Waking up with a sudden start, Harry glanced around the dark room and let out a sigh of relief when he realized he was in his bedroom at the Dursley'. Placing his right hand on his scar the young wizard immediately withdrew it as he felt a stinging sensation coming from the blasted scar.

Laying back on his pillow soaked with sweat, flashes of the nightmare he experienced with Peter the sniveling, rat-tailed traitor and Voldemort killing that old man passed through his mind. He let out a deep sigh and a silent prayer to the poor old man who died at the hands of his parents killers, Harry got up from his bed as he really didn't see himself going back to sleep anytime soon.

He looked around his bedroom. It was really an unusual assortment of goods as at the foot of his bed laid an opened trunk with a cauldron brimming with a potion he cooked up, a sparkling new broomstick of the latest model, black robes enchanted with cooling and cleaning charms, and a stack of spell books tied up neatly. On his desk where parchments stained with ink blotches and incomplete assignments given over for the summer vacation.

In another corner near the window was an empty cage which his snowy owl, Hedwig, usually perched. And just as that thought of Hedwig passed through his mind a slight tapping echoed from his window and into the room.

Striding up to the opening, Harry opened the chink and came face to face with his good old friend perched on the window sill.

"Had good hunting girl?" Harry asked as he scratched behind Hedwig's ear just where she likes it. Hedwig hooted in reply as she flew into the room and rested on her perch.

"Yeah, you must have" Harry said as he chuckled to himself but then his thoughts turned back to the nightmare he just had.

He needed to tell someone about the nightmare he experienced, but who should he tell it to? Immediately his mind flickered to his two best friends; Hermione and Ron. Though just as quickly as it passed through his mind he waved it off.

He could already imagine their reaction, Hermione, as much as she is intelligent, she isn't all-wise. The first response she would give him would be to consult a book and he doubted that any book would be covering his scar. The next best thing she would recommend would be to talk to an authority figure and Harry also highly doubted that option. Having any sort of connection to Voldemorts would never be a good thing!

Ron, on the other hand, as much as he enjoys the company of his friend when he isn't being jealous or blockheaded, he knows that he isn't really the brightest tool in the shed. Their talk about quidditch, girls, or small wizarding nitpick is fun, but that is all that he offers.

As Harry's options became slimmer and slimmer his mind came to Professor Dumbledore though he quickly crossed that one out, faster than anyone else. As much as the old man is known for his magical prowess it has been Harry, a young wizard of above-average talent, who has been thwarting Voldemort at every turn and all other deadly threats that the school has faced ever since he arrived.

Not once has the wizened old man been there when he faced each and every new menace head on, and Harry isn't even going to count his familiar being there since he counts Fawkes as his own person.

Finally, after a long while of milling it about, a name passed through his mind- Sirius.

Jumping to his feet, Harry rushed over to his desk and immediately scorned himself for not thinking about contacting his godfather first about his worrying dream.

Though nobody couldn't really blame him since the man was on the run from incompetent Ministry workers or the fact he didn't even know the man existed until just last year.

From what Harry picked up about Sirius, he seemed to have deeply cared about him and wanted the best for him, and Harry prided himself for being a good judge of character since for the entirety of his life he needed to fend for himself.

Picking up a parchment and quill, Harry quickly started to pen a letter to his godfather and hoped that it would reach him safely.

After he was done, Harry got up and walked over to his snowy owl. "Hey girl," he called out, "Can you deliver this letter to Sirius for me?" He asked as he held out the letter.

'Hoot, Hoot,' Hedwig replied as if she was saying, of course I can, then grabbing the letter with her talons his snowy owl was off and away.

Sitting back on his desk chair, Harry started twiddling with his thumbs then he started strutting around his room like a caged animal. Noticing that he was up, Harry decided he would get an early start on his summer assignments, that more than anything would make Hermione proud plus it would take his mind away from the letter which Sirius would not be responding to for a couple of days.

Once again sitting back on his desk chair, Harry cleared his desk then took out his books and parchments, and got a start on his homework.

Coming down from his room after showering and brushing up, Harry made his way to the dining room. He put good use to all the time he had earlier as he finished up a few of his assignments and was now feeling a bit famished so he came down for breakfast.

Vernon was already out and Dudley left to hang out with his punk friends, so that only left him with his 'dear old aunt Petunia.'

"What's for breakfast?" Harry asked his aunt who was washing the dishes.

"There are some waffles in the fridge" Petunia responded curtly as she didn't even look up from the dishes she was toweling.

"Well then, I guess I will help myself to it" Harry uttered as he made his way to the refrigerator and took out the stack of crisp batter cake. Grabbing himself some syrup too and the jug of milk, he took a cup from the washed dishes Petunia set aside and made himself comfortable at the dining table.

Uncomfortable silence greeted the area as Harry wolfed down his food and Petunia finished cleaning up the dishes. Once Harry finished his meal and wiped himself clean, he made his way over to the sink to drop his utensils and plate in.

Watching him like a hawk, Petunia announced, "Make sure you clean your dishes boy, I do not want to deal with your stuff."

"I know perfectly well how to wash dishes Petunia," Harry smoothly replied. "I have of course been washing them since I was four years old."

Sniffing to herself, Petunia turned away from Harry as she headed off to the backyard leaving him alone to finish up his cleaning. Ever since the Dursley' found out that his Godfather is a mass murderer, they've been on edge. His unsaid threats that the man might come by didn't really help matters so the Dursley' did the next best thing they could, treat him like he did not exist.

That worked perfectly fine for Harry as he did not have to deal with their shouting, screaming, insults, and every other annoying shit that they put him through. So this summer was turning out to be the best summer he's ever had in his life with the Dursley'.

Once he finished washing up, Harry decided to stretch his legs out a bit and for the first time he didn't have to respond to the Dursley' about it. He headed out the front door, opening the front lawn gate, he waved at Ms. Arabella Figg who was sitting on her porch with her cats lazying about in the morning sun.

Having nowhere in particular to go, Harry headed off to a random direction and simply enjoyed the pleasant morning breeze which was a rare thing in Britain since it was always rainy and gloomy.

After a long pleasant walk, Harry decided it was time to head back to the Dursley' home. It was starting to get late as the evening sun slowly set in the sky, plus he was starting to feel hungry once again and lunchtime was long passed.

Reaching Number 4 Privet Drive, he once again waved at Ms. Arabella Figg in greeting who was still sitting on her rocking chair on her porch. The elder woman waved back at him with a smile and got back to scratching her cats' ears.

Opening the front door for himself without knocking, Harry entered the home. He was surprised when he got greeted by silence, Vernon had to be already in since Harry saw his car in the driveway and the man was always causing up a racket wherever he goes just like his walrus of a son.

Waving that observation off, Harry made his way to the kitchen to see what Petunia had cooked up. He knew if anything the horse faced woman would have saved something for her son and it would be a large portion, he saw no reason why not help himself to it. If you looked at it from another angle, he would be helping his cousin by trimming down what he ate.

After Harry grabbed himself a portion of the meal Petunia set aside, he decided to head on up to his room. Just because the Dursley' decided to ignore him and start treating him like a regular person, if not one they did not like, it did not mean he wanted to stick out like a sour thumb.

As Harry was passing through the living room on his way to his room, he saw the most peculiar sight ever. Petunia and Vernon were sitting together on the large couch holding hands and shivering right down to their boots. Across from them on the single lone couch chair, Harry could only make up a mop of black hair jutting from beyond the armchair's back.

Vernon must have noticed Harry poking his head in as all of the sudden his face became red like he was suffocating and he shouted "Come in here boy, and talk to th- this... man who came here to see you" the man finally finished as he gazed at Harry like he wanted to swallow him up and spit him right back out.

Harry wondered who could have made Vernon act so cordial, he really could have given that person a hug, however, there is the likelihood that this visitor might be more sinister in nature. The first thought that crossed his mind was Voldemort and his Death eaters.

Balancing his plate and drink in one hand he carefully set it on the ground, he then slowly pulled out his trusty wand from his pocket and held it at the ready. Even though he might get in a lot of trouble with the Ministry for doing any spell work, there was no way he would helplessly send himself off to be slaughtered, so if it came to trading blows with this mysterious visitor then he would go down fighting.

Slowly creeping into the living room, Harry jumped right in front of the visitor with his wand pointed right at the individual's nose, and finally, he was able to get a good look at the visitor.

"Sirius?!" Harry called out in surprise as he came face to face with his own Godfather. "What are you doing here?"

"Yes, wh- what are you doing in our home, yo- you... mass murderer" Petunia exclaimed.

"Shut up Petunia!" Harry and Sirius said at the same time, then turned away from the woman and got back to discussing between themselves.

"Well, I got your letter from your owl" Sirius replied as he motioned towards Hedwig perching on the armchair, who Harry just noticed was there.

"Yea, okay," Harry said letting Sirius have that, "But aren't you suppose to be like in hiding? Did you forget about the Ministry who is after you and the muggles they let loose on you?"

"Ahh, forget about those Ministry workers and those muggle Aurors" Sirius said with a wave.

"They are called muggle police" Harry corrected, but it seemed like Sirius didn't care about the correction since he carried on.

"What matters to me is your safety pup" Sirius declared and to that Harry felt a twinge of warmth. It was a first that an adult figure spoke out loud that they cared for him something which was really missing when he grew up with the Dursley'.

"Do you know what is happening to me?" Harry asked seeing that Sirius was already here and he did want the mans advice on the matter.

"No," Sirius replied with a shake of his head.

"But then why are you..." Harry started to ask before he was cut off as Sirius continued.

"However that doesn't mean I do not know a place where we can get some answers."

"Where is that?" Harry asked, some answers would be pretty good right about now. As much as he's keeping it together, he really is alarmed that somehow he and Voldemort are connected.

"You will find out," Sirius said as he got up from his chair and patted Harry on the shoulder. "Pack up and we shall be on our way."

"Alright" Harry said as he started walking towards his room.

It was at that moment that Vernon somehow found his voice and cut off with, "That boy is going nowhere," the large man shouted with his mustache bristling, "And he sure as hell isn't going anywhere with the likes of you!"

Before Harry could wade in and try to convince the blustering fat old man, Sirius spoke up for the first time and addressed the Dursley'. "With the likes of me, huh? And what am I, Vernon?"

Vernon who thought he would be getting his way like always did a double-take once Sirius came right up to him, towering over him, and teeth bared.

Unable to respond, Sirius sneered down at the man and bent over so that they were at eye level. "What I recommend, Vernon," Sirius said like the very name was an insult, "Is that you keep your fat walrus of a mouth shut," Harry nearly bent over in laughter at that demeaning insult, however, he quickly schooled his features and let Sirius continue on, "And carry on with your miserable existence. What us fine wizarding folks do" at the word the two Dursely' flinched back as if they had been smacked, but Sirius didn't seem to give two figs about it, "Is none of your business and you best make sure it isn't, or else..." Sirius finished, leaving the threat hanging in the air.

Turning around from both of them Sirius was about to head on upstairs with Harry until Petunia spoke up. Harry didn't know if this family was somehow damaged up there in the head but they just didn't seem to know when to shut their mouths. "That old coot, Dumbledore will hear about this! Let's see what he has to say about you being here."

Harry almost felt bad for the Dursley' as they brought upon themselves the full and undivided attention of Sirius, but as that thought appeared it quickly vanished. The Dursley' if more than anyone out there except maybe Voldemort and his Death eaters deserved whatever sort of punishments comes their way.

In only a matter of a couple strides, Sirius was once again upon the two Dursley', whispering towards them in a tone brooking no response, "If you think for a single moment that good old Dumbledore will protect you sorry lot for a single second after he finds out how you have been treating Harry for over the past decade, then you are sadly mistaken."

At those unwittingly explicit words from Sirius, Harry gazed upon his Godfather in shock. He had never mentioned all the emotional abuse that the Dursley' put him through, the countless years that they treated him like their own servant, the punching bag that they made him out to be, and the minimum necessities that they handed to him. It seemed like Sirius already relived the hell he was living under the Dursley'.

"Let me make myself absolutely clear so that it can get through your small, tiny, little empty heads; if you ever mess with my Godson in the slightest bit I will mark you out to be my next targets." Sirius then turned to Harry and asked, "how many muggles in counting do I have on my casualty list?"

"Ahh, 49" Harry said, giving out a random number which sounded bloody enough since he really did not know how much people the Ministry and the Britain government were saying that Sirius killed.

"Yes," Sirius said as he put on a bloodthirsty grin on his face. "That would make you 50," Sirius said as he pointed towards Vernon who looked rather subdued then at Petunia marking her as number 51 as all blood drained from her face. "Oh, yes, and I can not forget about mentioning dear old Dudley" Sirius announced as Petunia whimpered and silently sobbed into her hand, Vernon on the other hand shook with wrath, fear in his eyes.

"Now," Sirius said in a calming voice, "This could all be avoided if from now on you treat Harry, here with the utmost respect and gratitude because it is only thanks to him that you get to keep your worthless lives for now." With that Sirius gave the two Dursley' a final glare and was off, this time no one tried to stop him.

Gazing down at the two miserable souls seated on the large couch, Harry shook his head to himself and followed after his Godfather. This could have all been avoided if they treated him with the bare minimum of respect, but now it seemed like their sins would be catching up to them and they would be getting the comeuppance they well deserved.

Walking up the stairway with Sirius behind him and Hedwig swooping up above, Harry went to his room then switched on the lights once he was inside.

"Alright let's move it." Sirius called out from behind Harry.

"Sure." Harry replied he then whispered to himself, "But it's going to take a while." Hastily picking up his clothing which laid about on the ground in messy piles, Harry bundled them up then tossed them in his trunk.

As he was doing that an arm reached down and picked up one of Dudley's hand me downs, "What is this?" Sirius asked in a deadly serious tone.

"Ahh, some of my clothing." Harry answered back as he blushed in embarrassment. The garments were items too wide to fit him, so when he wore them they were very baggy on him like he got a shirt several sizes too big.

"Leave them." Sirius stated in a tone leaving no room for argument.

"But, but..." Harry stuttered as numerous questions filtered through his mind but mainly what was he going to wear?

Before Harry could argue anything, Sirius waved his wand in a gesture signaling the use of a spell then suddenly every article of clothing lit on fire. "Just get your school supplies and broom, I will take you shopping so that we can upgrade your wardrobe and have proper clothing."

"Alright." Harry said, as he saw no point in arguing any more since whatever there was literally got set on fire. After his luggage got reduced to a bare minimum, packing up everything else was a lot easier now.

"Wait," Sirius called out as he held Harry's divination book in his hand, "You take Divination?"

"Yeah." Harry replied with a shrug as he took the book from Sirius's hand and tossed it into his trunk.

"Lily would so kill me if she ever knew that I let you take such a worthless subject." Sirius whispered to himself as a look of fear crossed his face.

Hearing what Sirius said Harry perked up, rarely if ever do people talk about his parents in front of his face, whenever they do, it is usually to tell him how sorry they are for his loss. Nobody ever really wants to hear that, what Harry really wanted is actual facts about them, who they were, what they liked. So when Sirius mentioned them, Harry wanted to know more thus he asked, "Really?"

"Yeah," Sirius replied as he had a far off look on his face, "She would have made you taken Ancient Runes and Arithmancy."

"Well, I can speak to Professor McGonagall about changing my courses from Divination into Ancient Runes and Arithmancy." Harry stated, coming to a decision on the spot, if his mother would have wanted that for him then he was all for it. "I think she would really love that, she does have a great dislike for anything that has to do with fortune-telling as she likes to call it, plus Professor Trelawney as well."

"Mhh," Sirius said thinking over that thought while he rubbed his chin, "You will be a year behind, but I can get you caught up."

"You too took Ancient Runes and Arithmancy?" Harry asked in surprised, Sirius did always look like the students who would want to coast by just like he and Ron did.

"Yep," Sirius answered with a grin as he read Harry's thought, "And so did your father as well. All purebloods are required by their parents to take those two courses."

"Why?" asked Harry, curious to know the answer.

"Well for starters it has to do with Enchanting and Spell crafting, you need a pretty good understanding of runes to enchant whatever item you need and you need Arithmancy to create new and powerful spells. Also, these two subjects are used in great effects for Warding, understanding ancient languages, predicting the weather, and all sorts of stuff."

"Wow." Harry simply said, if he had known that beforehand he would have been one of the first ones signing up for those two courses. That more than anything really went to show how little he knew about the wizarding world. Pureblooded children truly have an advantage over muggleborn children, Harry wondered what other small mistakes he made just like this one. He really wished that there was a handbook that covered everything you had to know about wizarding culture and traditions, though he could only wish.

Finishing packing up his school supplies, Harry closed his trunk then grabbed Hedwig's cage which she had long ago got in so that it would be much easier to carry her. "Alright, I am ready to go." Harry announced as he turned to face Sirius.

"Well, then let's quickly get out of here," Sirius said as he headed out the room. "I do not want to stay in this place for a moment longer."

Harry could wholeheartedly agree with that so he quickly rushed over to catch up to Sirius.

Passing by the Dursley' who were still transfixed on the couch, Harry blankly stared down at them and quickly moved along. Right when the two wizards reached the front door, the handle slowly turned in its place. Harry and Sirius paused in their places as the entrance swung open and Dudley came into view.

All three blokes stared at each other until finally, Dudley broke the silence by uttering in a shrill voice as he pointed towards Sirius, "You're that wanted criminal who was on the telly!"

"I am," Sirius answered back as he gave a wicked grin. "What of it, little piggy?" he asked, as if daring the fat young man to say anything.

Stuttering in cohesively to himself, Dudley slowly took a step back, then a couple more until he was right up against the front door. Finally just as he was seemingly starting to fuse himself to the door, as if it would really help, Petunia called out in a wavering voice, "Dudley, dear, please come here to mommy."

The two adult Dursley' stood fixedly at the mouth of the living room with worry and anger written all over their face. For the first time, Dudley seemed to have a bit of intelligence as he looked up to Sirius for permission. Sirius angled his head towards the Petunia and said, "Run along, little piggy to dear old mommy, and do let me see you again" then he gave a snap of his jaws which got Dudley moving like never before.

Without another word, Sirius seemed to have telekinetically swung the door open with a wave of his hand, and Harry quickly followed in his wake.

Once the two wizards were some distance away from the Dursley' house, Harry spoke up, "Wow, just wow!" the young wizard exclaimed as he didn't even have the words to describe what happened today.

"You just put them in their place like some domineering pureblood." Harry declared, giving away a compliment freely.

However instead of having the intended effect that Harry expected, Sirius's face slowly contorted scowl. Harry quickly took notice of that and realized who or what he just compared Sirius too, a bigot pureblood. Stammering out a quick response, Harry tried to clarify himself, "I did not mean it like that. I just meant you were awesome out there."

"I know you did not mean it like that, pup," Sirius answered back with a sigh, "But there really is no escaping what I am."

Seeing the depressing turn that the conversation had taken, Harry tried to steer it to another direction. "Anyways," Harry said, hating himself for taking the direction this way, but if it would be taking Sirius's mind of his family and blood status, Harry would do it. "How did you know that the Dursley' were treating me poorly?"

Patting Harry on the back, Sirius softly spoke, "I had a true harpy of a devil for a mother, so you could say I am an expert when it comes to emotional abuse and could distinguish at ease."

Turning his head to face the man who was his Godfather Harry realized that they were alike in more ways than one.

Carrying on with what he was saying, Sirius declared, "I promise you, pup, I will make up for all the lost time we had and you will never have to go back to that place whatever Dumbledore and anyone else has to say."

Once he heard the older man's promise Harry's heart started to swell and he nearly started to burst into tears of joy and relief.

"Anyways," Sirius pronounced as his tone took on a much cheerful tone, "It would be just like the good old times."

"What do you mean?" Harry asked.

"Well just like you are doing right now, I ran away from home and moved in with your father and his parents. Ahh, those were truly the best of days!"

Nodding along, Harry suddenly asked, "Whatever happened to my grandparents?" this was a first that he was hearing about his father's parents, they surely would have done a lot better job raising him then the Dursley' did.

Sighing sadly to himself, Sirius replied, "They died just before you were born succumbing to Dragon Pox."

"Then it seems like I am the only Potter remaining alive." Harry spoke out loud his thoughts as he quickly came to that grim reality.

Silently and comfortably patting Harry on the shoulder, Sirius spoke softly, "You and me both, pup, you and me both."

Thanking Sirius for the comforting solace, Harry got back to the matter at hand, his nightmare. "So you said we will be going somewhere to get answers about my nightmare, right?"

"Yes," Sirius answered as his tone took on a more darker timbre, "We will be visiting my old home."

Blaargh, Harry spewed out everything he held in his stomach on to the crossroad once he came out of the side along Apparition with Sirius.

"Ahh first time for Apparition, aye?" Sirius asked with a grin as Harry finished heaving out his breakfast and midday snack.

"It felt like I was being shoved by a tiny tube." Harry answered as he never wanted to relive that sensation. 'Brooms are truly the best way to travel anywhere,' he told himself.

"You will get used to it." Sirius said as he walked ahead.

Harry hurried to catch up to him and the two wizards traveled a short distance until he came to a stop at two residential homes mistakenly numbered 13 and 11.

"Here," Sirius said as he gave Harry a slip of paper which read; 12 Grimmauld Place. "Did you remember it?" Sirius asked after a short while. Harry nodded his head in answer and Sirius quickly took the slip of paper back then without any wand movement or incantation the paper lit on fire and burned to a crisp until all that was left were ashes that disappeared into the wind.

Once again Harry stared in open fascination as he witnessed Sirius perform wand less, he made no comment but right now he was bristling with endless questions.

Walking forward, Sirius disappeared right in-between the two, for a moment Harry was a bit terrified, but he quickly squashed that down since it was obvious magic was at work. Following after Sirius, a large house was revealed before Harry, he spotted Sirius walking up the front steps and quickly followed.

Sirius came to a pause at the door which had a silver knocker in the shape of a twisted serpent, however, there were no keyholes, handles, or anything else that would indicate that it is an actual door which is used to enter.

Sticking out his right hand, Sirius revealed that he had on a large ring finger which had the crest of three dogs running through the fields. Above the dogs was a hand holding a wand and below that was a Latin phrase which read; Toujours Pur.

Sirius waved his right hand over the door until it clicked it to place and slowly opened giving way to a dark hallway and some flight of stairs that lead up.

"Be careful," Sirius stated as he entered the house "We do not know what sorts of nasties my mother left before she died."

At that moment Harry decided to follow in Sirius's footsteps alone and drawing out his wand from his pocket was a precaution he wasn't going to give up.

Walking down the darkened hallway, Sirius turned on his first left until he came upon a living room, going to the fireplace, Sirius waved his wand towards the mantelpiece to which it quickly lit up. Grabbing some powder out of a jar which Harry noted was Floo powder, Sirius tossed it in and called out to a place he didn't recognize.

Before long a head popped into the fireplace, it was a woman a bit older than Sirius but their features were so similar that they could both pass off as siblings. "Hey Dromeda." Sirius said as a smile played on his face.

"Hello to you too Sirius," the woman replied, briskly. "Where are you right now?" she asked.

"I am at the old family home," he answered back with a shrug.

"What!" the woman shouted causing the fire to raise up a bit into the air. "Why would you be at that godforsaken place?!" she asked.

"Well, I never wanted to come back here, but I needed a place to hide and this house is very well protected. Nobody would even look here, or even for that matter, know about its existence."

"Why would you even come back here? Weren't you hiding out in the Caribbean?" the witch inquired, catching onto Sirius's slip up. Narrowing her eyes towards Sirius, the woman asked in a threatening tone, "Are you not telling me something, Sirius?"

"No, of course not, cousin," Sirius hastily replied, though the only thing his hasty response did was make him look even more suspicious. "I called you only to get some of my medicines, that is all. I promise you, I am not up to anything."

"Oh ho ho," the witch uttered as silently chuckled to herself and shook her head from side to side. "You must know dear cousin, whenever you say I promise, I am not up to trouble. It elicits totally the opposite response, right?"

"Ahh..." Sirius said, as he had no response to give since the witch in the fireplace was right on the dot.

Seeing Sirius's frozen expression, the woman sighed out loud and remarked, "I will shortly be there with your medicine in hand and to make sure you are not causing up a racket. Wait for my arrival," she finished as her head disappeared from the hearth.

All of a sudden, Sirius went into a panic as he nearly ran around the house screaming and with his hands in the air. "Harry," he desperately said as he turned to face the young wizard, "Go and hide before she comes."

However, it was too little too late as a pair of high heels appeared from the fireplace then legs, a torso, and finally a head- the exact same one in the fireplace.

Once the woman was through all three individuals gazed at each other, frozen in their place.

"Is that Harry Potter?" the witch asked as she pointed towards the young wizard while she narrowed her eyes towards Sirius.

"If I say no, would you believe me?" Sirius replied as he gave an awkward grin.

Before the older wizard could think the woman smacked him over the head with the purse she carried in her hand. "Do you think I am an idiot, Sirius Orion Arcturus Black!" the woman asked in a rhetorical manner.

Harry knew when a woman said your full name, with grandparents included and all, you were in serious trouble.

"I am sorry cousin," Sirius yelped as he shielded his head, "I just..."

"You just weren't thinking at all like always, huh!" the woman shouted. Taking a deep breath to calm her nerves, the woman serenely said, "Go into the kitchen, I will be there with you in a moment."

That more than anything seemed to have an effect on Sirius as he nervously walked out of the living room. Turning her gaze towards Harry, the young wizard took a gulp of air and a subconscious step back as he awaited his punishment. However, the witch's expression seemed to have softened up when she faced Harry and she warmly asked, "Are you alright, dear?"

"Yes, Mrs..."

"Andromeda Tonks," the woman said, giving a full name to her face. "I am Nymphadora's mother," she added, helpfully.

"I am sorry," Harry stammered, feeling awkward, "I do not know of this Nymphadora, you speak about Mrs. Tonks."

"Ahh, that girl," the older witch sighed as she shook her head, turning to face Harry she clarified. "I told her to watch out for you. Your grandmother, my aunt was the best of us Blacks. It was her duty as your older cousin to have your back."

"Its alright, Mrs. Tonks," Harry said, not wanting to get the older girl in trouble with her mother.

"You are too kind, dear," the woman said as she pinched Harry's cheek, picking up his thoughts from his expression.

"Are you hungry?" she suddenly asked.

Harry thought back to that dinner he left on the floor and at that thought his stomach growled in response.

"It seems like you are," the older witch said with a warm smile as Harry blushed in embarrassment. "Come along," she added as she headed to the kitchen, "I also need to deal with your irresponsible godfather. I have no idea what your parents were thinking when they gave him such a heavy burden."

At that off-handed remark, Harry quickly came to the defense of his guardian, "Mrs. Tonks, Sirius might be remiss at times, but his intentions always mean well, and that more than anything counts far above everything in my books."

Taking no offense at all but instead chuckling softly, the woman once again commented, "Just like I said, dear, you are too kind. You must meet my daughter, now."

"Wait, so you were in contact with somebody else the whole time." Harry asked through a mouth full of food.

"Yes, he was dear," Mrs. Tonks replied for Sirius while she continued brewing the potion in front of her. "And please chew and swallow before you speak, young man. You are the last scion of the House of Potter, a most noble and ancient house, you need to act more befitting for your station." At that comment, the older witch not only gave Harry a pointed look but Sirius as well who was wolfing down his food with gusto.

"Yes, Mrs. Tonks." Harry mumbled, he knew nothing about this stuff of most noble and ancient houses, but it was clear the House of Potters carried a lot of weight and history then he had ever imagined.

"Now back to your question," Mrs. Tonks said once she saw that Harry started to eat with a modicum of decency. "Ever since I heard that Sirius betrayed your mother and father, I had my doubts. The Sirius I knew and grew up with would never have betrayed his friends and family so when he came to me at the end of the school year and told me his story, I nursed him back to health. Now with you in his close company, my hunch has been proven right."

Harry turned to look at Sirius, now that he had a closer look at the man he noticed that he was a lot more healthier. That thin, pale palate he had on all of the school year was gone and in its place was a charming, young man in his late twenties. "Yea, I do notice that he is a lot more cleaner now." Harry joked.

"Very funny pup." Sirius said with a grin and a shake of his head.

"Here," Mrs. Tonks said, interrupting Sirius and Harry's light banter. "Drink up," the woman added as she poured a ladle full of azure colored liquid into a flask then passed it over to Sirius. "All of it." the witch affixed in a low dangerous voice.

"Alright, alright," Sirius said as he put the container to his mouth and in one gulp, swallowed. "Agh," Sirius uttered as he stuck out his tongue in distaste, "That tasted like old wet socks!"

Ignoring the older wizard's whining the witch continued on with "You will be taking this batch for the rest of the month, a single flask every day, and you shall not argue with me on this or else I will make you drink a more horrible concoction." The witch added as she saw Sirius's whimpering face.

"After that," the woman carried on, "I will put you on some nourishing potions so that we can get some fat in you. Then it will be reinforcement potions to strengthen your muscles and bones so that we can get you back into a proper fighting state."

"I am already in proper fighting state" Sirius argued as he took out his wand and started to wave it around in a graceful manner.

"No offense dear cousin," Mrs. Tonks said in a stern manner, "But from what you told me, you had a lot of failings last school year. If you were truly at the height of your power you would never have let that rat escape, or let that Death Eater that Dumbledore likes to keep around have the jump on you, and let us not talk about those soul suckers surrounding you and nearly killing you."

At those explicit indicators from Mrs. Tonks, Sirius seemed to have gone silent and still, not making a single retort at all.

"Now will you let me continue my ministrations cousin and take my remedies."

"Yes." Sirius answered back as he let loose a long sigh, then seemed to sink into himself and went back to being silent, obviously contemplating a lot of different thoughts.

Before Harry could try to uplift the man's spirit, Mrs. Tonks turned her gaze towards him and uttered, "As a mediwitch I can tell with a look when somebody is a bit scuffed up. When was the last time you had a check-up dear?"

"Uhh... a check-up?" Harry repeated, that really came out of a left field. Yea, the Dursley' would never have been as kind as that towards him, usually he is left to his own devices whenever he was injured, which is most of the time done in part thanks to Dudley himself and his gang. And he can't forget when Vernon loses his temper and smacks him around or when his dear old aunt cuffs him with a pan.

"Yes, dear," Mrs. Tonks patiently answered, "A magical examination to see if you are up to date with your shots and to see if you are healthy."

"Oh, well you see, I've never had one of one those." Harry replied honestly. He really saw no point in lying since Mrs. Tonks just said she was the magical equivalent of a muggle doctor. She must know a spell or two that could give her a quick diagnosis and tell that he is lying.

"You've never had an examination done by a healer or mediwitch at all?" the older witch slowly asked.

"I guess so," Harry answered, "Though I do not know if a mending from Madam Poppy counts, does it?"

Cutting into the conversation, Sirius spoke up and helpfully added, "Well he has been raised by muggles and they were a half-witted lot scared about magic."

"That doesn't matter," the witch shouted, "McGonagall always brings in the new muggle born children to St. Mungo's Hospital!"

"Actually it was Hagrid who gave me the tour of Diagon Alley and helped me get my school supplies." Harry corrected the older witch.

"Hagrid?! Why would Hagrid be introducing you to the wizarding world? It is the head of houses that do that."

Shrugging his shoulders, Harry answered with an "I don't know." Then as if recalling something, he added, "Hagrid was going on about how Professor Dumbledore was the one who entrusted him with the solemn duty."

"What is that old meddling fool up to," the older witch asked out loud to no one in particular. Shaking her head, Mrs. Tonks turned to face Harry, "That doesn't matter, dear. I shall give you a check-up and all the shots and potions you need to stay safe."

"Okay." Harry said with a nod.

"KREACHER." Mrs. Tonks suddenly shouted which made Harry nearly jump out of his seat in at the suddenness of the shout.

"Did he die on us after all thesr years?" the witch asked her cousin.

"We can only hope." Sirius answered back as he washed down his meal with a butterbeer.

Suddenly a crack echoed in the kitchen as a house-elf with a bulbous snout-like nose, bloodshot eyes, many folds of skin, and white hair growing out of his bat-like ears appeared. The magical creature gazed around the room as he looked at each individual in turn.

Whispering under its breath in a pitch heard by everyone, the creature mumbled, "The blood traitor is back with the family's shame in tow. Oh, my poor mistress, what would she think if she ever found out that Kreacher let them step into the premises of the Most Noble and Ancient House of Black."

"Stop skulking in the dark, Kreacher," Mrs. Tonks said in an exasperated tone. "Are the family's magical ingredients in stock and is the medical bay open?"

Ignoring the older witch the house elf carried on with his antics, "Oh, my mistress, now the blood traitor wants to pilfer the family."

Suddenly standing up, Sirius shouted, "Shut up, you miserable lout. You do as Dromeda says and that is a command from the last scion of House Black."

At that direct command from Sirius, the house elf immediately shut its trap but only after it gave Sirius a hateful look. Silently receding back into the house, the creature appeared to be going about its business though the reluctance was evident in its steps.

Mrs. Tonks silently gave Sirius a pointed look but the older wizard just shrugged his shoulders, shaking her head the witch followed after the house elf and left the kitchen.

"So, who was that?" Harry asked, it was a first that he saw such a hateful little house elf. The house elves that he's met so far have been an oppressed lot though that didn't stop them from being good-natured and lighthearted. However, to be fair he only met one house elf and he was killing him but that didn't stop Dobby from being kind about it.

"That was Kreacher, the family's house elf," Sirius answered. "He has always been my mother's servant first and foremost, though my brother did come a close second."

"So that is where he got his bigotry from." Harry concluded as he took a sip of his drink.

"Yes," Sirius answered back with a nod. "Kreacher is a creature that my mother would be proud of if she didn't think so little of her servants."

Once Sirius made his affirmation, silence reigned upon the room as each wizard was left to his own thought. Suddenly speaking up, Harry asked in a low tone, "So when you said me and you both, you meant that you were the last Black just like I am the last Potter."

"Yes," Sirius replied, "We were never a large family, to begin with. It was just my aunt, her husband, my mother, father, grandfather, and little brother. But now they're all gone so it is just me left. Who would have thought," Sirius whispered, "I was sure that old hag would live longer than the rest of us, but with dear Regulus dead, that fool, it seemed like her heart finally gave in."

Harry closely scrutinized Sirius's face and although there was an impassive stare, Harry could still make out the despondency. It was clear that in spite of the fact that there was a lot of bad blood between him and his family, he still felt their loss.

Trying to brighten up Sirius's mood, Harry asked, "Isn't Mrs. Tonks a Black?"

"No," Sirius said with a shake of his head. "First of all, when a pureblood woman marries into another house, she becomes part of it, all ties to her old family simply become a formality. The only thing she could carry is the 'née' title and that is even denied from Andromeda since she was removed from the family by my mother when she married a muggle-born wizard."

"Ohh." Harry simply said, he really needed to be up to date on pureblood tradition since he didn't even know a lick of it.

"Yep," Sirius said, "There used to be Andromeda, Bellatrix," Sirius added with venom, "and Narcissa."

"Wait," Harry said, "You mean like in Narcissa Malfoy, who is Draco's mother?"

"Mhmm," Sirius said with a nod as a grin played on his lips. "That means you and Lucius's spawn are cousins."

"Oh, no ways," Harry said with a shake of his head as just the thought of that revolted him. "I can't be related to that... that pompous ass."

Sirius just laughed out loud at Harry's reaction, and somehow got out through the weezing, "If you look hard enough you can also find out that all purebloods are somehow related in some way or form."

Just as Harry was about to argue his close connection to Draco, Mrs. Tonks walked in with Kreacher in tow mumbling something under his breath, most likely curses at them.

"Well," Mrs. Tonks said with a deep sigh as she dropped a basket onto the table, "This house has clearly been left to its own devices for too long. The medical bay is in disrepair, you are more likely to get a lung sickness from there. And most of the ingredients in stock are rotten through with barely anything left."

"Ha," Sirius barked out and in a mocking tone added, "It seems like Kreacher has failed his mistress deeply."

"That is enough out of you, Sirius," the older witch said in a tone of finality. "Harry, dear," she called out, "Please come up onto this table and lay back, I shall do the evaluation here."

Turning back to Sirius, the older witch pointed out of the kitchen and ordered, "You young man, leave us be so that I can work." Then looking down at the house elf she affixed, "Kreacher please try to fix up the house, I must agree with Sirius, you have truly let down Aunt Walburga. If she saw the state the house was in, she would have a fit or more likely curse someone and all nine generations of their family."

Once again the house-elf went back to its old ways of muttering under its breath, though it didn't argue with the older witch, which could mean a good sign. Slinking off into the shadows the house elf went deeper into the old home to do the task set before it.

Getting up, Sirius also followed his order but not before he gazed at Harry then at the older witch and was off.

"Up, up, dear," Mrs. Tonks said as she pointed to the table with her mind quickly vanishing all the used plates and dirt stains. Doing as he was told, Harry laid back on the table and patiently waited for Mrs. Tonks to begin.

"Alright, dear," the older witch said, "I will be doing a deep diagnostic so I will have to put you under, are you ready."

Nodding his head in assent, Harry started to feel drowsy, when was the last time he slept, he asked himself. Then before long he was out to the world and at the ministrations of the mediwitch.

"So, how is it going," Sirius asked as he walked into the kitchen. It has been over four hours now and he heard nothing from his cousin, so finally curiosity and worry got to him and he walked back into the room at the defiance of his cousin.

Sighing deeply as the mediwitch continued her work, she answered, "All I can say is that in all my time that I have been a mediwitch, I have never seen somebody as injured as Harry. He has over a dozen different fractures and breaks in his body ranging from his legs, arms, ribs, and his skull. Also, there are puncture wounds, burns, bites marks, bad resets, and a list of a dozen more injuries marking his body. Furthermore, he is malnourished and his bones are too brittle which is resulting in him having a stunt growth."

As Sirius listened on and on as Andromeda listed more things, his anger which was slowly building up got the better of him and he shouted, "I swear, I will kill each and every single one of those animals. The things I will do to them, it will even make a Death Eater pale."

Andromeda ignored the wizard's outburst but from the slitting of her eyes and the slow nod, it was obvious she was agreement. "What has me a bit shocked," the older witch continued as Sirius reeled himself in, "Is the poison coursing through his veins, it is the most potent one I have ever seen in my life. I would have already been marking the time of his death if there wasn't a counter coursing through his veins as well."

"What- how is that even," Sirius stammered out as he had no words to describe what he was feeling.

"Now moving on from that, there is even more news to tell." the mediwitch said.

"There is even more bad news?" Sirius asked, unbelieving at all that was slowly stacking up. He needed answers on how his godson got into such a bad state but he had none at all.

"Yes," Andromeda said with a sigh, "There is even more. What I have noticed is that Harry here has had half a dozen different tracker spells placed all over his body, a deep and surface scrying spell, anti-mail spells, emotional inhibitor spells, magical and physical stunting spells, bloodline locks, and other spells I can make no heads or tails what they do, but if I were to guess they aren't up to any good."

"Who can do all that," Sirius asked, disbelievingly, though soon he answered his own question by saying out loud, "Dumbledore!"

"I believe so." Andromeda said with a grim nod of her head.

Sirius slowly prowled around the kitchen clinching and unflinching his fists then he came to a stop at his godson's lying body and his expression slacken. Resting his hand on his godson's forehead, Sirius whispered, "I promise you Harry I will make them all pay, all of them," he repeated.

Turning back to face his cousin Sirius asked in a deadpan voice, "What else is there Dromeda?"

"Two more major things, the rest is of no concern I will deal with it."

"Go on." Sirius said as he listened up.

Nodding her head in acquiesce, Andromeda stated, "What I also noticed is there is a ward surrounding to him, one very ancient and powerful. I do not know its purpose but it is draining Harry."

"How per say?"

"Well, the Protective enchantment is literally taking over 80% of Harry's magical reserves. Now it is a well known secret among pureblood families that bottoming out your magical reserves is a good thing because it has the inverse effect of slowly increasing your limit. However what this ward is doing is taking all the magic it needs and before little Harry could recover it continues and that has the negative effect of slowly killing him."

"Could you remove it?" Sirius asked as the worry was evident in his tone.

"Yes, I think I can," the older witch replied very slowly. "Right now it is inactive plus the main requirement is fulfilled, so I might be able to tackle it."

"Good," Sirius said with a nod, "I think I might know who could have made this ward schematic."

"Who was it?" Mrs. Tonks asked in mild curiosity.

"I think I might know who could have made this ward schematic."

"Who was it?" Mrs. Tonks asked in mild curiosity.

"Lily, of course," Sirius answered with a smile, "she was always into archaic and abstruse stuff. It would be so like her to have created this ward so that she could protect Harry beyond the grave. Dumbldore must have twisted it somehow," Sirius growled out as his anger towards that old man kept on building up with every action of his.

"What was the other thing you wanted to mention?" Sirius asked, as he put thoughts of the old man in the back of his mind. He will deal with that meddling old fool one day but now wasn't the time, his godson came first.

"This scar of his," Mrs. Tonks said as she pointed to the lightning bolt on Harry's forehead. "As you might know already cousin, this isn't a normal scar at all. Right now I am getting a lot of malicious and dark intent from it, too much really to brush it off as some regular curse. My theory is that where ever those intents are coming from it is most likely has to do with what happened that dreadful night."

"Is it of immediate concern?" Sirius questioned, right now it was looking like those old wounds he had, the poison, and all the stuff Dumbledore did to him was of immediate concern.

"Yes," the mediwitch replied gravely, "like I said before the scar is malevolent in nature and it isn't hostile to just everyone, but little Harry too. I have no idea how his psyche is still intact but he is under constant assault each waking moment."

"Could you remove it?" Sirius inquired, as he was much more attentive now.

"Sadly I can't," she answered with a shake of her head and a slow slump of her shoulder "This is truly out of my expertise."

"Do you have anything more I could go on, cousin?" Sirius asked, as he gazed down at the lightning bolt on Harry's forehead.

"No," the older witch replied.

"Mhm," Sirius said as he mulled over some thoughts.

"Do you know something?" Andromeda asked as she caught on to Sirius's ponderings.

"Yes, but it is some quite damning," Sirius replied as he willed his eyes wanting all these troubles to go away.

"What is it?" Andromeda asked, "If this can help Sirius you should tell me and before you start worrying yourself I strictly keep to my patient confidentiality, even more so for my nephew."

Sighing out loud, Sirius softly spoke as if he did not want anyone to hear what he had to say, "The reason why I brought Harry with me was because he told me that he had a dream in which he saw Voldermort."

Andromeda eyes widened in shock as she heard what Sirius said, "He is still alive!"

"Yes," Sirius replied with a slow shake of his head, "he is very much alive and well."

"But how.." the older witch stuttered out, "and how could Harry have a vision of him? That can only happen when there is a familiar bond or a deep one of husband and wife, parent and child."

"Like I said, damning in all cases," Sirius said with a weary sigh.

"So is that why you came here, to find some answers?"

"Yep," he answered with a nod, "this is one of the largest repositories of magical knowledge in all of magical Britain. So if not here where else would I find the answers I seek."

"Good," Andromeda said as her tone slightly increased in optimism, "You go down there and get started on that right now and I will begin with little Harry's treatment."

Nodding his head, Sirius agreed, "That sounds like a deal!"

Coming to, Harry slowly cracked open his eyes and finally stirred awake. He did not know how long he was out but this was the most restful sleep he ever had in his life. He really must ask Mrs. Tonks what she used on him because it worked like magic.

Gazing up at the kitchen ceiling, Harry just laid back on the table as he slowly let his muscles wake up.

"I see you are up dearie," the voice of a witch called out.

Turning to face the speaker, Harry came eye to eye with Mrs. Tonks, "Oh, hello," Harry said as he sat up on his elbows and knees. "So how was my diagnostic?" Harry asked.

At that question from Harry, a look of pain crossed through the woman's face but it was quickly gone before Harry could make anything about it or even recognize it was there. "It wasn't too bad, though now I need to administer your shots."

"Oh, okay," Harry said with a nod thinking nothing of that time he was under and what Mrs. Tonks was up to.

"The first one is going to be the Dragon Pox, then I will do the Black Cat Flu, after a quick break we will do the..."

As the mediwitch droned on about all the vaccination Harry would have to take he sort of lost her and his gaze started to drift until his eyes landed on a mirror right above the counter.

The individual that was staring back at him was one that looked similar to him but was of different frame, stature, and looks that it couldn't be him. However when he touched his face the person in the mirror also touched their face.

As Harry's suspicions mounted, he touched his head, then his chest, legs, ears, and even his male sex. The person mirrored all his acts perfectly until Harry came to a sudden realization, that the person in the mirror wasn't someone else, but HIM!

"Mrs. Tonks what happened to me?" Harry asked in a tone close to the edge.

"Ahh," the older witch said, no answer forthcoming at all since just made up a false excuse moments ago.

Seeing no response coming from the witch Harry asked, "Where is Sirius?" Giving no time at all for the woman to reply, Harry quickly got up from the table and slowly backed up from the room. "I think I will just go find Sirius," he uttered as he turned around and at full sprint ran down the hallways.

Right now his mind was brimming with a thousand thoughts, did his face get stolen? Did Mrs. Tonks do some sort of magical experiment on him? All dark thoughts overflowed to the top and the only thing that was of hope to him was finding Sirius and getting answers from him.

As Harry cut through a corner, he came face to face with the old, testy house elf, "Kreacher," Harry shouted as he came to a pause, "Where is Sirius?"

"Oh, the brat is now speaking to Kreacher as he stands there as bold as brass."

Losing patient with the creature, Harry barked out, "I do not have time for your games Kreacher. Tell me where Sirius is right NOW!"

As Harry shouted that command, the house elf flew 2 meters into the air then slammed against the wooden wall with a bang. It stood there in mid-air as it wiggled and wrangled, clawing at its neck. Harry realized it was chocking and he hurriedly ran over to it to give some assistance. However, as soon as his anger disappeared, the house elf slumped to the ground wheezing and coughing.

Harry looked down at his hands then around the hallway and that was when he connected the dots and realized he did that. He wondered to himself when did he become some sort of Darth Vader doing the force choke?!

Shaking his thoughts away, Harry bent down to help the House elf but as soon as he went over to touch it, it recoiled in fear. Thinking better of offering some assistance Harry stepped back and let the creature get up onto its own two feet.

Once the House elf was able to collect itself, it perfunctorily answered Harry's question, "You may find Master Black in the family's library, Lord Potter."

"Where is that?" Harry asked, taking note of the 180 degree flip the house elf completed.

"Down this hallway to your left and take a right at the bend, Sir."

"Thank you," Harry said with a nod as he ran off into the distance. This unexpected display of magic kept on adding to the mystery, he really had to find Sirius before he somehow brought the house down on all of them.

Coming to a stop at a dark elegant mahogany wooden door with a symbol of an open book and a wand acting as a bookmark, Harry swung the door open and entered the library. Immediately the first thing that struck him was how dang big the place was, rows upon rows of books littered the room which was three grand floors. Harry looked over the landing, he was on the second floor looking for Sirius but it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack since the place was so large.

Climbing down the stairwell that led to the first floor, Harry walked down the rows upon rows of bookshelves keeping his eyes out for his godfather. Coming to a clearing with a large tome set on a pedestal, Harry found Sirius combing through the humongous tome.

"Sirius" Harry called out as he ran up to the man.

The older wizard turned his gaze away from the large tome and spun around on his feet until he came face to face with Harry.

"Sirius," Hrry called out again as he came to a stop in front of the man, "You won't believe what happened to me!"

"It seems like I am already looking at it" Sirius uttered as he pointed towards Harry's face.

"Could I get a mirror?" Harry asked. Right now he and his godfather sat together at one of the tables strewn about the large family's library.

Sirius nodded his head then took out his wand which he waved it around a bit and muttered a few words under his breath. Before them appeared a large beautiful golden mirror which Sirius grabbed by the handle from the middle of the air and passed it to Harry.

Harry still couldn't believe the metamorphosis he went through, now he stood at 6 feet tall with plenty of room to grow in the future- a far fetch of his previous 5 feet 2 inches. His scrawny frame of the past was long gone as he was now sturdy and well built. He also seemed to have aged a bit since instead of looking like his supposed near 14 years old, he looked like he was the Weasley twins' age of 16 years old.

The old wounds and bruises that covered his body were missing as his skin was unblemished except for the basilisk bit on his arm he got during his second year and the scar he got on that faithful night.

His features which used to be above average seemed to be heightened up to the max as he had full red lips, high cheekbones, long eyelashes, luscious hair, and glowing eyes.

All in all, he looked like a Malfoy, a pureblooded pretty boy.

The process was really thorough that he even now noticed that his eyesight have been miraculously fixed when he took off his glasses.

Still, there was something nagging at the back of his mind, all this stuff reminded him of someone, he just couldn't put a name to it.

"So why didn't Mrs. Tonks tell me all about it?" Harry asked, whenever he thought about all the things that Dumbledore did to him, his rage is at the near bursting point.

Before Sirius could explain the older witch's intentions, a voice he realized quite well now cut in, "I only wanted what was best for you dear and so that you can lead a carefree life."

Turning around to face the older witch who was walking down the alleyway towards them, Harry uttered, "Well it is already too late for that. I have a mad man who wants to kill me and a meddling old fool with a mysterious agenda."

"I see that now," the witch said with a nod.

Breaking into the conversation, Sirius expressed towards his young ward, "Harry, Andromeda only wanted what was best for you, she was looking out for you not trying to leave you in the dark."

"I know," Harry said as he rubbed at his eyes, "I am sorry Mrs. Tonks for losing my temper towards you."

"It is alright dear," the older witch said as she rubbed at Harry's head. "I see that your magic is still working overtime to fix all your nits and picks. I must say, you have the largest magic reserves I ever have seen on a budding young wizard like you."

"So I guess that is what happened when you removed all the blockage and restriction?"

"Yes," the witch answered back, "And you now have a striking resemblance to your father in his younger days if I recall well enough."

"Mhm," Sirius said as he nodded his head at Andromeda's assessment. "Now that I do have a closer look at you, pup, Andromeda is right. You are an exact replica of your father back when he was in Hogwarts."

"That is where I found the similarity," Harry shouted out loud once Mrs. Tonks and Sirius cleared up his perplexity.

"I have a question for you dearie," Mrs. Tonks uttered.

"Yea what is it?" Harry asked, turning to face the older woman.

"We have a general idea of what happened to you mostly, but I am curious about the poison in your veins and the counteragent. What is that all about?"

"Oh, that," Harry said, "Yea, I got bitten by a giant basilisk a few centuries old then Fawkes came to the rescue and healed me."

"You got what?" Mrs. Tonks shouted.

"I got bitten by a basilisk which I think belonged to Salazar Slytherin," Harry repeated with a shrug.

"How are you not dead?" the mediwitch whispered in a shocked tone.

Cutting off the older witch, Sirius asked in a deadly calm tone, "Harry could you tell me all that happened while you were at Hogwarts?"

"Sure" Harry replied slowly as he saw that everyone was sober now. Telling his tale, Harry made sure to leave no part left as he spoke about what happened all three years at Hogwarts.

"Now that is a lot to digest" Sirius said once Harry was finished telling his story.

"A lot to digest," Mrs. Tonks sneered, "It is clear that Dumbledore was putting little Harry in danger at every turn!"

"Yea, but the question is why" Sirius stated.

"So what are we going to do now?" Harry asked, getting back to the topic at hand.

"Well first of all we need to make sure that all you know stays a secret," Sirius said as he got up from his chair then headed off into the stacks. Harry stared at Mrs. Tonks and asked with a shrug where he headed off into. However before long, the man was back and in his hands were some books.

Sliding the books towards Harry, Sirius uttered, "You will need to learn this; if you want to keep secrets to yourself."

Picking up the first book, Harry read the title; [In-depth Guide to Occlumency: The Mind Arts]

Skimming over the first couple pages a certain passage captured his attention which said it all about this sort of magic. 'The magical defense of the mind against external penetration. An obscure branch of magic, but a highly useful one.'

"So I will be basically putting up some sort of Mental Shields, right?"

"Yes," Sirius said with a iffy-iffy wave, "Though Occlumency is a lot more than that."

"Sure, to-may-to to-mah-to," Harry said with a shrug as he picked up the second book. However, before Harry could read the second tome, Mrs. Tonks took it right out of his hands.

"Hey!" Harry shouted in a bit of indignation, but the older witch was ignoring him and was staring down at his Godfather.

"You can't be serious Sirius."

Barking out in laughter at the witch's choice phrase, Harry tried to hide his amusement but Sirius, on the other hand, slapped his thigh in knee-jerk response as he laughed.

Shaking her head in disappointment, Mrs. Tonks uttered, "I do not have time for this Sirius. Now stop acting like a child."

"Okay, okay, cousin," Sirius said as he wiped at the tears at the corner of his eyes. "You know I just lose it when somebody says my name and serious in the same sentence. You just can't demand something to be a no laughing matter when it comes out to be priceless."

"I hate," the witch snapped out, "And I curse who ever gave you that name."

"So do I," Sirius concurred with a cheerful nod and wave. "Anyways, I know what you are trying to say, Dromeda, but can you expect Harry to fight effectively against something he barely knows?" he asked in a rhetorical manner.

"It is a useful expertise to have in your skill set" Sirius added, nonchalantly.

"Yes, but it is not proper in the hands of a child!"

"Come, Dromeda," Sirius droned as he waved off the witch's concerns. "Everyone misuses it from time to time. I will be the first to admit, I used it plenty of times to get a feel for a woman's mood."

Looking quite indignant, Mrs. Tonks shouted, "The nerves of you, Sirius, how could you speak that out loud in the face of a child."

"Come on, Mrs. Tonks I am not a child," Harry added from the side however the older woman kept on ignoring him like he shouldn't be butting into the conversation of adults.

"And you want to look after, young Harry with that sort of immortal behavior."

"Hey, I am being honest, here," Sirius said as he held up both hands. "Don't tell me you never used the ability to surface Ted's thoughts!"

"The very thought of it... How dare you, Sirius Orion Arcturus Black," the older witch uttered as a slight blush passed through her face.

Handing the book back to Harry that Mrs. Tonks took in the first place, she dragged the young wizard to his feet and spoke out loud. "Come on Harry, we still need to finish up with your vaccines and the follow-up potions. I do not want to deal with your Godfather any longer today."

"Okay, Mrs. Tonks," Harry said as he fell into step behind the older witch, turning to look back at his godfather, Sirius gave him a thumbs up and a wink to which Harry shook his head to.

"Alright, that should be the last shot you need," Mrs. Tonks declared as she closed up the medical kit she brought with her. "Now drink this up." she ordered as she poured Harry a flask of the potion she brewed.

Taking the offered potion, Harry copied Sirius's action and swallowed the azure-colored brew in one motion. As the liquid went down his throat Harry felt like vomiting it back up, the older wizard used the perfect comparison as the brew did taste like a wet old, smelly sock.

"Here, drink this one." Mrs. Tonks said as she put into his hand another potion.

"What is this one?" Harry asked as he gazed down at the green-colored brew.

"This one is a rejuvenation potion," the older witch answered, "It will give a bit of vitality which you desperately need." Then pointing towards the azure liquid, the mediwitch added, "And if you are wondering, this potion revs up your system and accelerates your natural healing."

"Okay I get it, I need these potions, but do they have to be so nasty?" Harry asked in a desperate tone.

Sighing out loud, the older witch muttered under her breath, "Children," with a shake of her head, but nevertheless she took out a few ingredients and sprinkled them into the potions.

"Here," Mrs. Tonks said as she offered him a new batch, "I changed the taste."

This time gladly taking the potion, Harry drank it up in one gulp, and this time instead of having a disgusting after taste, the potion was that of a fresh picked strawberry flavor which went down a lot smoother.

"Wow, that is a lot better" Harry announced as he turned to face the dishonored House of Black woman.

"Well, I hope it was worth it dear since the potion lost 2% of its potency."

Harry didn't say anything, but in his books it was a worthy bargain indeed.

Packing up her belongings, the mediwitch uttered, "Now, make sure you take three portions of these brews for a month then I will put you on the same remedy as your godfather- strengthening, fatting, and the rest of the other potions."

"Okay," Harry uttered as he nodded along with what the older witch stated.

"Good," Mrs. Tonks said as she slung her bag onto her shoulder, "tell your godfather I will be heading back, and if he needs anything he knows how to contact me."

"Alright, bye Mrs. Tonks and take care." Harry waved towards the woman as she walked into the fireplace.

"You too dear," the older witch nodded her head, "And please, call me Aunt Dromeda or Tonks, I would very much love that."

"Okay Aunt Dromeda," Harry said with a grin as the older witch disappeared into the flames.

Watching as the flames settled down, Harry turned around and was about to head back to the library so that he could meet up with Sirius, but from the dark recess of the hall, his godfather slowly walked into the light.

"Is she gone?" the older wizard asked in a vigilant tone.

Nodding his head in acquiescence, Sirius let out a breath of relief then made his way into the kitchen. "So what are we going to be doing?" Harry asked once the man was seated on the table.

"If I recall correctly, weren't you the one who said you needed to be caught up on Ancient Runes and Arithmancy. Well, that is what we will be doing all summer; trying to cram as much knowledge into your noggin plus some other stuff I think will be of good use," Sirius added with a wink. "Also we can't forget the Mind Arts-you will need to study those two subjects in your own free time. If you have any questions, you can ask me, I am an adequate practitioner of the arts."

Then jumping off his seat, Sirius clapped his hands together and said, "Now let's get started!"

"Now try to fix that matrix right there," Sirius pointed to a section of his Rune cluster that he drew. Harry did as he was told and rearranged the matrix as Sirius showed then suddenly the circular diagram that he drew- lit up like it was Christmas in a soft golden brilliance.

Slapping him on the back, Sirius declared in a jubilant tone, "Would you look at that pup, your first Rune Matrix!"

Harry smiled up at the man, even though the Rune he built was a simple Lumos it was his first step into the world of Enchanting. From the tomes he read on Enchanting from the Black Family's library, Harry knew that there would be a lot more awesome stuff in store for him as he continues down this path. He was already keen on making some flaming swords, comet bows, invisibility cloaks, poison daggers, mokeskin pouch, and so many more items.

Closing the book on Ancient Runes, Sirius declared, "I think we are far ahead in this subject, you are already doing what you will be coving during the 4th year, so I think we are good enough."

"So what's next?" Harry asked, over the past two weeks that Sirius has been tutoring him, he found that he quite enjoyed studying. Growing up with the Dursley' who hated it when he did better than Dudley, he tried to limit himself at school. Then when he went to Hogwarts he had Hermione at his side who helped him and Ron with all his classes. He will be honest with himself- he did slack off with Ron when an easier path had been presented to him.

"We already finished up covering all of last year's and this upcoming year Arithmancy content." Harry said.

"Yeah," Sirius uttered, "And I still can't believe muggles teach their children Arithmancy at such a young age."

"It is called Math to the muggles," Harry clarified to the man. "And yea, for muggle children, school starts when they are 6 years old."

"Mhm," Sirius said, taking it all in. Moving on then, Sirius spoke, "So how is your Occlumency and Legilimency coming along?"

"Pretty good," Harry replied, "Right now I am building my Mind Palace, so that is taking a lot of my time. After that, I want to do something interesting that the book mentioned, a false second Mind Palace."

"Ohh, I see someone is advancing pretty well," Sirius commented with a beaming grin, "I think we have a genius on hand!"

Laughing awkwardly, Harry cleared his throat and clarified, "I just want our enemies to remain unsuspecting, that is all! They will think I am still pure and innocent little Potter while we plot their downfall behind their back."

"I know what you are doing pup," Sirius uttered as he messed around with Harry's hair. "And let me be the first to congratulate you for the devilishness! You truly are on your way to become a Marauder."

"Thanks." Harry said as he once again faked coughed to hide his red tinted blush.

"If that is well and good, then there is some stuff I do not want to bore you with, but if you want to take over the House of Potter when you reach the age of Majority then you will need to know certain things."

"Like what?" Harry queried.

Not answering his question immediately, Sirius ran into the stacks to most likely retrieve some books. Before long the older wizard was back and Harry was right on point, the older wizard came back with a full mound of books heaped onto his hands.

"Wow, what is all this?" Harry asked as he picked up the first four books in the pile once Sirius set them down.

Reading out loud the titles, Harry rattled off, "Wizarding Culture, Pureblood Traditions, the Wizengamot, History of the Great Houses!" Glancing at the other titles heaped on the table Harry's face fell when he saw that they too were dry subjects as well.

Sirius must have noticed the young wizard's crestfallen looks because he immediately came to a compromise, "I know this is a lot to take in but if you do well in coving them all, I promise that I will start teaching you how to become a animagus!"

"No way," Harry said, as the bargain came out of a left field. Like any wizard his age, he always did want to have a animagus form, and now to have that dangled in front of him, there was no way he wasn't going to say yes.

"Yep," Sirius said as he picked up on the young wizard's excitement, "And our animagus form isn't just going to be a mundane animal, no it is going to be a magical creature!"

"What!" Harry cried out, pure shock written all over his face. "But how is that possible, is that even possible?"

"Yea, it is," Sirius stated, "Your father and I found about that process way back before you were born. It was already too late for us to have a magical creature animagus form since we already went through the process in our Hogwarts years, but we set it aside for progeny."

"So I am going to be the first person to have a magical creature animagus form!" Harry shouted in his excitement.

"I do not know about that," Sirius said with shrug. "The old ruin of that long passed away wizard we found that small tidbit, he must have had a magical creature animagus form. There are tales that Salazar could transform into a Basilisk, Merlin could turn into a Dragon at will, and so many other powerful wizards and witches throughout the ages."

"Okay, okay, I get it," Harry voiced, "But that only just means that I am as great as the most powerful wizards and witches throughout the ages," Harry added cheekily with a grin.

Smiling down at his godson, Sirius replied, "I have no doubt in my heart that you will catch up to them one day and surpass them all, look at all you have accomplished in only two weeks. Now do you want to hear the second portion of my deal,"

"Of course," Harry stated, "My time and energy do not come cheaply at all!"

"Sure, sure, your excellency!" Sirius answered back with faked respect and a curt bow from his neck. "Battle Magic is what I shall teach you in the afternoons as you progress well in your studies."

"Battle Magic? What is that?" Harry asked, as he latched on to that interesting new title. He did not know why, but when Sirius said those two words, it was like his blood started boiling and excitement started bubbling up to the surface.

"Nothing but the best subject ever." Sirius stated with false modesty.

"Oh, come on tell me what it is." Harry whined as he rocked Sirius's elbow.

"Battle Magic is basically Defense Against the Dark Arts but with the offensive spells taught. It is a much pure and ancient study that has been highly valued and well recognized all around," a voice that wasn't Sirius answered.

Turning to face the speaker to which Harry had an idea who it was already, face to face with Mrs. Tonks. "Cousin," Sirius called out in greeting, "Came to grace us with your presence!"

Scoffing loudly, the older witch replied, "Why would I come to see your flea bitten hide? My dear nephew is the only one of concern here in my eyes."

Placing his hand on to his heart, and putting on a hurt expression, Sirius uttered, "You wound me deeply, dear cousin with your barred words!

Cutting off Sirius before he went on a endless tirade, Harry called out, "Hello, Aunt Dromeda, how are you doing!"

Stepping right up to Harry, the former lady of House Black rubbed his head affectionately and greeted him back, "I am doing well dear, thanks for asking." Then giving Sirius a pointed look, she added, "And I can see that someone knows how to properly greet a person."

Rolling his eyes, Sirius gave no response and wisely choose to remain silent, carrying on with the conversation Harry asked about the phenomenon that just overtook him. "Aunt Dromeda, why is it that when Sirius said those two words, Battle Magic, my blood started boiling with excitement?"

"Ahh," the older woman said as if understanding stuck her at that very moment. "I see that you have started awakening your Bloodline affinities?"

"Bloodline affinities?" Harry repeated, tasting the words in his mouth, "What are Bloodline affinities?" he asked.

"Well you see," the older witch started to explain, "Great Houses have long bloodlines that trace all the way back to distant pasts, and over those long years that they remained- they each started to develop a major and minor affinity for a certain school of magic. For example, our family; the House of Black has a major affinity to Dark Magic- hexes, jinxes, curses, and all the other likes. We also developed a minor affinity for astronomy which is denoted by our like to name our children after stars and constellations."

"What about the House of Potters?" Harry asked, curious to know about his own affinities.

"If I recall correctly, your House should have a major affinity to Battle Magic which explains why you inversely got excitement when Sirius promised you that he will teach you Battle Magic plus as Sirius has told me you are very good at Defense Against the Dark Arts even though you never had a proper teacher besides Lupin. Your bloodline would explain that since like I said Defense Against the Dark Arts is basically the defense aspect of Battle Magic."

"So what is my family's minor affinity?" Harry continued with his inquiry once the older woman came to a pause.

"I do not know," the older witch replied with a shake of her head, "You must know that Houses like to keep their secrets to themselves." Then pausing for a moment, the mediwitch turning to face Sirius and asked, "Do you know any subject that James was really good in at school?"

"Mhm," Sirius said as he started to mull it over, "If I had to pick a subject then I think it would be transfiguration- that did come to him naturally and he was the best of it among us."

"Well, then I think you have your answer dear," the older witch stated as she once again rubbed Harry's head. Then she added as if it was in a afterthought, "Oh, and keep in mind that there is a lot that comes to being a member of a most noble and ancient house, so I would take up Sirius's advise and read up."

Nodding his head in agreement, Harry planned to do exactly that. He would be doing wrong by his House if he didn't at least put in an effort to learn more about them. This small tidbit of knowledge that Mrs. Tonks offered to him showed how little he knew about the Wizarding world and its history. There is so much here to learn, and he is at the best place to do it; at the Black family's library, one of the largest repository of knowledge so he is going to take advantage of his opportunity by the scruff and learn as much as he can.

Suddenly from a corner at the bend, a book loudly dropped on to the wooden floorboards and the noise of it echoed throughout the whole silent stacks.

"How is that?" Sirius inquired as he slowly took out his wand from the holster at his side.

"Don't worry about that," Mrs. Tonks said waving off the older wizards concern, "It is just my daughter." Then taking in an audible gulp of air, the older witch shouted at the top of her lungs, "Nymphadora Tonks come out this instant and greet your hosts!"

From out the stacks on the left side out strolled a young woman with short bubbly blue hair, the same steel grey eyes as Sirius with mischief hidden deep within it, a round face with high cheekbones, full red lips, a straight nose, and arching eyebrows. She stood at 6 feet just like he did, with a lithe and well-toned figure, long delicate hands, slender legs, a well ample bust, smooth white skin, and an ear-piercing on her left ear.

Harry took in all her sights and quickly noticed that he was staring, averting his gaze towards a bookshelf on the right, Harry tried to make himself look inconspicuous. He did not realize when he started noticing, but he sure as hell was now.

"Mom," the young adult witch whined, "I told you to stop calling me that name! Why can't you just say Dora or Tonks when you call out to me?"

"Your name is perfectly fine, I am not calling you something so unbecoming."

"Dad calls me Dora all the time, I can't see what the problem is." the blue-haired witch said as she crossed her hands together below her chest causing her bust to pop out a bit, and to which Harry became aware of.

"Your father is a nitwit, I am not going to follow in his example, now go greet our hosts and be polite."

Grumbling under her breath, the young witch turned to face both wizards sticking out her hand she first greeted Sirius. "I guess you heard my mom, the name is Nymphadora Tonks."

Shaking her hand, Sirius pleasantly replied, "I do not mind calling you Dora, Nymphadora sure sounds like a mouthful."

Grinning up at the older wizard, the blue haired witch remarked, "Yea, that is what I keep telling my mom but does she listen?"

"Don't egg her on cousin." Mrs. Tonks stated in a dangerous tone.

Giving the older witch a wink then turned a deaf ear to her warning, Sirius continued, "You can call me Uncle Sirius, and I promise you I will become your most fun and favorite uncle ever!"

Giggling with laughter in a lilting tone to which Harry found music to his ears, the young witch remarked, "I look forward to that."

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