Green Arrow\Captain America Epilogue

The Raft, 3 Weeks Later

Mia and James lead by Natasha walk through the facility to the holding cells.

"They're straight ahead. Shouldn't be much of a threat. Take as much time as you need" said Natasha as she uses the access codes.

"You want me to come with you?" Asked James.

"No. No I'll be fine. It's better if I do this alone from here." replied Mia.

James simply waits by the door as Mia goes ahead.

She walks up to JJ's cell as he stares at the ceiling. He turns over to see her.

"Nice of you to pay me a visit." he said.

"All the people you killed. All my friends. Everything you've done. This was the end." said Mia.

"Is it now?" JJ asked. "No. This is only just the beginning. You're stepping into some shoes and into a world you should rather leave unfilled. I still have my men dug into Star City. If anything I could have had your brother killed or kidnapped again. Or maybe they're on their way to pick me up. Then again maybe not. Your first mistake was not killing me or Jeanee. That will one day bite you in the ass. When it does, unlike you, I'll finish the job" said JJ.

Mia simply took all that on as she turns around and walks away.

"Oh by the way... I love you" he said to her.

Mia then looks over her engagement ring and takes it off.

"No. The man I loved died the moment he put on that mask. Consider this a professional courtesy" Mia responds.

She throws the ring at the cell and leaves.

"See you around Mia! And you too... James" JJ assured.

"You good?" Asked James.

"Yeah. Let's go" said Mia composing herself.

"If you want, I'll personally give you a lift back home. Drop you off wherever" offered James.

"That'll be fine" Mia said as she heads for the Quinjet.

"You know... It would be nice if you took her out on a date" Natasha playfully asks.

"Very funny mom. We're just... acquaintences." said James.

"Your father and I were like that once" Natasha further teased.

"Easy mom. Let's not jump the gun this early" said James.

"Okay then" said Natasha.

The two then took the Quinjet as they set a course home.