Summary: Lily and James went to Hogwarts together. Unfortunately their memories are not all enjoyable. Their time was spent pranking each other senseless, while competing for the top grades in the school. Two years after graduation they bump into each other, again, and again, and again... Could it be that they have a combined fate?

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Excuse Me Miss Evans

Chapter Eleven: Are You Serious?

By: Eyeshadow5746


Lily walked into the room with a false sense of confidence that maybe if she tried hard enough she really would look like she knew what she was going to do. She let out a sigh as she saw James, Sirius, and Arabella sitting at the table drinking coffee. It really was going to be much harder than she had anticipated if Sirius and Arabella were standing there.

'How on Earth am I supposed to get James alone without the two of them making catcalls from the other room? It's sometimes just too much trouble. Maybe I should just walk in there and snog the living daylight out of James while they're right there.'

Lily grimaced slightly after her thought. She watched as Arabella and Sirius turned toward her with knowing smiles, and did not even attempt to leave their seats to give the two of them some privacy.

'Really, I should just snog him. That's what they want me to do anyway. They're baiting me. I can see it in their eyes.'

Lily sent an icy glare in Arabella's direction. She had obviously told Sirius of Lily's situation and the two of them were obviously looking forward to the events that were sure to occur this morning.

However, if the two of them weren't planning on leaving soon, it could be the afternoon by the time Lily decided to do anything, and if they still were so persistant, it could even be the next day.

'Bloody hell, it's their own bloody faults.'

Lily pulled out a chair and flopped herself into it, willing herself to not look at James and make a fool of herself. She did manage to get a glimpse of him out of the corner of her eye and noticed that he had watched her intently over the top of his cup and was trying to hide the fact that he was.

Lily now had the problem of trying to control her blush as Arabella and Sirius just watched James watching her. And then they would turn their attention on Lily, trying not to watch James and trying not to blush.

There really could be no good outcome out of this conversation.

"Did you have a good night's rest, Lily? Get some things sorted out that you were worried about last night?" Arabella asked in a sweet voice that really was not characteristic of her.

'She knows what she's doing. That bloody girl. I can't believe her! I'm going to hurt her so bad later.' Lily thought. 'After I bloody snog James.'

"Lily!" Sirius began in a very fake expression that James immediately rolled his eyes at, "I didn't realize that you were worried about something! Whatever could it have been?"

Lily shot them back a death glare before responding, "It was nothing at all and I am perfectly fine of handling myself, thank you."

Arabella smirked and Lily groaned.

"Do you have to be watching my every move! You two are like bloody flies. Just leave me alone," Lily snapped before standing up from the table angrily and leaving the room in a huff.

"It must be the red hair." Sirius laughed and Arabella smiled at him as if the two of them had accomplished a big feet.

"Go after her, Jamsie, that's what she wants," Sirius urged as he took another drink of his coffee and then looked at his friend once more.

James watched the two of them for a second and finally stood up, pushed his chair in, and walked out of the kitchen door to find Lily and figure out what was going on. The three of them were acting very strange this morning and he knew something was up, but it was beyond him as to what it could possibly be.

"Lily?" James called softly as he walked down the hallway to the rooms in the back.

He pushed open the door to his bedroom and found Lily sitting at a chair by his windowsill looking at white clouds in the sky outside. He didn't say anything at first and instead just walked inside his room.

It only took him a second before he turned around, locked the door, and placed a silencing charm over the room.

"They're bound to be listening through the cracks," James muttered, more to himself after he cast the charm and sent a glance to Lily pleading with her to speak first.

He really had no clue what to say and the fact that he wasn't quite sure why they were in the room made it even that much more harder for him to try and say something clever.

"How are you?" Lily asked, unsure of how to tell James.

"I'm alright, how are you?" James asked, shifting his weight around before finally sitting down on his bed.

"I've been better."

Lily and James just looked at each other with confused expressions before Lily finally took a deep breath.

"James, I know everything."

James's heart caught in his throat for second. Knowing everything could mean a number of things and he wasn't sure what he should be feeling, especially because he wasn't quite sure what she was talking about.


"I know how you feel about me."

Lily closed her eyes and waited for the inevitable laughter from James, the laughter that would come with a phrase such as 'you didn't actually think that I was talking about you did you?' But that laughter never came, and neither did the words.

Lily actually opened her eyes to find James staring at her with an expression similar to one that a deer has when he finds himself caught staring at two bright headlights.

"Or maybe I shouldn't have just assumed that it was me. Arabella told me that you really meant me, and after she said that it did seem to make some sense. But you never really said it was me and I wasn't sure what to think. I really shouldn't have said anything."

Lily flushed a deep red.

"I meant you."

Now it was time for Lily's heart to jump into her throat. After all of the rambling she had just done she hadn't expected James to actually jump out and admit that he was in love with her. It wasn't something that he would normally do. Nothing in this conversation was normal.

Lily never responded and James took that as a sign that she really had no answer for him.

"I can go now if you want me to. I wish you would've never known. I'm sorry if I ruined our friendship, but I just couldn't help it, Lily, "James apologized before he stood up from the bed.

Lily stood up from her chair so fast that it knocked down behind her and the rattling of the chair amplified her voice as she spoke quickly. "Don't leave!"

James sat back down as quickly as Lily had stood up and just stared at her with wide eyes. Lily stared back at him.

Lily wasn't sure exactly how much time had passed but she knew that it had been quite a while and that James was probably just as nervous, if not more, than she was. She wasn't sure what her problem was, but it just seemed that James had an easier time of admitting with a simple 'yes' than she did of saying 'I love you too."

It was really a fight that should not have been happening in her mind. There was nothing to lose, she knew how she felt and she knew he felt the same way. But still the friendly fire was tearing up her mind and making her doubt herself so much that her mind had not really realized the fact that James had actually admitted to loving her.

"James," Lily began.

"Don't say anything that you don't mean, Lily," James commanded before Lily was able to swallow and continue with what she was going to say.

"James," Lily began once more.

"Lily, you don't need to say anything to me if you don't feel the same way. I understand. Don't make this harder for either one of us," James implored.

"James," Lily tried once again.

"Lily," James began in an attempt to tell her something else to try and make her stop talking but Lily blurted out before he had a chance to respond.

"I love you too!"

James watched Lily in shock for a moment before he stood up from his chair slowly. Lily was standing up with her face bright red and the most open expression he had ever seen her wear.

With the perfect grace and timing as always a loud pop appeared right inbetween Lily and James's startled expressions. James let out the breath he had been holding and became slightly flustered and angered at what seemed to be their millionth interruption.

Peter Pettigrew stood right in the middle of Lily and James with a shocked expression. "I wasn't interrupting anything, was I?"

Lily responded with a shake of her head before James was able to shout out that he had just ruined the single most perfect moment in his life.

Lily walked over to the door and wish a swish of her wand it was open, Peter walked out, followed by Lily and James who shared one small smile before they too left the room.


James and Lily reached the kitchen first and they could see the excitement light up in Arabella and Sirius's eyes before they caught a glimpse of Peter and the hope fell from their faces.

"Peter, always such impeccable timing," Sirius teased as he caught eyes with James and sent him a sorrowful expression. Lily watched the two of them with a slight smile on her face. She would have never thought that Sirius would have had a bone of sympathy in his body. But then again, she would have never had thought she would have fallen in love with James Potter either.

"What's going on?" Peter asked, seeing everyone giving everyone else glances, especially Lily and James who seemed to be locking eyes the most often as if the two of them were waiting to escape from the group any second now.

"Nothing," Lily blurted out quickly, sensing Arabella and Sirius's ears perking up at his question.

James laughed lightly at Peter's confused expression and Arabella opened her mouth as if to respond with something before catching Lily and James exchange another pitiful glance at each other.

She sent Sirius a look that clearly meant that he needed to do something quick and Sirius looked at James and Lily before opening his mouth to speak.

"Hey James," Sirius began as he looked at Arabella with a confused expression, "Do you think that you and Lily could go look for my library book? It's overdue."

Arabella rolled her eyes at Sirius and Peter just stared at him before he burst out laughing. "Sirius, you don't go to the library! And why do James and Lily both have to go? Is James incapable of finding it himself?"

Sirius gaped at Peter, as if he was amaxzed that Peter would have noticed all the holes in Sirius's suggestion.

Arabella quickly responded, "It's really my book, and it's in James's room, but Lily knows what it looks like."

"Why does James have it?"

James looked at Sirius and Arabella who were looking at him, as if waiting for him to come up with the next lie.

"Don't look at me, I've never seen it, and I don't want to know how they got it in there."

Peter seemed to accept that as an answer and before Arabella and Sirius knew what had happened James and Lily had left the tension filled kitched and were walking down the quiet hallway back toward James's room.

Once they entered James threw a locking charm at the door while Lily threw a silencing charm and they turned to face each other.

"Did you mean that?" James whispered, despite the fact that no one else in the flat could hear them.

Lily nodded her head.

James looked at his feet nervously before looking back up to meet Lily's eyes. "Where do we stand then?"

James immediately smacked himself mentally after that question. It was obvious that they were going to be more than friends if both of them had just admitted to being in love with each other. And it was obviously his turn to ask Lily to be his girlfriend, not for him to expect her to tell him.

Lily watched James before shrugging her shoulders in an attempt to make him make his own move.

James closed his eyes before trying to make words come out of his mouth once again. He wasn't sure at what point in their relationship it had become hard to talk to Lily, but it was now, and James was not having any luck.

"Well, I love you," James spoke. He could not believe how hard and fast his heart was beating in his chest. It seemed impossible that telling Lily that he loved her when she already knew he did and he already knew she loved him back could be this hard.

But it was and James could feel his palms go sweaty before he licked his lips and prepared to continue.

"And appearantly you love me."

"I said I did," Lily huffed as she rolled her eyes at James. He wasn't quite sure of how she could be so calm during this conversation, and how she could still act as she normally did when James had a hard time just being alive locked in this room with her.

"And you love me," James corrected himself.

Lily nodded her head in agreement.

"So, we love each other," James began once again.

Lily rolled her eyes and finally blurted out, "James, if you're going to ask me out, please just do it."

"You know, you could always just ask, if you don't like the way I'm going about it," James retaliated, losing his nervousness, for just a second, before it returned full force after the shock of what he had just said to Lily hit him.

'I am such a bloody idiot.' James thought.

Lily smirked at James. "So you can be smart to me but you can't ask me out?"

"That would be where this conversation seems to be headed, yes," James meekly replied.

"How hard can it be?" Lily asked as she smiled up at James that made him realize exactly how hard such a simple question could really be.

"Hard," James breathed.

"You're making it into such a big deal. We've already admitted that we're in love. We're practically dating anyway. Just ask me," Lily insisted.

"It's not that easy! I can't just ask you like it's nothing!" James responded.

"Yes, you can! And that's what you're going to do right now!" Lily exclaimed, her green eyes becoming a little darker with each second that passed.

"Lily!" James pleaded.

"Look James, it's not like you're confessing you're in love with me. You've already done that. It's not like you're telling me your deepest darkest secret. We both know that you're going to ask me to be your girlfriend. You're not proposing, you already know that I'm going to say yes. What is the big deal?"

James let out a sigh, "Can't you just ask?"

"If it weren't under these condititions then yes I would, but since you're being such a chicken about it I'm going to watch you squirm." Lily smirked.

James let out a sigh.

Lily just sighed right back.

"You aren't exactly making this any easier for me!" James said as he watched Lily just laugh.

"You aren't making it easy on yourself."

"Lily, it's harder than you think it is."

"James, will you be my boyfriend?"

James stared with his mouth wide open in shock. He couldn't believe that Lily had just asked him that, especially since he was seemingly unable to ask her himself.

"You're not supposed to ask me, Lily!" James announced with a very frusterated voice.

"You weren't exactly planning on doing it anytime soon, I thought I'd save a little bit of our time."

"I was getting there!" James exclaimed with exasperation.

Lily just watched him for a few minutes before she finally spoke once again. "You still haven't asked me."

"I can't believe that you asked me."

Lily rolled her eyes. "I asked you, get over it. And you've still yet to ask me or answer my question.

With Lily and James's luck they were bound to be in the room all afternoon. James was not giving way with his asking the question and simply refused to answer Lily's. The two of them were arguing so intently that they didn't notice another person apparate into James's bedroom.

"You're not asking or answering!" Lily exclaimed, the anger evident in her eyes. Her face was flushed as well and the newcomer in the room felt that he shouldn't make his appearance known just yet.

"You're not letting me ask you!" James retorted.

"You should just answer mine! What is so horrible about me asking you?" Lily responded again, her anger seeming to build with each comment James was making.

"Because I've always imagined that I would be the one to ask you. Never the other way around, I can't just give up on my dreams!"

The visitor seemed to sense that this was not a conversation that he should be witnessing and quickly moved to the door, hoping that in their heated argument, Lily and James would not notice him slip out of the room quickly.

However, he was not aware of the fact that a locking charm had been placed on the door, and after giving the door a loud pull, Lily and James knew that he was in the room.

It happened to be right at the moment when Lily had almost launched herself on top of James and the two of them tripped and fell in a tangle of arms and legs on the floor staring up with wide eyes at Remus Lupin.

"Sorry, guys, I apparated into the wrong room," Remus responded sheepishly, trying not to look too happy about the fact that Lily and James had been arguing about who was going to ask who out.

"How long have you been in here?" James snapped.

"Not very long." Remus spoke, but the slight blush creeping up his neck suggested otherwise.

"You can't tell Arabella or Sirius anything!" James shrieked in a voice that made Lily laugh at him.

"Can you just let me out?" Remus asked, very uncomfortable that he had witnessed this event, aside from the fact that Lily and James had caught him.

"Of course," Lily replied, quickly moving out of her compromising position with James and went to wave her wand at the door and the three friends walked out of the door with very red faces.


After Remus joined the group Lily found it to be the moment when she realized that she had something to do back at her flat. So she quickly said goodbye to everyone, making sure not to look in anyone's eye and left the place before anyone could say anything back to her.

The rest of the group watched James as if to ask him why he scared her off. Arabella and Sirius found the whole situation highly amusing, Peter was watching Remus and James as if they should explain, and Remus was watching James with the most amused expression he could find.

"What happened this time?" Arabella managed to choke out as she smirked at James.

"Nothing!" James blurted out as fast as he could.

"That not what I heard," Remus teased.

"shut it," James muttered, but it was already too late.

"What did you hear?" Sirius asked, jumping up and down like a little boy.

"Lily asked-"

James shot Remus such a pitiful look that Remus stopped in mid sentence and quickly tried to change the subject. "Lily asked James what's been going on these past few days. Everyone's been acting strange and she's caught on."

Arabella glared at Remus, because it was evident that he had changed the story. "Why'd you all come out blushing then?"

"Where they snogging?" Peter piped up.

"They were probably shagging," Sirius muttered.

James had another quick outburst. "WE WERE NOT SHAGGING OR SNOGGING!"

"They weren't," Remus began, but smirked at James before continuing, "But they were pretty close."

"And you ruined it?" Arabella asked bitterly.

"I didn't mean to!"

"You could've hid!"

"I tried to sneak out that's how they caught me!"

Remus and Arabella were so caught up in their fight, along with Peter and Sirius who were just beginning to join in that no one noticed James quickly leave the room and aparate from the living room.

The fighting in the kitchen just continued on.


James appeared in Lily's living room moments later. Lily walked out of the kitchen and stopped dead upon seeing James in her living room. "Did they send you?"

"No, they're all arguing over exactly what we were doing in my room still," James began nervously. It seemed that even though they had already broken the tension between them in his room, it was back full force with the fact that they had been caught in such a position.

"James, it's really not that bad, it's not as if no one had ever caught us in a position like that before."

"I know," James said as he began to blush, "But it was just different this time."

"How can you say that was any different. The only thing different was the fact that we were in your bedroom but appearantly it really makes no difference where we are to them."

"Well they didn't notice that I left," James began as he started to blush to an even darker red, "So I think we're pretty safe now."

"They're going to notice you're gone eventually."

"It's Sirius and Arabella we're talking about. They're going to take a while."

Lily smiled. "Maybe it's just you that takes a while."

James didn't respond, but instead was watching Lily in a way that made her start to blush as well.

"You know, if they find us here alone they're really going to think we're shagging," Lily pointed out to James.

It was that moment that James realized exactly how close the two were standing to each other and how flushed both of their faces must be. They were standing right by a sofa and James's unsteady entrance had knocked a couple pillows to the floor.

He couldn't help but blush more at the thought.

"We're fully clothed," James croacked out.

"Then we'll have been snogging."

James took in a deep breath and closed his eyes. Lily was standing very close to him and he couldn't just forget the fact that they had been so close to kissing only a few moments before. The feel of her hands was still on his mind and he opened his eyes to find Lily looking at him strangely.

"One of these days they're really going to catch us snogging. Then what'll you do?" Lily laughed, not realizing what she had just said.

"So we're going to be snogging on of these days?" James responded, trying to keep his voice even.

"Most likely, unless we keep getting interrupted our whole lives."

"Would one of these days be soon?" James asked as he lowered his head closer to Lily's. He could feel her breath on his neck and he involuntarily closed his eyes.

"I'd assume so."

Lily was so close that he could feel her but before their lips touched Lily's owl came flying in through the window and swooped so close to Lily's head that she shrieked.

"Bloody hell!" Lily yelled to no one in particular as she grabbed the letter from the owl, who sensed that Lily was angry and flew off before Lily had a chance to shout some more.

"Lily," James began.

"Who would bloody send me a bloody letter right bloody now?" Lily asked, clearly frusterated as she tore open the letter.

James just looked down at his feet.

"Bloody Arabella always bloody messes things up!" Lily said as she threw the letter to the ground in agitation.

"What'd she say?" James asked, his curiousity getting the better of him.

"She bloody wanted to know where you and I bloody were and if we'd settled our bloody differences yet," Lily continued ranting and James had to laugh at the amount of times she used the word bloody.

"Lily, you've used the word bloody about twenty times already," James laughed, but quickly stopped as Lily turned her angry eyes to meet his.

"Bloody hell, James! Aren't you angry that they keep bloody interrupting us. They're doing it on purpose and you know it!" Lily exclaimed as she threw her hands up in the air.

"You can just ignore the letter," James suggested slightly as he inched closer to Lily, who was not noticing his advancements now that she had become so worked up.

"It's bloody annoying, I can't just ignore the fact that bloody Arabella sent it!"

James at this time was standing so close to Lily, that had she been paying attention, she would have been blushing to her toes. Instead she was still complaining using bloody to describe any word that it could easily go in front of and James was still finding the whole situation highly amusing.

Finally, he grabbed her shoulders and made Lily face him. "Lily, you've forgotten the fact that Arabella sent you a letter. She didn't just show up. We're still alone."

Lily looked around the flat for a second, then at how close James was standing to her, and then she looked up into James's eyes that were coming closer to hers by the second. Lily was just about to close hers when two pops were heard and Arabella and Sirius appeared right in front of her.

"BLOODY HELL!" Lily yelled again, causing James's eyes to fly open and for him to take a jump back. Which unfortunately was right by the coffee table and caused him to end up sprawled out of the floor by Arabella and Sirius's feet.

"Are you two really that slow?" Arabella laughed.

Lily glared at Arabella before she grabbed her arm and forced her into the kitchen. Sirius and James just stared at Lily in amazement.

"Wow," Sirius laughed.

"You should've seen her when you sent the letter," James murmured as he and Sirius exchanged looks.

In the kitchen Lily was already busy yelling at Arabella.

"Arabella! You say you're trying to bloody help but you ruined everything! You don't understand. We were so close two times! Two! And you had to ruin BOTH OF THEM!"

Arabella looked shocked for a second but quickly responded. "Lily, if you weren't so thick you wouldn't even know that he was in love with you and you wouldn't even be trying to snog him."

"No! That is not true! I've been trying to snog him for so long, Arabella and you know it. You know that I've been in love with him. And now that we both know how each other feels you keep ruining it. Is this some sick joke?"

"You can still snog him. He's still standing right out there."

"I can't when you and Sirius are here!"

"Well, go to a different room," Arabella suggested angrily and stomped out of the kitchen. Lily screamed and threw her hands up in the air before following Arabella out to join the rest of the group.


Lily could not sleep, not for the life of her. She glanced at the clock and saw that it was one in the morning and she rolled over again.

'We were so close. I'm not even officially his girlfriend yet. After all that trouble we got nowhere. We're not dating and I still haven't snogged him!' Lily thought.

She glanced at the clock again. It hadn't even changed.

"I give up," Lily muttered to herself as she threw a robe over her pants and t-shirt and apparated to James's room.

"James?" Lily whispered as she shook him lightly. She prayed that he wasn't loud when he woke up and that Sirius hadn't heard her aparate in here. That was never a good idea.

Lily let out a sigh of relief when James only sleepily opened his eyes and muttered, "Huh."

Lily shook him again. "James!"

James opened his eyes and grabbed his glasses before focusing in on Lily. He looked at the clock and seeing the time he looked back at Lily quizzitively.

"What's wrong?" James asked as he rached out for Lily's hand.

"I just couldn't sleep."

"So you came here?" James asked, his eyebrows rasied.

"It was today," Lily began, "We didn't get anywhere and I just couldn't sleep."

"Are we supposed to do something about it now?" James asked while yawning.

"Well, what are the chances that we'll get interrupted now?" Lily smirked through the darkness as she could see James tighten the blankets around his bare chest.

"We'd be teased for the rest of our lives if Sirius found us in my room together at one in the morning with our pajamas on."

Lily just shrugged her shoulders. "At least I could go home and sleep."

"Lily, I'm tired. Can we please talk about this tomorrow? We'll go somewhere that Sirius and Arabella won't look for us."

"Can you please just ask me?" Lily pleaded.


"You never asked me, and that's bothering me," Lily whispered harshly.

"Lily, it's one in the morning."

"I can't sleep!"

"Someone's going to find you here!" James whispered softly as he watched the doorknob as if he were waiting for it to just start turning.

"Why won't you just ask me? Can't you see why I'm so bothered by this? You won't ask me out, but you seem to have no problem when it comes to trying to snog me. It's driving me mad!" Lily complained, her voice going up a little higher than it should.

"Lily, I can't ask you now," James whispered.

"Why not?"

"Because, it's not right. It needs to be perfect."

"James!" Lily exclaimed. "It doesn't need to be perfect. I don't want it to be perfect. Whenever you say it it'll be wonderful. I just need you to say it!"

"Lily," James breathed out as he ran his fingers over hers.

At that moment Lily heard footsteps coming down the hallway and she didn't even say goodbye but apparated as quickly as she had come, leaving James awake and confused in the middle of the night.


Lily woke up with a determination set in her mind that her problem was not going to bother her any longer. The sun was just beginning to peak it's way over the horizon and the soft hues of color made her smile slightly before she bolted into her bathroom to begin getting ready.

A short while later she emerged at Sirius and James's flat to see both James and Sirius sitting at the table, clearly having just woken up. Lily took a deep breath and then walked in the room, expressionless.

"I need to talk to James," Lily announced to Sirius, as if letting him know that she was not going to play games this time and that Sirius had better stay out of her life for the next few minutes or she would severely hurt him.

Sirius noticed the glance and the harsh way she spoke the words and quickly understood what Lily was tring to convey.

James glanced between Lily and Sirius and stood up from the table and walked into the other room. "Good morning, Lils."

Lily rolled her eyes. "James, just get on with it."

"Lily! You can't just barge in here at seven in the morning and expect everything to resolve itself. It doesn't work out that way. Why are you so bloody demanding?"

"James," Lily warned.

"No, Lily, I can't just ask you like this. Sirius is in the other room, Arabella and Remus are going to come over here any minute, and I'm in my boxers." James blushed at his last comment.

"James, get it through your thick head that I really don't care. I'm sick of these past few months and I just want it all to be over," Lily whined as she stopped her foot to emphasize the word over.

"So you're sick of me?"

"I never said I was sick of you. I said I was sick of you and me dancing around each other like we don't have any feelings for each other when we really do. Do you not think that I've spent countless hours wondering about how you've felt and now that I finally know you're just keeping the charade going? I want you to do something now." Lily finished her tirade with her teeth clenched and her hands rolled into fists at her side.

"Lily," James sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair.

"Stop that," Lily snapped as she grabbed his hand and forced it down to his side.

"Lily, don't be so demanding," James growled right back, fully realizing that he was launching them into another argument that would merely prolong their real conversation about their relationship.

Lily just shook her head and continued to stare straight at James.

James stared straight back at Lily. He had come this far and he wasn't going to give up this easy.

"Lily," James finally said, not liking the staring contest that the two had engaged themselves in.


"Will you please by my girlfriend?" James asked in an attempt to calm down their fight and to continue go eating his breakfast. He opened his eyes that he had clenched tightly shut in order to block whatever Lily would be throwing at him next and opened them to see Lily staring at him with a shocked expression and Arabella and Remus leaning on the sofa for support through their laughter.

"Bloody hell! Stop interrupting us! You two have ruined almost every chance that Lily and I have had of actually solving this situation and here you go again!" James shouted at the two of them before turning to Lily.

"Lily, I love you, please."

Lily raised her eyebrows at the fact that Sirius had just walked into the room atter hearing James's outburst and now there were three people watching the whole scene as if it were a movie.


"Alright?" James asked. "You've been yelling at me this entire time to ask you out and all I get is an alright?"

James threw his hands up in frustration. "Lily, what do you want from me?"

"What do you want me to say, James? I can say I'd love to and fall at your feet if that's what you've been imagining this entire time," Lily shot back.

"I was just saying it would have been nice to have seen a little emotion. Now it sounds like don't care. Do you know how unnerving that is?" James asked.

"James, you're making this into too big of a problem."

"I am? You're the one who came over here and demanded that I ask you!"

"But you're the one who refused to let me ask you. I'm just trying to get this moving along."

"Bloody hell, Lily. Just because I wanted to be the one to ask doesn't mean you have to hold it against me the whole time!"

By this time Sirius, ARabella, and Remus were highly intruiged in the conversation and Lily and James seemed to have forgotten they were even in the room.

"Really, James, What do you want me to do? Do you want me to show emotion?"

"Yes!" James exclaimed.

Lily glared at James for just a second before taking a few quick steps toward him. James's eyes grew wide.

'Is she going to hit me? Please don't let her hit me.' James thought as he clenched his eyes closed.

Lily simply reached his shoulders, pushed him back against the wall and quickly placed her mouth on his. James's eyes flew open for a second, clearly not expecting that action out of Lily, but gently closed his eyes again as one of Lily's hands found their way to his hair.

He allowed himself to relax in the kiss that he had been anticipating for months now. He was going crazy. The feel of Lily in his arms had been exactly what he had imagined but kissing her was even better.

He wrapped his arms around her and deepened the kiss, clearly forgetting that their friends were all still in the room watching them with slightly disturbed expressions on their faces.

The End

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