A/N: . . . there are no words. No excuses either, might I add. ^_^;; Just . . . yaoi and yuri. That's all you need to know. And Kakashi is the one "narrating."



"On the Fence"



Lips touch lightly: butterfly kiss. Unintentional- they were arguing, got too close, lost their balance. It happens.

No, not those two. The other two. No, over here! Look, look! On this side of the fence! Watch yourself; don't fall off.

See? Those two, not the other two. Aren't they sweet? Of course they are. See, they're blushing and everything . . . oh wait, that might just be the crimson of humiliation. Silly me.

But aren't they pretty?

. . . you're still looking at the boys, aren't you. Yes, yes, they're very cute- put down the kunai, Iruka- yes, I KNOW you're not a pedophile- I'm sure that you think of him like a brother, or a son, or something like that. I'm talking about the other two, for goodness's sake!

And speaking of the other two- oh MY. Ah, THAT got your attention, didn't it. Who knew Sakura-chan could be so very naughty? And how cute: Ino is embarrassed . . . or possibly in a homicidal rage. Kids these days. Tsk.

. . .

Iruka-koi, you know, if we are going to spy on the children in the baths, don't you think that we at least ought to spy on the same set? And put down the kunai already! Sasuke isn't molesting Naruto (if anything, it's the reverse).

No, I didn't say anything.

Good Lord, I think they're going to suffocate each other. Perhaps we should intervene . . .? Oh, what am I saying- no fun in that. Very nice tongue that boy's got . . .

Now, what did I tell you about that kunai, Iruka? Good boy. Here, sit in Papa's lap and- Iruka, the kunaiii . . .


That wasn't very nice. I am going to have to withhold sex now for at least ten minutes.

. . . or not.

My, my- perhaps you WERE paying attention after all. 'A' for the day.

. . . oh for heaven's sake. Stop looking at Naruto!

The kunai, Iruka! You're still holding the kunai! . . . owwww . . . Of COURSE I could have blocked it, if you didn't mind losing the hand! Hey, hey, I'm fine, just don't lean over like- oh dear, watch o- !






"What in hell . . .?!"

"Iruka-sensei, you were spying on us AGAIN? I thought we talked about this!"

. . . blasted wobbly fences.



* ende *



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