Title: The Twice Blessed on the Enterprise

Rating: T

Summary: Lady Hecate arrives on the Enterprise to finally reunite Beverly and Jean-Luc with a daughter that Beverly thought had died eleven years ago. The only problem is that trouble is coming in the form of Metis Picard's sister, bent and determined to destroy not only Metis but the Enterprise as well. Crossover of Percy Jackson.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of Riordan or Paramount characters and I'm making nothing from this.

Chapter 1

"I must admit that I'm a little confused as to why we're needed back on Earth," Captain Jean-Luc Picard said to the Admiral.

"I'm not in the business to discuss personal business on an open channel," the Admiral told him. "Therefore you must trust that we know the reason that your ship is needed back on Earth. A woman name Hecate will be coming on-board with an eleven-year-old child. Trust me when I tell you this, Picard, whatever she tells you take it at face value. I've known her for most of my life and she's not in the business of inventing stories. Your entire Senior Staff will greet her in the Observation Lounge to discuss things. By the way, congratulations, Captain. Conner out."

"What is the congratulating you on?" Commander Riker asked.

"That I have no idea."

It took three weeks for the Enterprise to arrive on Earth. The station in New York reported that Hecate and her companion was ready to come on board. Jean-Luc and Will were the ones that went to greet them. When they appeared they got a closer first look at Admiral Conner's 'friend.' She had long black hair, green eyes, and wore a smart cut outfit. The girl was around eleven with long, vivid, red hair and hazel eyes. She wore a blue pair of pants and an orange tee shirt. Around Conner's friends neck was a key that glittered with what looked like tiny gems.

The girl had a bracelet that had all sorts of little charms on it. She smiled at them while Conner's friend nodded.

"I'm Captain-."

"Jean-Luc Picard," Hecate said. "Yes, I've been waiting eleven years to finally meet the famous Captain. My name is Hecate, I'm sure that Admiral Conner has told you that to take what I'm saying at face value. This is Metis."

"Of course," he said. "I'm just a bit confused as to why the Enterprise was needed back on Earth."

"I'll explain things in a bit," she said. "I've talked to Johnna and she's told me that Metis medical file is being sent here."

"Your both intending to stay."

"It's been cleared by Star Fleet command and, no, we're both not staying. I'm leaving after I explain a few things to your crew about the reason that I'm leaving this young lady on the ship. I do hope that you will give me plenty of time to explain what needs to be explained."

"Of course," Jean-Luc said.

"I'll drop the poor child to your sickbay so that we can have time to chat," Hecate said.

"Of course," he repeated and the four left.

Metis was left in sickbay and Hecate followed both officers to the Bridge. When they entered Hecate smiled at them and sat down. Soon the rest followed and soon everyone was seated.

"First of all I've discovered that you all have had encounters with species that have unusual talents as well as a being known as the Q," Hecate said. "Therefore I was told that you all will be more open minded to what I'm going to be talking to you about your newest member of your ship."

"Admiral Conner told you this."

"Yes," Hecate said. "When I came to her, and told her the reason that I needed the Enterprise to return to Earth, she agreed to my request. We're old friends, I helped her out years ago when she was a little girl, and this is a favor that she's pulled for us."

"What about her?" Deanna asked.

"Metis is a very bright child. In-fact she's a genius in the area of computers, programs, anything that runs on a computer. Like this ship does. She's one of the very few that I can say can 'hear' a ships song. Her father is just like that, in-fact. Metis is a very talented child. She can actually see something in her mind and turn it into reality. You won't find many children that can do that. Her grip on theory and basics is beyond anything that I've seen in any child.

"She's also a very logical child, athletic, talented, disciplined, and kind. Have her see a situation and she can find a way out? She's a master at the art of escaping dire situations, which has helped her countless times. She also possesses Anaphasic energy in high levels."

"She should be dead," Data said.

"Her body was born with it," Hecate told him. "It's part of the very foundation of her existence."

"Why are you telling us this?" Beverly asked her.

Hecate smiled at her and said, "Tell me something, Dr. do you remember a child that you had eleven-years-ago."

Beverly went white and everyone looked at her.

"You had a child," Wesley said.

"She died, Wes," Beverly told him. "But, yes, you had a sister."

"I'm afraid that you were lied to," Hecate told her. "Your daughter lives."

"What!" Beverly gasped. "But-."

"She was taken from you, told you that she died, because those that took her wanted to turn her into a weapon of war. Thankfully someone saw it and went after them. He fought them and managed to get her away from them. The person that ordered your child to be taken has been punished for his crime."

"Wait a minute, how could you turn a child into a weapon of war," Worf asked.

"Her talents, alone, is enough to turn her into a weapon," Hecate said. "However, she's been raised by a wonderful person name Chiron. There her talents have been cultivated for the betterment of humanity. We tried to bring her to you, as par of the rules, but we could never find you. Johnna was vital in finding where you were and having the Enterprise come back to Earth."

"And Metis is my daughter."

"And Jean-Luc's as well," Hecate said and everyone stared at the guilty party.

"You and the Captain," Wesley said.

"Oh this just gets better and better," Geordi said, grinning.

"Metis has a very 'unusual' heritage," Hecate said, her tone serious. "A heritage that is marked by a long line of amazing heroes. Heroes that have done feats that no human could dream of doing. On the night that Metis was conceived both of you were possess by not only me but also Hephaestus. She's a child of fire and magic. She has ADHD and Dyslexia, but she also a fierce loyalty to those around her. She's known as a twice blessed demigod. She has two sets of parents, two sets of legacies, and two sets of fate.

"The rules are clear. She must be raised by her mortal parents. And, since I've found them, and I know them to be the both of you, then my work here is done. I do warn you though, the gods have determined that the senior staff will be her godparents. To keep her grounded and focused. She needs to be raised with your values and your moral code. I do hope that this won't be an issue."

"Of course not," Beverly said.

"Great," she said. "Well I'll let Metis know that I'm leaving. Good luck, you're going to need it."

And shadows formed around her and she was gone.

When Hecate appeared she found a sleeping Metis, holding her teddy bear. She smiled at the sleeping child and knew that trouble was coming. She sensed that Metis sister, Circe, was jealous of her sister's talents and wanted her dead. She just hoped the staff would get use to the fact that they had a special child among them.

"Excuse me," a nurse said.

"I'm Hecate," she said. "Let Metis know that Circe is coming and to be ready for when she does come."

"Who's Circe?"

"Metis sister," Hecate said. "And when she comes she will endanger the Enterprise."

And she walked out of sickbay.


"I would advise that you believe her," Admiral Conner told him. "We've done a full DNA scan and Metis is your daughter. Are you upset that you don't have a normal child?"

"What kind of person do you take me as?" Jean-Luc asked her. "I'm just shocked that I have a daughter that no one told me about."

"Trust me, I was shocked as much as you are now," she said. "You have the most famous of all demigods that Chiron has ever trained. She's saved countless lives, just like you all have. I do expect to hear more of her incredible feats. Conner out."

"Looks like your stuck with her," Will said.

"And I have to figure out where-."

"Captain," Nurse Ogawa called out and both men turned to look at her. "We need to have a talk."

When they entered she told Jean-Luc what Hecate had told her. She added, "Metis records have been downloaded into the computer. We have done a full DNA scan and there's nothing that shows that her DNA was altered. She's yours and Beverly's daughter. However, her body shows Anaphasic energy at levels that I've never seen before. Yet, she's alive."

"I think we can safely say that nothing that has so far happened is normal."

"Is this energy a danger to the ship?" Will asked her.

"No," Nurse Ogawa said. "She's clearly a healthy young girl. The Anaphasic energy is safely contained inside her."

"Let's hope it stays contained," Will said.

"Thanks for informing us," Jean-Luc said. "Now we need to think about where she's going to sleep."

"Looks like your moving," Will said.

"Don't remind me," Jean-Luc said.


Metis woke up to a nightmare about Circe killing her friends and laughing about it. "I'm coming for you, sister"and that's when she woke up.

"Are you alright?" one of the nurses asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Metis said.

"The Doctor has asked me to tell you that you'll be staying with the Captain," she said.

"Thanks," Metis said, trying to shake the nightmare out of her mind.

"And all your things have been taken there."

She nodded and then the nurse asked, "Are you sure you're alright?"

"Yeah, I'm sure."

A very strange man came to collect her. He had golden skin and eyes. He introduced himself as Lt. Commander Data. Her godly father told her that Data was one of a kind and he was jealous that Data had been created. As they walked she kept thinking about her nightmare. Demigods had dreams that usually meant that something was going to happen. The bad part was that they always came true.

"Can I ask you a question?" she asked Data.

"Sure," he said.

"Have you ever had a nightmare?" she asked him.

"Yes, several times," he said. "It's not something that I want to talk about. Why do you ask?"

"Because I had one," Metis said. "And I agree, it's not something that you want to talk about."

"Do you want me to have Councilor Troi talk to you?"

"No, I don't think that she'll understand," Metis said. "So what is Captain Picard like?"

"He's a good man," Data said. "He fought for my rights to be considered part of the crew."

Metis smiled at him and said, "No wonder Hephaestus chose him."

"When your guardian told us about the 'gods' I don't think anyone wanted to believe her."

"Yeah, trust me," Metis said to him. "Once you start believing in them things don't get better. Of course you can now say that there are actual forces that are really trying to give you a rotten day."

"I'll take your word for it."

The sound of a cat's meow made her look down and she saw an orange cat setting there.

"Spot," Data said.

Metis picked him up and said, "Oh this is your pretty kitty."

"Careful, not many people can hold him," Data warned her.

"Don't worry, I'm a cat person," Metis said. "After all, my immortal mother being who she is you naturally are one."

"Do you have one?"

"Yes, I have a tuxedo cat," Metis told him. "I brought him on board."

When they arrived she handed Spot back to Data. She pressed the button like Data had shown her and she heard, "Enter." Metis took a deep breath and entered her new quarters with a man that's her mortal father.


A/N: I hope that you all enjoy this story. The idea of twice blessed came from a Harry Potter challenge where Harry is the son of two Olympians. Metis means practical wisdom and that's what she can mainly impart upon someone. Metis is the biological daughter of Jean-Luc Picard and Beverly Crusher but she's the daughter of Hephaestus and Hecate. She was given her wisdom, smarts, loyalty, bravery, and many of the other qualities by the gods. The main reason that the crew believes that she's a demigod is that Admiral Conner, who is up there in Star Fleet, made it a point to tell them that Hecate doesn't lie about what she tells anyone.

Wesley is going to have a bit of a problem with her, which won't last long. Her wonderful personality wins over anyone. Her cat, well he's something else. He talks, which is due to a curse that Hecate placed on him because he couldn't keep his nose out of her business. He also has plenty of magical knowledge, which is helpful. Who says the gods don't have a sense of humor?