Muddy Footprints

~ & * & ~ & * & ~

I walked up to my door. It was late, very late. Bakura would surly be up, because it wasn't that late.

I opened the door quietly and stepped inside. I took off my rain jacket and hung it on the closet.

He isn't home.

I don't hear anything.

No curses.. no yelling.

No sound.

No, never mind. I do hear something.

And that's my beating heart. And the blood pounding in my ears.

I slowly walk into the kitchen.

Still nothing.

I walk over to the refrigerator, opened it and watch as the light shines onto the floor and into the doorway. Then my heart stopped.


But that's just the thing. They weren't only mine.

There were two sets.

I followed them up and they lead behind me. I turned around and came face to face with Bakura.

He flicked on the light switch and the kitchen lighted up and I could clearly see the anger burning in his fierce chocolate eyes.

I stumbled back, falling on my arse.

"B-bakura, what are you doing home so late?"

"I could as you the same question." He said, glaring at me.

Oh no.

His fingers curled into a fist and he brought his leg back.

No. No. No.

And he kicked me in the stomach.

I curled up into a ball and rolled onto my side.

Then he started kicking me repeatedly.

Over and over.

And I cried.

He was yelling. Something about the muddy footprints across the kitchen floor and coming home late.

I covered my head with my arms.

Hoping .

Praying .

Begging him to stop.

But he didn't. He continued to kick me.

Suddenly he stopped.

He picked me up by my white, now crimson speckles, hair and brought me face to face with him. He growled at me.

"Clean up the foot prints and then clean yourself up and go to bed." He then threw me to the side agents the kitchen wall and walked out.

I slowly stood up, using the wall for support. Im sure I have a black eye.

I limped over to the sink and kneeled down and opened the cupboard. Taking out a bucket and a sponge, I stood up and placed the bucket under the faucet.

After getting a bucket full of water, I tried to pull out the bucket, but it was to heavy.

Suddenly, an arm reached out and picked up the bucket and set it on the ground. I turned around and saw Bakura standing there, glaring at me.

"Speed it up weakling, you have school tomorrow." He said, and then kicked me behind the leg, sending me crashing to the marble floor. Landing on my arse, I used my hands so I wouldn't hit my head agents the floor.

And he walked out.

I got the sponge and dipped it into the water. Ringing it out so there was just enough water.

So, I started cleaning the floor.

Silent tears falling down my face and mixing with the muddy water that used to be muddy footprints.

Silently, cleaning a mess. A mess that I made. A mess that drew me and Bakura just a little bit closer.

~ & * & ~ & * & ~

The End

~ & * & ~ & * & ~