When she was able to recognize her surroundings again she could not see anything, there were only different feelings of protection, she felt safe, this happened for many intervals of time, she could hear voices but she did not understand them, she also felt that there was someone else with her besides those who were talking.

Then she could start to distinguish the blurred shapes, forming the figure of a couple of giants hugging her 'WAIT! They are not giants, I think I'm a baby'

Months passed, and she had accepted that had been reborn, so she could deduce, it was a very backward human civilization and I had a twin with the name of Isabella with chocolate hair and eyes. There was also a man who had the same characteristics as the baby 'he must be my father, but I don't see my mother who probably died in childbirth?' Remembering her years at the orphanage, wishing for a family she didn't mind the lack of a mother

At that time there was a man with two babies in the kitchen

"Come on Helen Ahhhhhhhh"


"So cute"

In one chair was a baby with food everywhere except her mouth, and on the other side was the man with another clean baby, who received every spoonful of baby food.

Suddenly there were loud noises on the second floor and moments later a woman with brown hair and blue eyes was coming down the stairs, carrying a large suitcase.

"We're leaving, Charlie" she said

The man now known as Charlie had a reluctant expression on his face, he knew what would happen, he had stretched it out as long as he could

"R-Renée…" sighed

"I will not change my mind Charlie, I will take Bella and Helen with me to California, we will live with my mother - She approached him - You know it is the best thing for everyone"

Charlie didn't know what to say to that, since Renée's postpartum depression she only complained about the gloom of the city, the clouds and the rain, Charlie's attention was no longer just for her, now it was his daughters, his parents, his job and her. Renée sighed and went to pick up Bella, who was full of baby food, Charlie picked her up first to clean and change her.

Renée and Helen stayed in the kitchen

Helen was thinking about how she didn't even know that this woman was her mother and that the one who had been taking care of her all along was Charlie, her father. While planning different scenarios Charlie came down with Bella ready to go. His face had traces of tears, he put his daughter in the baby carriage and looked at Helen for her last goodbye, he walked towards her, picked her up from her seat, when he was going to leave her in the carriage, she started to cry and scream holding her shirt tightly and without any possibility of letting go, he took her in his arms holding her and without wanting to let go.

"Let her go - said Renée - you make this farewell more painful for everyone"

He just looked at her, apparently his little princess had formed a bond with him, somehow he knew that if he left they would not see each other much again.

"I want custody of Helen" he suddenly said

"WHAT?! - she screamed, then inhaled heavily and calmed down - you can't separate them, it's not fair to them and you know it".

"I know... but she is also my daughter and I want to raise her, I want to be in her life, I am selfish. Renée please don't take her away from me"

She could only sigh, she knew Helen was closer to Charlie than to her, because she had not seen her once, she was just a stranger to the baby. But what could I do, I was tired after a few moments of interacting with Bella 'maybe it's for the best, I don't think I can raise two daughters by myself even with the help of my mother'.

So, the divorce papers were completed, Charlie stayed with Helen in Forks, Washington and Renée returned to Riverside, California