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~*~Five~*~It Looked Bad For A Minute There, Sir. . . ~*~

"So you're leaning towards that one?" asked James, frowning.

"I don't know," sighed Tessa hopelessly, "I suppose that is the best one out of the lot, let's have a look at those over there."

Tessa Field pointed to each of the precious metal bands and cringed at every one.

"Yuk, no, er, nope, ew, nah, yuch, not even if it was the last ring on Earth!" she declared in disgust.

James sighed in frustration.

"Are you sure NONE of these are nice?" he asked desperately.

"Hey, these aren't my preferences, I'm thinking Lily thoughts here!"

"I'm sure Lily would never be so rude to poor Mr Harry Winston," James said.

It was a Hogsmeade weekend and, unlike the night before, James was allowed to be where he was at that moment, and it brought him no pleasure whatsoever. He and Tessa had been traipsing around the village's jewellers all morning and so far, no luck. Tessa had wrinkled her nose at what seemed like every ring in the village and there had definitely been one hell of a lot of rings.

"Well, he is a wizard! He should be able to make nicer rings! I mean, diamonds that magically sparkle? Come on, how tacky can you get?" They stepped out into the street and sat down on a bench in front of the Three Broomsticks.

"You know, Tess, I'm not questioning your judgement or anything, but you'll excuse me if I find it hard to believe that. . . wait a minute, say every shop magically holds five thousand rings, five shops, that's. . .out of twenty-five thousand rings, none of them would be to Lily's liking."

"Oh plenty of them would be to Lily's liking," Tessa said dismissively, "You know her, she's an agreeable soul, but I know how much you love her, James, and I know that you would want her to have the perfect ring, so I'm trying to find the perfect ring," she half shouted through gritted teeth.

"Thanks, Tess," smiled James.

"Oh, don't thank me yet," she said, grinning, "We have to find the damn thing first!"

"Anyway," James said worriedly, leaning his elbows on his knees and staring at his hands, "It'll only matter if she says yes."

"She will," Tessa said decidedly.

"Yeah, but, I mean, you know, maybe, what if she doesn't?"

Tessa nearly fell off the bench. She'd never seen James this worried or serious before in her life. It was positively unnerving.

She frowned and leaned over to look him in the eye. "Are you bloody joking? Of course she'll say yes! Bloody hell, James! You've been going out for, what? Four years? And I know for a fact that she loves the frigging spectacles off you, mate. Oh no, don't you worry, James, she'll say yes." James grinned.

"Well, you never know, our little Lilikins is full of surprises," he shrugged.

"Yeah, and I bet one of those surprises is the fact that she's been snogging Amos Diggory in a broom closet every night you've been at Quidditch Practice," Tessa said, giggling. James's brow knit as he laughed uncertainly.

"Please don't say things like that," he said, pushing his glasses back up his nose.

"Alright, lover boy, come on, next shop."


"Quite frankly, a plain gold band would be better than any of these," Tessa sighed, an hour later.

"Did you see one?" asked James, in the same frustrated tone.

"No, but look, "Commissions Accepted", we could get one, and it'd probably be cheaper than any of these."

James stared at the sign on the counter. "'Commissions Accepted'," he repeated. "Tess! That's it! If we can't find Lily the perfect ring, then we'll have to make her the perfect ring! Brilliant! With my symbolic awareness, creativity and flare and your guidance, knowledge of jewellery, and ability to be brutally honest, it'll be the best piece of jewellery in history!"

"It'll be the most expensive piece of jewellery in history," scoffed Tessa. "Commissions aren't cheap, you know."

"Do I look like I care?" asked James bluntly.

"Oh yes, I forgot, James Potter, spendthrift extraordinaire."

"Whatever, Fields. You can't wind me up because I'm going to make an engagement ring for my girlfriend!" James sang, practically skipping over to the counter.


"Hi Remus."

The boy looked up from his chess pieces that he was packing away into a small box.

"Hi Lily, where's James?" It was odd when Lily was somewhere for James to be somewhere else. This was very rare spectacle.

Lily sat down opposite Remus.

"That's what I wanted to ask you, do you know where he is? Only I need to give him back his Transfiguration notes before next week when our NEWTs start, he'll need to revise."

"James? Revise?" Remus smiled, "James? Revise? Transfiguration?! Are you feeling alright Lily? As for where old Prongs is, I'm sure I don't know."

"Prongs?" asked Sirius, who'd flopped down on the sofa next to Lily. "I thought he was out with Te- Ow!" Sirius tried to inconspicuously rub his leg where Remus had kicked him.

"Out with Tessa?" asked Lily. "Have they gone to Hogsmeade? Oh well, can I just leave them with you, and I can give them to him when he gets back?" asked Lily, dumping a wad of papers onto Sirius, winding him a little.

"Anything for you, Lily dearest," Sirius smiled, fighting for breath.

"See you at dinner; I'll be in the Library," she said, and left through the Portrait Hole. Remus sighed in relief.

"That was close," he remarked.

"Aw, why should she suspect anything?" asked Sirius, shifting James's notes into the seat Lily had just vacated. "Anyway, her head's too full of revision and facts that'll be useless to us after our exams and that we'll have forgotten within a year," he added. "Nothing to worry about."


All through his exams the next week, James found himself doodling ring after ring on his exam papers. Although this probably wasn't healthy, and he probably should have been checking his answers instead, James thought that brainstorming a design for Lily's ring was much more important than the petty exams that did nothing except get him a job.

Then, after finishing his Transfiguration paper an hour early, James stumbled upon a design he liked. Smiling, he unscrewed the tops off his bottles of green and red ink and finished the doodle off.

"Mr Potter!" Professor McGonagall hissed in his ear, making him jump. "This is a Transfiguration exam! Not an art lesson! Get back to you answer paper!" James sighed and went back to staring aimlessly at his correct answers.

Soon after, when she came around to collect their papers, Professor McGonagall gave him a small, but nevertheless odd look at the various jewellery designs on his paper, as James tactfully concentrated on packing away his things.

He waited for his friends at the doorway to the classroom. Sirius grinned at him.

"Tut tut, Prongs has been naughty! Mucking about during the exam!" James shrugged, falling into step next to Lily.

"However did you finish so early?" asked Lily curiously. "I hope you checked your answers."

"Can't say I did," James grinned, putting an arm around her waist and clamping her to his side. Lily sighed.

"James, you are insufferable," she told him. James shrugged, grinning and bent down to kiss her cheek.

"And you are incredible," he told her back.


Lily sat in the common room by the fire behind a book, like she used to do every night when James was at Quidditch Practise. Except now, with the end of term so near, and Gryffindor having won the Quidditch Cup already, there were no more practices.

Lily had hoped that this would have given him a little more time to spend with his friends and herself, but ever since their NEWTs had ended over a week ago, she hadn't spent more than fifteen minutes with him at once.

She was starting to miss him.

She knew it was silly, I mean, he lived and slept within twenty metres of her! And he did sit next to her in the small amount of lessons they had together. It was just that. . .

She wondered what he could possibly be doing. Every time she asked any of the Marauders where he was, they replied that he was out and the time he would be back. Tessa had been going missing a lot lately as well and Lily could only assume they were together. She supposed it was nice that they were getting to be such good friend but in truth, she couldn't help being a tiny bit jealous. She was only human after all and not being with James as much as she would have liked was getting her a little annoyed. She couldn't even concentrate on her book!

She looked over the back of the sofa when the Portrait Hole opened and someone entered. Her heart skipped when she saw it was James himself.

He saw her peeking over the back of her piece of furniture and smiled broadly, taking off his cloak and hurrying over to her. Playfully, he dropped it on her head, extracting a muffled "Hey!" from the redhead.

"Whoops, sorry Lil, didn't see you there." He lifted a corner of the material and grinned at her. Lily blew a raspberry and smiled, breathing in his smell.

James flopped down next to her and stuck his own head under the cloak with her, making them a tent where the only light was being reflected off Lily's green eyes. James kissed her for a while and then threw the cloak over their legs as Lily leaned back on his chest. James smiled, content to just be there with his Lily and peck her on the cheek every once in a while.

"Where's Tessa?" asked Lily, as soon as they were comfortable.

"I don't know, why?" asked James. Lily hurt inside, why was he lying to her? Sirius had told her they were out together,

"I thought you were out with her," Lily said carefully. James realised he'd been caught out so he changed track.

"I was, but I don't know where she is now. Probably in the Astronomy Tower with someone," he grinned. Lily smiled as well. She was being paranoid; he wasn't lying.

"James," she said.


"I love you."

He knew it, she knew it, but maybe. . .he needed reminding. . .

"Not as much as I love you," he replied smugly. Lily smiled again. Typical James, make it into a competition. She DID love it though.

James pulled her closer as he felt himself falling asleep, and did nothing about it.

Tessa entered the Common Room not long after, specially applied lipstick smudged and a disgruntled look on her face. Fuming, she started to stomp towards the Girls' Staircase, but stopped when she spotted the sleeping couple.

Silently Tessa smiled as she gazed at her two friends.

"Yes, definitely," she thought, "That is going to last forever."


Tessa stabbed her scrambled eggs angrily. Lily raised her eyebrows. It was last day of term. All the other students were preparing to leave, but the seventh years were staying one more day for tomorrow was their graduation ceremony. Alright, it was enough to make anyone sad that they were leaving Hogwarts, but her friend looked like she was going to burst a blood vessel any minute.

"What's wrong, Tess?" asked Lily.

"Stupid Filch," Tessa muttered. "If you must know, I was in the Astronomy Tower with Philip Atkins last night, and Filch had picked that night of all nights to dust the telescopes!" Lily snorted into her toast. "I have a detention on our Graduation night! I'm going to miss the party!"

"What's you task?" asked Lily, full of sympathy.

"Sweeping the Great Hall," moaned Tessa. Lily cringed. "I know," agreed Tessa. "It'll probably take, what? Two hours? That means if the party really stars to swing at eight, I'll only have one hour at the beginning and. . .if it goes on till about five in the morning, six hours after!"

"Don't worry, Tess, it's not that bad," Lily tried to comfort her friend and smother a smile at the same time. "At least Fetid Filch didn't take any points off."

"That's the thing, though," Tessa said in an outraged voice, "He threatened to take about a zillion points off if he found the job not done and me gone! We'd be in the negatives for next year's House Cup!" She leaned forward and narrowed her grey eyes in scandal. "I won't even be allowed to bunk off!"

"Come on, Tess, it's alright," Lily said kindly. "Seven hours at a party isn't too shabby. Ones after a Quidditch match only last about three hours."

"Well, there are usually eleven-year-olds present," Tessa said grumpily, "And besides, this is the last Gryffindpr Party ever. It should at least be good for everyone, as in without a two-hour shift of Great Hall-sweeping in the middle."


The Professors had decided long ago to tactfully turn a blind eye to the infamous goings on in the Gryffindor Common Room on the night before Graduation. Gryffindor prefects after Gryffindor prefects had battled endlessly against the threats of professors with the excuse that it was, technically, the end of term, so nothing they did really counted against them. The professors had also reasoned that the points liable to be taken off the Gryffindors would almost certainly lose them the House Cup every year, and as Professor Dumbledore had said, you couldn't punish someone for their ability to have fun, it was just that every house chose to do it in their own way.

The Hufflepuffs were usually too nervous about their exam results to have a good time, the Ravenclaws wouldn't dream of having any sort of social event when their was so much job preparation to be done and the Slytherins looked on parties as trivial and petty, besides, they had much more important and ambitious things to plan.

On the other side of the castle however, the Gryffindor Common Room was loud, raucous and thick with the smell of various perfumes, Firewhiskey and Butterbeer. The beat of the music seemed to shake the very stones in the walls and even thought the room itself was large and spacious, it seemed full to the brim with movement, dancing and people. The people themselves were ecstatic. They were eighteen, on the verge of a big step in their lives, leaving school tomorrow, NEWTs were over and they were damned if any one of those reasons wasn't good enough to get out of this place with a bang. . .

Or a multitude if colourful and exotic explosions, in the Marauders' case. Homemade, no-heat, no-sound fireworks burst in a flurry of colour over the Gryffindors' heads, courtesy of James Potter and his friends. James himself was sitting in a big armchair with Lily, breathing hard, having just sat down after nearly an hour of dancing.

Tessa wound her way round the milling crowds towards them.

"Well, I'm off!" she announced. "My irreplaceable presence will have to grace the Great Hall for two hours, but the second I'm finished I'm warning you, I'm getting back here like a shot and getting drunk for England!"

"Hooray!" cheered Sirius, "I wouldn't like to see all that booze we sneaked in from the Three Broomstick to go to waste, you know, especially not on someone as blindingly gorgeous as you. You don't think you'd be a bit nicer to me once you'd sipped a few, do you?"

"I'll be drunk, Sirius, not downright insane," Tessa said.

"Nevermind, worth a try," he grinned.

"Have fun," Lily smiled, giving her friend a quick squeeze as she got up to bring her and James more Butterbeer. She had persuaded him not to drink himself daft by pointing out that he had to give a speech the next morning and a massive hangover would most definitely make him a bit of a laughing stock. It'd be clear that he'd been pretty wasted the night before if he was cringing at his own magnified voice or slurring his words.

"Oh I will, don't worry," Tessa said sardonically. James was watching Lily disappear into the crowds. As soon as she was well and truly hidden he caught Tessa but the arm and whispered in her ear.

"It got delivered this morning." Tessa gasped.

"No!" she grinned, "Well, let's have a look then! Actually, wait a minute, tell you what, come to the Great Hall in an hour and show me, OK?"

James nodded. "I want your opinion, Lily' opinion, your mother's opinion, and Lily's mother's opinion, understand?" he grinned.

"I'll do my best!" exclaimed Tessa happily, and she skipped off towards the Portrait Hole, humming something that sounded suspiciously like "Here Comes The Bride". James smiled and went to ambush Lily, dragging her onto the dance floor, bottles of Butterbeer and all.


Tessa brushed angrily at the floor with all the speed she could muster. The thought of everyone else in Gryffindor in the Common Room; having a good time without her was almost unbearable. She stopped for a breather and observed that she'd done over half in just under an hour. She looked towards the big doors as they opened and James poked his head round. She grinned and hurriedly beckoned him over.

"Come on! Come on! Hurry up! Before I explode!" she urged, banging the broom on the stone slabs.

James put his hand into his pocket and flicked open the small box before it was even out, (he'd been practicing,) and Tessa gasped. James bit his lip, was it excellent of awful?

"It's so gorgeous," she said in awe, "Lily will love it, and I'm not lying," she said for emphasis. James handed it to her.

"Look," he pointed. Tessa's eyes lit up again.

"Oh my gosh! That's so clev-!"

She stopped because she'd just caught a flash of red near the door. James looked behind himself at her expression and saw Lily standing in the doorway, utmost shock on her face as well, except it was a much worse sort than the expression on Tessa's face. James swore, suddenly realising how the situation must look. Lily shot behind the door and ran for her life. Well, anyone would, if it looked like your boyfriend of four years had proposed to one of your closest friends.

James turned back to Tessa, fear, pleading and What-do-I-do-now? on his face.

"Uuuuhhhh!" screamed Tessa, shoving the ring back into hand and pushing him a little. It was like the sound on the end of "Duh" but she'd economised on the D because she was saving them for the words dumbarse, doofus, dork, dumbo and dipstick. "What the Bloody Hell are you waiting for, man?" she demanded. James stumbled a little as she shoved him towards the door. "Run! Damn it! Run!" She raised the broom to take a swing at his chest if that was what it took to get him moving. It was alright though; he started running towards the door, wrenched it open and darted after Lily.

Now that she'd acted, Tess just stood there along in the Great Hall, letting the belated shock settle in. For a minute, her brain digested the event of the last few seconds and the possible consequences of what had happened first came in a trickle, then a flood.

Tessa breathed again, faster and faster, panicking slightly. It was OK, it was only a misunderstanding. By tomorrow Lily and James would be back side- by-side where they belonged. Nervously she chewed her thumbnail and paced up and down. If Lily and James ended it because of her, she didn't think she'd ever forgive herself. It just wasn't right! There was no Lily without James and certainly no James without Lily, the whole system would collapse and nothing would ever be the same.

Suddenly, she frowned! What was she doing here, when she may be need to sort things out? Angrily, she pulled out her wand and waved it; she was no longer a student! She could do magic wherever the hell she wanted! What had she been thinking? She waved her wand hurriedly, muttering a cleaning charm. Not much, but it was good enough. Then she dropped the broom and sprinted like lightning after her friends.


Lily shook her head and wrenched her gaze away from the dark aisles of the Library. It was doing her no good thinking that way of James and all the memories he held for her. Angrily brushing her tears away, scolding herself that she had no reason to cry, Lily sprinted the rest of the way to the Portrait Hole. When she reached it however, she saw with dismay that the Fat Lady was out. Cursing inside, she slapped her hand to the wall, twisted round and leaned against it, sighing in misery. The thumping of the party vibrated out through the wall and buzzed against her back.

Running footsteps made her head jerk up. She could even recognise that tall figure in the darkness. Lily turned around, folded her arms, curled her shoulders and stared religiously at the wall. James came to a stop behind her and breathed hard, letting the words tumbled.

"Lily, please turn around, please, I have to talk to you."

Lily didn't think she could do that without breaking down completely. There was only one thing to do then.

"Lily, please don't cry, don't be upset, I hate it so," James continued. He reached out to touch her but before, he could, she turned around.

"I'm not upset," she said perfectly calmly. James stared at her in horror.

Inside he was swearing, cursing and thrashing himself to bits. This couldn't be happening! She was closing up before him! Everything he'd worked for, everything he'd done in the last seven years, every wonderful aspect of herself she'd shown him was disappearing inside her, behind that big book on her lap that she let down for him in their first year. The Princess was shutting her drawbridge and James's shiny armour was sporting a rather large dent.

"No, please Lily, listen to me." He held out his hand. "The ring is for you."

He could tell she didn't believe him. That was it, he was done for, he'd lost his only chance. He'd broken the fragile trust that Lily had so kindly given him, the one that had prevented her getting truly suspicious up until now. She averted her eyes from the ring as if it were hurting her to look at it.


Something in his voice broke and Lily's eyes flew up to look at him. No, she couldn't do it, she couldn't build her wall back up again, it was too painful. A few seconds ago she'd told herself to pack it up, lock it and throw it overboard, but looking at James told her it was hopeless. She loved him too much. . .so she carefully picked up the ring from his trembling fingers.

It was a gold, frosted band, pretty simple, with a single ruby set into the top in the shape of a cross. . .a chunky, red plus sign.

"Look," James said. His fingers guided hers into turning the ring upside down so she could see the other side.

The red cross shone through to the inside and on either side of it were too emeralds, flat with the curve of the ring and in the shape of letters, proudly proclaiming:

J + L

Lily stopped breathing and tightened her pinch on the ring for fear that she was going to drop it. She smiled slowly and looked up at James again.

Where'd he gone?

Scanning everywhere she eventually looked down and jumped about a foot. He was on bended knee, taking her hand and saying.

"Marry me, Lils?"

That was it, the ice broke, and things were the way they always were. James was half expecting her to say, "Marry you? But I've got all this revising to do!"

She grinned, sighed in slightly weary way and said.

"Go on then."

Like a Jack-in-the-box, James sprung up and seized the ring out of her grasp, pushing it onto her finger and laughing for the Olympics, he hugged her harder than ever. The he landed one of his famous kisses on her, famous for only being famous to her but definitely deserving of fame in Lily's opinion.

So deserving of fame, in fact, that Lily didn't notice Tessa come to a stop behind her. Smiling, she leaned against the wall for a bit, watching the almost sickening display of bliss and noticed a glimmer of gold and red on her friend's finger.

"'Scuse me, sorry, whoops, didn't see you there," she said cheerfully, not surprised when she heard no reply. They were in a world of their own and they deserved to be so she didn't make a big deal out of it when she knocked on the frame of the Portrait Hole and Sirius opened it.

He caught sight of the kissing two and grinned, standing back to let Tessa in. He was thinking along the same lines as her, and shut the Portrait Hole after. Turning to Tessa, he blew upwards into his fringe.

"So. . .it'll be Lily and James Potter soon, then?"

"Looks like it," Tess agreed. She turned around and surveyed the party before her. Yep, everything was cool, and she didn't have anything to worry about. Now she wanted to have fun!

"Come on then, Twinkle-puppy," she ordered, grabbing his arm with out turning round. "Dance with me." Sirius grinned, unable to believe his luck.

"Woof!" he simply replied.


The Fat Lady came to a halt in a village on a small hill landscape. From there she could see everything and immediately it had clicked. Yep, they had fallen out and she had run and he had followed her, gallantly proving his love and all that and. . .oooh! Lily Evans, the Head Girl had a ring on her finger! Wow! Now that was something!

As she had predicted, the party was still bordering on the term, "Riot". This couple didn't look like they'd notice if Professor McGonagall tap- danced past stark naked, though. She grinned and turned back to the village; she'd always been rooting for those two.

When she returned to the Café on the third floor, he found Vi being chatted up by that rather dishy former Charms professor, who'd had his portrait done and put up in the Staff Room with all the others. Humphryetta felt like a massive Cupid in a pink silk dress, and playing matchmaker was certainly fun. She smiled as she sat down at the table and waited for the subtle but definite flirting to subside.

"Oh, hello Etta!" said Vi. "I ordered you another Triple Chocolate Sundae." No, you were just feeling guilty, thought Etta triumphantly, she tucked into the mountainous creation anyway and smiled.

"Who was at the Portrait; did they need letting in urgently like you said?" asked Vi pleasantly.

"Hm? Oh, no Vi, don't worry your attractive little head about it. . ." she smiled again, thinking she'd tell her friend the good Head Boy-Girl news when she'd finished her sundae. "Oh yes. . .False alarm."


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