Green Arrow/ Captain America Chapter 1

Earth Prime, 2040 Brooklyn New York

James Rogers, son of Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff was watching TV in his apartment he and his sister Sarah share. It was only a few days after the events of the Crisis that changed the universe, no the Multiverse forever. James was dozing off as he was having flashbacks of the Crisis including the anti matter wave and his encounters with The Anti Monitor. Every punch, every shield toss and every hit he's taken, all kept coming back to him. He fell off the couch as the flashbacks cease as then his phone rang.

"Hello?" answered James.

"Hey sleepy head! Mom and Dad are calling us both for a family meeting over at the old mansion. They're gonna take us on the Hellicarrier" said Sarah.

"The Hellicarrier? Ahhhhh shit!" said James.

"Hey! Language or I'm telling Dad!" teased Sarah.

James groaned as he then drives over to the Avengers Mansion that is long abandoned since the team hasn't assembled in decades.

James walks over to see his sister, mom and dad wait for him.

"Glad to see you kids finally pay your parents a visit" said Natasha as she hugs her kids.

"Yeah well, been a little busy in between some serious PTCSD" said James.

"PTCSD?" Asked Steve.

"Post Traumatic Crisis Stress Disorder Dad" answered James.

Steve looks at his son and sees the genuine toll the Crisis took on him. Especially since he went toe to toe against a Cosmic entity.

"You made me proud that day son" said Steve.

"I got my ass kicked. Can't see how I made you proud" adds James.

"Yeah you took a beating. But you got back up. You stood up for the people you care about. You wore the mantle proud. But now we need you both to carry that on" said James.

"Whaddya mean dad?" Asked Sarah.

"Come with us kids. We'll explain on the Hellicarrier" said Natasha as she fires up a S.H.I.E.L.D Quinjet and flies the family up to the Hellicarrier.

They land the Quinjet on the deck as inside dozens of S.H.I.E.L.D agents saluted to Natasha.

"Madame Director!" They all saluted.

"Madame Director?" James asked with confusion.

"Mommy's been keeping busy while she's been retired and while you kids left the nest" Natasha explained.

"Your Mother and I have been taking the reigns as Directors of S.H.I.E.L.D since it's relaunch. Although we still have S.W.O.R.D taking care of Cosmic level threats, we still needed a force for threats more... Earthbound" Explained Steve.

"And that's where you need Sarah and I?" Asked James.

"Someone catches up fast" said Natasha.

"Whatever it is, we're in!" said Sarah.

"Wait I never agreed to this" said James.

Steve and Natasha stop cold dead in their tracks.

"Excuse me?" Asked Natasha.

"Look, as much as you both want me as the next Captain America, part of me feels that I'm not ready yet." Explained James.

"James, sweetie listen. I get that you're still a little be shaken up. I do. Trust me I had a lot of skeletons in my closet before I met your father, but life doesn't care if you're ready or not. You just have to adapt." Explained Natasha.

"Honey. James has the right to choose. We can't force this onto him or onto Sarah. Let's at least give him the briefing before we have him suit up or not" said Steve.

Natasha looks at James and then Steve as she finally agrees.

"*sigh* Fine.

S.H.I.E.L.D Briefing Room

"Listen up you two. We got Intel about Mercenary and Terrorist Deathatroke aka one John Diggle Jr. Aka JJ as he was commonly known to by piers. Intel suggests he's been active in Star City. Your mission is to apprehend him and rescue one William Queen." Natasha briefs.

"You want me to arrest Mia Queen's fiancé and save her half brother? Is that all?" Asked James.

"Wait how do you know that Deathstroke is her fiancé?" Asked Sarah.

"I watch the news. Plus Morgan told me she's paying for the whole wedding on behalf of Stark Industries" Explained James.

"Yes well be that as it may, you two have jobs to do." said Natasha.

"We've also got Intel that Deathstroke is working with an outside party. Probably just another hired gun. Your optional objective is to bring him or her in for questioning." said Steve.

James takes in all the Intel and reads the files. He looks at all the photos when he comes to a decision.

"Fine. I'm in. When to we set out for Stat City.

"Nightfall. But first, you kids need to suit up" Steve says as he and Natasha take the kids to the armory.

Steve and Natasha activated the handprint locks as it revealed two brand new suits for their kids. Unique and different for them.

Sarah got the usual black jumpsuit custom fitted with gold widows bite wrist gauntlets and belt.

James got something a bit more different. His suit was an amalgamation of some of his father's past suits. The scalemail on the chest and shoulders, the white on the upper biceps and the red gauntlets and boots to round it all out.

Steve and Natasha look to their kids as he says,

"Suit up!"