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Chapter 146: To War

Walking through the halls of his family home, Tobry and Dobby both followed at his heel.

"Dobby can't believe good and kind Master Potter would be suspended by bad Headmaster," his personal house-elf cried out.

"This must be a mistake, a Potter has never been suspended from Hogwarts," Tobry too spoke in turn. "We must speak to the Headmaster to get this all cleared up! We can not have the family name tarnish like that!"

"Forget it, we have more pressing things to concern us," Harry replied as he entered a command room. A young magical researcher from Golden Tower was fine tuning one of the many magical devices he had set up in the manor.

This was one of the projects he had going at the moment, which was refurbishing his family home to bring it screaming into the modern day. There had been many protests from all the changes he was making, especially Tobry and even the old Potter family ancestor in the portraits who had access to many portraits within the manor letting them experience everything first hand.

Snapping his finger at the young witch, Harry called her over to him, "Put the Commander on the screen for me!"

Doing as told, Harry took a seat on one of the luxury chairs set about the room, and turned to Dobby, "Dobby, if you would, please, get me a drink. I think it will be a while!" Nodding his head, the little house elf snapped his finger and disappeared with an inaudible pop.

Rubbing the bridge of his nose, Harry wasn't given a single moment to himself as Tobry still went on about the suspension. "I can't believe it, what would the old master and mistress think if they knew a Potter was suspended, or even the Great grand-master!"

Sighing, Harry tried to calm down the head house-elf, he could have his most trusted steward break down on him. "These things happen, Tobry, come on, just get over it!"

"Okay!" the house-elf shouted shrilly! "How is any of this okay! Never before..." he began again.

"Are you done?" Harry asked the young magical researcher.

"Yes, Sir, I am just waiting for the people on the other side to answer."

"Alright, thank you. I got it from here," Harry nodded to the girl, signaling for her to leave.

Now that it was only the two of them in the room, Harry turned to look at the house-elf.

"Tobry," Harry said in a stern voice as he grabbed hold of the house-elf and had him face him. "We need to be clear and focused right now. Remove everything else from your mind. We are going to War! You can yell at me later. But right now I need your head in the game. Am I clear?!"

"Yes, yes, you are correct master," the house-elf nodded his head as he collected himself. "However we will discuss this later, and your ancestors will hear news of this!"

"Fine," Harry sighed, he really couldn't wait to face those old portraits. There was no doubt he would be getting a hear full!

It was at the moment that Dobby had come back with his stiff drink. Taking a sip of his drink, Harry saw that the phone line finally connected through to the fortress.

The commander appeared on the ultra wide Mirror screen up above. He was speaking to someone off to the side as he asked, "So are we connected now?"

"Yes, sir," Harry heard the person answer. "I believe that's Lord Potter there, waiting for you."

Turning around to look at the screen, Harry saw that the old hand was wearing a pair of old timey glasses as he squinted at the panels that worked the device. "Can you hear me boy?" the old commander asked, shouting a bit too loud than what was necessary.

It took every ounce of self control that he had, not to break out into laughter. He knew he was a bastard for finding this funny, but it just was.

Schooling his features the best he could, Harry replied with a nod of his head, "Loud and clear Commander!"

"HUH?" the man said as he cupped his ear towards the screen to get a better listen to him.

"You muted the chief," the person assisting the Commander helpfully pointed out.

"Then tell me how to unmute it," the old hand shouted, clearly very frustrated at this point.

Harry felt ashamed at his earlier amusement when he saw the look on the Commander's face. The man was as old as his grandfather so he was going on into his years. All this new shining stuff really must break him away from the old fashion ways he conducted himself. And it must be very difficult for him to get used to them all.

Harry set aside that thought for now, maybe he would add in functions to make it easier to operate all the products he has been shelling out. Maybe connecting each person's wand to the devices like a remote might just be the answer, he figured. Every wizard and witch had a wand and knew how to work it, so that just might be the perfect work around!

The aid leaned over and pressed the unmute button and the old man shouted in exclamation, "Ahhh. So that's how you do it. Well, why didn't you say so in the first place?!"

"It's good to see you, Commander," Harry called out with a wide grin.

"You too boy, you too," the older wizard nodded his head. "Shouldn't you be in school?" he asked.

"About that..." Harry said, "I was suspended."

"You were what?!" the older man shouted.

Harry really was expecting to see such a violent reaction out of the commander. It really wasn't so bad only one month's suspicion from school, and he had a pretty good handle on the subjects being covered, at this point this year's material was only a review for him.

Or maybe it was, he mused. Shaking his head, Harry stood by his decision to defend Daphne's honor whether it be through hell or high water.

"That was my exact same reaction," Tobry nodded his head.

"Calm down," Harry waved his hand for the two of them to settle down. "I have a perfect explanation for myself." And then he told the commander what happened.

The man nodded his head along and once he was finished spoke up, "I can understand your decision, but if your grandparents were here you would be getting the grounding of your life!"

"Well there aren't," Harry said glumly which shut the two of them up. "Can you gather the lieutenants before we begin this meeting?"

"Will do so," the commander nodded his head. Then turning around to face his aid, he should, "Get those punks here. Each of them on one Mirror!"

Harry heard, the person reply, "Yes, Sir," he heard the heavy clop of boots hitting together.

In the mean while, they made light chat as Harry gave an overview of what they would be about before things got started.

It wasn't long before the Potter family lieutenants were all gathered. Each of them was on a screen up above on his giant monitor.

On the screen to the right of the Commander was Lieutenant Alex, leader of the First Cohort, the Griffin units. He was a glasses wearing badass and loyal to a damn fault. "Greetings, Ser," he inclined his head in respect. Nothing else needed to be said of the man, he had been Harry's most loyal soilder and officer. Plus he lead the deadly and powerful First Cohort, the center piece of the whole Griffin Legion. Whenever those beasts stepped forward they spread fear and awe in their wake.

Then there was Lieutenant Riley, leader of the Second Cohort, the Hippogriff units. The Hippogriff was known as the most speedy unit in the legion as they blitz around in the sky and rained down deadly spell fire on their enemies.

After him was Lieutenant Tia, leader of the Third Cohort, the Demigryph units. Lieutenant Tia was a stoic woman that lead his family's land units of very powerful heavily-armored shock cavalry.

There was Lieutenant Kate leader of the Fourth Cohort, the Keythong units. Lieutenant Kate was a blonde haired, blue eyes woman with a bubbly personality. She always seem to have a smile on her face and enough energy for everyone, you would think she would be a bad choice to lead a pack of murder beasts, but she was the perfect choice, and came really highly to him by the Commander. Her energy and joy just had a way of spilling over to everyone, even the Keythong which did wonders in calming them down and making it easier leading them.

Next was Lieutenant Martin, a large bulky man, leader of the Fifth Cohort, the Hieracosphinx Cohort. Those beasts were wonderful guards and protectors, and made a great defensive unit.

In addition, there was the newly risen Lieutenant Otto Carr, a lean dark skinned man, hair shaved in a military cut and a scar that run down a quarter through his eyebrow. He was the new leader of the Cynogriffin Cohort. Cynogriffin or sometimes known as Sky wolves, they were Half eagle and half wolf magical beasts from the Americas brought over during the times of the 13 colonies. Extremely intelligent these creatures are extremely quick and terribly ferocious. They made excellent auxiliary units and wonderful trackers.

Then there was Lieutenant Felicity Harper a brown eyed, green haired woman whose hair must have turned that way in an experiment. She was extremely beautiful, which was beyond natural since Harry knew she had a glamour. She was the woman he put in charge of the Grecian Cohort. Those beautiful and fair Griffin creatures were always good at illusionary, enchantment, and healing magic which was exactly what the unit did.

Finally, there was Lieutenant Hakim Awad, a olive fair skinned man with dark hair and eyes that always preferred to keep to the shadows. He was in charge of the Micro Griffins Cohort, acting as spy, logistic support, and scouting for the legion.

That made up Eight of the Ten Cohorts of the Legion. However, Harry doubted that those two cohorts would ever be reformed during his time.

The last two Cohorts were the Leogryph & Royal Gryphon Cohorts respectively.

The Leogryph Cohorts were made up of the personal guards of the family, the best of the best, the ultimate wizards and witches! However, they were all but destroyed thanks to the two wars back to back, as he heard it. It was only because of their extinction by the time of his parents going into hiding that Voldermort got to them.

If they had been around, nothing would have gotten past them.

Then there was the Royal Gryphon Cohort, which was made up of Potter descends. At the height of his family, an actual cohort was made of Royal Gryphon riders wizards, and witches existed.

Now there was only him left in the world with the Potter bloodline forget having hundreds of cousins, aunts, uncles, brother, sisters, in laws, and many more.

This would be the height that the legion would be at for a very long time. Those two wars had such a dreadful effect on his family army.

"Good, you are all here," Harry nodded his head. "Let's begin this meeting then!"

"What have you called us for, my lord?" Martin asked in his deep gruff voice.

"For war, of course," he answered with a smile.

"We will be dealing with one of the Sacred 28, the Nott family!" the commander shouted as he smacked his fist into his palm with a savage grin.

"The Nott family?" Riley repeated after the commander.

"They are a nasty lot with great power," Hakim muttered in a low tone.

"It doesn't matter how powerful they are," Tobry shouted, "we have a blood feud with them after what the new Lord of the family has done! And not even mentioning what the previous or has done."

"There shall be no mercy at all," the Commander nodded his head.

"Then it is as you say, my lord," Alex agreed.

"Well, then let's get this war council on the way!"

1st Griffin Cohort, 2nd Hippogriff Cohort, 3rd Demigryph Cohort, 4th Keythong Cohort, 5th Hieracosphinx Cohort, 6th Cynogriffin Cohort, 7th Grecian Cohort, 8th Micro Griffins Cohort, Leogryph & Royal Gryphon

Chapter 147: War Council

"Well, then let's get this war council on the way!" Harry said as he opened his folder which contained countless valuable documents. It was the reports and intel on the Nott family that was collected by the Micro Griffins Cohort and presented to him.

It contained detailed information of the Nott family from what magic they specialized in, their bonded creatures, their military strength, their financial power, their influence, their vassals, who they married, who they have connections with, their out of country power, who worked for them, and the list just went on for days.

He must say, Lieutenant Hakim and his men did a wonderful job and he was glad he raised the rank of the man as one of his Lieutenant.

"Tobry, is the room secure," Harry asked the house-elf right besides him.

"Yes, my Lord," the little magical being nodded his head as Harry watched him snap his finger and see magic race across the room, protecting it from any scrying or eavesdropping from unwanted eyes.

"We are well protected here from any prying eyes and ears," the Commander voiced.

"Good, now let's start with discuss the Nott family military strength," Harry said as he organized his documents and flipped to a parchment on the Nott family army. "I am sure you got the reports before coming here, and thank you, Lieutenant Hakim," Harry said as he turned to face the masked man.

"You value to this legion is innumerable."

The man gave a simple bow of his head, not uttering a single word.

Nodding his head in acknowledgment, Harry got back to the topic at hand. "So we will be dealing with the Grim Brigade, huh," Harry mused as he read up on the Nott family army.

"Yes," the Commander spoke up, "they are a very troublesome lot."

"How so?" Harry asked, curious to know.

"We have faced them in the field of battle during both the Grindelwald war and much later in the Voldemort war. So we have some experience against them," the Commander answered as a faraway look passed through his face as he recalled those bloody days.

"Yeah," Alex spoke up, "they are a bloody tough lot to put down once and for all as they just keep coming back. And they are tricky as well as they somehow find ways to curse you and weaken you slowly before coming in for the kill."

"That is because of their Dark affinity, correct?!" Harry said. "They are good with curses and the lot."

"Yep," Alex nodded his head, "so we need to be careful how we handle them. The family legion is best at frontal conformation and massive overwhelming damage, unlike the Notts who are a sneaky bunch that like chipping away at their enemy before dealing with them at long last."

"Well, the previous Lord of the family truly did not embody those virtues," Lieutenant Felicity sadly shook her head as she was mentioning the idiot's decision to try to usurp the Wizengamot.

"Well his son is not like that, I can promise you that for sure," Harry said. Although he hated Theodore's guts and wanted nothing more than to rip out any shred of his manhood, he had to admit that bastard was a very dangerous one.

He wasn't like Draco, that blustering idiot that you can manipulate every which way you want. Draco only represented the worst qualities in a Slytherin; ambitious with no cunning to temper it, domineering with no smarts to back it, arrogant with no foresight to look ahead, seeking leadership but with no talent at all.

But Theodore was the opposite of Draco, he was both ambitious and cunning, arrogant and smart, talented and resourceful. And to top it all off his was cold and ruthless. Nothing at all like good old Draco.

However that didn't matter to Harry, Nott made one little mistake and that was messing with him and those he cared for. He didn't care how smart or talented he was, he was going to teach him a lesson he would never forget and would remember for the rest of his miserable little life.

Nobody messed with his women and got away with it under his watch!

"So were we able to gauge their actual military strength?" Harry asked, it was good and all, knowing the natural disposition of an army and what tactics they are more likely to implore, but he needed actual numbers to know what he was dealing with.

"Like everyone they suffered during the past two wars. However, during this interim, they had made great strides in rebuilding their forces," a voice replied which seem to come from everywhere all at once. Harry turned to Lieutenant Hakim who could be the only one who could have answered, but he never saw the man's lips moved.

"So all in all, we are looking at 4,800 wizarding soldiers making up the Grim Brigade! They are divided into 2, Grim Dark and Grim Shadow!"

"And what of their vassals?" Harry asked with narrowed eyes, this would be very important for his coming plans.

"On that note, we have some good news," the man answered.

"I like good, tell me more," Harry let loose a savage smile as he folded his finger in front of himself, eagerly listening up.

"Thanks to the old head's, Tobias Nott, rash decision to try to take over the Wizengamot, he also took down three of his Knighly vassals with him who were there with him that day on the coup. Now those houses are in a mess with one having two sons fighting over Lordship, the other being left to a 3-year-old little girl, and the last ending since there were no descendants.

That leaves us with 4 vassals; 2 Barons and 2 Knight houses to deal with! I think we could get the Baron House of Gill to look the other way during the war. Get the Knight House of Finn on our side, and own the Knight House of Allen by taking on their debts that House Nott did not want to take up. That would only leave the Nott family with just the Baron House of Lean who close kin with the Notts."

"You said, the old head, does that mean that Theodore is now the new head of House Nott?!"

"Yes, there were some slight roadblocks to the young Nott becoming the new head, but that has been resolved."

"What happened?" Lieutenant Tia asked out of curiosity.

"His uncle tried to assume power on the account that his nephew was too young to take the heavy responsibility of Lordship. But that was quickly put to rest when the Grim Brigade who swore fealty to the young lord put him under house arrest. Now the young Lord is putting trumped up charges at his uncle's feet on how he lead his father astray whispering false things in his ear!"

"Smart," Lieutenant Otto nodded his head, "he gets two birds with one stone with that tactic. Not only does he show to the Wizengamot House Nott will not be following in his father's footsteps, but he also disway anyone from following in his uncle's footsteps."

"Well, thank you, Lieutenant Hakim," Harry said with an appreciative nod of his head to the spy.

"So moving on to their bonded creature," Harry said as he flipped to that section. The image he was presented of the ghastly creature roiled his stomach as he stared at it.

"Now that is just evil looking, alright," Lieutenant Riley made his opinion known without a second thought as he recoiled back at what he saw.

"You have no idea how right you are," Lieutenant Martin commented. "I fought one a long time ago and I still carry the scars to remind me of that day," the large man spoke up as he pulled down his shirt showing everyone a grisly old scar.

"You shall experience it when we face the Nott family, boy!" the Commander uttered.

"Alright moving on," Harry said, "I need to know all the valuable assets and properties of House Nott. Tobry could you bring it up on the screen?"

"Yes, master," the house-elf said as he pressed a few buttons and on the screen for him and the others appeared a map of Britain. Not regular old Britain that the Muggles knew and lived in, but the Magical one, the hidden home of the wizards and witches of the Magical Isles.

There were countless little dots on the map he knew very well from Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, 12 Grimmauld places, Diagon Alley, Azkaban, The Burrow, St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries, Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, his family manor, and so much more!

And little places that are not mentioned that much, the Great Fairy Groove, the Goblin Kingdom, the Giant's mountains, the Troll Nation, the Merpeople lakes, and many more!

There was a plethora of information on the map, all stuff that his family collected through the many years they lived in these isles. With concealment spells and powerful rituals, it is very difficult finding out the location of a place so this map was more than valuable, it was just priceless.

However, what drew Harry's attention was these locations marked with the Nott family. The only places of importance for a wizarding family is the Family Manor which holds the keys to the family from the beasts to the treasures and knowdgle. Then there is the Wizarding Tower which is where progress is made from spell experiments, the creation of magical items, new potion recipes. And finally, the army Fortress which is where the wizarding house army is stationed.

Though that is only for powerful families, knightly or Barons families don't really have.

Anyways anything else from mansions, cottages, villas, and so forth are of no import, but just for show or to have a small get away.

Though there is the small outlier of properties outside of Magical Britain, however rarely do they come into consideration since they have different functions.

Harry saw that the Nott family estates were located all throughout Btitian just like any other wizarding family. To muggles that would make no sense at all, but with countless means of teleportation on, for wizards distance means nothing.

Staring at the map, Harry was interrupted as Alex spoke up, "I can see you already have a plan in mind, my lord."

Looking at him, Harry saw the man had a smile on his face, and the Commander called out, "Well come on and spill it, boy!"

"My plan hinges on how ready the Nott family is," Harry said. "How much intel do you think they have on your family and our current assets." Harry had no doubt that just like how he had his men spy on the Nott family, they could do the same in turn.

"They of course know our military structure and how our legion is made up like we do, but I am sure they do not know our current numbers since you took the initiative and have been collecting intel on them for months," the Commander spoke up.

"Good," Harry said, then he addressed the gruff man, "Commander, I want you to start preparing the legion and gather them in force."

"And do what?" the man asked.

"Just be on the ready to move at anytime," Harry said.

"Now that is not much to go on," the old military hand furrowed his eyebrows.

"I promise I will tell you everything in due time, but I need you to trust me."

"Fine," the man said. "You haven't failed us yet, so don't make this a first. A war between two families of the Sacred 28 is not something to be taken lightly. So make sure you think everything through."

With that the meeting was all but over, and Harry watched as the Commander shout as his aid, "Now how do you turn off his damnable thing?!"

After all his Lieutenants and the Commander left, Harry was left alone in the room with only his two House-elves.

"More, master," Dobby asked as he saw his empty glass.

"Sure," Harry said as he watched the house-elf pour him some of the amber liquid.

"Tobry connect me with my vassals, would you!" Harry said. He made sure to set up a communication center in each of his vassals' homes so he could have a quick and easy connection with them and could get to them at any time.

Before long he was in a very similar meeting he had with his Lieutenants as all 7 of his vassals were gathered. From Lord Bott, Ser Ryan, Ser Eddie, Lord Kerry, Ser Watts, Ser Gray, Ser Myles.

"Gentlemen," Harry smiled at his vassals, some looked bedraggled as they seem to have been pulled out of their bed. "You all have a rare opportunity before you all!" Harry made sure to word his phrase carefully, there is nothing more than vassals hate being dragged into their lord's battles.

However that would be very much different if there were lucrative rewards insight."I believe your chance to expand has come. I don't know if you heard, but were are going to war with the Nott family, and this is your chance to expand your family estates and lands."

Looking on the expression on each of his vassals' face, Harry knew he had them. Who did not want to expand their powerbase, the Nott family vassals' lands were chump change for him. All he wanted was to unleash his vassal's on the Nott which he schemed in the shadows.

"Truly, my lord," Lord Boot asked.

"When have I ever lied to you, gentlemen. The Nott family vassals' lands are ripe for the picking as they are in a mess with the fall of the old head. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity before you all, something I believe you all do not want to miss!"

After his second meeting was done, and his vassals left with broad smiles on their faces and greed in their eyes, Harry was left to his devices.

"Tobry, we will be having one more meeting for the day!"

"Who, my lord?"

"Those mercenaries I hired out of course," Harry answered.

Harry saw Tobry wrinkle his nose, as he did as he was told, of course he would have some distaste for men that killers for hire! But they were just the bloody truth to war.

Soon Harry had the two brother mercenary captains on the screen. He made sure to get to know them over the time he had them on hire and they were both named Albert and Gilbert.

"I believe it time for you and your boys to earn your lunch..."

Chapter 148: Nott Family


Deep in a dark desolate landscape with dark clouds over head and dead things all around, there laid a mighty and foreboding castle of gothic designs that lent it a more spooky and fearful atmosphere.

A vast dead plain surrounded the castle, littered with massive bones of unrecognizable creatures and dark shadows prowled all around in the plain. Bats fluttered about over head, their wings beats barely rustling the air.

The castle was made of long arching towers that stood tall and ominous with massive stone walls surrounding the castle from all sides. The sinister castle had shadows popping out of all the windows. On perches and ledges stood ghastly creatures all standstill like stone.

In the deepest bowels of the castle sat a young boy at the ripe old age of 18 years old. He sat on a throne like chair with shadows all around him, enveloping him tightly. Heavy droplets of rain stated pounded against the window as the dark clouds begin to rumble.

The heavy intricate doors on the opposite end of the hall suddenly begin to open and in walked a wizard. He wasn't your usual fop wearing fanciful wizarding robes glamoured with wonderous spells and charms, or the ordinary everyday wizard or witch wearing mismatch muggle clothing to fit in.

No this was an armored man with runes running crisis cross on his body armor and sharp eyes that seen the sight of many bloody conflicts and done too much to survive.

"My Lord," the soldier called out as he entered with the doors slowly closing behind him. Behind him their echoed a loud shrill scream that seem to be coming from the deepest bowels of the castle, and then the doors finally shut and the sounds cut off.

"General," Theodore Nott nodded his head at the man who took a knee before him. "So how does my uncle's stay in the dungeon go?"

"He has spilled all those in cahoots with him to depose you and your family. Now I have sent my men to round them up."

"Good," the young new lord replied as he steepled his fingers before himself. "And he will admit that it was him who mislead my father before the Wizengamot?"

"Yes, if he does want to keep his mistress and son safe!" the general answered.

"Mhmm, that should get the Wizengamot off our back. Now then I believe you heard the news.."

"Yes, it is indeed a disappointment that my lord has been exploded from Hogwarts, but I believe that we can find you the proper tutors. Hogwarts standards have been falling through these years, and they barely teach any dark magic now or even prepare their students for combat at all. It is the sole cause of why the combat standard of the wizarding population has been decreasing as a whole. A good thing for us as it has made it much easier to put down the population, but any new recruits we get are all that much harder to train up."

"You are correct, General, I and those of equal standing now only go to Hogwarts to make connections with those of our age, our families are the ones who do most of the tutorship. The only good thing to come from this is that those muggle born insects are all but helpless before us and ignorant with them barely getting to uncover the deeper secrets of magic.

However, that is not why I brought this up...

"Aye, the young Potter Lord," the man nodded his head.

"Yes, thanks to my father's interference with their vassal they have got a valid reason for entering into conflict with us," the young Nott Lord spoke with a glint of pure unadulterated hate in his eyes at the mere mention of his father.

"And you going after his new betrothal did not help," the General uttered as he faced the young man without any hesitation. He knew the antagonist relationship between both father and son, however, laying all blame on the old head's feet would be untrue.

"No," the young lord answered as he got up from his throne like chair and came to stand next to the window with his arms crossed behind his back. "She was always mine," he voiced as a look of possessiveness reflected back on to the window. "I do not know how that bastard was able to secure a betrothal from her parents, but since that day we meet as children I knew she would be my Lady," he clutched his hand into a fist.

The man kneeling only stared at his liege lord with no answer.

Looking back as he schooled his face back to normal, "We need to win this war no matter what, General. If House Greengrass has no betrothal... well then they will be left with no choice but to turn to the next most eligible bachelor."

"Do you not think killing their current fiancé especially the young to be bride, would disway them of picking you?" the leader of the Nott family army asked.

"Snort, who would dare make any moves in proposing to House Greengrass when I make an example of the Potters!?"

"Well, that would be a difficult thing, there hasn't been much activity from the Potters, but they are still of the Sacred 28, and defeating them would take a lot."

"Yes, the Potter family famed for their Griffin creatures and their Battle Magic. I know what we will be facing, the great and fabled Legion! That is why I am counting you and the Grim Battalion, General! I have been calling our family beasts from far and wide and they are quickly amassing together near the castle. I want you to do the same with the Grim Battalion."

"Will do so my lord, and what will be your battle commands for now?"

"Nothing, we will wait for the Potters to make their move first and act accordingly. We do what are army does best and act from the shadows, and strike during the most opportune time. And I want to know what has are Grim Shadows soldiers uncovered so far?"

"As you know my lord, we already knew the location of the Griffin Fortress when we were able to uncover it during the Dark Lord's war. We are making work on locating the Potter Manor and the Golden Tower, but as you know trying to find anything under powerful concealing spells is difficult, but we are making strides and shall be able to unveil the location soon."

"Good, for now, keep a watch on the Griffin Fortress and continue doing what you are," the young Nott lord declared.

"Yes, my lord," the man said with a bow. Then suddenly the doors swing open and a haggard soldier walked in.

"What are you doing interpreting us, soldier," the General growled as dark shadows filled his face.

"General, my Lord, I am mostly deeply sorry to interpret you both, but word just came in," the soldier answered shakily as he held out a piece of parchment.

"Bring it here then," the General waved his hand over impatiently. Doing as commanded the soldier handed over the letter and respectfully stepped back. Getting up from his kneeling position, the leader of the Grim Battalion took the letter in hand and tore it open, without looking back, he called out to his man. "Go get five lashes for interpreting your betters."

"Yes, Sir," the soldier bowed his head as the fear on his face was evident, and couldn't wait to leave.

"We still use owls, General?" Theodore asked his man after the messenger left.

"Ouh, you mean those Mirror Phone that the Potter came up with?"


"Ha, there is no way we could trust those things! Who knows if the Potters are listening to us, through it! Best to be safe and stick to the old fashion way of owls."

"That is a good point," the young man rubbed his chin, "Now what does it say, General?" the young Nott lord asked.

"I believe our chance to react how we see fit has been just taken from us," the man grimly answered. "Take a look," he said as he handed the slip of paper over.

Taking the letter, the young lord silently read it as his eyes darted through it. Immediately he crushed it as he understood what the letter contained. "Great, the Potters have let loose their vassals upon us," he growled.

"Yes, it would seem that they took the preemptive strike forcing us to act accordingly.

"And it would seem that this letter is a couple days old," the young lord pointed out.

"Yes, that is the single problem with owls," the man nodded his head.

"If only we crack what Potter did," the man uttered as he biter his nail, then shaking his head to clear his head and get back on topic. "For now send in some soldiers to assist our vassals, we do not want to make them think we have abandoned them. And tell them to hold their ground until we arrive."

"Are you sure my lord? This might be a trap."

"We do have eyes on the Griffin Fort, correct?"


"Then we will know right away when they make a move and can act against them. Right now we will need to send some assistance to our vassals, that will make them owe us, and we could use their number to bolster our forces."

"I will get to it right away, then my lord!"

Meanwhile, in the territory of House Moss, Baron Bott came swooning it with his retainer and attendant while he was aside a mightily Hippogriff which held its head high.

The gates to the Keep of House Moss were wide open allowing them to enter with no difficulty. The soldiers standing guard stared on with no expression on their faces.

Waiting for the party's arrival where two men. One was a stocky mustached man who was the leader of the small rag tag force of House Moss. The other was a proud man with his jowls continuing to every shaking, who was the steward of the small Keep.

They were the two men that were running things around here now that their liege lord was locked up.

Landing before them, Lord Bott and his men dismounted from their mounts and walked up to the two men.

"Do you have the gold?" the commander of House Moss asked right off the bat.

"Yes," Lord Boot smiled at the man as he snapped his finger and an attendant came forth with a mokeskin pouch jingling with gold. Handing it over to his master, Lord Boot took it in hand and gave it to the two men.

"The agreed upon price is all there," the man smiled at the two traitors. He only showed a broad benign smile on his face, but there was no denying the disgust he felt deep inside. There was nothing more than traitors he disliked with all his being.

He had done some research on the House when Lord Potter gave him the location of the Moss Keep. He knew that his Lord gave him the most juiciest and weakest target, unlike his other colleague who where given much tougher eggs to crack.

He knew that the Moss family had only a single three year old left, so after some research, he had found out about the men who truly ran the show and quickly contacted them.

He was disgusted at how amiable they were in betraying their charge and handing her over on a silver platter for some gold. Though there was no denying that their greed worked in his favor as he was able to enter the Keep with not a shed of blood being spilled.

"Is everything in order, gentlemen?" Lord Boot asked the men as they finished counting the coins with a quick spell.

"Yes," the steward nodded his head.

"Then I believe it your turn to fill your end of the deal," the Lord Boot uttered.

"Of course," the leader of the Moss force waved him in as the magical shields protecting the Keep were put down.

"Well then.." Lord Boot said as he stepped inside the Keep along with his men, "It has been a pleasure doing business with you fellows."

Not noticing how the mood had shifted, the steward nodded his head, "Yes, Lord Boot, and I would love nothing more than to keep doing my service to you and your house..."

"No, I believe your services are done," the man uttered as he signaled to his men.

"What do you mea-...?" the captain of the guards asked, but then he never was able to finish off the rest of his sentence as a spear jutting out of his stomach and blood poured from the corner of his mouth.

The steward was also made quick work of as he chocked on his own blood while feebly clawing his arm out as if he seemed to be asking why.

"Don't worry," Lord Boot said, "I will take better care of your charge. I won't be stealing her bright right, she will only be marrying my youngest son who is four. And I will make sure she is a proper member of the Loght."

Turning from Lord Boot started giving some commands, "Secure the Keep right away. Find my the young Lady. Lock the guards down below, whoever offers me their wand can continue their services up on the walls."

"You would trust these... traitors, my lord?" one man asked his liege suspiciously.

"We need every hand we can get for what's to come next," the man answered mysteriously.

"My lord," someone shouted, "There is a force approaching, and I see them waving the Nott family banner."

"It would seem like our Lord was right, guests have arrived," Lord Boot smiled. "Hurry up," he shouted to his men as they quickly got busy like bees.

At another Nott family vassal's home, Lord Kerry stood surveying the carnage all around. It was a bloody tough fight, but finally, at long last they managed to breach and take the Manor of the Baron family of Lean.

Vassals of House Potter: Baron Terrant of House Bott, Ser Ryan of House Cole, Ser Eddie of House Dehoff, Ser Myles of House Rogers (Loyal)

Baron Kerry of House Fraser, Ser Watts of House Spencer, Ser Gray of House Pearce(Disloyal)

Ser Gimbal of House Chalet, Ser Bret of House Porter(Extinct)

Chapter 149: The Grim Tower

"It would seem like our Lord was right, guests have arrived," Lord Boot smiled. "Hurry up," he shouted to his men as they quickly got busy like bees.

At another Nott family vassal's home, Lord Kerry stood surveying the carnage all around. It was a bloody tough fight, but finally, at long last they managed to breach the walls and take the Manor of the Baron family of Lean.

However, he wondered at what cost?!

All around him was ruin and rubble as dead bodies littered the ground and blood flowed freely. Smoke billowed high up into the air with spell fires still burning in some parts of the Manor, and the moans and shouts of soldiers sounded out through the surrounding.

Of the 500 soldiers he had which was double the armed limit of a Baron and equaling to a Viscount, Baron Kerry brought all of them to invade this Manor. And they did outnumber their opponents, but they still took a massive loss sieging this place which costed him, 300 soldiers.

Now he had only 200 men left in varying stages of injury and fatigue.

However to him, it was well worth it! He might have lost all the forces he had been hiding away through all these years that the Potters were all but gone. But now, his family had a new Manor in hand, one that sat on a minor leyline that could help build a new branch family in the future or maybe even elevate his family to full Viscount.

Chuckling to himself as his fat jowls shook in pleasure, Lord Kerry thanked that young little brat. Thanks to his feud with the Notts, he now had a whole new estate that could help his family finally advance beyond their baronhood. Almost made him forget about the loyal minion he lost thanks to the brat, Ser Bret.

It was well worth the price of a 10 year 30% tax hike that he and all the other vassals that decided to participate in this war had to pay the brat if they wanted the location of the Nott family vassals. Though in a couple years he could easily recover from this fight and easily pay for the tax height from the gold he years from working the land surrounding the Manor which was a swamp that held many rare and precious herbs and magical creatures.

He wondered to himself why the boy didn't take these juicy targets for himself, with the Legion in hand it would be easy as pie to roll over these punny families and their poultry defenses. But he figured the boy had his hand full with fighting the Nott family and their blasted Grim battalion.

But that just meant better news from him. Turning around, Lord Kerry took in his new Manor.

It was a ruin after the fight, but he didn't mind putting in the gold to restore it back to its former glory.

Sadly the Lean family got away at the last minute even when he had anti teleportation spells up. They must had a prior means of escape just like any noble family would have in case things get tight.

Thus he would expect to face opposition from the Lean family at every turn from within the Wizengamot as they fight their case, and through shadowy means as well. But that was a time for later, and he knew that the Lean family wouldn't be able to raise up arms anytime soon to try to retake their family home.

That was something his descendants could figure out, he had effectively crippled the family and they won't be recovering anytime soon.

Smiling Lord Kerry was about to call some of his men over so they could survey the Manor until a soldier ran up to him.

"My lord," someone shouted, "There is a force approaching, and I see them waving the Nott family banner."

"WHAT?!" Lord Kerry shouted as he looked at the man with disbelieving eyes.

"Uhmmm, the Nott family forces approach, my lord. And they are not a small force..."

"How, why, what?!" the man voiced to no one in particular. This couldn't be happening, weren't the two families at each other throats, why were a force of the Nott family coming here?!

The Baron paused as those thoughts flickered through his mind and he uttered, "he is using us. That fucking little brat is using as all as bait to the draw out the Nott family," he growled. How couldn't he have seen it coming, no one would give up a whole estate for nothing especially to someone who was disloyal to you.

"How much are coming?" he asked the soldier.

"We didn't get an accurate reading as our scouts were torn down by.. by something savage. We only got word as a bloodied soldier came in shouting about Nott family banners high up in the sky."

"Mhmm, they brought with them their bonded creatures then. Hurry up," he said, "get the man formed up on the walls."

Then without another look, he turned around and all but ran up to his aide. "I want a Portkey set up immediately, we are getting out of here."

"What, why my lord?" the man asked in surprise.

"Just do it, before all teleportation is blocked off," the fat man shouted.

"Yes, yes," the aide nodded his head.

"When you are done gather up all those you can, and have the soldiers cover our retreat before they come."

Looking at the Manor he had to give up, Lord Kerry could only clench his fist in anger and sorrow. He was left with no choice if he wanted to get out of here with his life intake. However that didn't stop him from cursing that damnable brat, he had set the perfect trap for them and the Nott family as he had something planned for them, hitting two birds with one stone.

He would have been ardent if he didn't just lose all his family force for nothing.

It wasn't just House Fraser that faced difficulty in securing their holdings as Nott soldiers came down on them.

Other vassals of House Potter faced arduous difficulties in taking Nott's family holding as they brought with them all the soldiers they could and hidden away. Then it all turned to ash as the Nott family soldiers came upon them in full force.

Only Baron Boot was able to withstand the small force with his 500 men and the 100 from the Moss family. As was Ser Ryan and Ser Eddie who took control of the Arm family which was now all but extinct with 250 men each and 100 abandoned men of the Arm family.

Now they were both able to establish a new family as they married together their 2nd borns forming a new knightly house on the spot.

The others who weren't on Harry's good side didn't have such luck as they had to abandon what they fought for tooth and nail and shed so much blood for.

Meanwhile, in far removed location a large force appeared out of thin air. They were a powerful force made of three distinct groups; the first being the largest made up of a 1,000 men who were lack and easy going as they spoke coarsely with each other and laughed out loud. They were the two mercenary companies that Harry had hired out.

The other were a more strictly organized and stern bunch of only a 100 men who were in strict uniform as they wheeled behind powerful siege weapons that glowed an unearthly color with magic seeping off of them. They were the auxiliary units of the Legion that he has stationed at the Golden Tower a while back to practice with some weapons he had the tower make.

Lastly, were another small force that only numbered a 100 as well made up of soldiers in different liveries but sort of similar to the ones that the legionaries had on. They were men from House Rogers.

Ser Myles was one of the few people to refuse going after a Nott family vassal as he quickly promised his sword to him. It was a smart decision, because the man really didn't have the might to take down a whole family by himself, even a knightly house. Thus Harry added him to his surprise force who were now just coming up on their target.

The Grim Tower!

The Nott family wizarding tower where all the unsavory research and experimentation goes on. It was his target because he really couldn't go after the Nott family Manor or fortress yet, that was going to be a long epic fight to take down those two.

However he could go for one of the trifectas, the Grim Tower which would be a devastating blow to the Nott while they were being none the more wiser as they were busy taking down his vassals who had gone raiding in their land.

Pulling on the reigns of the beasts pulling the massive chariot, Harry turned to the men standing along with him in the vehicle. "So gentlemen," he addressed them all from Ser Myles Captains Albert and Gilbert, and Centurion Jason who was the leader of the auxiliary unit he brought with him.

"Don't think its a fine day for some battles?!"

"Haha, can't agree any more, Sir," Albert chuckled.

"Some mighty fine day for fucking up some Nott soldiers," his brother Gilbert intoned.

Just then the tower took notice of them as a giant shadowy eye ball formed at the very top of the tower and stared down at them with baleful eyes.

"Form up," Harry called out as he held his hand up in the air while the mercenaries and the Rogers family men got into formation.

"Prepare the siege weapons," he then shouted as the auxiliary units brought the surprises he had in store.

Inside the tower, in a room that monitored the tower, a guard ran up to a man decked out in most fine clothing in Nott family colors who was staring at the image that the tower spirit had showed him of an invading force standing right at their gates.

Sounds were blaring throughout the whole tower defeating everyone's ears as the signal of invading was being sounded out.

"Sir," the tower guard said in a worried tone, "We seem to have a force right outside," he pointed the obvious.

"I can see that, man," the commander of the guards said, "who are they?"

"From these colors, I imagine they are the Potter family, the ones we are at war with!"

Everyone had been put on high alert about the war about to start, but the researchers of the wizarding towers never had anything to do with that. They always stood on the side lines, providing support and aide, and the only reason why he chose this post was because it was far from the blood and gore that would be soon shed.

But now... now all that had come here to him.

"Send word to the family right now," the incompetent man shouted while another person entered the room.

He was a portly gentleman with a long mustache in fine robes with researchers following behind him. "What's going on, Captain?" the man who was the Lead researcher of the tower asked with his worried magical researchers behind him.

"Nothing of your concern," the man answered, and he was interpreted as the guard addressed him.

"Sir we have tried to send a owl, but it would seem that they have anticipated that put some creatures to the sky. Pointing at the image of the army, you could see from it that high up in the air there was a small swarm of Micro Griffins circling the tower from all sides letting nothing out or in.

"So they boxed us in," the captain said.

"I think this is of my concern, Captain," the Lead researcher shouted his face going red, "will we all die here now?"

Ignoring the portly man, the captain spoke up, "Alright try to get everyone out of here..."

"Sir, they are blocking all means of teleportation out of here," the guard uttered bleakly.

Back to the image of the gathered army, there was a mini cell tower of sorts which was a very useful item called a Teleportation jammer. Once in range, it can stop all pesky rats from fleeing.

"God damn it," the captain swore, "then we are left with no choice but to stand our ground. Put up the shields," he said, "activate all our defenses, and god speed folks."

"By Merlin, we are all going to die," the Lead researcher said faintly.

Back to the gathered force, Harry looked in the direction of the auxiliary force who were now in position with the magic siege weapons.

"On my mark," Harry called out to his soldiers as he watched the incandescent shield begin to surround the tower as defenses were raised.





Harry shouted as booms and bangs went off in the air, long beans of rainbow colors rays shot out of Magic Cannons, Magic honing bolt throwers sent of dozens upon dozens of giant spears into the air, Magic Trebuchet shot out molten lava, Magic Ballista let loose wall crushing shafts, and so much more.

Harry had the Golden tower busy all this time, besides the magic firearms he had them working on he had pulled some ideas from good old medieval warfare. It was good an all having powerful magic cannons, but they took forever to load up and each shot was like firing dozens of Galleons.

So he had them work on siege weapons that had a multitude of effects, and seeing them all fired off all at once at the tower filled him with pride. He had more surprises in store, but this was the culmination of quite a while now.

In no time at all the Tower was breached thanks to all that heavy fire it suffered.

And Harry raised the Sword of Gryffindor on high and shouted, "Charge!"

This was only the begging of the bloody battle, he had heard tale from Sirius how bloody tough it was to invade a tower as he and Remus had done the exact same foolish thing. Wizards just loved setting up so many traps and guardians in their towers, making them only invadable by an experienced and powerful group of wizards or witches or by a small army. And that is exactly what ha had brought with him.

Vassals of House Potter: Baron Terrant of House Boot, Ser Ryan of House Cole, Ser Eddie of House Dehoff, Ser Myles of House Rogers (Loyal)

Baron Kerry of House Fraser, Ser Watts of House Spencer, Ser Gray of House Pearce(Disloyal)

Ser Gimbal of House Chalet, Ser Bret of House Porter(Extinct)

Bolt thrower: pin/700028335803883374/

Ballista: pin/550354016953865007/

Trebuchet: . ?w=676

Double Crossbow: pin/359584351497301834/

Giant Crossbow: pin/487514728397540273/

Magic Cannon: pin/675540012826210658/

Ram: pin/117656608995573406/

Chariot: art/thundering-chariot/

Chapter 150: Destruction

"Sir, the tower has been breached and the Potter forces are making a bloody path up," a voice intoned to the captain. Up above on the image was a view of the mercenaries quickly overwhelming the ground floor of the tower, defenses were raised up but they were overcome and the floor was secured.

The ground floor of the Grim Tower was quickly made into a staging grounds as equipment were set up and gears were stored away and even sleeping tents and medical bays were set up.

"Their goal is simple," the captain of the guards shook his head, "they want to overwhelm and take control of this tower."

"What will they do to us?" the Lead magical researcher asked as the fear was evident in his tone.

The captain made no effort to answer, when two great houses go to war it the little people in between working and serving their houses that suffer the most.

"We will need to stand our ground as best we can and as long as possible," the man spoke to everyone at large. "All we can hope for is that the family will take notice as soon as possible when they see that combination between us and them have been cut off and can connect the dot."

Suddenly the captain was cut off mid speech as there was a clearing of throat that echoed all across the tower, reaching every single corner and getting to every ear.

"Greetings residents of the Grim Tower," the voice of a young man echoed throughout. Looking at the image, the captain saw that a few massive chariots being pulled by demigryph came rolling in the ground floor of the Tower.

Standing in the center was a young man with dark hair and emerald green eyes that stood imposing over the rest of his soldiers and aides, which the captain knew perfectly well who it was, the young Lord of House Potter.

He heard tale of him, whispers have been going on about what the young hero was up to these last couple of years. However what had most people attracted was what he was up this past year or so. There wasn't a day where the newspapers weren't talking about him, all they could do was talk about him.

From his recent uncovery of his childhood, to his rise to Lordship, his discovery of a death eater in their midst, his new products, joining the Triwizard tournament and so much more. There was no doubt that the boy was a sensation all around Magical Britain and even in other parts of the world.

He was basically one of the most known figures in the Magical Isles, thus the captain knew perfectly well when he saw the idol of Magic Britain.

He had no idea what the boy was up to as he carried on addressing everyone inside the Grim Tower, but he sure as hell did not like it one bit. The boy looked like he was too smart for his own good and the captain took special note of that cunning glint in his eyes like he had a plan in store for them all as he continued speaking into his wand which magically carried his voice everywhere within the tower.

"I am Lord Harry Potter of the most Noble and most Ancient, Earl of Powys and at the moment the man that your house is at war with. For those of you who do not know what going on, presently the Tower has been breached and there is a massive armed force that is about to make its way up the tower. You might all be wondering what will happen to you all, in during wars enemy forces are not treated the best as you know.

However I am a kind and generous lord, and the only reason why I am at war with your family is because not only did the old head try to incite rebellion from my vassal and funding them in trying to do so. Your new lord has affront my to be and has given me the greatest insult in turn.

So it would be in my right to end you all so that you can pay with your own blood for what your two lords have done. But like I said I am a kind and generous lord, I am not the monster that some try to make me out to be. All I want in ever-lasting peace over this land that has seen so much suffering and for all those who try to break it to feel the pain they try to bring forth.

I am offering a way out for everyone here, lay down all arms and desist from fighting. Then and only then, I might take pity on you and spare your life, however, if you choose the opposite... well let's just say you won't end up feeling so well."

The captain watched from the chamber he was in at the highest floor in the tower as the folk in the room started whispering to each other. He did not like this one bit, not only had the boy took them by surprise and managed to quickly get in the tower, but he was trying to disway everyone from putting up a single ounce of fight so he could take this tower without breaking a single sweat on his side.

"Now we are making our way up, please for the love of Merlin do not try to fight us because it will not turn out so well for you," the boy uttered as if he pitied them and would regret putting them down if they choose that option.

"Captian what do you make of it?" one of the guardsman asked.

"We should take it right way," the lead researcher shouted with his assistants nodding their heads.

"It is our duty is to guard this place with our very lives if it comes down to it," the captain growled. "We will not betray the..."

"None of that matters captain," the fat man sneered, "we will be dead soon if we do not lay down our arms. And if you think about it, it is the family that has failed us, because where are they now when we are being over run?!"

"If I hear one more word from your mouth," the captain threatened as he pointed a stern finger at the magic researcher.

However the man was ignoring him as he turned to the rest of the people in the room, "What do you think, folks! Lord Potter is a member of the light, he might be telling the truth and could spare our lives."

More muttering went up in the air as people looked at each other uncertainly.

"What did I say," the captain said as he reached for his wand.

Looking at him triumphantly, the plump man shouted, "Look at that folks, our vaunted captain rather we die pointlessly in some last ditch effort. He doesn't care for us, all he wants is to save his neck and not face the consequences of his failure. Come take up your own faiths into your won arms..."

Before the man could finish a spell came fight at him, and struck. As the air cleared, everyone saw that the lead researcher was alright as a protective shield surrounded him. Looking at the captain, the man snarled, "There is a reason why I was made lead researcher captain, and it wasn't because I was weak."

"Men to me," the captain called out as he watched the researchers surround their boss. He couldn't believe it, but with just a few words that boy managed to fracture the tower into pieces.

Walking through the Tower with soldiers constantly surrounding him, Harry was surprised to see how quiet the place was. They barely saw anyone and when they did, they quickly surrendered and the soldier quickly removed their wands and sent them back down.

He was surprised to see that the defenses were all down with barely anything coming in their way as they advanced. He wondered if his plow worked, but if it did where was everyone then.

Along the way, Harry made sure all the research going on was confiscated as it would be brought back to the Golden Tower for his researchers to go over. Every room they passed through was cleared out from top to bottom as all notes were gathered and stored away.

Harry made sure nothing was left for the Nott family to try to recover. All their years of hard work would be going to him.

In the researchs he was surprised to see that the Nott family was trying to reverse engineer his Mirror Phones. Harry was not surprised to see it at all, he knew other families would try getting in on the action soon as his products were proving to be very lucrative. That is why he made sure to secure all business secrets the best he could.

Harry saw that they were a long way from creating a phony imitation as they didn't even get down the connection part yet.

Finally at long last they reached the top floor and Harry surprised to see how in ruin the place was. He saw the burn marks of spellfire, shattered rubble littering the ground, cracked floors all over, and shattered windows.

It was like a melee broke out in here, but how?

His men were with him this whole time.

"GO check it out," Harry called out as he pointed to the wide open door which was nearly falling off its hinges. Doing as commanded a dozen mercenaries headed in while the other stood guard in different positions, ready to duke it out with whatever came their way.

"Sir," one of the mercenaries called from inside, "I think you should come inside to see this."

"Is it safe inside?" Albert asked as he stood before him, acting as the first line of defence for him.

"Yes, sir," the same mercenary replied, "there is no danger at all."

"There is no point standing around all day long," Harry said, "come on let's go check whatever is inside that is worth having a look out."

"Yes, sir," Albert nodded his head as he took the lead, looking for any traps along the way.

Walking into the last chamber of the Tower, Harry really didn't know what to make out of what he saw inside the room. There were people laying all around some groaning in pain while others were just outright knocked out.

At the center of the whole mess were two men that were on their last leg as they were panting in and out while also trying to get in one last spell to knock out their opponent.

"We found them all like this, Sir," the mercenary who called them in, reported.

"What the hell happened?" Harry asked no one in particular.

Finally taking notice of them, the plump man in researcher robes wheezed, "Mr. Harry Potter, sir. We tried to surrounded, sir, but this man out right refused any yielding and wanted one last hail mary."

"You..." the man in the high rank guard uniform uttered as he made to turn his wand on to him, but he was too unsteady on his feet to do any of that. All he could do was fall on his ass and stay there panting from the magic depletion he was suffering.

"Okay take control of everyone," Harry commanded, "we can sort through all this later." He had no idea what to make out of this situation, he didn't expect his offer of surrounded would have such effect. All he wanted was for them to have a moment of hesitation, not break out into full scale civil war.

But all in all, it worked out perfectly for him. He took control of the tower with barely any effort at all, and he got himself years of Nott family research on hand. Not a bad outcome.

Getting right to it, all the residents of the tower where quickly appended and dragged down stairs. On the way down, Harry had a second look around to see if they missed anything.

Then he finally came back to the ground floor where many of the Legionary were waiting with devices in hand.

"You know your jobs," Harry said as they nodded their head and get right down to their tasks he gave them earlier.

"Is everything cleared out, captains?" Harry asked the mercenary brothers.

"Yes, sir," Gilbert incline his head towards him, "we made sure to swipe this place clean barely even leaving behind the bricks and motor."

"Good," Harry said, "then let's move out. Our job is done, now it's time to leave the Notts a message and give them a blow they won't be recovering from for a long time."

There was a massive eruption of activities as everyone quickly cleared from the tower, hopping on to his chariot the two important hostages were placed with him in the light four-wheeled vehicle.

"What are you doing?" the man who turned out to be the captain of the guards asked Harry who had an irrefutable broad smile on his face.

Turning to look at the man, Harry addressed him, "Wait and find out, captain."

Riding out until they were a long way off from the tower but still within viewing distance. Harry stood there with his small force to his back, it wasn't long before his Legionary came running back.

"Is it done?" Harry asked them.

"Yes, my lord," his small demolition team intoned.

"Tell me there is a button to press," Harry said.

"You will just have to speak these words while making these movements," one soldier showed him the activation of the magic explosives.

"Thank you," Harry said as he was literally shaking with mad glee.

"Ut cum a BUTIO!"

With the utterance of the spell, there was a massive boom that echoed through the valley from the tower. Then it was followed up with dozens more as the sound of it put some creatures in a panic and that was when the wind followed through by picking up.

The tower on the other hand was a spectacular show of lights and explosions as the place trembled with quaked with each floor that light up with explosions.

Finally, as the detonation settled down and the tower remained standing there, everyone thought that it failed until the tower all but crumbled in on itself.

Harry sighed to himself as he watched the tower be completely destroyed.

He would have loved nothing more than to keep the tower for himself, but he knew he couldn't hold it with the man he brought with him. The Nott family would soon be coming down on them once they hear that their tower has come down with all the savage ferocity one would expect when you destroy their holding.

For now the Golden Tower would have to do!

Anyways this was all part of the plan, infuriating the Nott that they would react by doing something stupid, creating the perfect opening for him.

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