Disclaimer: Valdemar and concepts belong to Mercedes Lackey; this fic and original characters belong to Senashenta and/or Fireblade. :)

Notes: This fic is a joint venture between Senashenta and Fireblade! That's right folks, we've decided to co-author something! Urk! Gasp! Beware! "Come The Dawn" takes place between the reign of Randale (Last Herald-Mage) and the reign of Theran (Brightly Burning), and in the fine tradition of writing Valdemar fanfictions that are based on Prophecies or Legends, we have created yet another one!

The two of us will be alternating chapters as we write them, beginning with the Legend, which was written by Fireblade because Senashenta couldn't write verse if her life depended on it. :p lol.

Prelude: The Legend
By Senashenta & Fireblade

Earth. Air. Fire. Water.
Elemental sons and daughters
Born to Valdemar in times of need
An epic war they did precede

River, Wind, Stone and Flame
Tragedy did they proclaim
Born they were, titanic power
To battle away their darkest hour

Air Companion, eyes of gold
Ethereal are you to behold
And Chosen, you, with power great
When you call, the winds abate

Water spirit, eyes of blue
Serenely flowing through and through
And you of sacred rivers three,
Too, you flow, along with she

Firey one, with eyes of flame
Truly suits you, does your name
Chosen, too with temper extreme
Through you truly lives the dream

And so-calm Earth, with temper bright
Eyes of green, filled with delight—
But Chosen filled with sorrow deep
For human blood, you truly weep

Four and four, all of eight
Together all of you await
To save your country, world and home
To help keep Valdemar all our own

So ride! All eight, ride to your doom
To battle away the deepest gloom
And when at last the dark is gone,
Then again shall come the dawn!