Wow, we've come a long way, haven't we? I started this off to vent my frustrations with the game. And then I got over it and it started to feel not as exciting as when I first started. But here we are, the end of the story. Over time I felt that things like "breaking the 4th wall" were silly and began to hate this story but now my relationship with it is just, meh, kind of funny.

But none of that matters, what does matter is that we're here to end this.

Here we go:

Sonic, for the first time in forever, walked. He walked along the track, thinking.

He thought of how he had killed everyone.

He remembered how one little grenade killed most of the clones, exactly how there were clones, Sonic had no idea.

He remembered how he pushed Eggman and Shadow off and how they screamed like little bitches. He remembered how he ripped off Vector's leg and beat him to death with it. He remembered how Silver got shredded to pieces by a fan. He remembered how he talked too long and Tangle died of suffocation. He remembered the morons that teamed up to kill him but they ended up killing each other. He remembered how he… *sigh* Ora ora ora'd Zazz to death...

Sonic laughed at how ridiculous it all was.

He stopped and smiled, he could see that the finish line was a mile away.

But then he felt that something was off…

Something felt… Missing… Like he was forgetting something.

But that didn't make sense, he had killed everyone! He saw everyone and everything!

Everyone except,


No… Nonono! How could this be?! Was Sonic too late and Tails had won?! Maybe Tails's body flew off and he didn't see it! Or Tails jumped out and just flew away!

Or maybe… Tails is still alive.

Sonic frowned and heard some wind coming from behind.

He turned around and saw Tails using a Wind boost coming towards him.

Sonic dodged and Tails shot right past him with a fearful expression on his face.

Sonic grabbed a power sneakers and caught up to Tails.

"Sonic! Please! I didn't mean to!"

"Wow, even you, Tails? I'm disappointed."

"No! I saw you approaching and waited so you can pass m-"

"So then you could throw some bullshit at me and rob me of victory?"

"NO! It was so I could talk to y-"


(I can see you now, I can see you roll your eyes, groan, and facepalm as you read or hear this. You're probably thinking, "Really? Did the author just do that? Was all of this just a Sails, or whatever it's called, fanfiction? What is he, a Killing Stalking fan? I guess I can put this on my Sonic fanfiction bingo sheet.". No, this is not that, he means "I thought you loved me (like a bro).", he means a bromance. Sorry.)

"Sonic, I never meant to hurt you!"

Sonic got his fireball ready.

"Unlikely story."

He was about to throw it but suddenly, Tails was crushed to death by some red machine.


Sonic looked back, confused, and saw the machine skid back a few feet before speeding up.

It wasn't Omega, it wasn't any robot Sonic had fought before, it wasn't even a robot! It was a car.

And in the car was Mario, and he was pissed.


Sonic frowned, oh great it was Mario, how did he even get up here?

"Why are you here?"

"Remember when you didn't get invited to double dash?"

"Yeah, what about it?"

"My father knew of your destructive sore loser attitude. He knew you could never accept defeat."

"That doesn't answer my question. Why are you here now? You're too late to save anyone!"

"True, I couldn't save anyone… But you messed up the events, you weren't supposed to try to kill.. But since you did, I have to kill you."

"... What? I- What was I supposed to do? Let him win? Fuck that! I'm gonna kill your ass!"

Sonic activated an ice mine to try to freeze Mario.

But unfortunately for Sonic, Mario saw through this and jumped out of the kart. He landed on the ground and looked at Sonic in the eyes. Sonic gritted his teeth but calmed down, he fought many powerful foes before and he took the ones that fought back down easily, so Mario would be an easy fight.

Sonic jumped in the air and locked onto Mario and attempted a homing attack, he managed to hit him, sending Mario back a few feet before standing back up. With this, Sonic ran towards him with the fireball ready. He threw it at Mario and expected it to hit him but he easily dodged it.


Sonic rushed towards him and they both exchanged a few punches before Sonic swept Mario's legs, making him fall. Mario looked up at Sonic, who had the shit eating grin (you know the one) on his face.

Mario tried to crawl away but Sonic put one foot on Mario's stomach.

"You know, you may have not been the strongest person that fought back, but you are the few that did, at least you didn't go down like a pussy. I would let you go, but you stole my kill and to be honest, I wouldn't let you go anyways. Any last words?"

Sonic raised his foot, waiting for Mario to respond so he could then stomp it through him.

"Yeah, I do."

"Well, what is i-"

Before Sonic could finish the sentence, Mario grabbed Sonic's leg and pulled him to the ground.


Sonic tried to quickly get up but Mario pinned him to the ground and started to repeatedly punch him in the face until started to bruise and bleed. Sonic tried desperately to get him off but Mario broke his arms, leaving Sonic to do nothing but take punch after punch.

Blood flew everywhere and Mario got up.

"You bastard, you just couldn't let me win. Could you? You beat me in the console wars and humiliated me, was that not enough for you?"

Mario said nothing as he lifted his food over Sonic's head.

"Game over."


Everything started to slow down and Sonic's life flashed before his eyes.

He saw the first time he was in Green hill zone, he saw him destroy the Death Egg, he saw all of his victim's deaths, and before everything turned dark, he saw the first time he met Tails.

Mario's foot went through Sonic's head, ending the hedgehog's life.

Mario pulled his foot out of Sonic's disfigured head, it was nothing but blue and red mush now. He went towards the finish line and crossed it. He gained 38 trophies and all he said was "What the fuck am I supposed to do with this shit?". And as for Sonic, since he got 2nd place he got -30.

What a show, and now it's time for the final ranking:

Mario: +38


Tails: +20

Whisper: +5

Teen Sonic: +15

Zazz: -1

Zavok: -5

Dr. Eggman: +1

Shadow: 0

Espio: +2

Baby Sonic: -4

Lunar Blaze: +10

Tidal Wave: -5

Spring Cream: -3

Longclaw: +4

Quarterback Zavok: -10

Tangle: +18

Zeena: +18

Reaper Metal Sonic: -20

Metal Sonic: -7

Classic Sonic: -1

Tikal: -25

Caliburn: -4

Blaze: 0

Big: -27

Chaos: -15

Storm: -27

Wave: -27

Jet: -27

Charmy: -29

Omega: -13

Silver: -28

Rouge: +4

Amy: -5

Vector: -20

Knuckles: -21

DJ Vector: +5 (He and Punk Zazz are new characters, +5 for better drip than Punk Zazz. Oh yeah, the grenade didn't kill them, them smelling their own shit because they're way too OP killed them)

Punk Zazz: 0

Sir Lancelot: +1

Tropical Storm: -15

Elite Agent Rouge: -14

Treasure Hunter Knuckles: -13

Ice Slicer Jet: -12

All-Star Amy: -11

Vampire Shadow: -10

Witch Rouge: -9

Elf Classic Sonic: -8

Santa Big: -9

Slugger Sonic: -7

Jingle Bell Amy: -5

Cream: +15

Wow, that's it? It's been fun, and if you didn't really like this, I'm still glad you took the time to read this anyways.

So, is this the end? Well, no. If at least ONE Youtuber reads this then I'll post one last chapter at 6pm the next day they finish this chapter.

It doesn't matter who but all I ask is that it has to be a Youtuber that reads Sonic fanfictions (or any fanfictions) and that they have at least 2k subscribers or more like Dillon Thomas.

Sorry if that sounds like begging or anything I didn't mean to come off like that.