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Summary: It's been twenty years since the Battle of Hogwarts. Life has been quiet for Harry Potter, but things are about to change. A new professor at Hogwarts, an unfulfilled prophecy, and something left behind by the Half-Blood Prince will quickly put him back up against old


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It had been two weeks since Harry had told Ana who he believed her father was and he hadn't heard from her since. He had sent the young professor a few letters but still hadn't gotten a reply yet. While he understood that it would probably take her time to come to terms with the news on her own, he couldn't help but become impatient to talk to her.

Of course, he wasn't even entirely sure what he would say to Ana. It probably was none of his business after all. He didn't really know her very well, having only actually spoken to her twice. However, there was something in the back of his mind that told him he had to help her get through this revelation. As much as he tried to tell himself he didn't know where the voice was coming from, he did.

After the Battle of Hogwarts, it had taken Harry a long time to come to terms with a lot of things. Despite the fact that his entire life had built up to the moment he defeated Voldemort when it happened, it seemed to just end. Suddenly, there had been nothing to keep Harry's mind occupied. There were no more Horcruxes to find and destroy, not more strategy to plan. Instead, Harry's mind was left to linger on all of the people that he had died along the way towards peace.

His thoughts tended to linger on Teddy the most. Like him, his godson was faced with a life that wouldn't include his parents and not even many memories of them that could comfort him. Of course, Harry was determined to make sure Teddy knew everything he could about them. For most of his early life, Harry had not a clue as to what James and Lily Potter were like. It wasn't until his third year at Hogwarts when he met Remus and then Sirius that he finally had people to tell him about them. He knew he had to be that for Teddy.

Then of course there was Fred. Being as close as he had always been to the Weasley family, it wasn't hard to see the devastation that Fred's death had caused. In the weeks and months after the battle, he had found himself feeling immensely guilty when he was around the family. He had been the one to drag them all into this war and they didn't deserve the pain they were feeling. It wasn't until a late-night discussion with George that Harry finally started to let go of his guilt. The lone remaining twin assured him that he held no ill will towards Harry because of what happened to his brother.

In his waking hours in the time after Voldemort's defeat, Harry was often brought face to face with the people that suffered extreme loss during the battle. When it was night, however, and he was alone with his thoughts, they often turned towards the one person that didn't seem to have many mourners. And those that did mourn him, it was never to the extent that Teddy Lupin would mourn his parents or George Weasley mourned his twin. Instead, while most people seemed to believe Harry's words of praise towards Severus Snape eventually, none of them seemed to actually miss the man.

Harry couldn't really blame them. The man had gone out of his way to upset most people he came into contact with. Still, Harry found himself going over the memories the man had left him over and over again. He had viewed them plenty of times, but he wanted to keep looking at them because he wanted to make sure he hadn't missed anything. It wasn't until Hermione had stepped in and made him realize how obsessive he had become about them that he finally let it go. So, he stored the memories again and put them away safely. Since the year after the war, Harry hadn't looked at them once, but he always knew where they were.

Now, faced with the young woman who he was certain was Severus Snape's daughter, he felt the need to reexamine them again. As he expected, there was still not a single clue in them that the man had a child. Harry couldn't explain why it made him feel so angry. Did the man not realize that after learning what he did from those memories, Harry would have made sure that his child was safe and well cared for? He owed his professor at least that much after all. A logical voice in the back of his mind pointed out that it was possible that Snape had simply only had the energy to give Harry the memories that were most important while he was dying but it still bothered him.

Determined that there had to be answered somewhere, Harry gave the memories to an expert that worked with the Aurors. Their job was to make sure memories taken from witnesses, criminals, and victims were not tampered with in any way. They could spot imperfections that most people could not. Harry wasn't exactly sure what he thought they would find but he figured it was worth a shot. Maybe there had been something he had missed.

While he waited though, he could not sit still and do nothing. Work had been slightly boring as of late with not many cases. There had been a few reports of possible activity of former Death Eaters but as far as the Ministry could find, no actual crimes had been committed. Harry really hoped that all the reports were just paranoid people. It had been twenty years since any real Death Eater activity had occurred. There was no way they'd come back now.

With no work to keep him busy, Harry decided his best course of action was to visit Hogwarts again. He had no idea if Ana would have confided in the Headmistress about what Harry had found but if she had confided in someone, that's exactly who she would have picked. Turning towards the fireplace in his office, he called in to ask Minerva if he could step through. Once he got her permission, he stepped into the flames.

As Harry walked into the office, McGonagall was already pouring tea for the two of them and heading to sit down in one of the chairs she had by the fire. Harry smiled gratefully as he took the cup from her and sat down across from her. "I assume I owe this visit to young Albus wrote to you informing you of what happened yesterday?" The older woman asked.

Harry frowned and shook his head. "No, I didn't get any letters from Al. What happened?"

Minerva sighed. "A boggart got into the Slytherin common room yesterday after classes." She informed him.

"Is Al okay? Did he have to face it?" He asked.

"No, he wasn't there when it happened from what I understand but you know children and their gossip. Word spread quickly. Apparently, when Liliana went to take care of it, it shifted into what appeared to be a dark mark. Spurring the children's beliefs that she herself has a connection to the Death Eaters." She explained to him.

Harry frowned. "Liliana? Is that one of Al's friends?"

Minerva shook her head. "Our potions professor. I thought you had met her?"

"She told me her name was Ana." Harry replied in confusion.

"A nickname. Her full name is Liliana."

Harry stood up and began to pace in front of the fire. Her name was Liliana? It was a name too close to his mother's not to have been on purpose. His eye caught Dumbledore's portrait and he noticed the older wizard was not only awake but clearly paying attention to the conversation going on. Harry walked towards him and looked up. "Professor, does the name Septimus mean anything to you?"

Minerva, clearly confused by Harry's new line of questioning, followed him over to Albus' portrait but didn't say anything. The man looked down at them both and smiled. "Well, it was a fairly common name in the wizarding community for a while but normally as a first name."

Harry frowned and studied the man. He knew that wasn't the only reason the name may have been familiar to the former Headmaster. But just like he was in life, the portrait wasn't going to show his whole hand at once. "Anyone in particular the name reminds you of?" He pressed.

"Now that you mention it, it was the name Severus used to write to me when I was away from the castle and he needed to inform me of sensitive information," Dumbledore replied.

Harry ran a hand through his hair and turned back to McGonagall. "Did Ana speak to you about what her and I discussed when I saw her a few weeks ago?"

The older woman shook her head. "She did not. What is this about Mr. Potter? Surely, you don't think that she actually has a connection with the Death Eaters, do you?"

"She does have a connection." He said softly. "Her father was one."

"No one knows who her father was." Minerva countered.

"I do. With Hermione's help, we figured it out. And Professor Dumbledore just confirmed my belief even more." Harry replied. "Ana's father was Snape."

There was silence in the room as McGonagall tried to take in what Harry had just told her. It was the portrait that broke the silence. "Impossible." Dumbledore insisted.

Harry turned back towards him. "What makes you so sure?"

"There was nothing about Severus that I did not know, my boy," Albus replied.

The younger man was unable to stop himself from rolling his eyes. "Are you so sure about that? As close as you may have been to him, I'm sure there were things even you didn't know. Besides, if she was born on or around the day of the Battle, you would have already been dead when she was…conceived." He said, wincing at the word because he truly had no desire to discuss the possible sex life of Severus Snape.

"Ah yes, you are right. However, my portrait was always near in the year between my death and his." Dumbledore insisted. "I had to keep my eye on him."

"Drive him mad is more like it." Interrupted another portrait a few over from Dumbledore's.

Harry looked up at the portrait of Phineas Nigellus Black, with a raised eyebrow. "I merely assisted him to make sure he knew what needed to be done." Dumbledore insisted.

"And your constant presence was torture for him, and you know it." Black shot back. "The boy was eaten alive with guilt from what you made him do and you simply kept reminding him that he needed to make sure Potter would go to his death! And never once did you tell him he'd still survive."

Harry sucked in a deep breath. It hadn't occurred to him before what his year as Headmaster would have done to Snape. Of course, after learning that Dumbledore had been the one to convince Snape to kill him, Harry acknowledged how hard it would have been for him. He didn't think about the months after Dumbledore's death where he had been reminded of it daily while still trying to keep the school running and getting help to Harry in any way he could.

Dumbledore sighed heavily. "While I regret the circumstances, I was simply making sure everything that needed to happen happened."

"And everyone wonders why his portrait remains empty. He was sick of being near you." Black replied. He turned from the direction of Dumbledore's portrait towards Harry. "As loath as I am to agree with him and as angered his treatment of a fellow Slytherin Headmaster, I do agree with Albus. Severus never ventured very far out of this office. He was constantly calling me back to report on your whereabouts and your safety."

Harry sighed and nodded at the portrait. "Thank you, Headmaster." He replied before sitting back down and looking at Minerva. "I know it can't be logically explained but I know it's true. There are too many pieces of evidence."

McGonagall nodded. "I do admit that there are some common traits." She replied to Harry. "While she seems more adept at teaching than Severus ever did and has good relationships with most if not all of the students, there are similarities. For example, these past two weeks she has taken to isolating herself in the dungeons and barely speaks to her fellow staff. She has also had some trouble controlling her temper recently."

Harry sighed. "Probably as a result of finding out this information, I'm sure." He replied as he windlessly reheated the tea in his cup from earlier. "I wanted to speak to her about it but she's ignored all of my letters."

"She should speak about it to someone if it's bothering her." Minerva agreed before grabbing a piece of parchment and jotting down a quick note. As she finished, she tapped it with her wand, and it disappeared. "She should be here momentarily."

As she expected, Ana entered the office ten minutes later. "You wished to see me?" She asked before noticing Harry was also in the office. A scowl formed on her face. "Is this an ambush?"

"We simply wish to speak with you," Minerva replied, ushering her towards where Harry was sitting.

Ana looked at Harry angrily. "You had no right to tell anyone." She said, feeling like her privacy had been compromised. After learning what she had, she had no intention of ever telling anyone the truth.

Harry sighed. "I was worried about you. I know this news must be overwhelming, but you should talk about it."

Ana shook her head. "There's no reason to." She insisted. Her magic betrayed her words though as the furniture around her began to shake because of the amount of emotion she was trying to suppress.

The table by the fireplace shook the most out of any of the furniture. A small orb that had been on the table began to roll off of the table and it caught Harry's eye. Recognizing it as the prophecy he had spoken with McGonagall about before, he jumped forward in order to catch it. Seeing the same thing, Ana also reached to grab it.

At the same moment, Harry and Ana both took hold of it right before it hit the ground. As they did, the prophecy lit up and an eerie voice began to speak.

The vanquisher of the Dark Lord has been united with

who he had long looked for.

A lion with the mind of a snake and a

snake with the heart of a lion united.

Born of the same blood and enemies of the lost generation.

Together they will finish what was long ago started.

Reuniting their houses once more.