It was a quiet farming village, high in the mountains and far from most of the dangers ninjago had to offer.

Quite typical of the home of a retired elemental master.

Which was exactly who Wu was here to visit today.

He walked down an old dirt path, scanning the small homes to find the one that'd been described to him by the young boy he'd asked a few minutes earlier.

He was looking for a woman he hadn't seen in years, she'd moved here after her retirement, and that was the last he'd heard of her.

And it would've stayed that way if it weren't for a rather... troubling vision.

Wu knocked on the door and stood back, waiting for an answer. After a couple of minutes, the door creaked open and a middle-aged woman peered out at him, "Oriana" he said, nodding in greeting, Oriana smiled, and the door creaked wider, "ah, Wu! it's been a while" she said, "what brings you here?"

Wu smiled back, absently "It's nice to see you too" and then. in a rush to get to the point, he said, "I'm having trouble finding your successor, there are rumors about someone who can control time, but they are conflicting, and none of us have been able to track down anything substantial, I was hoping you might know something"

Oriana frowned, subconsciously pulling the door closer to her "I'm sorry, I can't help you"

Wu frowned, "I have had visions, if nothing is done, then the next master of time is doomed for destruction... please, this is serious, any information you can give will help"

"my powers have faded, if they've found a host, then it's with my daughter, Zinnia, but" her face darkened with something akin to rage, "she left us, long ago"

"is there anything more you can tell me?" Wu ventured, Oriana's knuckles whitened, her grip tightening on the frame of the door.

"No" her voice was cold, as was her gaze, and the door creaked closed.

Wu nodded, and his face fell. Something felt off about the situation, but he could tell there was no use lingering, like it or not, this conversation was over.

"Very well" he said with a sigh.

Wu left the place dejected, time was limited and this visit had gotten him nowhere.

The Elemental Master of Time was never someone you wanted as an enemy.

He could only hope he got to him before that happened.

Acronix was fourteen when his parents found out he was bisexual

His father had grabbed his arm with enough force to bruise, dragging him from where he'd fallen

Krux tackled his father, getting between him and his younger twin

Their parent's toward above them, and Krux stood firm, trying to protect the sobbing Acronix. His mother glared down at him, "you'll choose him over your family?"

Krux shook, rage and terror battling within him, but he stood firm. "He is my family!"

Oriana's eyes narrowed, "his sin has brought shame on our bloodline" Acronix, who had started to calm, shuddered at this, sobbing starting anew "he is not my son, and he is not your brother" Oriana grabbed him, pulling him off his feet and throwing his to the side, "Go to your room and forget you knew him"

She turned to Acronix, dragging the whimpering boy to his feet before shoving him in the direction of the door, "You understand? You are no longer our child, get out before I beat you more"

"NO!" Krux screamed, once again getting between his brother and their parents, "I'M NOT LETTING YOU HURT HIM"

"Get back to your room, Zinnia" their father glared down at the elder twin, "your not the one who's tainted us"

Krux snapped, screaming up at them, "NO, He's my BROTHER, I'm not abandoning him, if he has to go, then I'm going too, and you're never seeing EITHER of us again!"

"Fine, whatever" his mom almost snarled, grabbing Krux and shoving him against the wall "and when you come crawling back, then if your lucky, we might forget what you've done"

Krux glared at them, helping his brother to his feet, "if you think I'm coming back here, you are gravely mistaken" he said after a moment, before he and Acronix left.

Never to return.