A/N: I've been thinking about this story and have decided to discontinue it. There are a couple of reasons for this. One of the reasons is that I got no reviews, so it doesn't seem as if anyone thinks it's worth continuing, but that's not really the big one. Actually, as I look over the story, it seems to me that the idea I'm working with is really too large to contain in a fanfic, and in some cases, I find that the characters are actually hindering my progress rather than helping it. Fact is, as I look back at all the work I've put into this and all the rewrites, I've realized that, even though this started out as an idea for fanfiction, it's become something else completely, and I've decided to reevaluate the general idea and step away from fanwork with it, creating all of my own characters, ditching the Gundam stuff, and creating something new and fresh in the form of an original work instead.

Although I'm sad to see all this work just go up in smoke, I'm not really very sad about it, because I realize that it's going to be the birth of something new, and probably bigger and better. So many of my stories that start out as overgrown fanfictions evolve into much more interesting things, so I don't think I'm going to mourn the loss of this one. For those of you who read the prologue, thank you for giving it the benefit of the doubt. For those of you who are sad to see this go, I apologize. And though, due to the fact that I'm in the process of another major work right now, the original work that will come out of the basic idea of this will be a long time in coming, I will say that anyone who wishes to see it when it is done need only send me a line via email or aim and I would be more than happy to get opinions on it.

Whatever the case, this fic is officially, as of today, discontinued. Just wanted to let everyone know that.

Yours Truly,

Banshee Puppet