Ilyana's stomach growling loudly made her groan, breaking the silence of an otherwise peaceful day in the meadow. "I'm so hungry..."

"You know for a lightning powered mage you sure feel the need to eat." Mia laughed while feeling her own gut rumble. "Though I guess hunger goes both ways.

Ilyana tried to respond only for a big fart to erupt out of her, blushing in embarrassment. "Oh dear, I'm hungry and gassy."

Mia shrugged casually while lifting up her leg to fart out a tuba toot herself, fanning it away instantly. "We all have our moments of that; don't let it get to you!"

"...But I need food," Ilyana whined in her ever so always hungry mood, rubbing her groaning gut with both her hands while continuing to fart.

"Eyeesh you sure know how to pack a punch with your stink!" Mia admitted while clenching her nose using 1 of her hands.

"Eww!" Nino groaned while trying to cover her own nose with both of her hands upon getting a whiff of the smelly release, unbeknownst to letting out a bubbly toot herself while caught in the starving mage's methane. "Who's making the stinky? It's so yucky...!"

"Ha! I know that kind of feeling anywhere!" A happy Aria Meloetta chimed while floating around the Fire Emblem girls in the reeking air, the singing idol Pokemon feeling her own stomach rumble loudly. "And getting a farty sense can always make you hungry! I know because it happens to be all the time and golly does it do a number on ya!"

Mia and Nino oddly eyed the joyful pocket monster while Ilyana fainted from hunger, continuing to fart in light of her famished status, with Meloetta pulling out a carton of vanilla icing from her green hair and beginning to eat it from rubbing it onto her paddle shaped hands.