It is a truth universally ignored that an Inked child is possetion of good common sense must be in want of their Soulmate. Generally, this is ignored for the sole purpose of mercenary parents and gentefolk who wish to make a fortuitous match with their Inked son or daughter. After being born with those tell-tale darkened fingertips, the children who have the supposed honor of a soulmate are generally thought to be a waste, when it comes to securing a profitable match. The children, commonly, do not understand the significance. And when they do, it is dwelt on in such commonality, that for a time, their thoughts seemingly stray to nothing else but their intended.

As is natural, the Inked individual will come to experiment with messaging their soulmate. Their fingertips, which are stained different colors (thought to be based on the match's overall temperament), innocently brush over their skin and, with a little concentration, they are able to stain their skin in other places; which will, naturally, appear on their Solmate's skin in an exact replica. Most leave messages of love and affection, helping to guide their soulmate through life. Some are lucky enough to meet in person! Most however, don't.

Many Soulmates despair of finding their match, while others actively avoid it. Once matched, you are unequivocally bound to that person, both in universal law and in that of the court. Inked men and women can lead perfectly normal lives (apart from the intermittent messages on their skin and not being able to marry anyone EXCEPT their Soulmate) and are even considered a step above the average person in some circles! They are thought to have a greater clarity for life, and, although this is not always true, most simply nod and aquiesse, and take the social elevation with relish.

Now, despite the seemingly endless possibilities regarding Inked communication, just like with everything else in life, there were rules of decorum that were most firmly upheld. There were the five main rules of propriety regarding the Inked. Of course, there were common courtesy ones (such as not asking an Inked person about their Soulmate and only writing in discreet, yet publicly decent areas). The four main ones were, however, as follows.

One. The male Soulmate must contact the female; not the other way around. This was to maintain SOME sense of propriety in the young children, and hopefully not introduce the two when they were too young to understand. (Of course, some Soulmate pairs were two men, or two women, for that matter, but those few who found themselves in these particular circumstances often were very discreet, though they themselves figured it out rather quickly)

Two. You must not reveal your last name. Doing so would raise false hopes and expectations, and perhaps remind you that your Soulmate was a real person, and not just a clever strand of squiggles on your arm.

Three. Soulmate communication, when it happened, was sacred. No one must interfere, and no holds should be barred between the bound. They share burdens with one another, and live to hope that one day, they may see the other's face. This is another reason for why the second rule is important. One must be completely open and pure with their Soulmate, and that entails using only Christian names.

Four. Never attempt to meet with your Soulmate by design. If by chance you meet, it will be by God's intervention. Otherwise, you will live your life as any other human would do, and simply wait for destiny to present itself. Though, that wasn't very likely, as one's soulmate could be anywhere in the world at any time.

Five. If, by some miracle, you do run into your intended, you MUST marry immediately. It is possible to avoid the binding ceremony (in which the two people touch Inked fingertips and subsequently tie their happiness to one another), but it is rare that one would wish to.

However, if, against all odds, an Inked person FINDS their Soulmate, they can no longer be happy without them. Well, after their fingertips meet, that is, and thus bind the two Souls forever. This is because once you find your intended, the world seems so incandescently right, that, if by chance, your soulmate is disagreeable in any way, you must swallow your pride and tear your prejudice to be with them. For even if you do not like them, you love them.

And that is why Miss Elizabeth Bennet never wanted to meet her Soulmate.