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 * Black by Night, Kagome by Day!*

As the clock struck 12 A.M, an eerie silence fell over the city and the only that could be heard, was that of the wind. All lay in bed dreaming sweet thoughts. All except one. The one named Black!!


The sound of a window cracking and then breaking could be heard clear in the moonlight and a young girl jumped out. She was wearing a black blouse and a pink shirt with black leggings and gloves. Her long black hair was in a high ponytail. She was the infamous, legendary thief named "Black".  Feared and Respected by all, she had no rival and yet had no allies except for the dark, which covered her trail each and every time.

"Stop! Stop right there, you thief!" someone shouted.

"Someone catch her!" Another' shout rang into the night. 

"It's Black!" A voice shouted. "Follow her!" Screamed another. "It took me forever to swindle them out of that picture," the owner muttered under his breath as he paced around watching Black escape with the precious piece of art.

Black, however, sat in a high tree branch. "You can't get away with that! That lord sees everything!" She whispered into the night.


*~The Next Day~*

"Kagome, hurry up! You overslept again, didn't you?" Kagome's mother said from the foot of the stairs.

"I'm sorry, it won't happen again." Kagome said as she stumbled down the stairs. "Besides, I had a good reason."

"Like catching up with your homework late at night?" Her mother inquired suspiciously.

"Yeah, I did just that." She replied. 'Not really, I was just stealing an exquisite painting and returning the precious item to its rightful owner.' Kagome thought as she stuffed a toast in her mouth.

"Thanks Mom, I have to hurry, otherwise I'll be late. Bye!" She said in one breath as she pecked her mom on the cheek and quickly dashed out.


*~At School~*

"Hey Kagome! Come over here!" Kagome's friends called her over.

"What's up?" Kagome asked.

"Didn't you hear about last night? Black was sighted again." Her friends squealed.

"No one knows who she is except that the female has long black hair and wears an attire made mostly of black." Akane said.

"She is awesome, isn't she? Her moves so graceful and fast that you won't know where she'll strike." Another one of her friends, Katy said.

"She clobbers the bad guys and helps the poor and innocent, just like Robin Hood does." Ayeka said dreamily with stars clearly evident in her eyes. Suddenly, a loud voice from the other side of the room could be heard. 

"Black, shmack. She's just a baloney girl if you asked me." The loud voice said.

"A thief is a thief, no matter what! It's a crime and a sin against God!" That gruff voice happened to belong to Inuyasha.

"What's with you Inuyasha?" Katy asked.

"Yeah. Black would never have anything to do with you." Akane said in a no-nonsense voice. "Because she is a mature woman." All of Kagome's friends said with a sparkly gleam in their eyes as Kagome sweat dropped in the background.

"Whatever," Inuyasha said with a face.

"Hold it, Inuyasha!" Kagome stood up and slammed her hand on the desk. "Just because you dad was a detective doesn't mean that you have to hold a grudge against Black."

"My dad sucks, I am a much better detective than him!" Inuyasha retorted.

Kagome snorted. "I highly doubt that. "I am!" Inuyasha protested.

"Then let's see you detective work right now." She challenged.

"I bet our teacher is going to be really mad at the two of us." He said.

"And why would you say that?" Kagome inquired.

"Cause we are the only ones that are not seated after the bell and that she is right behind you." Inuyasha said with a smirk as everyone clapped. Kagome slapped him hard across the cheek all the while forgetting about the teacher, that Inu-Yasha had mentioned was standing behind her.

"Higurashi, Shikon. Please take your seats." The teacher said. A girl named Sango, Kagome's best friend raised her hand. "Yes Sango." The teacher said as she turned around to write the date on the board.

"Aren't you supposed to punish students who display violence in school?" She asked innocently.

"Ah, yes good point, Miss Prise. Higurashi, Shikon, go stand in the hallway with a bucket on your head till the end of the day." The teacher said.


*~In the Hallway~*

"This is the reason why I can't stand boys." Kagome said with a huff. "God please have mercy and have some worthy guys around here." Kagome said seriously.

Inuyasha sweat drops and then mutters incoherently. "You must be blind, there are tons of good guys around. You're just no good enough for any." That particular comment earned him a good hard slap from Kagome.

However the results weren't all that great as Inu-Yasha lost is balance and started to waver and totter around dangerously, all the while trying to hold his mater bucket still on his head.

In the end, he finally found some sort of support and grabbed onto it for dear life.

Unfortunately for him it happened to be Kagome, As soon as he grabbed her, he pulled her down and went crashing down himself.

The result was two grumpy teenagers, wet and soaking, with ready to kill eyes.

As they started to get up, the teacher poked her head from within the classroom, and put two mops and a bucket outside.

" Always have mops and buckets prepared when u send those two out" she muttered to herself as she closed the door.

Kagome and Inu-Yasha both heaved a sigh and trudged towards the mop to clean the mess up. A daily routine set up by the two.


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