Partly cloudy, the smell of fresh rain, and just enough of a chill to make the streets ever so slightly less crowded. These were her favorite days, they made her jackets turn into warm bastions of comfort and made coffee taste all the better as she took the day slow, savoring every single moment as she dreamed about getting home and resting under the kotatsu as she worked on her university work. It was her last semester now, and everything was going smoothly.

Well, besides the fact that she was still single.

Fuyumi looked at her coffee mug and wiggled her head a bit to let the excess sass out. "Maybe I shouldn't tell them who my dad is."

She let out a sigh and then took a sip of her coffee. Delightful. Then again, it wasn't like she was especially focused on finding a boyfriend or anything. Most of the boys her age weren't looking for the things that she was looking for. They wanted something quick, something easy, something fun. She wanted those things too, sure, but, she also wanted to find someone that she could start a family with. At the first mention of kids, most guys bailed.

If she was honest, she was ever so slightly bitter about her home life, and her desire for a happy family stemmed from her lack of a normal happy family life, but that was completely besides the point.

Point is, dating sucked.

How hard was it to meet a nice guy that wanted to take relationships seriously? Sure, it was partially her fault that she never really went out, and all the heroes that Moe had set her up with were uhh, not exactly the best. Honestly, she was starting to heavily consider a no-hero dating policy.

And her father might take the blame for that as well.

With another sip, she started to cross the street.

There was a screeching noise. She saw the bus, the horn blaring, the driver panicking. The crosswalk symbol was on. It should have been safe to cross. Why weren't they stopping? Why was she the only one crossing?

She flinched, eyes closed as she braced for impact.

Instead, she felt nothing. She didn't even feel her feet on the ground.

Instead she felt safe. A strong, powerful arm was wrapped around her waist and holding her aloft. She opened her eyes and felt the world fall away from her. Her heart skipped a beat, her breath froze in her lungs, and her cheeks burned with anticipation. Everything felt so slow as she stared at her savior.

His green eyes met hers. They were so easy to read. So expressive, so filled with the kind of things she was feeling right now. He was strong, he was kind. In the split second that she had met him, she already felt like she understood him more than she understood her brothers. His fluffy green hair looked like she could spend hours playing with it.

She had never believed in love at first sight. It was something that only happened in fairytales and movies. But, here she was, falling in love with a guy she had just met. If the sparks she was feeling could be seen, there would be a second sun in the middle of Tokyo right now.

He opened his mouth, a smile forming on his lips as he looked at her. Her heart raced. Her lips tingled with anticipation. He could kiss her right now and she would be completely fine with it.

But what he did was so much worse.

A thousand times more scandalous.

He spoke.

His voice was filled with joy.

"Do you want to get married, move into a house, and have two kids with me?"

"Make it three."

Their feet touched the ground, but he didn't stop holding her, and she was completely and totally okay with that. Part of her, most of her, never wanted him to let go. She could melt in his arms, relaxing with him was a hundred times better than relaxing under the kotatsu, even if he would force her productivity to go to zero.

She was about to say something, about to get his name.

But a scream followed by an explosion brought them back to reality.

"I uhh." He let her go and pointed towards the direction of the explosion. "I gotta go, take care of that."

She smiled and bit her lip. Her voice was stuck in her throat as she repeated what words he had just said in her head over and over again. Each and every time, they got louder and louder until now they were a roar. She watched him take off, glancing back at her with a smile.

The lack of his presence was sobering.

And all the embarrassment she should have been feeling slammed into her with the force of an All Might punch. Like, the one that could change the weather or something. Did he just propose to her? Did she just agree to that by saying she wanted three kids? What the hell! She didn't even know his name! This was just too much! Guh! She needed to get to class! There was absolutely no way that any of this even happened.

Her coffee was on the ground.

With a noise that could only be described as pure embarrassment, she stomped towards her class for the day, feeling more flustered than she had in her entire life.

Who the hell just proposes like that?

"And who the hell agrees?"


Who the hell agrees to being proposed like that?

"And who the hell proposes like that?"

Izuku muttered as he returned to where he had left that woman. That completely and utterly beautiful woman that had made him forget everything the moment he looked into her icy blue eyes. It was so strange; normally whenever he met someone that he thought was pretty, he could barely speak.

But as he looked at her, he couldn't help but think that this was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

And she had to have felt the same way. Right?

She did say yes, and she even wanted three kids! Which was fine! He'd be happy with three.

But, if she did agree, where was she?

Did he scare her off? He'd probably scare himself off.

"Guh." He tapped both hands against his head and let out a light groan. "Why didn't I say anything else! Just 'do you want to get married' was bad enough, but the house and the two kids?"

Stupid stupid stupid.

But she agreed! Why'd she agree? He was happy she agreed but, just, so much why!

He should have at least gotten her name! Maybe even given her his number or something. But then those kids might have died, and that would just look bad on so many levels, like, just imagine what she would think. Whatever that woman's name was.

This was going to eat at him more than all those times he was too much of a coward to ask someone out! Hell, this was going to mess him up more than every single embarrassing moment he's had in his short life.

Why on earth did she have to be so pretty? Hair as white as snow with patches of red that really popped, just a bit on the messy and frizzy side, added to the rushed look of her busy-body ponytail. Her icy-blue eyes were amplified by her square glasses that really just made him smile. Her jacket was a mixture of stylish and comfortable, while her scarf just looked so warm.

She had a bag on her, right? One for a college? Why wasn't he paying attention?

Well, he had been, just only on her.

Something tapped against his boot and he looked down to see a discarded coffee cup had rolled its way over to him. That woman had coffee. Was this hers?

With a slight pause, he reached down and picked it up. His heart was racing as he felt hope surge in his body. There was a name on it.

"Fuyumi," he muttered.

The question was simple.

Did he let this go and simply cherish this as her name and hope to run into her again by pure chance?

Or did he do some questionably creepy shit, sleuth around, and force fate's hand?

He closed his eyes and hummed to himself. Technically, there was nothing wrong with a hero doing a follow through. She did almost get hit by a truck after all. That had to be traumatic, right? And the coffee shop she had just been in was literally right there. She might have even gone back to buy some coffee.

That felt probable.

Likely even.

Why did he like the idea of her being a coffee drinker? He didn't drink coffee.

"Fuyumi." He muttered again and headed towards the nearest trash can. He didn't even know if that was her, but he already liked the sound of her name. With a breath, he tossed the cup into the trash and then continued on his patrol for the day.

For all of two steps, before he spun on his heel and marched into the coffee shop.

The disappointment that she wasn't already there standing in line was noted and then pushed to the side. She might have been in a rush. That was it. That's why she didn't wait. Or, she could have not waited because he fucking proposed to her before even knowing her name!

Alright, what was he going to do, just like, walk up to the counter and ask about her? That sounded awkward. And like an invasion of privacy. Was it though? He was just looking for her. It was like looking her up on facebook, right?

"Hey!" A barista with multicolored hair and a dull look on her face waved him over. "You're Deku, right?"

"Yeah?" he asked. Honestly, getting noticed was still weird, even if he was the number three pro hero.

"C'mere!" The barista waved him over with a sly smile that was filled with mirth. "Hey, boss, Deku's here!"

Before Izuku knew it, he was staring at another woman with multicolored hair, only instead of looking like she was still in school, this one looked like she could tell him Ara Ara. "Oh my gosh, this is great, this means we just need Endeavour and All Might to stop by and we can have all of the top three! Oh! Coffee on the house! But just one. And what do you need?"

"Oh, uhh, I was actually looking for someone." His cheeks felt like they were on fire.

"Oh my, is someone missing?" The manager gasped, her sweet older sister aura putting Izuku on edge. She reminded him of so many upperclassmen at U.A.

Izuku shook his hand and raised his hands. "It's not like that. It's just uhh. You see there was this woman, and I uhh, saved her from a truck just now, and had to go take care of something else. I'm just wondering if you can help me find her or something."

"Ara ara~"

He said too much.

"How romantic, a fated encounter that leads to a question." The manager wiggled her hips and smiled at Izuku knowingly. "I'll help you in exchange for a picture."

"Deal." He would have given them a picture anyways.

"Alright," The manager cheered and smiled at him. "So, who is this mystery woman?"

"Umm, I think her name is Fuyumi?" His voice was almost a whisper as though he was trying to keep his wishes silent. "I found her coffee cup when I came back to look for her and—"

The employee leaned forward, and the pure smug energy radiating off of her made him want to wince. It was like talking to a bored, coffee shop version of Rumi. "White hair? Red highlights? Blue eyes? Looks like she should be sitting over there reading a book on a rainy day?"

She pointed towards a nook in the coffee shop that was just the ultimate relaxation area: large red chair, a blanket or two, a bookshelf, and even a large fluffy cat.

"Uhh, yeah!" Izuku snapped his fingers and looked at the area. That was pretty much perfect!

"That's Fuyumi alright, she's a student at Tokyo U." The employee stood and tapped on her chin, a smile spreading on her face. "She's wanting to be a teacher; I think this is her last semester or something. She swings by here before class most days."

That was perfect!

"Thank you so much." Izuku reached over and shook both of their hands.

Fuyumi! Her name was Fuyumi! And he knew how to find her! Maybe he could run over to Tokyo U and try and find her there? Would that be creepy? What if he just hung out here for an hour each day before patrol? Was that creepier?

How was he supposed to actually reintroduce himself to her?

"Do you want us to give her a message?" the manager asked.

Izuku smiled and nodded. Now he just needed to think of the right message to give.

AN: Logar gave me the title and then I kind of dreamed up a story around it.

I'm excited for this one guys.