?

"Next, I normal summon Zombie Master (1800 ATK - 0 DEF). Once per turn, I can send 1 monster from my hand to the graveyard by Zombie Master's effect, and if I do, I can special summon 1 level 4 or lower Zombie monster from either player's graveyard. I special summon back Plague Wolf (1000 ATK - 1000 DEF) from the graveyard."

Zombie Master and Plague Wolf then appeared on the delinquent's field. Why he couldn't summon other Zombie monsters that were much more beautiful than these two creatures, like Mayakashi monsters, or powerful creatures like Eldlich the Golden Lord and Doomking Balerdoch?

My eyes were hurting so much from seeing this.

"I'm not done. Once per turn, Plague Wolf's ATK can be doubled (1000 ATK - 2000 ATK) in exchange of being destroyed at the End Phase. But don't worry, I will finish you right now."

Really? Why was he so confident?

With his last card in his hand, he raised it up dramatically.

"I activate the last card in my hand, my continuous spell card, Pyramid of Wonders! All Zombie-type monsters I control gain 200 ATK for each monster you control. All of my Zombie monsters gain a total of 400 ATK. Now get ready to face your defeat."

Despair from the Dark (2800 - 3200 ATK)

Zombie Master (1800 - 2200 ATK)

Plague Wolf (2000 - 2400 ATK)

If I received all those attacks, I would run out of LP.

"This is dangerous, now all of his monsters are stronger than yours, Kiku", Hana said to me worriedly. Even after seeing my sadistic display, she still stayed by my side and didn't run away.

She really was my friend.

"I told you, Hana. You can trust me", I reassured her. You're the best friend ever, Hana. I won't fail you.

I must admit, though, he was better than I expected.

But not good enough.

"Alright, game's over; Sorry about that. Appear, circuit from the different dimension, the summoning condition includes 2 or more effect monsters."

Then circuit for Link summoning then appeared, having a total of 4 Link markers. My opponent's face expressed visible shock.

"But it's my turn, so how-?"

"I:P Masquerena's effect", I answered. "I can Link summon during my opponent's main phase using materials I control, including this card, once per turn. The Link Monster using this card as material cannot be destroyed by my opponent's card effects. I set I:P Masquerena and Galatea in the Link markers."

Luckily, Revolver wasn't watching this duel. I don't know what kind of face he would make if he saw me summoning this monster.

"Link Summon. Appear before me, Topologic Bomber Dragon (Link 4 - 3000 ATK)."

This would be his end, he didn't have any cards left in his hand. Well, neither did I, but I at least had an usable graveyard.

"I then activate Orcust Harp Horror's effect from the graveyard. When my Field spell Orcustrated Babel is face-up in the Field spell zone, I can activiate Orcust monsters' effects in my graveyard and my Orcust Link monsters on the field as Quick Effects. Next, by banishing Orcust Harp Horror, I can special summon an Orcust monster from my deck. I special summon Orcust Cymbal Skeleton."

This was the end. I guaranteed that he couldn't make a comeback in any way.

"Topologic Bomber Dragon's effect activates, all monsters in the main monster zones are destroyed when another monster is special summoned to a zone my Link monster points to. Say goodbye to your zombies."

Not only his zombies, but also my Orcust Cymbal Skeleton was destroyed, too. Thank you for your service, Cymbal Sketeton and Harp Horror.

Seeing his monsters destroyed by my Bomber Dragon was like watching colorful fireworks. It was so beautiful.

"You... you turned the tables, Kiku-chan", spoke up Hana in shock.

"I told you could count on me, Hana", I smirked while watching the delinquent tremble uncontrollably.

I played with the blades in my hands, I didn't have any cards left, and my hands needed something to play with.

Wait, why was there a puddle leaking under him?


"Do you finish your turn or not?"

"I...I end my turn", concluded the delinquent.

This was so boring, let's finish this already.

"My turn, draw. I normal summon Dark Grepher from my hand. Both of my monsters attack directly."

Luckily I summoned a monster with more than 1000 ATK. I didn't have the mood to explain my Orcust monsters' effects anymore.

(Deliquent: 4000 - 0 LP)

"Ok, can I have a piece of your flesh? Don't worry. It won't hurt. I think so, at least."

I took out my blades and slowly came to where the delinquent was standing. He stepped back with visible terror in his eyes until he couldn't any more. His back was touching the wall, and everywhere surrounding him was a dead end.

He couldn't escape.

"Please, please have mercy", the delinquent begged. "I'm so sorry. I promise I won't bother you or your friends anymore, so please-"

"Sorry, the words 'forgive' or 'mercy' don't exist in my dictionary", I interrupted as I slowly walked to him with a kind, betraying smile on my face.

Just 5 steps left.

"Let him go, Kamishirakawa-san."

A deep male voice suddenly called out to me from behind, making me stop in my tracks.

I turned my head to see the voice's source.

Besides Hana stood a white-haired boy with purple-blue highlights. He was a tall, fair-skinned boy with light-blue eyes and an outstretched hand.

That was the certain rival of Playmaker.

"Oh, come on, Kogami-san", I told him. "Please don't disturb me right now. I'm enjoying this, if you can't tell."

My bloodlust was quite at a new high at the moment.

He white-haired man respnded with nothing but a raised eyebrow and crossed arms. Hana, meanwhile, was pleading on the verge of tears.

"Please stop, Kiku-chan. I'm begging you."

My little Hana-chan looked so cute right now, crying like that; Maybe I should stop. Please don't cry.

But before that...

I approached the delinquent once more and cut off a piece of his shirt. The laughable clown only whimpered even more in fear.

"Tell your two friends that the three of you mustn't tell anyone else what happened today", I threatened with a demanding voice. "If I hear any rumors about this or you guys approaching us, I'll definitely come and chase all three of you. Trust me, I will know where guys like you like to scamper off to. Next time there won't be just a cut on the shirt. Understand?"

He nodded repeatedly as a response.

"Sorry, I can't hear you", I said.

"Y-Yes, ma'am."

"Good, now go, and don't let me see neither yours nor your friends' faces ever again", I finished with a glare.

The delinquent then ran away as fast as he could, leaving only Ryoken, Hana and me.

"You should go home, Hana", I faced my friend with a smile. "I need to discuss something with him."

"My man here will escort you home, so you won't have any dangers on your way home", Ryoken explained while pointing at Faust, who was a few meters away from us.

Hana looked at me with uncertaint. I hugged her and whispered, "You can trust him, now go. The things I discuss with him involve Takeru."

Hana nodded at my response and went to Faust.

After that only me and Ryoken remained.

"So how do you have them? The two Topologic cards, I mean", Ryoken asked me straight away. "And how can a country girl like you have access to a Yokai-girl card? Those cards are so rare even I don't have them."

"It seems like you witnessed both of my duels, Ryoken", I smiled. "But first, I need you to do something for me. I also have many questions I want to ask you, too. First is about the scholarship I received earlier."

I didn't know if he would be interested in my Link 5 Borrelend Dragon or not. Legendary Gold Box was the only booster pack I bought, after all. I purchased Topologic Trisbaena and Topologic Bomber Dragon from it. Too bad I didn't get a copy of Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon.

But whatever, I was willing to use it as my betting chip.


Author's Note: Phew, I finally finished this chapter. It took me 3 days to do so.

For anyone confused why main character's deck has unique VRAINS cards like Topologic monsters, Borrel monsters, and Accesscode Talker, Kiku's cards were created by a game company in a different dimension (KONAMI, obviously). Extra Deck Cyberse cards in VRAINS, on the other hand, were created mostly from the Datastorm. I have no idea how Revolver acquired his Borrel monsters and Rokket deck. But the origin of both Kiku's cards and other the characters' cards are different, that's why they can co-exist together.

That's my setting for this fic.

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