Title: The Twice Blessed on the Enterprise

Rating: T

Summary: Lady Hecate arrives on the Enterprise to finally reunite Beverly and Jean-Luc with a daughter that Beverly thought had died eleven years ago. The only problem is that trouble is coming in the form of Metis Picard's sister, bent and determined to destroy not only Metis but the Enterprise as well. Crossover of Percy Jackson.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of Riordan or Paramount characters and I'm making nothing from this.

Chapter 3

School turned out to be an interesting experience. The teacher was something else and Metis could tell that she wasn't liked by the other students. Something was just off about her and if this had been Earth she could swear that she was a monster.

"I want you to take this to your mother," she said, handing Metis a PADD.

"For what reason?" Metis asked.

"To get something for your problems," she said. "I'm sure you know what problems that I'm talking about."

Her ADHD and Dyslexia.

"How about I don't," Metis said. "And last time I checked you can't order me to go to my mother unless I have a real problem. My ADHD and Dyslexia has never been an issue on Earth."

"Then it's clear that your teachers were babying you," she said. "Of course what can one expect from the daughter of a famous Captain. Maybe I should tell him that your disobeying authority."

"No one babies me," Metis hissed. "Fine, I'll go to my mother."

"I expect her to report that you've been given your medication," she said. "Until that happens you won't be allowed back."

When she arrived in Sickbay she found that her mother wasn't there. The Nurse told her that her mother was in a staff meeting.

"What do you need?" she asked.

"I need medication so that I can return to class," Metis said. "And you had better give it to me. I think the little viper can tell if I haven't."

"But we were told not to give you any," she said.

"Yeah, but you know how monstrous teachers are like."

"Trying to make you perfect," she said. "I had a friend that had what you have. Never saw her again."

"Probably killed by a monster," Metis said.

"Do you really think so?"

Metis sighed and said, "I've seen it way too many times to think anything different."

"I need to get authority from both your parents to do this," she said. "I really doubt that they'll agree during a meeting."

"Then looks like I'm not returning," Metis said. "Wouldn't want to interrupt their meeting."

"I'll let them know when they do come out of it," she said.

"Let me know what they said," Metis told her and she left sickbay.

Instead of shadow traveling, which she hadn't done since she had been on Earth, she walked back to her quarters. She had a ton of things on her mind. Why had Mrs. Hallow demanded that she get medication for her ADHD and Dyslexia? From her rank, she was a Lt. and she had to follow the Captain's orders. She didn't believe for one moment that her father wouldn't have told her that no medication was to be given to her.

The turbolift opened and a man walked in and called for the Bridge. Damn, she was in the wrong lift. Maybe she needed something to help her focus. Of course it could just because she had way too much on her mind.

"Deck seven," she called to the computer.

"Delay that order," the man said and her senses went on high alert. "Hello, Metis."

Her blood went cold and she asked, "How do you know who I am?"

"Oh we know all about the famous Metis Picard," he said. "Did you think that she wouldn't have found out that you were here. Circe, knows everything."

"Did she summon you?"

He laughed, a laugh that chilled her to the bone. "Time to have a bit of fun."

And he started to change.

Time has a really strange way of going slow when the man in a room with you starts to change into a large beast. And this wasn't the kind of beast that she normally faced. This was one of Lycon's monstrous followers. King Lycon, the man that brought forth a whole race of monsters called werewolves. If you got bitten, you became a monster. Unlike other werewolves, King Lycon's followers kept their minds. Which meant, he would still remember being sent.

"Oh my day is just getting so much better,"

Thankfully luck was on her side and the door to the bridge opened just as he finished his transformation. She bolted out of the lift and before someone could say anything screams of fear filled the Bridge.

"GET OUT OF HERE," Metis screamed and she pulled one of her charms and it changed into a celestial bronze dagger.

Thankfully they all had enough common sense to transport out of there. The only ones that had no clue that there was any danger was the senior staff. Metis shadow traveled to the other end of the room and touched her hand to the door just as big bad werewolf charged at her. It opened and she fell back, right into the observation longue. The door closed quickly, trapping the wolf's arm, it's claws reaching out for her.

"What the bloody-."

"Werewolf," Metis said and she brought her dagger down.

The wolf screamed in pain, but she knew that it wasn't dead. She took another charm off and it changed into a long bow. She pulled it back and a celestial bronze arrow appeared, shining with bright golden light. She released it and it right through the large opening that the wolf's arm had produced. The wolf screamed in pain and then her dagger fell as the wolf's arm turned to golden dust and the door closed completely.

"Go to damn Tartarus," Metis cursed.

She replaced the bow and dagger to her bracelet, both of them returning to charm form. Suddenly her mother was at her side.

"Are you alright?"

"Mother, I'm fine," she said. "Is there any way that I can get back to my quarters without ending up in a place that I don't want to be in."

"I'm sure that can be arranged," her father said. "By the way, that was a very nice shot."

"Thanks," Metis said.

"Wesley, could you take your sister back to her quarters," he said.

"No problem," Wesley told him.

"By the way, can you tell LT. Hallow that I don't want to have drugs for my ADHD and other problems given to me," Metis asked. "She says that I can't come back to school unless I'm given them."

"I told her that you weren't supposed to have them."

"Either she's got selective memory issues or she's going to be a problem," Metis said.

She hoped for the first.

"I'm sorry about taking you away from the meeting," Metis said to Wesley once they were back in the turbolift.

"Why are you here?" he asked her.

"It's because of the rules," Metis answered.

"You didn't need to come back," he said. "My mother talks about you all the time."

She could tell that this was coming from a place of fear. Fear that he was being replaced.

"Wesley, I didn't come here to replace you," she said. "I have no control over the rules. All I care about is getting through a day without some monster attacking me. Looks like that didn't happen. You know that he talked about you last night during dinner."

"And what did he say?"

"That you're a fine officer and a good person," she said. "Mother told me that she's proud of the things that you've managed to accomplish. Your father would be proud of you."

"At least you have a father."

"That has to put up with me invading his space," Metis said. "I sense that he wasn't expecting to have a child. I also sense that he's not a child person."

"He's doing fine."

"Wesley, he's pretending that he's doing fine," Metis said. "I can sense people well. Normally fathers have time to get to use to the idea that they're going to be fathers. But mine wasn't even given that chance. Lady Hecate just placed me with him and left, after explaining things. Do you think that your mother should have been left to think that I had died?"

"Of course not," Wesley said.

"Do you know why I asked to stay with father instead of bunking with the both of you?"

"No," he said.

"Because I wanted to give you time to get use to the idea that you even have a sister," she said. "I wanted to give you space and I think I've done a good job of doing that. Do you think that you could do a small favor for me?"


"The new pulse is being installed," she said. "Could you make sure that it's installed correctly."

"What does this pulse do?"

"It gives your enemy a nasty surprise," she said. "But to be pacific, it disrupts their warp field and their weapons. Circe is coming and this ship is going to need all the advantages that it can get."

"And you created this?" Wesley said.

"Correct," Metis answered. "I also gave my father a way of turning the shields into one giant absorption and reflection mirror. It was something that I thought of when your mother answered a question of how the ship is defended. When any kind of energy hits it, it goes right back to the sender, seven times as strong."

"You can do that."

"Of course," Metis said. "That's the main reason that my cousin wanted to turn me into a weapon of war. Imagine being taken and force to create things that kill others. Your ship is in danger of Circe and I'm 'offering' my help to ensure that this ship stays in one piece. I'm not allowing this ship to become a prize trophy for her. With a simple command the shields can be restored to what their originally supposed to do.

"The additional modification is only for when the need is the greatest. Not to be used all the time."

"And the Captain is okay with this."

"I gave him the knowledge. It's up to him if he wants to use it. Normally I create things that improve lives and give a little bit of comfort. I hate making weapons, but we sometimes have to deal with the hand that's given to us."

"He will use it as long as it doesn't violate any treaties," Wesley said.

"You know, I can carve things that will blow your mind," Metis said. "I can carve pieces that make the wearer the envy of everyone or paint something that moves a person to tears. The only thing that I hate being able to do is create weapons. Imagine what would have happened if I hadn't developed that distaste for doing just that."

And the turbolift opened and Metis left, Wesley following her.

"So how long have you been-."

She stopped when she saw Lt. Hallow standing there.

"Have you gotten your medication?" she asked her.

"No, and my mother refuses to do it," Metis said. "In-fact she told you that I wasn't supposed to get it. And last time I checked she outranks you."

She gave Metis a cold smile and then said, "Naughty little children, just like Circe told me that you would be. You know, when Circe told me that I needed to get rid of you. Well, didn't think it would be this much of a pain. And now I get to get rid of both of you."

"So she's using monsters to try and kill me so that she can destroy this ship," Metis said. "Well, I'm not allowing that to happen."

She laughed. "Your loyalty is something that I was told much about. Your loyalty to your family is a weakness that I intend to exploit."

"What the heck are you?"

She laughed and then she changed. Long legs came out of her back, her body got longer, and her face turned into a giant spider. Both Circe and Wesley backed away and those behind her ran in another direction.

"Take my hand," she said to Wesley.

"You're not going anywhere," she said.

"Sorry Arachne, but we're leaving."

And shadows formed around them and they were gone, only to appear in her quarters.

"What the heck is that?" Wesley asked.

"The Mother of all spiders," Metis told him. "Cursed by Athena for her hubris. JOHN!"

John appeared on her desk. "What?"

"Arachne," Metis told him. "I need my sword."

"In the box over there," he said and she opened her box and pulled out her pen. "What the heck is Arachne doing here?"

"Sent by damn Circe," Metis said, taking it. "Wesley, you have to warn anyone that might be coming down that way. Arach-."

A loud bang could be heard against the door, like something was hitting against it.

"It looks like she's found us," Metis said.


A/N: Finally, Wesley and Metis had a talk, even if was a small one.