Disclaimer: I don't own the Gundam Wing or any of their characters. . . you know it, I know it, the people who DO own them know it, so what's the point, really?

Summary: Part One of "War of the Burning Roses". It is, definitely one of my more Wufei-centric fics as well. Lots of made up characters and stuff that hasn't got anything to do with the main plot lines of GW, and as such, it is placed in time about three years after endless waltz.

The era of wars is over and the gundam pilots have fallen into their individual lives when a brutal assasination threatens everything they had worked so hard for. A distant and solitary district of space, known as The Pluto District, comes to the forefront of everyone's attention as war once again becomes a possibility, and a secret about Gundanium alloy is revealed...

WARNING! I am VERY slow to update this fic. (Actually, I've rewritten half of it about seven times now and still haven't figured out how it's going to end.) The first chapter sets up the story, and as such, there aren't a heck of a lot of g-boy appearances in it, I'm sorry about that, but it will be full of them in later chapters. For now, I'm only posting chapter one, and if I get reviews that say you want me to continue, I will post the next chapter and slowly but surely, watch this fic unfold. (Maybe my writing speed on this one will hurry up to if some random reviewer says something that inspires me or gives me a brilliant, albeit hair-brained idea.) Uh. . . please review. Please? *puppy dog eyes*. If you, by some freak chance decide that you really like this fic, and can't wait for me to post chapter two, you can find chapter 1-3 on my website (see profile).

Uh. . . if I don't get any reviews for this, I'm not going to post another chapter. But I will continue my slow progress of updating it at my website. You can also find some of my other GW fics there, many of which I have decided, for one reason or another, not to upload here. Anyway, they're there if you want to read them. Didn't really mean to rant, but uh, well, I guess it's my nature. That's it for now.