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Chapter 8

Too…much…paperwork. I need to get the hell outta here and to that damn hospital! Drugs…still can't believe it. Zell's just not like that.

"Xu! I have an urgent business trip, cancel all my meetings until tomorrow."


"Shit…she's still not back!"

Frustrated as he is, Squall still managed to remember that Xu herself had a personal secretary. Furiously pushing the button on the intercom, he quite literally broke the poor machine.

"Bella!! Why is Xu not in her office?!"

"Uh…uh…I'm so-sorry sir, b-but she just left without telling where s-she was headed."

"WHAT?! When did she leave?!"

"J-just after Instructor Quistis left your office, s-sir!"

Just after Quistis left my office…just after…what could've made her leave? Think Squall, THINK! This should be what your brain is for! Not paperwork! Now, recall. Quistis...nervous…beating around the bush…breathing exercises…hmmm…could she left to try them out? Course not, stupid! Think…mission report…a few weeks more…Zell stoned…Quistis fainted…hospital…

"That's it!"

"What's it sir?"

"Oh…nothing…nothing, get back to work."

His exasperation made him forget that the secretary could still hear him. Thankfully, whatever sensibility he has left made him call Zell's hospital to check on him while hoping to find the answer to Xu's mysterious disappearance as well.


"Don't you dare do anything to him Jethro!"

"I think it's a bit too late for that, don't you? I mean, I already had him hospitalized."

"This deal's off! If you don't stop messing with Zell, I swear I'm gonna have you arrested!"

"Arrested? Arrested for what? The guy doesn't even know he's drugged!"

"I'll find a way…There's got to be at least one person in this town that'll help me…"

"And what exactly are you gonna say? -in a mocking tone- Please help me! The guy I hired to get rid of my boyfriend's friends is going to kill one of 'em!"

"You wait and see…I'm gonna get you arrested while I come out innocent."

As Rinoa hung up the phone, she can't believe how much trouble she put herself into. All she ever wanted was to make Squall spend time with her. They weren't always like this. Before the wedding, all Squall ever did was stay close to her and make her feel comfortable. He was always asking if she needed anything. Their wedding was marvelous as well, it all changed after their honeymoon. A few weeks after they've returned from Winhill, Squall more or less returned to his stoic self.

I don't understand…My intentions were mostly good…I never meant it become like this…Why Squall? Why? This all your fault…If you spent even half the time with me as you did before, this would never have happened. Why must you ignore me? What did I ever do to you? Don't you know how painful it is?


"Class, turn your textbooks to page 16 and answer the questions after you read the selection."

The students of 4th period, Basic Magic 101 were exceptionally quiet. To most instructors, this would be a most generous gift from Hyne, unfortunately, Quistis didn't like such gifts. Her mind was constantly flying to her orphanage friend who is currently residing in the hospital. And, the cause is even more disturbing than the fact he's in there, she didn't really expect Zell to be the type. The type who goes into drugs, she always thought of him as a hardcore mama's boy who'd never do such a thing. Your typical Boy Scout who follows the rules at all costs.

She continued analyzing the said boy until she came up with a brilliant idea.

I could…sit around here, wait for these kids to finish and keep myself worrying…Or I could excuse myself, sneak into the Ragnarok, free my anxiety by seeing Zell and then come back and worry again about Squall's lecture tomorrow! Decisions…decisions…

"Excuse me for a while, I need to run some important errands. Libby, would you please take care of the class while I'm gone."

"Yes Instructor."



"Why I oughtta…"

"Irvine…Remember that you said we won't hurt him…"

"Oh yeah…I'm sorry Xu."

"It's okay…I should've expected that. Me, being a SeeD should know the rules as well."

"Did you ever ask him about it?"

"Ask who, about what?"

"Woah…Selphie…you scared the living lights outta me…"

"Heehee…I have that effect on people…"

"Hi Selphie."

"Xu? What the hell are you doing here?!"

"That's what I said!"

"Zell, I know you're sick…but would you please shut up?!"


"Irvine, would you like to take this? Or should I explain it all over again?"


"Sooooo…Nida's who, and bringing something to Zell's dorm is it!"

"Yes Selphie, now you're getting it."

"Woohoo! Go Selphie! Go Selphie!"

"Selphie…are you quite alright?"

"Uh…hehe, I'm fine Xu, just got out of the twilight zone…"


"Oh shut up Zell!"

"Tch. Fine!"

An eerie silence fell unto the room; the only noise you could hear would be the clock ticking and the wind blowing from the window. They were all reflecting on the recent discussion, each developing their own conclusion from Xu's revelation. Currently, there was only one question forming in their minds…

"Why are ya all so damn quiet?"

Unfortunately, the one said wasn't it.

"Shut up Zell."

"Is that the catch phrase of the year?! 'Coz I am seriously getting sick of hearing that!"

"Ok…tired of that? How about, SHUT YER TRAP ZELL! Much better?"

"Oh shut up Irvine!"

-a raspberry from Zell-

"So…uh, guys… I didn't come all the way here, leaving my office and gaining a possibility of being fired when Squall looks for me, just to see you two act like 10-year-old brats…"

"What do you suppose we do now?"

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