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By Mystique Monique

Darkness, I'm surrounded by it lying here on my bed. My room is the only place I feel safe and I really need a sense of security after the day I had. I didn't cry for long, couldn't exactly decide on what to cry about in particular, so I just stopped and sorta stared off into space for a good long while. Eventually I made it to class and a couple of people were even concerned. Only a couple, though, most are aware of Yamato and my situation, though no one knows why, myself included. Sometimes I wonder if Yamato even knows. Maybe he just hates me. But then what was up with that kiss? Psychological torment? Gah!

The whole day was a haze; my mind was just too muddled to deal. I had important things to focus on, how was I supposed to pay attention to things like 'Oh, there's a Biology test today.' or 'Oh, take the wrapping off the food BEFORE you eat it.' There were simply far too many pressing matters at hand like, 'Why the hell did he do it?' Right now that same question still plagues me, only another has creeped in to keep it company. 'Why did I kiss back?' Sigh. I know why. Alarm bells start to ring in my head… or are those wedding bells? I groan. Just how pathetic can one person be? How many people fall for someone who's been beating them up for years? How many people fantasize at nights about cuddling up with their attacker of six years? Fantasize about him shoving his dick up their ass. God. Dear Lord. I disgust myself. I sicken me. Okay, so people don't say that, but it's true. I can hardly stand to live with me sometimes, most times. There's something wrong with me, there must be. I'm sick. Sick and perverted little faggot. God. Why is life so hard? Why does everything suck so much? Why did Yamato kiss me?! Augh! Didn't I say my brain was muddled? Total confusion and mass hysteria going on in there. Bah! I can't take it anymore; I'm going to sleep! Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep.


A low moan fills the room. Yes, that was me. I'm in a… closet, I think, and Yamato has me crushed almost into the wall with his knee stuck in between my legs rubbing against my groin and my arms pinned securely above my head. He's nibbling on my neck now and I purr softly.

What in the good Lord's name is going on you ask? Well I'm not entirely sure, but whatever it is, it's been going on for a week now. After 'that day', you know the one where he gave me the split lip, yeah that's the one, he cornered me again as usual. I was so frightened cause I didn't know what to expect. Then after he was done kissing me he just pulled away and left. No talking, no punching, no spitting, I could hardly believe it. As time progressed I found I was really enjoying it. I actually found myself looking forward to our… laisons? Sick, right? Yeah, I know. Another pleasant surprise was when I discovered he would let me kiss him back. I had been so tweaked that he would punch me again, but as soon as I exerted that little pressure onto his lips he immediately grabbed my crotch and shoved me even further 'into' the wall. A rule, however, seems to be that I do not touch him. He rubs, gropes and strokes me but the instant I tried to reciprocate he slammed my arms up over my head pinning them against the wall. That's the position he's settled upon and I find I kinda do enjoy it. Being forced to submit totally to him, being dominated, sends a shiver down my spine. I still would like to be able to feel his nipples harden beneath my fingertips, but if this is how it has to be I can most definitely deal.

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