Chapter Four

Christian's body became rigid. Ana didn't have to be half Fae to know that he was upset. He must have thought she was being reckless or overly confident with their safety, but she wasn't doing any of those things. She had sensed no malice from them; only a sense of protection and duty. Now she realized she should have said something.

He gently pulled away from her and looked into her eyes. His body relaxed almost instantly. He was still upset, but less furious. He could never be mad at her for long. That unnerved him and calmed him at the same time. Why didn't she say something? She could have told him telepathically. She stood on her tip toes and wrapped her arms around his neck. Nearly all of the tension from the last few minutes had left him in an instant. He knew she wasn't using her abilities; she was just being her.

"I'm sorry, I didn't say something to you sooner."

He hadn't moved to touch her.

"Why didn't you?"

She asked permission to speak to him telepathically.

Can we talk?


I didn't sense danger from them. I think they're here to protect us.

Protect us from what?

I don't know.

I want to confront them.

He hears her sigh.


I just wanted to enjoy my husband later this afternoon.

You mean, sex?

No, yes of course. Dang it!

He smirked. They were completely open to each other in this state.

How many times did you plan to have sex with me during this trip?

As much as I can. I mean…we can stop.

She closed their link. He caressed the side of her face and kissed her. He loved her so much.

"I wasn't done yet."

"I think we said what needed to be said."

His squinted his eyes at her. She cowered slightly. She showed her hand and he was the type of man to take full advantage of what he had learned from her.

"We need to plan more things to do."

She exhaled. This just meant she would have to work harder. Besides, his plan was flawed since they don't tire easily. She could still have his dick when she wanted it. She noticed the worried look on his face.

"I need to know why they're here."

"Okay, since they're following us, I'm sure we'll see them again."

They held hands and continued to walk through the market. She wished she could get his mind off the other wolves, but she knew it was a lost cause.

Christian and Ana sat back in the back seat of their car service vehicle. She leaned her head on his shoulder and crawled her fingers up and down his thigh. She felt him shake his head. He had his arm around her back; she felt so good next to him. She smelled good too; like a field full of flowers and hint of musk. She smiled; for her, it was a good day. She loved all the unique gifts she bought for Kate, Taylor and Christian's family. Her mother was too hard to shop for and her stepfather always refused gifts from her so she focused on buying things for people who would accept her gifts. Her family did love pictures though; she planned to send them as many as she could from the trip.

As the car turned on the cobble stone road, Ana and Christian both sensed the same wolves. Christian sat up quickly. The driver glanced back at them. Ana placed her hand on his thigh. He remained upright. He glanced at her; she opened a link.

What are they doing here? Do they plan to attack?

No, they want to talk to you.

I want to kill them.


What? They're trespassing on an alpha's territory.

You only mention pack law when it suits you.

My father would be proud, he said to himself, but she heard it.


I regret thinking that.

As he thought about his father, he realized want the wolves' identity. They were royal guards. His father had no right to do this! Just when he thought he and his father hand come to an understanding about boundaries, Corin decided to pull something like this. At least he knew they weren't in danger; now he was just annoyed.

You think your father sent them?

No, I'm sure of it. I plan to send them away.

So, it's like a wedding present?

He turned and glared at her. She didn't cower, but she got the message. When the driver parked the car in front of the house, she closed the connection. They didn't need it for now. The driver opened the door for Ana first, then Christian. Christian thanked the driver and told him that they would not need him for the rest of the day and gave him $100 tip. They slowly walked toward the house and listened for the driver to drive away. Christian wanted the wolves to sense him as he walked toward them.

The two werewolves; one male and one female stood a few feet away from them; the wolves also made sure to stand a certain distance from the beach house. Which showed they had peaceful intentions. The woman wore nearly all black, except for her red leather jacket. The man wore a black shirt, stonewashed jeans and a black leather jacket. They both knelt down on one knee and bowed. Christian scoffed. Ana lightly scolded him with a light jab to his gut.

"My prince," said the female.

Christian never accepted his title as prince and he did not expect to have a royal escort with him at all times. His father knew that. He especially didn't want wolves he didn't know around his wife and baby.

"Say something," whispered Ana.

"I don't know what to say," said Christian.

"You can't leave them like that."

"Fine. Stand up!"

The wolves stood and raised their heads. Christian asked them why they were following them. The wolves told them that they were sent here to protect them. Christian said they didn't need protection. They didn't respond. He took their silence as disagreement and it pissed him off. He asked them how long they had been following them. The woman confessed they had been there since they arrived. They intentionally didn't reveal themselves at first to prove their skills to him. Christian balled his hands into fists. Ana moved closer to him and rubbed his back.

"I am not impressed," said Christian.

"It was not our intention to upset you, my prince" said the man.

"Well, you have upset me. Just leave and tell my father that I don't need an escort."

The wolves glanced at each other. Ana read their minds before they spoke. She knew this would not end well. She held his hand. He glanced down at her with a confused look on his face and looked back at the man and woman.

"My father didn't send you, did he?"

The man lowered his eyes and the woman answered Christian's question.

"We were sent by the queen, my prince."

Christian snarled and his eyes glowed. Ana squeezed his hand. He closed his eyes and calmed down. They were lucky his wife was here. How dare she do this? Now, the secrecy made more sense. His father was stubborn, but his father had been honest with him ever since he came into his life a few years ago. His father's mate, Sierra, was a whole different story. Sierra tried to kill Ana. Christian put Sierra in her place during a challenge and almost lost Ana for good. What were her intentions this time?

"Does my father know about this?"

"I cannot say for sure; he was not present when we received the orders, my prince."

Christian wanted to shift right there. Everyone could sense his rage. The wolves lowered their eyes. Ana read the wolves' memories, they were innocent and only following orders. Ana could not sense Sierra's intent from a memory, but her words had no malice in it. It appeared that Sierra thought what she was doing was right. Ana leaned in and wrapped her arm around Christian's arm.

"It's okay, Christian."

"No, it's not okay."

He glared at the wolves.

"I want you on the next flight out of the country. If I sense you again, I'll hunt you both down and kill you myself."

"My prince, this was a high order, if we return before you return; we will be punished," said the woman.

After hearing the she wolf's words, Ana felt so much sympathy for them. Christian could not care less.

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Ana just made an honest mistake, she realized that she should have said something. Christian may have done things a lot differently if Ana wasn't there. He doesn't like to be forced into anything and he will deal with Sierra when he returns home.

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