Title: The Twice Blessed on the Enterprise

Rating: T

Summary: Lady Hecate arrives on the Enterprise to finally reunite Beverly and Jean-Luc with a daughter that Beverly thought had died eleven years ago. The only problem is that trouble is coming in the form of Metis Picard's sister, bent and determined to destroy not only Metis but the Enterprise as well. Crossover of Percy Jackson.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of Riordan or Paramount characters and I'm making nothing from this.

Chapter 2

When Metis entered her new quarters she saw that there were windows looking out into a black sky that was dotted with stars. She had never seen space before, it had seemed distance.

"Amazing," she said, transfixed.

"That's what I say all the time," her father's voice broke through her thoughts and she turned to see him setting behind a desk.

"Sorry," she said, "I've just never been in space before."

"I'm not going to hold it against you," he said. "Your things have been put into your room, including your cat."

"Thanks," she said. "Um, has my cat done anything…odd?"

He gave her an odd look.

"Have you let him out?"

"No, I'm leaving that up to you," he said.

"Thanks," she said. "Where's my room at?"

"The last door on the right," he answered. "Metis, can we talk."

She looked at him and he added, "You haven't done anything wrong."

She sat down in a chair and faced him.

"When we were told about you I must say that I was a bit…-."

"Unprepared," Metis supplied.

"Correct," he answered. "Naturally I'm not the one that usually believes in such things as gods, monsters, and the sort. However, with our encounter with beings like the Q and even an alien that called himself the Traveler I was a bit more open-minded. Of course the Admiral has told us that anything that Hecate tells us is to be taken at face value."

Metis took a deep breath and said, "If I was told what Hecate told you I wouldn't believe it myself. However, I've faced things that shouldn't exist and yet, they do. After years of facing them I'm bound to believe that I didn't just have one really huge bad dream. I'm still coming to terms with the title Twice Blessed and what it means for me, humanity, and anyone that encounters me. For years I thought that you and mother had abandoned me. However, Hecate told me that wasn't the case.

"You had no idea that I was even alive and so I don't hold it against you both. When I was told that Conner had called your ship back I was eager to meet you both. She said that you and your crew are pretty open minded about things and that, as long as I don't pose a risk to the ship, then I'll be fine."

"Beverly never told me that she was even pregnant," he said.

"Maybe she was worried that you wouldn't accept me," Metis said.

He smiled at her and said, "I would have accepted you. I guess it was guilt more than anything."

It was Metis turn to smile at him and said, "My aunt explained things to me. She sort of is an expert at love, and guilt. Can I ask you a question?"

"What is it?"

"How long have you been Captain?"

"Eight years," he answered. "I was Captain of a ship called the Stargazer. I miss her."

Metis smiled at him and asked, "When do I start school?"

"Tomorrow," he answered. "I'm having Beverly give you a tour of the ship. Helps to know where everything is at."

"Now that's something that I'm looking forward to."

When she entered her room she opened the hatch and her cat jumped out and landed on a table.

"John, don't you dare say anything."

"You took too long," he said.

"For someone that's been cursed by mother you seem to complain too much."

"I have the right to complain," John said. "Try being a cat, stuffed into a crate, and left on someone's bed."

"You know being left on someone's bed is a pretty exciting things for a man," she said.

"Who told you that lie?" he asked her.

"Alice," she answered.

"Alice, daughter of Aphrodite," he said, "Yeah, those little whores know everything about men on beds."

"Stop calling people whores or I'll probe you," Metis warned.

"Metis, it's the truth."

"Well you don't have to say it," she said.

"Why do humans complain way too much."

"Why do cursed cats complain too much," she asked.

"I'm not cursed, I'm compromised," John said and Metis rolled her eyes.

"John, try not to talk around the Captain," she said. "I don't want to give the poor man a heart attack. At least not until I tell the staff about you."

"What's to tell," John said, "I'm soft and fluffy."

"Your soft and annoying."

"I take that as a personal insult," John said.

"Take it however you want, it's the truth," Metis said. "Father, my mortal one, has said that my mortal mother is going to give me a tour of the ship."

"And I'm not going."

"The staff have no clue that you can talk, John, I'm not about to give them a full blown heart attack," Metis said.

"Please take me," John begged.

"No," Metis answered.

"Well invite them here."

"They're not going to come," she said. "I-."

"Who are you talking to?"

"My cat, father," Metis called out. "Keep your voice down. Let's hope that father doesn't think I'm mentally insane."

"That ship has sailed a long time ago."

"And I could change you into something that would give my godly mother dry heaves."

"You wouldn't dare."

"Try me," Metis said.

"Fine, I'll stay," John said.

"Good kitty."

John stuck his tongue out.

"Very mature."

"So I'm going to show you all the parts of the ship, except the battle bridge, so you know what parts of the ship that you can be on," Beverly told her. "And then I'll drop you back here so that you can have dinner."

"Great," Metis said.

"So what do you think about the Enterprise?" Beverly asked.

"She's amazing," Metis said. "My brothers would love it here. I've got two that have joined Star Fleet, so they'll be gone for a long time."

"Your brother is about to go into Star Fleet," Beverly said. "I hope that you get to meet him."

"Mother," Metis said. "Are you sure that he'll be fine meeting me. I mean, I sort of popped out of nowhere. I don't want him to feel like he's no longer important."

"It will be fine," she said.

Metis wasn't sure about that, but she wasn't going to argue to a parent.

Metis found all the ship to be amazing. She closed her eyes and 'felt' the ship. She could tell that it was happy and content. This was something that she could never explain to anyone. When they arrived on the bridge she found a young man at the helm. She had a feeling that this was her brother.

"I was just showing her around," she told those that didn't know.

"So this is the bridge," Metis said.

"Yes," a large man said to her.

"Metis, this is Worf," Beverly told her. "He's in-charge of security."

"Nice," Metis said. "Is it a hard job?"

"Depends," Worf answered. "Sometimes it is and something it isn't."

"I can relate," Metis said.

Suddenly Worf sneezed and then he sneezed again.

"Worf, are you alright?" Beverly asked.

"I'm allergic to cats," Worf told her.

"But there's not a cat anywhere."

Metis groaned. "Yeah, there's a cat in here alright. JOHN, SO HELP ME GET YOUR FURRY LITTLE BUTT OUT IN THE OPEN RIGHT NOW."

She saw the crew turning to stare at her. Great, they think she's mentally insane.

"Hay, you didn't want to take me," a voice said. "What's a cat to do?"

"Stay hidden Mr. Soft and Fluffy."

"Wait a minute, did I just hear something," someone asked.

"Yeah, human, down here," John said and Metis looked down to see John setting there.

"Oh that's so it," Metis said, but John jumped over Worf and landed in a chair making an officer jump.

"What the heck is that?"

"I'm a cat, got a problem with that."

"No, it's a former brother of mine that got cursed by Hecate for snooping into her business," Metis told him. "And to add to the trouble, I'm given him. Since I'm the only one, it seems, that can keep him under control."

"And I thought Spot was going to be trouble."

Metis grabbed him and said, "You're going back into my quarters and so help me if you do anything like this again there will be no more Tubby Tibbles for you."

"You wouldn't dare."

"Try me, fur ball."

"Oh the inhumanity," John said.

"Get over it, cat," Metis said. "I'm heading back with this escape convict."

And Metis left them, with as much of her dignity as she could muster with her.

"Here's your food," Metis said an hour later.

"At least your feeding me."

"John, you could have gotten hurt," Metis said. "The Enterprise isn't like Camp Half-blood."

"I know that."

"And what you did, revealing that you could talk, wasn't wise as well."

"I knew what I was doing."

Metis doubted that.

"Well I'm joining my parents for dinner," she said. "Do stay out of trouble."

"Is your brother going to be there?"

"I don't know," she said. "And even if he's not there I'm not holding it against him. Oh I got enrolled in school today."

"School, can't stand the place."

Metis rolled her eyes and said, "and if it wasn't for school you wouldn't have Tubby Tibbles."

"Why is it that you're the only one, besides the children of Athena, that just loves school?" he asked her.

"Because I get a break from you," Metis told him. "Now behave while I'm gone."

"Yeah, fine," he said.

Metis hoped, this time, that John kept his word.

"Wesley couldn't come," her mother said. "I told him that we were having baked Ziti but he wasn't interested."

"That's alright," Metis said. "I think giving him space is good."

"I just hate the fact that he's acting like this."

"Mother, I would have acted the same way," Metis told her. "I suddenly appeared and he wasn't ready for it."

"I'm going to agree with her," her father said. "Give Wesley time."

Her mother sighed and then she asked, "So are you excited about school?"

"Yes," Metis said. "Despite me and school not having a good past I'm really excited about going."

"So what catches your interests?" Beverly asked her.

"Well I'm interested, primarily, in robotics," Metis told her. "I was working on an idea that you could send a robot outside of a ship to do repairs even if the ship was at warp. I also created a device that can, when fired, collapse a ships warp field, which disrupts their weapons capabilities. Of course, my older brothers think the idea is stupid and wants to 'focus their interests in areas that doesn't involve large booms.' Whatever the heck that means. Their anti-anything that Metis Picard makes. But, trust me, they invent it and suddenly it will be on every Star ship in Starfleet and they'll all bask in the glow of invention and innovation."

"Both ideas sound interesting," her father said. "And not something that has been done."

"Trust me, the second will be vital," Metis told him. "What has Hecate told you about Circe?"

"Nothing, except that she's coming," he said.

Metis sighed and said, "Circe is Romulan! She's head of a small group of seven warbirds that have crews loyal to her. Hecate should have told you all that. Circe is a nasty, sadistic, madwoman that hates the Federation and she hates me. Don't turn your back on her for one moment. She relies too much on her ship and not on her abilities as a demigod."

"Do they always move together?"

"Yes," Metis answered. "If you see one, and it's led by Circe, then six more are right beside her. The Warp Field Disruption Pulse is the only thing that can combat her. Thank the gods she doesn't know about it."

"I think that we should take a chance and have it installed," he said. "I'm not taking anything to chance."

"Sounds like a great idea," Beverly said.

"And here's another great idea," Metis said. "Let's eat and forget about Circe."

"Another great idea."

When they were finished Metis said, "I'm sorry about John. I didn't intend for him to follow me."

"I must admit that hearing a cat talk was a bit unsettling."

"Imagine what it was like when I heard it the first time," Metis told her. "But it shows that Hecate will punish those that she sees fit. I was asked to bring him on-board so that he could be watched."

"Let's hope that he stays in your room."

"Well if he tries to take over the ship. Just squirt him with the water bottle."

All three of them laughed.


A/N: Why would the Captain believe that her pulse would work? Simple, he remembers what Hecate says that Metis was almost turned into a weapon of war and that she can create anything that she can think of. I don't believe that he does anything unless something inside of him believes that it will benefit the ship. Also she said that she created it due to Circe. This is something you would expect from a child of Athena, meaning that Metis has insight into Circe's mind and how she thinks.

This is due to watching her and observing what she has done in the past and the fact that she's also a legacy of Athena. When the Enterprise encounters Circe for the first time they will see the tactic genius that Metis is. This isn't a child that runs from things, she's a harden warrior that doesn't back down for anything. The first idea that Metis has, when she answers Beverly's question about what interests her, will be part of a story that involves the belief that a girl can't do anything as well as a boy and how she uncovers a very bad case of cheating. Cementing her reputation as an uncover of lies.