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Context: Jane and Kurt in Colorado, post season 5

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An Anniversary Surprise

It had been 3 weeks since Jane and Kurt moved back to colorado. The last of their stuff from New York was finally sent over. The couple settled in their new 4 bedroom home. They had a beautiful forest view that reminded them of all the time they spent in upstate New York on FBI missions.

It had been about a month since they were pardoned by the FBI and sent on their way. They had to adjust to their new normal. Tasha became a PI and Rich and Patterson embarked on a gold finding journey in Antarctica.

Tonight, Kurt had Bethany so Jane made her favorite: spaghetti! After dinner Jane took Bethany upstairs to get ready for bed while Kurt cleaned up. A little while later Kurt made his way upstairs to find his wife playing barbies with Bethany. He knew how much she loved playing with her. Her face lit up like a child on Christmas morning.

"What cha guys doing?" Kurt asked.

"Oh you know, just making sure Chelsea picks out the right color dress for her date." Jane replied.

"Who's Chelsea?" Kurt asked, confused as ever.

"Chelsea is a barbie" Jane laughed. "Would you like to play with us"

"NO! No boys allowed" Bethany said fiercely.

"Oh well you heard her, no boys allowed" Jane said .

"Ok then I'll just be downstairs...by myself...all along...reading a book" Kurt said.

"Well have fun" Jane said, smirking.

A few hours later Jane came downstairs to join her husband. She had finally put Bethany to bed.

"So did Chelsea pick out a good dress?" Kurt asked.

"She did!" Jane replied.

Jane walked over to the couch and sat down. Kurt put his arm around Jane and she put her head on his shoulder. They sat in silence for a while. Finally Jane spoke up.

"So… now that we've settled in and everything, how would you feel about starting our little family?" I mean we bought this 4 bedroom house for a reason right?" Jane asked.

Kurt responded by kissing his wife's forehead. With that, they headed upstairs to bed, hand in hand.

Months went by, test after test but no result. It was finally the couple's anniversary. They headed to a resort for the weekend. After they got settled in they got ready and went out for dinner. Jane came out of the bathroom wearing a gorgeous black cocktail dress and stiletto heels.

"Woah!" Kurt exclaimed!

"Do u like it?" Jane asked "I've been waiting for the right time to wear it"

"I love it!" Kurt responded.

It was nice seeing Jane in a dress. It wasn't her normal get up. The couple then walked over to the restaurant. They both ordered some champagne to start off the night.

Jane caught Kurt staring at her and she smiled and asked "What?"

"Nothing, I just have an extremely hot wife" Kurt said.

Jane smiled and sipped some more champagne. Some time went by and the couple was finally finished. They headed back up to the hotel and put in their wedding video. They watched as they reminisced about that magical night. Remembering everyone and all the fun they had. It was late when they finished watching it. Jane had already fallen asleep. Kurt walked over to the TV, retrieved the DVD, turned off the lights, and went to bed.

Kut woke up the next morning to the sound of moaning. He looked over to see Jane missing.

"Jane?" he called out.

"I'm in here." Jane said weakly.

Kurt walked over to the bathroom to find Jane leaning over the toilet. Her head resting on her arm.

"Are you ok?" Kurt asked with a worried tone to his voice.

"I...I don't know. I just woke up and felt sick. Maybe it was something I ate last night" Jane said.

At that moment she went up to her knees and retched into the toilet. Kurt ran to her side but before he could get there Jane held up her hand signaling him to not come near. When she felt ok she sat back down against the cabinets, her elbows resting on her knees and her hands over her face.

A few moments later she spoke up saying, "I'm going to go get some air."

"Are you sure? Do you want me to come with you" Kurt asked.

"No that's ok" Jane said smiling.

Jane grabbed her purse and left, leaving Kurt in an empty suite. With everything, he resisted the urge to follow her. He knew Jane could take care of herself but he was still worried. Deciding to pass the time by watching TV, he walked over to grab the remote and turned it on. After flipping through several channels, he settled on Food Network's Chopped.

Meanwhile, Jane walked across the resort parking lot to the drug store. She went straight to the women's health aisle. For a moment she stared at the pregnancy tests thinking to herself if this was it or if it was a bug. She couldn't handle another negative result. She finally reached out and grabbed a pack of 2 tests and headed to checkout.

"Your total $9.50" said the cashier.

Jane handed the lady some cash.

"Would you like a bag?" she asked.

"Uh no thank you." Jane said as she put the test in her purse.

She walked back to the suite finding Kurt fast asleep. Looking at the TV Jane couldn't help but smile. Chopped was one of their favorite shows to watch together. Jane hurried over to her suitcase, took out the test and buried it under her clothes. She made her way over to the bed being careful as to not wake up her sleeping husband. She got under the covers and went on her phone.

About an hour later Kurt finally woke up.

"Hey! When did you get back?" he asked.

"About an hour ago." she said. "I just took a stroll around the resort."

"So what should we do today?" Kurt asked excitedly. "We have one more night."

"Hmm well I saw that there was a pool. Maybe we should go for a swim." Jane suggested.

"Sounds good to me." Kurt replied kissing Jane on her forehead. "But first, let's get something to eat. I'm starving."

"Okay." Jane said laughing.

The couple decided to order room service. It was only 10 am so breakfast was still being served. Kurt ordered some pancakes and bacon while Jane ordered a vegan breakfast bowl. While they were waiting for the food to come, Jane and Kurt both got ready for the day.

A few hours later, Jane and Kurt headed to the pool. They reserved a private cabana and ordered some food. All of the sudden, Jane started to get a migraine. She groaned and grabbed the side of her head.

"Woah Jane, Are you ok" Kurt asked worriedly.

"Yeah, I'm fine. It's just a migraine." Jane said, trying not to worry him.

"Why don't we go sit down." Kurt said.

He helped Jane out of the pool and over to the cabana. She sat down and Kurt got some water out of the cooler. He noticed Jane was paler than usual.

"You sure you're doing ok? You look a little pale." Kurt asked.

Jane hesitated for a moment. She looked down. "Um.."

"It's ok. You can tell me" Kurt said quietly.

For a few moments Jane was silent "I...I think I might be pregnant." Jane finally said "This morning when I said I was getting some air, I walked over to the drug store and bought a test"

"Have you taken it yet?" Kurt questioned .

"No. I...uh shoved it in my suitcase. I'm a little scared to take it" Jane replied letting her vulnerability show.

"What are you scared of." Kurt asked.

"That it will be another negative," Jane replied.

"Well do you want to take it?" Kurt said.

"I'm not sure. It would explain my nausea and headaches. And I'm a few days late." Jane said remembering that detail.

'How long have you had the nausea?" Kurt questioned.

"About a week. It's just in the mornings really. Usually before you're awake. I tried not to make a big deal about it. I thought maybe it was just a bug but then a few days ago I realized my period was late. Then you saw me this morning so I decided to buy a test." Jane answered.

"Maybe we should go back to the hotel and take the test. I'll be with you the whole time. If that's what you want." Kurt suggested.

Jane agreed and they headed back up to the hotel. She rummaged through her suitcase until she found the box. She opened it and then headed to the bathroom. Before she went in Kurt grabbed her arm.

"No matter what happens, I love you" Kurt said and he kissed his wife.

Jane smiled, "I love you too. I'll be back."

Jane closed the door behind her and locked it. She took the test out of the box and read the instructions. After doing her thing she placed it on the counter face down and set the timer on her phone for 5 minutes. She opened the door and signaled Kurt to come in. They sat on the edge of the bathtub waiting for the timer to go off. 5 minutes felt like 5 hours. The two sat in silence holding hands. Jane jumped at the sound of the timer going off. They made their way back over to the counter.

"You ready?" Kurt asked. He could see the nervousness in his wife's eyes.

"Yeah I am" Jane answered back.

Jane flipped over the test and held it so Kurt could see it too. They couldn't believe what it said.

Jane started crying as she embraced Kurt in a hug. He stroked her hair and kissed her forehead. Looking up trying to find Kurt's eyes through the tears she smiled and said, "we're going to be parents!"

Kurt couldn't help but laugh. "Come here" He leaned in and kissed Jane. When he pulled away he put his hand over Jane's flat stomach.

"What are you doing silly?" Jane chuckled.

"Oh Just making sure the little one is doing ok" Kurt responded.

"I love you" Jane said "I love you too" Kurt replied.

The next day the couple drove back. All they could talk about during the car ride home was baby stuff. They were super excited to start their family. Kurt knew how meaningful this was for Jane and he wanted to make sure she had everything she needed.

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