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Thoughts, Dreams and More

' darn Sango, and her maniac ideas' Kagome thought as she walked to school.

All of last night as she walked home, and as she lay in her bed her thoughts came flooding back to haunt her. 'Whether or not she should accept the new mission that Sango had just thrown at her, and the bizarre idea that Sango had stuck in her mind. Could it possibly be true, that she was falling for Inu-Yasha?? Never in her wildest dreams or figments had she imagined or heard of such a wild thing and yet coming from Sango it made her wonder, for Sango was not one lead a friend astray just for fun. But if she was truly falling for him, then should she go on with this mission and if she did take on the mission and something were to happen then what would happen with her and Inu-Yasha? Just what would happen, would he surprise her, and tell her that he had feeling for her too, or would he blab it to the press and media and watch her drown in more trouble than she could handle or maybe he would make he a deal of some sort that would help him out and he wouldn't have to blab to the world about her secret'

With all these thoughts in Kagome's mind, she didn't notice the person who was in front of her before it was too late and she bumped into the person.

Still out of it she didn't notice the person ad caught her, helped her straighten up and was currently asking her some question with concern in his voice.

Finally snapping out of her daze she looked up to see Inu-Yasha looking at her with worry etched all over his face.

"huh" was her oh so intelligent reply to his question, which she had not heard.

"I asked if u were all right , but u never answered" Inu explained

"oh, umm , uh yeah?? Y shouldn't I be" she asked

"maybe cause u bumped into me real hard, and almost feel to the ground on you back , had I not caught you" he explained looking at her as is she had noodles for a brain.

"umm , yeah I'm fine" she said and ran away from him as fast as she could, leaving a dot eyed Inu-Yasha behind.

" wonder what's up with her" he thought as he shook his head and walked into the building.

His own thoughts now taking course, just as Kagome had been only a while ago. **************************************************** As Inu took his seat he had a far away look that no one missed.

Kikyo right away noticed and decided to yell at him later about ruining her plan last night.

Kagome herself was too busy with her own thoughts and Hojo was too busy wondering what was up with Kagome to take notice.

Sango was worries stiff for her friend but she knew that nothing she said would help her for Kagome and Inu-Yasha had to figure this out on their own.

Miroku was of course worried for his friends but he was also staring at Sango, wondering what it would be like if she wasn't a nun in training ' I could go out with her, then' he amused.

All in all the class was unusually quiet and when the bell rang signaling the end of the day they all just sulked out of the room, their thoughts in a jumble and wandering around. *****************************************************************

' god darn it, I think I'm losing it' Inu thought as he walked back to his house.

'why the hell do I al of a sudden care about Higurashi? What about Black? What does Higurashi feel about me, heck what do I feel for her? How does black feel about me, how do I feel about Black? Who do I like better? If I were to capture Black what the heck would I do?'

"Man, having her over for dinner was a BAD idea" he muttered out loud realizing that had she not been over maybe he wouldn't be so confused

' this is sooooooooooooo irritating and confusing' he thought frustrated as a cake landed upside down on top of his head.

Sighing he wiped his head a little, realized it to be really then fished in his head , inside the frosting for a note he knew would be there and sure enough he felt a piece of paper and grabbed it.

It was a calling card from Black, by the looks of it.

" I really don't need this, right now" Inu said out loud and emitted a sigh as he ripped open the envelope to reveal the card.

*********** Inu-Yasha

This calling card is to inform you of my next mission. Tomorrow night I will be visiting "Kouga Otahiumi's Car Palace" and borrowing the brand new Mac Track. I would prefer if you kept this mission more quiet about this mission.

Black *********** Inu-Yasha practically fell on his face right then. 'Its ok to steal little stuff, well not really, but u sure as heck can't steal a car and expect to get away with it' he thought

'Wait' he thought wildly. "Kouga Otahiumi" he said out loud. 'Oh cr*p, god u really hate me that much' he asked looking up at the sky asking for a sign. Sure enough a little bird flew towards him nodding his head up and down as if to say yes and then went away with.

"Terrific, god hates me, the bird hates me too, I'm confused with Kagome, And black, I have to save a car from being stolen and to put the strawberry on the sundae Kouga's going to be involved in this.

Groaning he sat down into the grass, (he's at his house now) to think all this through before he went in.

" what the h*ll did I do to deserve this," he asked" well besides challenging black" he muttered.

'that's where this all started' his mind countered back.

"gahhh" pulling his hair he and his mind started to debate on how to solve this and after an hour of thinking , Inu was exhausted and fell asleep right there on the lawn.


" aww man this homework is sooooooooo complicated" Kagome whined for the tenth time in the past ten minutes.

" I wish there was no subject such as Math" she said as she pushed her chair off the ground to hover in the air.

" Knock-Knock" Kagome's mom knocked on the door and asked if she could come in.

" yeah sure mom, the doors open" Kagome called back to her and her mom entered the room.

" honey , why don't you bring your homework downstairs? Your dad can help you during the commercials" Her mom suggested.

" hey! That's a great idea. What with dad being a super genius in math and all" Kagome said all of a sudden feeling real light because her father would do the math for her, or at least help her through it.

"Lets go" Kagome said gathering her things.


"ok, just two more minutes and then the commercials will be on" Kagome's dad said his eyes on the television screen.

" what are you watching anyway, dad?" Kagome asked.

"oh this new anime called" Inu-Yasha " started a week ago and its really interesting so I've been watching it" he replied.

'Inu-Yasha?' Kagome amused in her mind as a small smile made its way to her face.

" so what are you smiling about, Kagome" Her dad asked now facing her.

" oh nothing, how about we start on my math now?" she asked switching the subject quite smoothly for a change.

" sure lets see, you said you were having trouble with problem #3, well lets see you take the square root of a and b and divide them by then multiply them by the square of c because........."

" oh I get it now!!" Kagome exclaimed.

" that's great, but my show isn't back yet, do you want to do another problem?" he asked.

" NO!!!" Kagome said real fast with more force then needed.

" how about we watch this commercial , it looks real interesting" she covered up as she glanced at the screen.

"Kouga Otahiumi's Car Palace" " is going to be releasing for the first time ever the Mac Track 2004!!, two days from now. Be there for the grand opening, examine the new car, find out the deals and stats and get in line to be the next owner of this beauty. The first 100 customers will get a 20% discount. Cars will be made per order, so be there." The announcer said.

He had long black hair tied at the top in a pony and an aura that said he was to proud for his own good.

Kagome shuddered as she realized that she couldn't mess up on this mission for too much was at stake.

" what wrong , Kagome?" her parents asked after seeing her shudder.

" you don't like that guy or something?" Her father asked.

" because if you don't , I hate to say it but we are all going to the grand opening" her mom said firmly so Kagome knew that it would be useless to argue back.

" I have to go finish my math" with that said she walked up towards her room and went in.

' now what' she wondered. ' if I escape with the car somehow, Kouga might recognize me on the opening, f there would still be an opening, and If I mess up I get caught and ill be revealed. And what about Inu-Yasha and who was that third person I saw that day in the room before I fainted? I forgot to ask Inu-Yasha.'

That though made Kagome bolt up on her bed. " oh god, this is not good" she cried as she started to pace her room back and forth wondering, just who was that person, how much did they know and would they be there on her " car mission" . what about the person Sango and I had felt was following us yesterday?? Could it be the same person she thought as she paced back and forth.

Wirth all the stress exhaustion took over Kagome and she fell to the ground with a loud "thump"

Mr. And Mrs. Higurashi rushed up the stairs and into their daughters room to see her on the ground pale and as lifeless as a ghost.

" OMG!!" Mrs. Higurashi cried as she rushed to the her daughters side worry over filling her normally calm mind.

" c'mon, we have to put her in bed, I'm sure she's just tired and exhausted" Kagome's dad said as he bent down and took Kagome's arm.

He winced. The girl was burning with a fever that was NOT normal. How come he never noticed it when she was down was beyond him but right now he had to get his little girl to bed and get some medicine in her.

Mrs. Higurashi too had noticed that she her daughter was burning with fever and her worry for her daughters health only increased.

As soon as they had put her in bed and covered her with a blanket and taken her temperature, which was 103!!!! they tiptoed out the door.

" im going to get some medicine for her and stay up in her room all night and she will not be going to school tomorrow unless I am sure she is 100% back to normal health" Mrs. Higurashi said fiercely.

"Right, and ill go to bed now" with that he gave his wife a quick peck and headed towards their room.

Mrs. Higurashi went to the kitchen got some medicine for her daughter and made her way back to Kagome's room.

Opening it softly she went in and nudged Kagome. Kagome didn't wake up but she managed to stir and for a brief second or two her eyes fluttered open and Kagome mother took that as her opportunity as she opened Kagome's mouth and dropped the medicine in and nudges Kagome to bring her face close to have some water to swallow her medicine.

As soon as the water was in her mouth and the medicine went down her throat Kagome's eyes closed and she went into a deep sleep leaving the real world for now.

Kagome's mother sighed as she put the glass at the side table and watched her daughter sleep, still worried about her and praying to god this was only a small cold or something.

**************************************************************** Kagome's Dream

"Inu-Yasha" she called as she heard the door open and close.

Her husband walked into their room and saw her in sitting in bed.

" look" she said softly as she patted the spot next to her.

He put down his files and crawled to her side of the bed and sat down.

Looking into her hands he saw what had made his wife so happy.

She had two babies in her arm and both were tickling each others foot with their own feet without really knowing or thinking of their action.

He smiled down at them softy then bent down and kissed the two softly on the cheeks then sat back up and kissed his wife on the cheek.

He backed up for a second and looked at her for a second.

Then placed his hands on her shoulders and leaned in towards her lips.

He was getting closer

And closer

And closer

And now she could feel his breath on her

And he went in ......

And something shook her like crazy like her life depended on it and she awoke with a start.

End of Dream Sequence.

**************************************************************** "Huh. What Kagome asked , a light blush on her cheeks because of the dream.

" Kagome , what on earth were you dreaming of? You were smiling like crazy and blushing and all" her mother said

" ohh, um I was .. I was dreaming of of of of .. Chocolate chip men that said I was the most beautiful lady they had ever seen and that they would be honored to have me as their princess and I could have all the chocolate chips and cookies I wanted" she covered with the first thing that came into mind.

Mrs. Higurashi raised her eyebrow. One day her daughter is burning with fever and the next she dreams of Chocolate chip men. Shaking her head she turned to her and said " since you are finally awake , and much better as I can see ill get you a breakfast and you can t go to school since its too late" she said

" ok, but can you bring some chocolate chip cookies, too?" she asked hopefully.

Her mom let out a smile and nodded her head and walked out to get her daughter her breakfast.

************************************************************* Kagome's point of view

'ok , so now im home cause I was sick last night, have to finish that mission tonight, cover the work I miss today and figure out my feelings'

"and what was up with that dream?" she wondered out loud.

'me and Inu-Yasha married with kids and he was going to kiss me on the lips' she wondered.

'this is tooooooooo confusing for me' she thought as she felt another migraine coming.

Her mother came in just then.

" here have some breakfast and then you can finish your homework cause you fainted last night before you finished it" her mom said

" the you can watch some T.V. and relax for the day" her mom concluded.

" right" Kagome said doing a mock salute.

" well, ill be going now, to my cooking and sowing club meeting, so u take care of yourself and you know where to reach me incase of an emergency" she asked.

" yup I do, c ya mom" Kagome said before her mom got into the " be careful of this and that" lecture and " the number for " and all the other lectures a mom goes through before leaving the house alone with a kid.

As soon as she heard her mom close the front door Kagome sighed and ate her breakfast, which consisted of eggs and toast with milk and of course Chocolate chip cookies!!!

After finishing off her breakfast and putting in the dish washer Kagome headed back to her room and tackled he math problems.

Finally done with those she turned on the TV. and turned to the movie channel. However nothing good was coming on and Kagome soon lost interest her mind traveling all over the place , her thought, though less crowded and confused, were nevertheless crowded and confused and Kagome wanted to sort this out if it was the last thing she did.


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