Hiyaaaa! PokeTroubadour here! I'm back with another collection of lyrics set to tunes from Pokemon, this time focusing on Generations 2 to 5 of the main series, plus a few songs from the Anime thrown in for good measure. As before I've classified it as Poetry/ Adventure, but really it's a songfic dealing with just about every theme under the sun: who knows what delights, tragedies and triumphs lie in store? Well, apart from me obviously...

Thank you to everyone who viewed and commented on my first collection ( s/13775985/1/Pokemon-Lyric-Collection-for-Red-Blue-and-Yellow) - you guys are the best! I'm sticking with the same format for this one, so anyone who's new to my work and would like to know what in PokeVille is going on when you see a note headed VARIATIONS is advised to check out the first chapter of the RBY collection. Of course, if you need clarification on anything, by all means leave a review or send me a PM - I'll be sure to get back to you ASAP!

The musical credits this time are shared around: Junichi Masuda for the GSC soundtrack, Morikazu Aoki for Fortree City, Hitomi Sato for the D/P/Pt songs plus Striaton City and Undella Town, and Shota Kageyama for Accumula Town. Not forgetting of course John Siegler, John Loeffler and Norman J Grossfeld for Pikachu's Goodbye, Shinji Miyazaki for the Guardian's Song, and Kazuo Yoda for Hikari's Theme.

Remember, all reviews, comments and constructive criticism are welcome - I really want to know what you guys think about all this. Of course, in an ideal world I'd actually be able to perform these songs for you guys, but sadly whoever's running this gin joint we call the universe didn't bless me with those skills, so I've had to resort to the less than satisfactory alternative of publishing the lyrics and praying y'all can follow along. Here's hoping these songs sound as spellbindingly awesome in your head as they do in mine.

Smell ya later!


STORY/ SCENARIO: I'm kicking off this collection with some additional lyrics I penned to the song from the thirty-ninth episode of the Pokemon Anime, Pikachu's Goodbye. Following the infamous 'Porygon Incident', which threatened to derail the franchise in its infancy, the show's producers were forced to improvise a comeback special - and improvise they did, with quite breathtaking results. Amazing to think that from such a tragic incident came one of the greatest Pokemon episodes of all time, capped off with this incredible, beguiling song.

VARIATIONS: I've sandwiched my lyrics between the verse and the refrain of the original song, extending the song to two verses. In both verses, the first playing of the refrain has been modified from the third line - i.e. fifth bar - onwards, so that the melody which goes up to the top B ('Who could have guessed' in the original) only occurs on the second playing. The modifications are too complicated to describe in detail; however in the first example the third line (Far to the west you go) has the same melody as the second line (We've stood the test, I know).

KEY: Upright text = my lyrics, Italics = existing lyrics

I close my eyes,
And I can see
The day we met -
Just one moment, and I knew
You're my best friend:
Do anything for you.
We've gone so far,
And done so much,
And I feel
Like we've always been together:
Right by my side,
Through thick and thin.
You're the part of my life
I'll always remember!

The time is near;
We've stood the test, I know.
Far to the west you go,
And I may not come too!

New foes and friends
Wait there for you, I know.
Can it be true,
Or did you lie
That somehow, this day,
We're gonna say 'Goodbye'?

Out of the blue,
You tell me, 'Friend,
This path is yours;
I must go another way'.
Down on my knees,
I scream at you, 'Please stay!'
But through the pain,
And in the tears,
There is hope -
Though we're side by side no longer -
'Cause every time
I think of you,
The love that I feel
Will only get stronger!

Don't make me cry!
Say you don't have to go!
Away you'll fly,
But even so,
Inside my heart
We'll never really be apart!

The time has come:
It's for the best, I know it.
Who could have guessed
That you and I,
Somehow, some day,
Would have to say 'Goodbye'?