Chapter one: Goodbye Elem Hello Earthland

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...Valley of the end...

The valley of the end, a place that was created by the conflict between two of the most powerful Shinobi's to walk the Elemental Nations since the time of the Rikudō Sennin. Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara were gods amongst men in their time in this world and whenever these titans of the Shinobi world clashed the very landscape was changed with each battle. To commemorate their final battle, statues of them were erected in the waterfall that was created from their final clash. And so the Valley of the End was created. Their final battle would go down in history. And history has a mysterious way of repeating itself. As we now see a very similar battle occurring at the same spot.

Uchiha Sasuke the heir to the near extinct Uchiha clan stood on the base of the partially destroyed statue of Uchiha Madara. He was wearing a dark blue high collared tee-shirt with the Uchiha insignia on the back of his shirt's collar. His legs and feet were covered with white shorts , ankle wrappings and dark blue Shinobi sandals. On his forehead he wore a blue clothed Konoha issued forehead protector.

An arrogant smirk was plastered on his face due to the rush of intoxicating power of the curse mark seal of heaven. Due to the immense amount of power being given to him by the curse mark Sasuke's physical body began to change drastically. His skin gained an ashy gray hue from the normal pale complexion he had before. Resting on his nose a four pointed black star marking. The whites of his eyes had changed into a deep black like that of an abyss which highlighted his Sharingan causing them to glow ominously as the three black Tomoe markings in his eyes swirled in a clockwise motion. However the most shocking effect the curse mark had on Sasuke's body was the two hand-like wings that extruded from his back.

Standing across from the mutated form of Sasuke on the base of the Hashirama statue was Uzumaki Naruto. The last known male Uzumaki clansmen. Naruto was wearing a neon orange tracksuit with blue cloth on the shoulder areas and on the outskirts of his jacket's pocket zippers. His Kunai pouch was strapped securely to his right leg while he wore dark blue Shinobi sandals. On his head he also wore the same Konoha issued forehead protector only his headband cloth was a dark blue.

Unlike his former friend Sasuke, Naruto's visage was submerged in anger; one could even say he looked downright feral with his expression of pure rage. The fight between these two young shinobi with tainted power had taken a lot out of Naruto. The only reason he was still alive was due to the fact that he had the Kyuubi no Yoko sealed inside of him. Naruto had been drawing on the power of the chakra monster within him for the majority of their fight and the strain of the corrosive chakra had on him was becoming more noticeable by the second due to the fatigue that was clear on his face and heavy breaths.

The corrosive chakra from the Kyuubi formed a fox-like shroud around its container, with long fox ears and a fiery tail of chakra were added to the bubbling coat of vile red chakra that was on top of Naruto's body. Other than the chakra appendages, Naruto's normal appearance was changed just as drastically as Sasuke's own But not quite similar. Naruto's ocean blue eyes were dyed a deep crimson hue with his pupils becoming cat-like slits. The birthmarks on his face darkened considerably giving off the appearance of a foxes whisker marks. Both Naruto's nails and canines grew sharper and longer giving off the appearance of claws and fangs. All the changes caused by the chakra monster's corrosive chakra made Naruto appear to be a feral beast rather than the shinobi he always wanted and strived to be.

Naruto had attempted to lift his now useless left arm but failed to make it even twitch. He knew that it was a pointless effort but he tried to anyway due to instinct. Naruto, clouded by rage, wasn't sure when his arm had become useless; but he figured at some point Sasuke must have broken it with his chidori. The Kyuubi powerful and corrosive chakra must have mended the bone and wound however extended use of its poisonous chakra would have even Naruto suffer direct consequences of being in contact with it for too long.

Turning his attention back to his opponent, naruto could see and hear the tell tale signs of Sasuke's Chidori being charged up however unlike his original and normal chidori, the one being charged up now by Sasuke's hand had been corrupted by the curse marks power. The normal blue lighting was now a sickly white with the outer lighting bolts color being black. In response to the oncoming threat Naruto slowly raised his only usable hand and began forming a Rasengan. Which not surprisingly, his jutsu was just as warped as Sasuke's. As the core of his technique was a deep purple with a small second outer layer of the Kyuubi's chakra was formed around the jutsu giving it a destructive aura.

"How could you do this Sasuke?! All I wanted to do was keep my promise to Sakura-chan and stop you from becoming a rogue ninja! But you killed her!" Naruto yelled at his former comrade in anguish and rage while looking at the corpse of Sakura Haruno placed on the shore near the base of the Hashirama statue her emerald eyes still open in shock and horror after being impaled by her crush's chidori.

"You still don't get it do you Naruto?! All I ever needed from that pathetic village was power! Power that I was constantly denied from on my goal of killing my brother and avenging my clan! So when I learned how to achieve the same eyes as him it was easy enough to kill one of my close friends." Sasuke yells back furiously and arrogantly as he activates his mangekyou sharingan which has the appearance of a red and black atomic symbol.

"Raaargh...You Bastard!" Naruto screams out in rage unintentionally releasing more of the Kyuubi's chakra.

"Let's end this Naruto!" Sasuke yells before jumping towards Naruto with his Onyx Chidori.

Sensing Sasuke's imminent arrival, Naruto tenses his muscles before jumping towards Sasuke with his Vermillion Rasengan, ready to clash with his former friend one more time.

"Naruto! / Sasuke!" With the shout of their names the two shinobi clashed their jutsu aiming to kill one another.

Time had seemed to slow down as both combatants jutsu collided. Both jutsu were soon fighting for dominance over the other, in hope of ending this battle once and for all.

"(Urgh)No way!… I'm being pushed back; Am I really not going to avenge Sakura-chan's death?! No! I can't lose! I won't lose! Everyone is counting on me to bring this bastard down! I'm not going to let you reach your pal Orochimaru! I'm bringing you back to Konoha in a body bag if I have to!" Even with all his determination, Naruto knew that will power alone wasn't going to help him overcome this battle. Knowing that he would lose if the jutsu clash continued as it was. Naruto drew upon more of the Kyuubi's chakra in order to overpower sasuke and finish this fight once and for all.

During the collision of the two high level jutsu's, a sphere of chakra had begun to form around the former friends. The two attacks were nearly equal in power which started the process of stabilizing the sphere but due to Naruto's actions the delicate balance of power from both sides was destroyed. The addition of more powerful and corrosive chakra caused spiderweb cracks to form on the walls of the sphere until those cracks turned into larger cracks. The odd mixture of Bijuu chakra and the corrupted Senjutsu chakra from the cursed seal caused a distortion in the dimensional barrier of the world. With a roar of determination Naruto unleashes a final burst of Biju chakra gaining a second tail on his chakra cloak. And not realizing it the two shinobi were sucked into the dimensional distortion. Never to be seen in the elemental nations again.

...A few Minutes away from the Valley of the End...

Hatake Kakashi, elite Jonin of Konoha and the sensei of the now defunct team seven; a man known throughout the Elemental Nations as a feared shinobi for his expertise in the ninja art of ninjutsu. He had just returned from a solo mission only to be informed that one of his students defected from the village while the other two were sent with a group of four to retrieve their wayward friend. It was obvious that Kakashi had volunteered to be the squad leader of the of the relief squad that had been sent after the initial retrieval team consisting of Chunin Nara Shikamaru, and Genin's Uzumaki Naruto, Hyuuga Neji, Inuzuka Kiba, Akimichi Choji and Haruno Sakura.

The relief squad had already recovered the majority of the retrieval team. Both Akamichi Choji and Hyuuga Neji were in critical condition, suffering extensive damage in their successive gamble of terminating their enemy; they were lucky enough to be found in time, but they may not be lucky enough to survive the trip back to Konoha let alone make it through the night in intensive care. Inuzuka Kiba and Nara Shikamaru were found to be in better condition than their other teammates. The unexpected appearance of an unharmed Rock Lee near the dead body of a Kaguya clan member with the Suna jinchuriki, Subaku no Gaara guarding the Konoha Genin from the bone spikes surrounding the battlefield was a shock for Kakashi.

Tsunade asking for aid from Suna shinobi was definitely the right call as it led to the deaths of the rest of their enemies while allowing no more potential casualties. All that was left was finding his three students.

Normally that would be good news to the veteran shinobi, but he had this foreboding feeling in his stomach regarding the entire situation. This feeling caused Kakashi to break protocol and separate from the main squad on the grounds of covering more area than them. Kakashi knew if didn't reach his genin soon, something horrible was going to happen. Biting his thumb before performing a series of hand seals, Kakashi shouts "Summoning jutsu!" While slapping his palm to the ground. (Poof) a brown pug dressed as a shinobi was shown to be summoned. "Yo Kakashi what do you need?"

"No time for pleasantries Pakkun I need you to track the scents of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura asap."

"Okay… okay. (sniff) (sniff)Their scents end up ahead Kakashi. If I were to guess they're at the Valley of the End" Pakkun, Kakashi's ninja hound says

A frown had formed on Kakashi's face as he processed this information. If their scents end at the Valley of the End then that must be where their final clash is taking place. This information also meant a couple things. The first being that Kakashi had a chance to reach his students before anything catastrophic happened. Kakashi had found some morbid humor in the choice of battlefields by the last "loyal" Uchiha.

"Let's pick up the pace. I want to get there before something bad happens to those three." Kakashi said as he pumped more chakra into his legs dramatically increasing his speed.

...Valley of the End...

As Kakashi reached the valley he was stunned at the level of destruction that was brought upon the battlefield by his three students. Only one word could sum up the damage caused here, devastation. The walls of the valley had chunks of rock missing. One cliff in particular had flecks of fire still raging on the roots and granite surface. Around the base of the cliff was a much larger fire that threatened to spread to the forest if nothing was done about it. The bases of both statues had large pieces of stone missing from them. With the worst damage being at the waterfall as the back of the waterfall had been completely blown out leaving a massive hole where stone should have been.

Walking through the battleworn Valley Kakashi noticed some things he had missed with his initial scan of the battlefield. Random shuriken and kunai littered the valley, melted ninja wire fitted to different boulders and blood was caked on the cliff side. The stench of fresh blood could smelt throughout the area. The worst part of this was the only body he found was that of the dead body of his student Sakura Haruno on the shore near the Hashirama Senju statue. While neither of his other students were anywhere to be found. He had hoped to find all three of his students alive. However he was not expecting this… situation. "How could this happen?"

Pakkun remained silent as Kakashi whispered his question; as they both knew what had happened here. Sniffing the air to check if the signs of battle continued past the Valley. Only for the ninja hound to scrunch his face up in confusion.

"Kakashi" Pakkun said to get the man's attention. "Their scent ends here; I can't find any traces or trails of Naruto or Sasuke leaving this valley.

Turning to look at his summon, Kakashi gave Pakkun a questioning look. "What do you mean you can't find any trace of their scents!? They couldn't have vanished into thin air!?"

Pakkun grunted in sadness at Kakashi's panicked voice.

"I don't know what else to tell you, as all I know for sure is that their trail ends here and I can't track them any further as their scents ends here."

There was a long pause at the ninja hounds words. Neither Kakashi or his ninja hound Pakkun said anything. And what was there to be told? Two of his students were missing while the last one was dead. And with no way to track the missing two there was nothing that could be said.

"I'm going back, Kakashi there is not much I can do right now. But if you find anything that could be used to track them, don't hesitate to summon me back." After a couple of seconds Pakkun decided to say one more thing to Kakashi.

"I hope you find those two Kakashi. I really liked those kids, especially that Naruto kid." And with his piece said Pakkun then puffed himself back to his own summons realm.

Staring up at the gathering storm clouds, Kakashi let the downpour of rain wash over him. "Yeah I hope so too…"

Dimensional passageway…

The bodies of Sasuke and Naruto were seen floating in a never ending space of expanding colors and lights. Their bodies soon began disintegrating from the powerful distortions the further they floated around in this never ending dimensional passageway. However the disintegration process was seen to be going slowly in the Half Uzumaki. Not knowing whether it was a special power only he had or that the Kyuubi trying to save its own skin by healing him, was confusing for the jinchuriki as the Kyuubi would be saving his own prison and ensuring he wouldn't be free for quite a while.

Looking over at his former friend's disintegrating body Naruto couldn't help but think "I had hoped things wouldn't come to this… but you had to kill Sakura for your own selfish desire of power! May you rest and find closure in the afterlife… Sasuke."

Unknown to the jinchuriki at the time the disintegrating pieces of Sasuke was also his slowly dissipating chakra trying to latch onto something in order to survive. And as if luck was on it's side; the chakra latched onto a new host. That being the healing and disintegrating body of Uzumaki Naruto.

"Hey! What's going on?! Why is your chakra attached to me teme!"

Naruto asks in a panicked confusion before turning his head to Sasuke's body only to receive no response as he notices the entirety of Sasuke's body had disintegrated into motes of chakra.

Feeling as his body was on fire from the foreign Chakra being absorbed into his body, Naruto had passed out from the pain filled shock of his and the last "loyal" Uchiha's chakra fusing together

...Naruto's mindscape...

"(Hmph) That accursed Indra, so he seeks to use my prison as his latest reincarnation knowing full well that his line has died out… Huh." Kurama the Kyuubi no yoko says in frustration at having to deal with another reincarnation of the bastard Indra Otsutsuki. "I would disintegrate his chakra with my own. But I need to focus on healing my idiotic jailor otherwise neither of us would survive!" Kuruma contemplates in anger before resigning to heal his warden. "You better be grateful for this ningen!"

Unknown to Kuruma or the slowly regaining consciousness Naruto the latter felt as if he was being pulled to somewhere. And not even a second later Naruto vanished into a tear of the dimensional passageway.

...Tatsumaki Mountain Peak, Earthland July 2nd, x780…

Standing on the peak of the largest mountain on the Tatsumaki mountain range was one of the oldest dragons in Earthland, his name was Arashi the Storm Dragon King one of the remaining dual-element dragons left in this world.

It has been almost three years since he had arrived in this time period after the dragon hunt that damn Acnologia had started. He was lucky enough to keep most of his soul and body intact unlike his friends who had traveled to this time period in order to train their dragon slayer children for the eventuality of Acnologia attempting to kill them and the hope that they could take down that monster once and for all, before sealing themselves inside their children in order to prevent them from becoming Dragons themselves while prolonging their dwindling life spans.

Arashi didn't have much faith in this plan as he saw countless dragons and their slayers attempt to stop the madman only to fall one by one, until they were the few that attempted to put an end to this madness.

While Arashi was reminiscing of times long past a small distortion in Earthland's dimensional space was occurring at the entrance of his cave.

Sensing the small but compact distortion of foreign energy converging near his home. Arashi spreads his wings before flying to his cave in fear that it was Acnologia, knowing full well if it was he would die even if he fled. So steeling his nerves Arashi puts on a determined and resolute face knowing even if he were to fall here he would do so fighting.

Upon reaching his cavernous home Arashi bore witness to a storm of wind and a illumination of various colors swirling around an orb of light before a small tear opened in the middle of the glowing orb spewing out a heavily bleeding spiky haired blonde teenager with dark blue highlights, a vanilla almond skin tone and three peculiar whisker marks placed on his face in each cheek. The boy was dressed in an orange and blue tracksuit that was in tatters.

The fledgling teen had been plopped onto the cool cavern floor with a splatter of his blood pooling on the floor.

"A human? What kind of human can survive going through a dimensional rift unprotected?" Arashi says to himself in confusion and relief that it wasn't Acnologia but a heavily injured teenage boy.


Seeing the boy cough up a glob of blood, Arashi moves over to the boy, noticing that his wounds were closing slowly with a miasma of a strange red energy seeping out and over his most critical wounds. Quickly channeling his water magic on top of the boy focusing on healing the boy's remaining wounds and to replenish his lost blood.

"Water Dragons Healing Oasis" Arashi chants his magic spell encasing the regaining conscious boy in an orb of sapphire water covering his entire body except for his face.

"(Ngh) Wh-Where am I?" Naruto asks with a grunt of pain, opening his blurry now ultramarine colored eyes looking around before his eyes finally focus on the figure standing above him which looked like a giant lizard with wings.

"Are you alright child?" Arashi asks the injured boy gently not knowing his hulking form was scaring the young blonde ninja.

"Wha! Wh-What are you!? Why am I stuck in water!?(Aaargh)" Naruto screams in a mild panic while attempting to get out of the water cocoon surrounding him, only to feel immense pain coming from his whole body making him fall back into the water cocoon.

"Easy child you are still injured from exiting a dimensional rift. You must stay put otherwise my healing technique won't work!" Arashi scolds Naruto while channeling more magic into his technique in order to hasten the boy's unnatural healing process causing the water to glow a bright red.

"Hey! I'm not a child! I'm fourteen years old and the name's Uzumaki Naruto Genin ninja of Konohagakure no sato and the future sixth Hokage." Naruto shouts in an ironically childish outrage of being considered a kid even with all the dangerous situations he's been through in his entire life.

"Okay, then Uzumaki-san I understand and apologize for my folly of calling you a child. But if you would forgive my nosiness, how did you enter a dimensional rift in the first place and how on Earthland did you survive?" Arashi apologized with a somewhat sarcastic eye-roll before questioning the almost healed boy.

"Well it all started when..." Naruto then begins explaining the situation of how he got stuck in that dimensional rift starting from the beginning of the Uchiha retrieval mission to the final battle he had with the now dead and last "loyal" Uchiha.

"Well it all started when My teammate Sakura was found unconscious by the gates of my village. She was found by two chunin ninja who were told by her that Sasuke had left the village. After they alerted granny Tsunade the fifth Hokage. My friend Shikamaru was told to gather a team to go and retrieve my wayward friend..."

"I see... that must have been a harrowing experience especially with one so young in terms with the world. But what confuses me is the power necessary for opening a tear in the dimensional barriers is immense much more so than what two fourteen year olds are capable of generating. So I ask you again, Uzumaki-san, how did you and your former friend, really end up in that Dimensional rift?"

Arashi asks while releasing some of his magical energy. The pressure of his immense magical aura caused Naruto to sweat in fear.

"Okay… I'll tell you." Naruto agrees terrified before calming down after Arashi reigned in his power.

"I'm sorry for my forcefulness Uzumaki-San but I can't allow someone or something that's potentially dangerous to enter my home without telling me the truth as to why they are here." Arashi bows his head in apology before stopping his healing magic as the boy was fully healed.

"That power I used in the final battle against the cursed mark using Sasuke was a power that was sealed into me since the day I was born, A power that caused most of the people in my village to hate or be wary of me. It is a chakra monster that goes by the title of the Kyuubi no yoko. It was said that with a swing of its tails it would cause tsunamis, earthquakes and destroy large swaths of forests. Every time I tap into its chakra I end up losing my sense of reason and become filled with rage. I only used it because I… I wasn't strong enough on my own and I would have died multiple times were it not for the fuzz ball stuck in my stomach." Naruto explains with his head hanging down sitting on the cave floor with his knees being held by his arms.

"And I think the clash between my Kyuubi enhanced Rasengan and Sasuke's curse mark enhanced chidori was the cause of the dimensional barrier waning before I channeled more of the Fox's power which caused the dimensional barrier to shatter before pulling in Sasuke and me into before it closed once more." Naruto says with tears forming in his eyes at the fact he may never be able to see Konoha again and all the friends and loved ones he left since coming into this new world.

"I see…" Arashi says quietly.

"So what happens to me now? I have nowhere to go, no friends in this world and no way to get back home." Naruto questions the gunmetal blue scaled dragon that was half as large as the Kyuubi with horns reminiscent of a bull and white fur lining its face giving it a fluffy spiky hairstyle with long sideburns.

"Well I wouldn't say you have no-one kid."

"Huh what do you mean by that Dragon-san?" Naruto questions as he gets up from the ground while rubbing his face to get rid of the tears that were falling down.

"Call me Arashi kid. And what I mean is, I will be your friend." Arashi tells Naruto with a toothy smile easing the Genin's nerves somewhat.

"Are you sure Arashi-San?" Naruto asks with his face wet from tears.

"Yeah I'm sure… however in exchange, you have to learn my magic as I need to make sure the Dual-elemental Dragons live on… as I am all that's left of them." Arashi says as he puts on a determined face while he sets his condition to the young Ninja as his demeanor falls a bit at the loss of his kind.

"I'm sorry to hear that Arashi-san… but Magic? Do you mean those parlor tricks some people use to make a quick buck? Why would I need that when I have my Chakra" Naruto asks confusedly, rubbing the back of his head having stood up from his seat on the cave floor..

"No this is the real deal Naruto." Arashi says as he fires a Wind Dragons Roar through the entrance of the cave causing dust to fly around the cave before an explosion of wind is heard hitting a nearby plateau carving a large gouge into the earth.

"Awesome!" Naruto exclaims with wide and sparkling eyes.

"Am I going to be doing things like that?" Naruto questions Arashi excitedly.

"Yes, however I need to talk with the Chakra monster sealed into you."

"Huh? But why!?"

"It's so I can use my water dragon magic to create the magical pathways needed for using magic and to alter your body to have a magic container and origin, without having the Kyuubi interrupt the process, seeing as how you are from a world with no magic capability." Arashi lectures the somewhat startled Naruto.

"Oh Okay… but how are you going to enter the seal?" Naruto asks a little uncomfortably.

"Like so." Arashi demonstrates as he turns into ethereal sky blue colored particles that were slowly absorbed into Naruto's body the sudden action caused Naruto to faint from the shock of an enormous amount of magical energy entering his body all at once before falling onto the cave floor in a heap.

...Naruto's mindscape…

Appearing within the mindscape of his new protege the storm Dragon King Arashi was greeted with a sewer with dark yellow walls and pipes filled with blue and red energy.

"Curious… those must be his world's energy pathways." Arashi says to himself before walking to the massive source of energy that just radiates negativity.

After walking through the labyrinth of a sewer that was his new friends mindscape, Arashi soon came upon a massive cage with a piece of paper with the Kanji "seal" holding back a beast twice as large as Acnologia with rusty orange red fur and ninetails swishing behind it's menacing form. Red cat-slit eyes open before the creature's razor sharp teeth and maw open speaking in a deep guttural voice.

"What does a lizard with wings want to do with my jailor?" The Kyuubi asks with an amused tone

"Are you perhaps here to free me from my prison, within this accursed child?" Kuruma questions in hope of finally being free.

"No… I can sense a great deal of malice emanating from you Kyuubi-san. I do not think it wise to release a beast of your strength out into the world especially since you were told to bring disaster wherever you go." Arashi says with a shake of his head.

"Disaster! I only bring retribution against those Humans who seek to use my power for their own gain. Like this accursed child's ancestors, Senju Hashirama and that blasted Uzumaki wench Mito! Not to mention that damn Uchiha clansman Madara who controlled me with his blasted sharingan!" Kuruma shouts in outrage at this Lizard speaking of things he wouldn't begin to understand.

"Even if that may be true, I am only here to ask you to not interfere with the magical operation I am going to perform on your jailor." Arashi says while looking at the nine tailed fox with pity.

"And why should I Lizard?" Kuruma asks as he bangs his face against the bars blocking him from escaping.

"I can sense that your energy and the child's are intertwined to your very souls. So that means if he dies you do as well." Arashi explains.

"Curse that damn Yondaime Hokage!" Kuruma thinks in rage, having not known this tidbit of information.

"Very well… lizard I will allow you to operate on the brats body." Kuruma says in reluctance.

"Thank you Kyuubi-san. Though I think if you gave Naruto a chance you might be surprised." Arashi bows in thanks before saying a final opinion as he walks away from the cage.

"Feh… maybe." Kuruma mumbles to himself as he lies down and sleeps to recover the chakra he lost when he healed his jailor's disintegrating body throughout that. Dimensional rift.

After reaching the center of Naruto's chakra pathways Arashi begins the magical operation.

"Water Dragon's secret art Miracle of Blood"

As soon as Arashi chanted his magical technique a vortex of blood red water surrounded the Storm Dragon King as he commanded it to spread throughout the entirety of Naruto's body. Before the water left it created a new organ that was filling up with a golden colored energy.

As the blood red water traveled throughout Naruto's body it left behind pipes that were filling up with the same golden colored energy.

After the bloody red water finishes going throughout Naruto's body Arashi turns into ethereal particles of magical energy once more before exiting Naruto's mindscape.

...Arashi's mountain cave…

Appearing outside Naruto's body in a flash of sky blue light Arashi slumps his shoulders in exhaustion.

"Phew… That magical operation still takes a lot out of me… huff."

Taking a few minutes to catch his breath, Arashi lies down next to his new protege before closing his eyes to rest.

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